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FRONTIER: First three names announced, first show date announced!


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Jun 20, 2011
Southampton, UK
Benedict Auslander has become the first star to sign an agreement to appear for Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER.

Auslander, most recently a competitor with the Millennium Wrestling Alliance, is the son of Judas Auslander, founder of an organization known as the Kovenant. For over ten years, the Kovenant collected members among the wrestling world who shared a common trait, the desire to raise hell. Taking a page from his father’s book, Benedict has patterned himself on his father to become a second generation asshole that spews hate wherever he goes. Benedict Auslander is an example of a person who lives only for his own motivations. He has no real loyalty to anyone, with the exception of his wife and lifelong friend, Nana Moto.

With that in mind it will be interesting to see how he fits into FRONTIER.

And, as exclusively revealed first on Twitter & Facebook, FRONTIER has also agreed terms with Japanese star Kenchi Yamamoto. The man from Nara was born into fighting. His grandfather was a respected Judo fighter and his father, Tataru Yamamoto, was a former wrestler back in Japan. His father has been responsibile for Kenchi’s training and now, at the age of twenty seven, he has been encouraged to spread his wings.

Kenchi Yamamoto is eager to show the world that he’s the best wrestler of his generation and there’s no better place to begin his global dominance than Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER.

Kevin Hardaway, from Baltimore, Maryland, has been in the wrestling business for almost 13 years. But for the past few years he has been an infrequent in-ring competitor, mainlydue to the passing of his wife, Angelina, who died in March 2010 from cancer. Hardaway now gets an opportunity to re-launch his career in a completely new environment with us in FRONTIER.

K-Hard is the third name to be added to our growing roster of top quality talent and there should be more names announced shortly. With that in mind we have officially confirmed the date of our full debut show.

Southampton Guildhall will play host to the show on Saturday 23rd July 2011. Tickets are available to pre-order now and will officially go on sale this coming Saturday where you can purchase tickets at our preview show! Matches for this show will be announced early next week.

All three men will be at the preview show this coming Saturday to sign autographs and will make their first full appearances on the 23rd July. To make sure you hear about the latest FRONTIER news before anyone else, make sure to follow us on Twitter (@PWFrontier) and like us on Facebook (search for Frontier). Check out www.frontier-wrestling.co.uk for more on these three men.
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