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Indianapolis Riptide 04


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Lady Veronica is standing by with "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells. V is in her usual stunning evening dress, in this case red, while Wells sports his orange and black singlet, rubbing his hands together, ready to go)

LADY VERONICA: "We're back here on Riptide from Indianapolis, and I'm here with 'Rage o' Fire' Jared Wells. Jared, before the commercial we saw your opponent tonight, Minion, go crazy on Nemesis and almost crippling him by tipping a soda machine onto him. Lucky for Nemesis, he was able to get out of the way. What are your thoughts on his maniacal attitude and what do you expect from him?"

"RAGE O' FIRE" JARED WELLS: "I'll tell you what Veronica, what Minion did doesn't surprise me, he has a history of being unstable that I'm fully aware of. That however is not going to stop me from wiping the mat with his carcass! Nemesis is his own man and can handle himself but tonight Minion has to worry about me! And I don't plan on making the night any easier for him! I..."

(Just then, Wells sees Larry Tact approaching from off screen. Tact walks into the camera's view calmly with a cocky look on his face)

LARRY TACT: "Well, well, well, if it isn't Jared Wells running off his mouth again about how he's the greatest thing since sliced bread! Man, how predictable. You know, I'm kind of glad Krusher made it a Lights Out match between us in St. Paul, because that way, when I knock you out, I don't have to hear your incessant verbal diarhea!"

J.W.: "Hey Tact, you can kiss my ass, pal! This is my interview time and since I am a professional, I'm not going to pound you into hamburger meat until Ringlords 1! Now beat it before I change my mind!"

L.T.: "Hey, hey, easy there Rage man, I'm just on my way to the water cooler and you happened to be in the way. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to refresh myself before my match."

(Tact brushes past Wells making sure to make contact. Wells stares a hole through Tact as he casually walks away as if nothing happened. Lady V is speechless. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: The sound of a cannon blast followed by "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D) "From St. Paul, Minnesota, weighing in at 216lbs., THE CANNONBALL KIDD!!"

(The crowd boos at the sight of Cannonball Kidd, as he walks down the aisle wearing a green and blue singlet with 'Cannonball' written on the front. He hops over the top rope into the ring and gets loosened up. CUE-UP: "Karma" by Diffuser)

M.F.: "From Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 252lbs., LARRY TACT!!"

(The crowd boos again as Tact comes out, wearing red trunks and black boots. He stares out at the booing crowd with contempt and then climbs into the ring. Kidd grabs a mic)

CANNONBALL KIDD: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. For those who don't
know me, I'm Cannonball Kidd...a Man with a Message. And although I'm sure
that there's not one person in Indianapolis who would not benefit
tremendously from my program, my subject tonight is my opponent. Mr. Tact,
I usually use this time to attempt to further convince my opponents of the
benefits of my program for self-actualization, but since you have been the
first wise and brave soul to be willing to listen, that won't be necessary
here tonight. So instead, I would just like to take this time to show my
appreciation for your receptive attitude to my trusted program for

(The Kidd drops the mike and rushes Tact with a spin kick)

TONY ROSS: "Look out, The Cannonball Kidd is wasting no time here going after Tact, after saying that he was happy that Tact is willing to listen to his self-actualization shpiel!"

JAKE SHADES: "Well I'm sure Tact would have done the same thing had he thought of it first! This is King Krusher's attempt to piss me off because he knows I like both of these guys, so I have to remain neutral."

T.R.: "It is your JOB to be neutral Shades, and K.K. doesn't book matches just to piss you off, Shades, he's got much more important people to worry about!"

R.W.: "The Kidd is showing a lot of aggression here, and I think that this may be stemming from the fact that not one person here in GLCW has accepted his plan, even though Tact showed signs of interest."

T.R.: "I'm sorry but I think that was just Tact playing mind games with The Kidd! Everyone knows that the Kidd is a self-righteous pain in the rear-end, and while I admire the fact that he beat his addiction, the rest of the world doesn't have to follow his advice!"

J.S.: "Yeah, because they're better off staying junkies, right Ross?"

T.R.: "Ah, can it Shades! The Kidd is really working Tact over here in the corner! He pulls him up and rams him shoulder first several times before hip tossing him out of the corner! The Kidd follows with a jumping elbow! The Kidd pulls him up quickly and whips Tact in! Big belly to belly suplex and a cover!! 1.....2....No!!"

R.W.: "Even though I'm not a fan of the Kidd's attitude I have to admire the cripsness of is moves and the in-ring talent he does possess. Plus he has one of the most impressive finishers in the sport, the Crater Creater."

T.R.: "We already know that both of these men will be involved in Ringlords 1 in St. Paul, The Kidd taking on 'Showtime' Steven James and Tact will be facing Jared Wells in a Lights Out match, since those two have had nothing but problems! And I think of it stems from Tact being jealous of all the attention Wells is getting!"

J.S.: "You have got to be kidding me, Ross! 'Rage o' Fart" is the very definition of the phrase 'washed-up has-been", and Tact is going to really embarass him at the Pay-Per-View, and guess what? Wells is gonna take off running out of GLCW, just like he always does when the going gets tough! It's gonna be fun to watch, too!"

T.R.: "When I look at Jared Wells, I see a different man, Shades! Obviously something you're not capable of comprehending! But the Kidd continues to work on Tact and he pulls him up for an Irish Whip! Reversal! Kidd comes off the ropes for a body press but Tact catches him and powerslams him!! What a move!! 1......2.....Kickout!"

R.W.: "Great move by Tact there showing some power, and Tact may have all the tools it takes to be the man here in GLCW, intelligence, great wrestling ability, and plenty of strength."

J.S.: "It's about time you said something that made sense, Dickie."

T.R.: "Tact pulls the Kidd up and hooks him for a big release German suplex, and he dropped the Kidd right on his neck! The Kidd is trying to get up though, and Tact stomps him in the back to keep him down, and now Tact slaps on a half crab! Tact is a huge proponent of submission wrestling and this is just one of the many moves in his arsenal! The Kidd is kind of close to the ropes and may be able to make it, but Tact really has the pressure on!"

R.W.: "The Kidd is really wiry and flexible and he really has the ability to get out of these situations when needed."

J.S.: "Yeah, I know who else is flexible and wiry..."

T.R.: "I don't even want to hear it! The Kidd makes the ropes to force the break, and Tact is leaving that hold on a little too long! He finally breaks and has a few words with the referee! The Kidd manages to get to his feet but Tact rushes him with a high knee that sends him through the ropes and out! Tact follows!"

R.W.: "Even though Tact claims to be the consumate mat wrestler, he will not hesitate to take the fight to the outside."

T.R.: "They're over here by us and Tact rams Kidd's face off our table here! Tact tries to suplex him on the floor!! Kidd blocks!! He tries agin but no dice! Kidd reverses!! Tact's body smacks the floor hard! Ouch! Tact cries out in pain as Kidd uses our table to right himself and he pulls Tact up and chops him in the chest a few times before dumping him back in the ring! Kidd comes off the ropes with some Rolling Thunder!! He's going up top!! Tact gets to his feet and Kidd comes off with a moonsault!! Tact catches him on his shoulders!! He drops him down with a piledriver!! What a move!! 1........2.......What the?? Hey, it's Jared Wells, where did he come from!!? He just pulled Tact out of the ring as the ref was about to count to three!!"

J.S.: "What the hell is this crap!?"

R.W.: "The referee was about to count three after that huge move from Tact after he caught Kidd coming down with the moonsault, but Wells spoiled that for him!"

T.R.; "Tact and Wells are now tearing into each other on the outside! Neither man is backing down as the crowd goes wild here!"

J.S.: "Hey I don't hear that bell ringing!"

T.R.: "And now The Kidd slowly gets to his feet and he sees Wells and Tact brawling on the outside and he doesn't know what to do! Wells whips Tact into the meal guardrail as the fans egg him on!"

R.W.: "Here comes Steven James!"

J.S.: "Great, what does this idiot want!?"

T.R.: "He has a match with The Kidd at Ringlords 1 and he probably wants an early piece of The Kidd! James is at ringside and he's calling the Kidd out of the ring! The Kidd sees him and he dives out of the ring after him!! Oh my!! Now we have two brawls going at once here! Tact and Wells on one side and Kidd and James on the other!"

R.W.: "The referee really looks to be confused here!"

J.S.: "What do you expect from this greenhorn rookie! Where did K.K. find him, at a high school meet?"

T.R.: "David Gross is our newest referee here in GLCW and he's finally calling for the bell as the four men continue to brawl! Now all four men are right by each other slugging it out!"

R.W.: "Where is security, are they all watching Minion in the back?"

J.S.: "That's not enough to contain Minion!"

T.R.; "All four men brawl up the aisle and into the locker room and it looks like security is finally breaking it up!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ruled this a Double Countout!"

J.S.: "A double countout?? Shouldn't the Kidd have been DQ'd since Wells attacked Tact? What kind of call is that? Not that I want to see the Kidd lose or anything."

T.R.: "I think Gross ruled against that because Wells certainly isn't friends with The Cannonball Kidd! Anyways, his ruling is final and he has called this a double countout! Fans, we will be right back with more Riptide after this message!"

(CUT-TO: The parking area. Maelstrom's bike is shown parked in the back with the GLCW title belt draped over the handle bars. The massive champion steps into view chugging down a bottle of spring water, wearing ripped up blue jeans and a black muscle shirt. He nods over to Jared Justice, who emerges from a room wearing his wrestling gear, and chomping at the bit for a fight. Fade to a commercial featuring the Wargames match at Ringlords 1)

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