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Immunity results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Each Survivor stood in front of a table that had a multi-tiled picture of a star and various other small details, each tile could be flipped over to reveal a different color. Doc held up a picture of how the picture had to be made to look and each survivor had to flip the tiles around to get their puzzle to match the photo.

Before the challenge Doc threw away one of the immunity necklaces and made it clear from here on out only one person would be immune per vote.

In the early going, Steve, Olivia, Kevin and Vincent went out, Diva went shortly after.

Cynthia, Emilia, Jason and Blaine battled for 3 more puzzles, with Doc giving them less time to look at the picture and less time to work on the puzzle, finally Blaine and Cynthia were emilinated putting Emilia heads up with Jason for Immunity.

Jason in the end got the 10th puzzle right when Emilia got it wrong, winning him immunity!

I'm off Monday and Tuesday, if the plotting gets done by then lemme know and I'll try to get it posted right quick, otherwise it'll be next week sometime when I get a day off that it'll go up.

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