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Indianapolis Riptide 02


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Earlier in the day, several GLCW wrestlers visited the Indianapolis chapter of the Ronald McDonald House, a place where children can live while they are in treatment for cancers and other such terrible diseases. The cameras taped some of the things that went on, and Nemesis is shown signing a picture for one unfortunate youngster afflicted with leukemia. Jean Rabesque is shown sitting down next to another child telling him that some day he too will be in a wrestling ring taking on the champion. The Oak Street Beach Patrol discuss their surfing adventures with a young girl as her parents look on smiling. CUT-TO: The inside of the Pepsi Coliseum. The crowd is as loud as ever as the camera pans the arena. CUE-UP: "The Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden. Nemesis emerges from behind the curtain to a big pop. He is still in his street clothes and he has a mic.)

NEMESIS: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Riptide, Indianapolis! Everyone having a good time so far? (crowd cheers) Well good, cause it’s only gonna get better! We’ve got an amazing line-up tonight. Yours truly will even be in action! But on to what I came out here to talk about…"

(CUE-UP: “Silverfuck” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Minion comes out, slowly stalking towards Nemesis as the crowd boos loudly. Nemesis backs up a bit down the ramp, keeping his distance from Minion. Minion talks to Nemesis, but doesn’t have a mic, his arms out stretched. Minion doesn't seem threatening, and Nemesis comes closer, and the two talk. Minion nods his head and turns away back up the ramp. Nemesis turns back towards the fans.)

NEMESIS: "Now, as I was saying…"

(Minion turns back around and tackles Nemesis down from behind. The two begin to brawl, and a group of security men come out to break it up.)

TONY ROSS: "Things are breaking down already here in Indianapolis, Nemesis has been attacked by Minion as he was trying to talk to the fans here at the Pepsi Coliseum!"

JAKE SHADES: "Do you honestly think that anyone cared what that bootlick had to say? If Nemesis kisses anymore ass, his lips are gonna swell up! How nauseating!"

RICK WISEMAN: "King Krusher has already signed Nemesis vs. Minion at the Pay-Per-View, and it seems that Minion just can't wait to get his hands on Nemesis. It's Falls Count Anywhere in the Twin Cities for that one."

T.R.: "Minneapolis-St. Paul had better be ready for that one! Fans, let's take it up to Matt for the next match!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "In our next match, coming to the ring." (CUE-UP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd) "From Cadillac, Michigan, at a combined weight of 423lbs., "THE WOLF" CHRIS MCMILLAN AND JASON PAYNE, THE DOGS OF WAR!!"

(The fans boo as McMillan and Payne walk briskly to the ring, arguing with whoever gives them any gruff on the way down. They climb into the ring and mount opposite turnbuckles and raise their arms high, soaking in the boos. CUE-UP: "Just Another Day" by Vivian Romero)

M.F.: "From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at a combined weight of 580lbs., RYAN YOUNGBLOOD AND STEVEN SLAYER, MARTIAL LAW!!"

(The crowd cheers as the two men walk to the ring, both wearing bandanas and dark blue long tights. They slap a few hands on the way down.)

T.R.: "We're set to go in this match here and Kraven and Flatliner have to be keeping an eye on these two teams."

J.S.: "Are you kidding me? Kraven and Flatliner would squash all of these guys like bugs, and they already did that to Martial Law last week. The Dogs of War look pretty good, but there's just no way they can compete with the UA's size. Kraven and Flats are keeping those belts forever and you can put that in your pipe and smoke it."

T.R.: "Well, Martial Law did get a shot at the UA and fell short, but made a great showing. They can only improve from here. Jason Payne and Ryan Youngblood are going to start it off here. Youngblood is the larger of the two, and while Payne is the big man on the Dogs of War, Youngblood drawfs him! Youngblood grabs Payne and shoves him back! Payne charges back and gets kneed in the gut for his troubles! Payne is staggered and Youngblood rams him with his shoulders and Payne falls out of the ring!"

R.W.: "If the Dogs of War have any hope of winning this match, they need to take these guys off their feet, and possibly use aerial moves and their quickness to do so."

T.R.: "Payne collects himself and rolls back into the ring only to get stomped on by Youngblood! Youngblood pulls him up by his hair and gorilla presses him!! He lifts him several times and throws him into his own corner! Payne tags in McMillan and he needs a breather! McMillan slowly comes in, and approaches Youngblood, and quickly rushes and clips the knee! Youngblood goes down to one knee and McMillan dropkicks him in the back of the head! McMillan runs from behind and dives and grabs Youngblood's neck and snaps it forward! Good move by 'The Wolf'!"

R.W.: "I'm just waiting for McMillan and Payne to start showing their hardcore tendencies here, because they are simply out-sized."

J.S.: "I'm just waiting for Kraven and Flatliner to come out here and kill all four of these guys just because they can!"

T.R.: "Kraven and Flatliner have a big match to worry about tonight Shades but I'm sure they're watching this in the back. Remember our big double tag team main event tonight folks, Maelstrom and Jared Justice vs. The Unholy Alliance, and Jean Rabesque and Jarod Poe vs. Michael Manson and Anarky! McMillan climbs the turnbuckles and dives off with a body press! Youngblood catches him! Ohhh!!! Big implant slam! Youngblood slow to get up and he tags in Slayer."

R.W.: "Even the high flying move backfired for McMillan and he'll have to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to take these guys down."

T.R.: "Slayer comes in and drills McMillan a few times in the face before body slamming him down hard! He drops a fist and a cover!! 1.....2....No!"

R.W.: "There is no denying the toughness of Chris McMillan, all the injuries he's suffered in his career and he still keeps coming back for more. His attitude change is what's really distressing though."

J.S.: "Why, because he isn't worried about pleasing these lumps of crap in the crowd anymore? The smartest thing he ever did was to tell them to screw off."

T.R.: "Slayer whips Mcmillan in and Slayer goes for a clothesline but McMillan ducks, kicks him in the gut and hits a tornado DDT!! Wow!! He really planted Slayer there! McMillan staggers over and tags in Payne! Payne comes in with a baseball slide dropkick to Slayer! Both men to their feet and Slayer ducks a right and follows with some lefts to the body! Payne answers and the two go back and forth! Slayer gets the advantage and whips Payne in! Payne reverse!! Payne hooks him for a Full Nelson Slam!! Ohhhh!!! He really nailed him!! 1......2.....3!! Youngblood was to slow to save! Payne gets the win for the Dogs of War!"

R.W.: "That move really came out of nowhere and it just shows how sudden pro wrestling can be sometimes, very impressive win for the Dogs of War! Kraven and Flatliner need to watch their backs!"

J.S.: "They already do whenever Jean Rabesque is around, know what I mean?"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, THE DOGS OF WAR!!"

T.R.: "Whatever you say Shades! Fans, let's take a look at some more highlights from last week's edition of Riptide and the first Wired internet broadcast from Flint, Michigan!"

(CUE-UP: "Black" by Sevendust. Highlights of the big matches of both shows are shown. Fade to a commercial for GLCW.com and the next edition of Wired, airing from Duluth, Minnesota.)

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