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Flying Blind


League Member
Apr 16, 2004
Fade in to one of the recent shows from the On Time house card circuit.

"Our House" by Madness cues up of the PA System and Tom Adler steps through the curtain and stops for a moment at the top of the rampway. He's wearing street clothes and sporting the CSWA United States Championship belt over his left shoulder. He looks around, shakes his head slightly in annoyment and procedes to the ring. He motions to Rhubarb to hand him the mic and he procedes to climb into the ring.

He lets the belt slide down his arm catching it with his hand, then climbs up onto the second ringrope and raises his arms forming the <> X-Change "X" symbol, the belt dangling along side his arm.

There's a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd... though Adler appears to have actually gained some fans following his performance at Battle Of The Belts.

Adler steps down, puts the belt back on his shoulder and rests his foot on the middle rope while leaning across the top

Adler: Before I get into what I came here for tonight, I want to take a moment to address... Shane... Southern.

Crowd quiets down

A lot of things get said in the business of ours. A lot of things that, quite frankly, are usually aimed at getting a foothold in a match that hasn't even started yet. But, like I told Dan Ryan before Battle Of The Belts... intimidation and idle threats aren't my style.

If I come out here and say something, you can be pretty certain I mean it. I've got no desire to stand out here and blow smoke up somebody's @$$... and I have no need to build myself up by tearing other people down.

Shane, this whole thing started because seven or eight months ago you took offense to me coming out here telling the world that I was the dominant champion in this company.

Well, Shane, you can believe whatever you want, but I didn't come out here all those months ago looking to insult you. I came out here stating the facts as I saw 'em. You chose to be offended by a comment that was aimed far more at the individual who didn't even care to defend this title than the man who won it.

No, Shane... for whatever you may believe, I went into Battle of the Belts knowing that you were a major league player. And, I walked out knowing.. that I... was right.

Crowd cheers the rare show of respect from Adler

Now... (Adler's mood changes visibly) before Battle of the Belts... I made a decision that quite clearly didn't sit well with a lot of people. But, the fact of the matter is this... Shane... you and I were never gonna get along out there. You knew it... I knew it... everybody in that whole damned arena knew it.

And Merritt and Buckley can p!$$ and moan about the way I get things done out there... but the simple fact of the matter is that what I did gave Shane Southern the chance to keep that belt around his waist just a little bit longer... and kept at least one title out of the hands of the Intruders and in the hands of the CSWA.

So, people can boo or cheer what I did out there... I couldn't care less... but each and every one of you will go to bed knowing that I kept Battle of the Belts from becoming the CSWA's Waterloo!

Which brings me to Chad Merritt.

Shane Southern.

Evan Aho.

Triple X.

Eli Flair.

Tom Adler.

Adler holds his hand up, all five fingers extended and holds it there

Do you know what these five men all have in common Chad? Do you?

They all have two things in common.

The first? Each and every one of 'em either walked into Battle of the Belts wearing a CSWA title... or walked out having just wrestled for one of 'em.

Ya know what that makes 'em? Big Time Players in this company.

The second thing they all have in common? Each and every one of 'em... (still holding his hand open) ALL got a big yellow envelope in their mailbox with the letters... N... F... W... written on the front.

Shane Southern.

folding one finger

Evan Aho.

folding another

Triple X.


Eli Flair.

leaving only the middle finger extended

You wanna know what's different between all four of them... and THIS one?

holding his middle finger up to the camera

THIS one said.... no.

stunned sounds come from the crowd

Ya know, Chad... I don't expect much of anything from you. But, I think I've earned two things.

The first is to have the entrance music the <>X requested played when we come to the ring... and if I hear Our House played one more time on my way to the ring there's a techie back there who's gonna have his ass personally introduced to my foot.

The second? To not be screwed with by somebody who oughta be thanking me.

You didn't wanna leave me in that battle royal? Fine... I said all along I didn't care about it anyway. All your petty posturing got you was somebody from ANOTHER federation getting a title shot at your World Champion.

But then, I've gotta put up with even more of your BS with this match at Prime Time.

So Chad Merritt is going to punish me by hand picking my opponent. Chad, when haven't you hand picked 'em? You've been cherry picking the people you thought could take my title for the last friggin year. Now, when you've finally realized that there isn't a single individual in the back who can take what I've got... you come out here and tell me that you can't even give me the common courtesy to tell me who I'm wrestling.

Oh, yeah, I know... it somehow involves somebody Ivy's been associated. Yeah, that's some hint. The girl voted Miss Lincoln by the boys in the back because every one of 'em's taken a shot at her in the balcony.

I mean, come on, Chad... the woman's seen more balogna than Oscar Meyer.

Well, Chad, I'm gonna make this simple for you, since Battle of the Belts clearly didn't clue you in.

The last time you got something over on me... remember? TWS? that was the last time you are gonna get something over on me.

I'm walking out of Anaheim the United States Champion... no matter who you bring.

And when I do? Whatever agreement you and I had when I came back to this company? It's over. And you can read into that whatever you want.

Adler tosses the mic to Rhubarb then drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring to the ooos and ahhs of a stunned crowd

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