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Feb 1, 2005
About an hour's drive from Detroit, MI...
I saw this when it first came up, meant to type something, then forgot. You'll have to excuse my extremely short term memory. So now I will type and you will read, because I'm bored as hell.

Name's Amy Walker, currently completely and totally unemployed. This area of MI is completely dry and dieing a slow and painful death. I believe the unemployed outnumber the employed by a large margin.

But I do aspire to go to a college, but I'm also torn on which field I want to take. I'm leaning most toward veterinarian as my final profession. I've always felt a stronger bond with animals than I ever have with another person, so you'll find I'm a one trick pony in this area. Obviously I'm the handler of Foxx and I'm currently in development of a "kitty" tag team I was hoping to run in VENUS, but that didn't work out so I'll probly take em here or elsewhere. Yeah...I'm a freak, but at least I'm fascinating...I hope.

I'll be 23 in June, have no interest in love and consider anyone that is married, has children or both before at least 27 to be entirely and completely out of their freakin gourd.

If you ever want an interesting chat, I'm a very open person. Feel free to send me a PM with a time to get on AIM or Yahoo and your SN. I don't mind talking, but I'd rather be doing something contructive (or playing WoW) than sitting around waiting for someone to talk to. I also stay on invisible ALL the time so I'll probably see you first.

Too much typing...I think I have the longest introduction now...sorry.

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