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Indianapolis Riptide 01


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: An aerial shot of the glittering Indianapolis skyline at sunset looking from the north. The RCA Dome can be seen off to the side of downtown buildings. CUE-UP: "Are You Ready" by AC/DC. The golden GLCW logo fades in on the screen and stays there for a few moments before fading away. The camera then pans over to the Pepsi Coliseum, a few miles from the downtown area and closer to the camera. CUT-TO: The marquee of the Pepsi Coliseum, which is scrolling...."TONIGHT....SOLD OUT....GREAT LAKES CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING....6:30PM....MAIN EVENT....MAELSTROM AND JARED JUSTICE VS. KRAVEN AND FLATLINER...." As the guitars kick in on "Are You Ready", CUT-TO: The inside of the Pepsi Coliseum, a venerable old arena that has been renovated several times over the years, and has a rich history of Indianapolis minor league hockey. The fans are going berserk and there is not a seat to be had anywhere. Several signs are shown, including "SHADES IS SADDAM'S GAY LOVER", "SUICIDE, 'NUFF SAID", "MANSON IS MY HERO", and "HEY BEER MAN! OVER HERE!" CUT-TO: The rinsgide area as the camera runs along all the fans along the rail as they are in various states of hysteria. CUE-UP: "N.W.O" by King Krusher. The crowd gets even louder as Commissioner King Krusher comes out, wearing black jeans, and a blue GLCW polo shirt. He waits for the crowd to quiet down and then speaks)

KING KRUSHER: "Good Lord, I knew Indianapolis was gonna be rowdy tonight! Well it's gonna get a lot rowdier around here in a few minutes, but before we begin, I have a few things to say! I wanted to give everyone in the arena and out there in TV land an injury report on some GLCW wrestlers. As some of you may have seen on Wired, GLCW's newest show broadcast online at GLCW.com, Golem was attacked in the parking lot of the ISA Sports Arena in Flint, Michigan. His head was rammed into the window of a car and his shoulder absorbed the impact as well. Investigators have speculated that Golem was thrown into the car due to the severity of the impact. Golem's shoulder was broken from this and he further aggravated that by wrestling the gauntlet match for the TV Title shot. Golem will be out for an indefinite period of time to allow his shoulder to heal. Of course, nobody saw who perpetrated the attack, and I have to assume that it was Anarky, Michael Manson, the Unholy Alliance or possibly even Maelstrom." (crowd gasps in shock) "So once again, I have to play detective. I didn't like how Golem dropped out of the Wargames match at the last Riptide, but no one deserves to be taken out of action like that, and when I find out who did it, there will be hell to pay. Also, Sean Edmunds was involved in an altercation with Nemesis a few weeks back and was thrown onto a car by Nemesis with his move, the Wrath. Edmunds started the fight and in my eyes he got what he deserved, so therefore Nemesis will not be punished. But Edmunds will be out for a while with a slipped disc in his back, that possibly may require surgery. So that's the injury report, let's move on to the next big event, GLCW's first Pay-Per-View, Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem, coming from the XCel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota! I have already announced the Wargames match, but I wanted to make it official that TV Champion Jarod Poe will indeed be replacing Golem on the team of Maelstrom, Jean Rabesque, and Jared Justice! (crowd cheers) And I have a few more matches to announce! First, it was originally supposed to be Nemesis vs. Sean Edmunds but since Edmunds is out of the picture and Nemesis has been having plenty of problems with Minion lately, I have signed Minion vs. Nemesis in a Falls Count Anywhere in the Twin Cities Match! The fight can go anywhere in the cities of St. Paul or Minneapolis! So everyone in the Twin Cities beware, Minion and Nemesis could be fighting down your block! Also signed, Larry Tact will face "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells in a Lights Out Match! Those two guys just can't get along so now they get a chance to knock each other out. Another match signed, The Cannonball Kidd will face "Showtime" Steven James! And there will be much more! But for now, let's get this show rolling! Take it away Tony and Rick!"

(The crowd cheers as King Krusher exits. CUT-TO: Tony Ross, Rick Wiseman, and Jake Shades standing at the announcers table)

TONY ROSS: "Hello everyone and welcome to this week's edition of Riptide, coming from the Pepsi Coliseum here in Indianapolis, Indiana! I'm Tony Ross along with Rick Wiseman and Jake Shades and.."

JAKE SHADES: "That decrepit bag of wind couldn't even acknowledge my existence could he!? Is it too much to ask to mention my greatness??"

T.R.: "Oh please, don't start that stuff again! Fans, we are coming off a wild couple of weeks here in GLCW leading up to our first Pay-Per-View, Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem! Last week on Riptide, Golem refused to be on Maelstrom's team for the Wargames, and then on Wired in Flint, someone attacked him viciously and took him out! Jarod Poe will be taking his place but you have stop and think about who would perform such an attack, Rick!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Indeed, Tony. King Krusher singled out Anarky, Manson, the UA, and even Maelstrom, and I think that is justified since Maelstrom hasn't had a lot of nice things to say about Golem in the past."

T.R.: "Yes, but that isn't how Maelstrom works! He isn't about sneak attacks and coming from behind! I think it was probably Manson, Anarky and the UA all working together."

J.S.: "You and your conspiracy theories Ross, you'd make a fine Hollywood liberal! Manson, Anarky and the UA would never waste their time on gutter trash like Golem, who was on his way out anyway! The writing was on the wall and his career was failing, whoever took him out did him a favor!"

T.R.: "You know what they say about opinions, Shades.."

J.S.: "Yeah, you're just like an opinion, you're an (bleep)hole!"

T.R.: "Um, that's not exactly how it goes, but anyway, Rick, Billy Matthews showed up last week to team with Golem but now he is without a partner."

R.W.: "Matthews has been traditionally a loner so it surprised me that he would even be Golem's partner, especially after their history in the FWF. Regardless, I'm sure Matthews will thrive in the single scene here in GLCW, that is, if he doesn't find a partner."

J.S.: "I'm sure if he puts one of his old dresses on he won't be single for long! I heard Frenchy Rabesque has been eyeing him!"

T.R.: "(sigh) Well, we heard K.K. sign some more big matches for Ringlords 1, including Jared Wells vs. Larry Tact, Nemesis vs. Minion, and The Cannonball Kidd vs. Steven James to go along with Wargames, and it's shaping up to be a huge event!"

R.W.: "I wouldn't expect anything less for GLCW's first Pay-Per-View."

J.S.: "I wouldn't expect you to be able to tie your shoes in the morning Dick, so that doesn't say much."

T.R.: "Anyways, we had two matches here at the Pepsi Coliseum before we went on the air here, and let's show some highlights! The first match was newcomer Sane vs. "Showtime" Steven James. Sane has quite an unorthodox style!"

(highlights of the match are shown)

R.W.: "Sane is..putting it mildly..an admitted substance abuser on probation, and he needs to prove himself here in GLCW in order to stay out of jail. He's used to hardcore backyard-style leagues where everything including the kitchen sink is used as a weapon. During the match, he had to adjust to not be able to be completely violent and settled into a nice groove."

T.R.: "It should also be noted that Sane has TWO valets, Kodi Pendant and The Other Girl, who spent the entire match screeching at each other at ringside!"

J.S.: "That doesn't beat my record of three women at one time..."

T.R.: "James didn't know what to expect from Sane and it showed as he was not able to predict some of Sane's maneuvers. James was able to take control at one point and it looked like he was going to set Sane up for his finisher, the snap sleeper neckbreaker, but Sane twisted out of it and hit a nasty jumping DDT to get James for the three count! After the match, Kodi and The Other Girl rolled into the ring and started fighting and Sane and the referee had to break it up!"

J.S.: "I would have let it go until they were rolling around in their birthday suits!"

T.R.: "Of course you would! Next we saw The Oak Street Beach Patrol, who last week gave Shades here some trouble, and they took on the new team of Major Impact! When Jon Savage came out, he revealed his new partner to be his identical twin brother Ric!"

(highlights are shown)

R.W.: "The resemblance was uncanny Tony, I couldn't even tell them apart. And they sure used that to their advantage in the match."

J.S.: "You couldn't tell a tooth brush and a toilet brush apart either, Wiseass. And these Beach Patrol sissies are lucky I stood my ground and did my job instead of ripping the mullets off their heads!"

T.R.: "At least they have hair! The Savage brothers changed places several times during the match, so it was like a fresh man was always involved for their team. Alex Hand and Harold Haggler simply could not overcome this, and the match ended when Jon Savage nailed Hand with a jumping piledriver."

J.S.: "Hand and Haggler couldn't overcome third grade so I'm not surprised in the least that they lost this match. Now that it's getting warmer, hopefully these two schmos will go back and hit the pipelines of Lake Erie or wherever the hell they go to pretend to surf."

T.R.: "Major Impact took their first GLCW win here tonight in Indy! Fans, let's take it up to Matt Faley for our first match!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our first match, coming to the ring," ("Only Happy When it Rains" by Garbage) "From Princeton, New Jersey, weighing in at 215lbs., 'GENTLEMAN' JONATHAN MARX!!"

(The crowd boos as Marx comes out, wearing black tights and boots, staring at the crowd in contempt. He rolls into the ring and loosens up)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Unforgiven" by Metallica) "From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220lbs., BILLY MATTHEWS!!"

(The crowd roars in approval as Matthews comes out, wearing long dark blue tights and black boots. He pushes his hair away from his face to look out at the cheering crowd. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms, acknowledging the response)

T.R.: "What a match this should be, the impressive newcomer Jonathan Marx vs. Billy Matthews, a man we all know about! Matthews has had an impressive run in his relatively short time in the sport, and he's looking to kick start it back into gear tonight!"

R.W.: "Marx turned some heads in Flint when he beat 'Twisted Prodigy' Ryan Roberts, another newcomer, and it will be interesting to see how he handles Matthews, who now can pretty much be called a veteran."

J.S.: "And I call him a fruitcake, I know what this deviant is capable of, you all remember the FWF."

T.R.: "Shades how about we talk about the present here as Matthews and Marx lock up! Matthews grabs a headlock but Marx powers out. Go-behind takedown by Marx and he applies a front face lock! Nice amateur sequence there by Marx."

R.W.: "One of Marx's biggest problems with today's wrestling is that he thinks it's lost its purity. He wants to bring back the mat-based style of the sport. The problem is his attitude about it. He reminds me a lot of Larry Tact."

J.S.: "And I applaud his efforts, I for one would love to see some purity brought back to wrestling."

T.R.: "Yeah right, you would just as soon jump out of your seat if one of your favorites hit somebody over the head with a brick! Matthews is able to get to his feet and he pushes Marx away! Now the two are jawing and it looks like Marx is complaining about Matthews' lack of sportsmanship! Matthews dropkicks him right in the jaw! Marx rolls out of the ring from that one!"

R.W.: "Marx should just worry about beating Matthews and lay off the mindgames, Matthews isn't going to fall for that stuff."

J.S.: "You better watch out, or he might fall for you, Dickie! And I've seen your old lady and he is an improvement!"

R.W.: "Lay off the family Shades and do your job, and I use that term "job" very loosely."

T.R.: "Marx is stalling outside and Matthews follows him out! Marx tries to avoid him and he rolls back into the ring and he stomps away at Matthews as he re-enters! Marx with a crafty veteran move there, showing some experience. Marx pulls Matthews to his feet and hooks him for a snap suplex! Quick cover! 1.....2....No! Matthews kicks out and gets to his feet and walks into an arm drag! Matthews up again and he gets an eye rake for his troubles! The crowd is really on marx now because he's always preaching about the science of wrestling and he just raked Matthews' eyes!"

J.S.: "So what? Like none of these deadbeats ever took a shortcut in their life! Matthews deserved it anyway for being such a sap to accept teaming up with Golem, who's now rotting away in some hospital!"

T.R.: "Golem initially brought Matthews in because he didn't trust Maelstrom, and also to help combat Manson, Anarky and the UA, and I have to wonder if Matthews will be targeted by those guys. Marx whips Matthews in and hits a nice spinebuster! Marx comes off the ropes with a double knee drop and covers!! 1.....2...No! Marx pulls Matthews up and he's trying for another suplex, but Matthews blocks! Matthews blocks again! Matthews hits a suplex off his own!"

J.S.: "Come on Marx, twist this clown into a knot already, you can't let him come back like this."

T.R.: "Matthews slow to get up as Marx rises up. Marx charges and Matthews dodges and chops him right in the midsection! Matthews throws him into the corner and arx rebounds right into an overhead throw suplex! Matthews sent Marx sailing! Matthews runs over and drops a high legdrop! A cover!! 1...2..Kickout! Matthews yanks Marx up and punches him a few times and rams his head back onto the mat! Matthews is going up top! He leaps with a flying kneedrop but Marx is out of the way! Matthews'knee crashes to the mat!"

R.W.: "Now watch Marx work that knee like a true old-schooler would. Matthews seems to be in agony so he must have really screwed up that knee."

T.R.: "And like clockwork, Marx goes right after that knee! Some vicious step over toe holds! Wait, Matthews, rolls him up! No Marx reverses!! 1.......2.....Kickout!! No!! The referee said it was a three count! Oh my!! Marx with what looks like a fluke win here!"

J.S.: "Fluke my ass! He earned it, he was gonna end up breaking Matthews' knee anyway!"

R.W.: "Matthews can't believe it and he is irate! I think he kicked out there Tony, that was very close."

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, JONATHAN MARX!!"

T.R.: "Marx looks to be very proud of himself here as he walks away with a stunning win over Billy Matthews! Marx is out of the ring and Matthews is calling him back and Marx will have none of it! Matthews slaps the ropes in frustration and its back to square one for him! I'm sure it won't take long for Matthews to get back on track, some time away from the ring will do that to a man."

J.S.: "Stop making excuses for him, Ross, he's a grown man and can be held accountable! The problems is he just plain sucks!"

T.R.: "I could say something here but I won't! Fans, we'll be back after this message with more Riptide from Indianapolis!"

(Fade to a commercial for the Ringlords 1 PPV)

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