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Immunity Results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Phase one of the immunity challenge was holding your breath underwater. The men competed against the men, the women against the women.

Jason didn't last long at all, and the remaining four men fought for a long time, in the end, Vincent and Blaine barely outlasted Kevin and Steve.

For the women, Olivia and Cynthia came to the surface quickly, then Emilia faltered next, putting Diva against Peggy for the women.

The second leg of the challenge was an underwater race, where both players would have unfasten buoys.

Vincent was pwn3d by Blaine in the race. Blaine wins immunity.

Diva and Peggy had a heated battle that ended with Diva barely outracing Peggy to the last marker. Diva wins immunity.

For those that hate details and heart skimming

Blaine and Diva have immunity for the next vote.

So plot, plan, get info into me and lemme know what the deal is, I'm off the next two days so if a turbo plan gets sent to me I can have this up Wends. if not then I'll try to squeeze it in this week sometime, or next week whenever my days off hit.

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