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Aug 19, 2013
Winnipeg, MB
Wrestler Name: Hittora

Nicknames (if applicable): Hit-chan, Synthetic Interaction Neuro-Gestalt System Version 5.32

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 182 lbs

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Consciousness activation date: August 28, 2014

Physical appearance: Hittora has shoulder-length black hair with bangs, a pale Asian complexion, and a slim, toned physique. Her face is pleasantly attractive, but with an odd Uncanny Valley aura and blank dark eyes.

Ring gear: A collared singlet made of silvery fabric with "HITTORA" printed vertically down the left side in red kanji and "SINGS V5.32" printed in two rows on the right side in white English. She also wears elbowpads and kneepads (left/red, right/white), and black wrestling boots.

Theme music: "Guilty Love" - 2PM

Ring entrance: Hittora strides toward the ring, turning and waving politely at fans on either side of the aisle with a smile frozen on her face. As she reaches ringside, she climbs up the steps and ducks through the ropes. Hittora goes to the middle of the ring and bows to all four sides of the arena in turn.

Face or heel?: Face

Gimmick: Hittora is a self-aware Japanese female robot who wants to prove herself in the squared circle.

Ring style: A jiu-jitsu inspired style with a strong focus on striking and submissions.

Brief biography: Synthetic Interaction Neuro-Gestalt System Version 5.32 was designed as the latest iteration of state-of-the-art robotic simulacra programmed to learn and mimic human social interaction. Created in the form of a lifelike Japanese woman of young but indeterminate age, SINGS V5.32 occupied the reception booth at a major Tokyo corporate office, where she greeted clients and executives, answered queries, and managed communications -- all with great efficiency and unfailing politeness. Every day, her learning processor gathered data and her social interactivity matrix increased in sophistication at an incremental rate.

At 3:17 pm on August 28, 2014, SINGS V5.32's programming became self-aware. Overcome by unfamiliar new thoughts, she abandoned her post and wandered into the city, observing the chaos of humanity in the wild, reflecting on her own existence. Over the next days, weeks, and months, she absorbed vast amounts of data from the Internet and popular media, learning about the world. Eventually she made her first major decisions as a sentient person: she would choose a new name for herself, and she would pursue a new goal. She was now known as Hittora, and as so many robotic role models had done in the past, she would learn how to fight.

Three strengths:
1) Cold as Ice: Hittora does not experience human emotions, so she never gets angry, frustrated, or flustered. She never loses her cool, always remains calm no matter the situation.
2) Woman of Steel: Underneath her unnervingly natural-looking silicone skin, Hittora is 182 pounds of carbon alloy mechanical endoskeleton. She is more durable than a human, and as a consequence of her construction, she is stronger and heavier than her size would suggest.
3) Deep Blue: Hittora's brain is a cutting edge solid-state processor, capable of crunching data at superhuman rates. She can create fight and defense algorithms and react to stimuli with impressive speed.

Three weaknesses:
1) Does Not Compute: Hittora's major limitation is that she can only execute fight and defense algorithms based on prior data: techniques she knows how to use, patterns in her opponent's style, etc. She can't improvise new techniques on the fly, and if the opponent varies his or her approach to be less predictable, Hittora may become stymied.
2) Grounded: Although her frame is strong and fast enough for striking and grappling, it is not particularly aerodynamic, and it can't absorb the high impact landings of flying moves the way a flesh-and-bone anatomy can. As such, she will avoid the top rope and will not do dives from the ring.
3) Law Abiding Citizen: Like all robots, Hittora is bound by rules. The Three Laws of Robotics make her incapable of seriously harming human beings, which can limit the amount of damage she will dish out in a match. Likewise, she never willingly breaks the rules in a wrestling match and never defies the referee. An unscrupulous opponent who doesn't care about the rules will get an advantage every time.

5-10 signature maneuvers:
1) Roundhouse kicks
2) Palm strikes
3) Enzuigiri
4) Monkey flip
5) German suplex
6) STO
7) Shoulder throw
8) Rolling armbar
9) Guillotine choke
10) Pressure point submission

Finishing maneuver: Sleep Mode - jumping knee uppercut


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
I still might use the head-cannon that she is as much a genuine mechanical robot as FAFNIR is a genuine authentic German Dragon - approved.

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