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Feedback: Sorry You're Not a Winner


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
First and foremost, major kudos to J the Ripper and Mad Dog. The beauty of IGC as a fed is it gives you freedom to try all sorts of new and unique ideas, and I think all three of us did just that. It could have gone either way, and it's an honor to have gotten the W in that matchup. Hopefully Christopher Ryan Eagles is able to put up some writing in future cards, because I've heard good things about the guy.

Some stream-of-consciousness thoughts as I re-re-read the card:

- The whole intro made this event feel like a big deal. The signs, the fans, the whole atmosphere was awesome. I liked the creative details used in the description of the video intro graphics. That's always something Voss gets right in these cards - the details. That, and everyone gets put over here, as well as the Intergalactic Championship as a big fucking deal.

- I like August Monday, but I always miss painGRILLE when he's not there.

- Triple Threat match starts with mad chaos, which I think can be expected when you consider the characters in the match. I am a Magnus Destructo mark - he hits just the right level of absurdity and danger to make me simultaneously laugh at him and fear him. Jack Harmen, of course, is always phenomenal - I secretly was hoping after the card went up that there would be an end result of an Ocho/Harmen match, just because that thing could be all the fun. Didn't know Aran Thompson very well before the RP thread, but I liked what I saw. No idea how Voss picked a winner, because everyone brought it.

- I always pop for Willy Wonka references. And absurdly long hashtags.

- A small critique: the commentators talked about how it was inevitable that their table would get destroyed, but it never did! DESTROY THAT TABLE!

- Phil Atken, for all his talk about how he really wanted Magnus Destructo in his RP, shows his true fear for possibly the most unpredictable wrestler in the field. I liked the ending a lot, and Magnus looks like a juggernaut here. It's easy to make the guy who has to wrestle twice in one night an impossible underdog, but he looks almost like a favorite in this moment. It's cool to have that before the main event.

- I told Voss this on AIM, but I really dig that the briefcase was dangling over concrete and not over the middle of the ring (as most TLC matches have). Adds a real element of danger and allows for some more unique spots you wouldn't normally see (more on that later). I am a big fan of adding unique twists to matches like this.

- I would have been horrible in writing this match because in a multiple no-show scenario, I would have buried the no-shower. Voss, on the other hand, gave Eagles several spots to look credible and it really benefits the match. Shows why he's on the level he's on in terms of matchwriting.

- Holy shit Sylo is terrifying. I think my balls twitched the first time the prospect of a Sylo/Destructo match was brought up. They would need THE BIGGEST RING

- Psyched to have the first canonical IGC cult following.


- I loved the "Everyone's fighting and fighting and fighting and wait what the hell is Ocho doing?" moment when Ocho was setting up the launch pad, because sometimes when I RP I get that feeling about Ocho. Everyone's embroiled in fights and Ocho's just living in his own world sometimes

- ACTUALIZAAAAAAAAR and literally everyone has died. It's probably good that there are a few weeks or months between cards, because holy shit these matches were brutal. A 20 foot Actualizar onto a 300+ pound dude on concrete = every rib is now bruised. But worth it! Bonus points to Voss for secretly guessing correctly that Ocho comes from a good Catholic household.


- Phil showing some solid character depth here. He's still got those instincts from his past as a perpetual loser and terrified that this enormous, psychotic demon beast is about to face him, and then he remembers how he's a champion and he's a legitimate dude now.

- Destructo is every Metalocalypse character and also the devil rolled into one.

- Atken, you sneaky sneaky bastard

- OCHO/ATKEN II. Tell your friends. It's going to be a big deal.

Guys, you want to be a part of this fed. It is just all the fun in the world, and Voss's matches speak for themselves.

J The Ripper

FWrestling's Reckoning
Jul 16, 2011
It was a hell of a match and a definite nail bitter. Brusch, like I said, I'm cheering for you because when you get that belt I want a rematch ;)


The best handler ever since 2012: He is a gem
Jul 12, 2007

- I'm always a fan for the most lovely introductions a man can manage, Katz does a great job at the video package style introductions for Brawl but I have to say, the introduction to this show really had a classic feel to it. I love the running down the card idea with the flashing graphs and the whoops and ballyhoo. HOORAY FOR VOSS.

- I think we can all admire Magnus Destructo's restraint in coming to the ring and not biting off a single fan's head. Still, sneak attack, what a rotten man. A SCOUNDREL.

- It's kinda of an interesting juxtaposition to the main event in so far as people can actually get offense on Magnus. All thanks to the magical healing power of ~teamwork~ that doesn't last for so long.


- It's amazing how you can put a guy over in a single match like Voss did with Magnus, while I don't think Harmen or Aran lost face, both of 'em fought valiantly.

- Phil Atken makes an appearance and is an idiot. Not surprising.

- Now, I knew who was the winner in this bout before the card went up because THE INTERNET HAS THE SCOOPS BROTHER. Or because Voss told me. I must admit I was a little surprised but perhaps I shouldn't have been, I think this one was a toughie, I don't think anyone made it easy on Voss in these matches. Plus is made for a great main event, plus I could write a Phil Atken shits a brick segment and I always enjoy doing that.

- Great like story going on between Ocho and Sylo throughout our second match of the evening. My own hope was for Xith not to win if only so I didn't have to attempt to pronounced the name again on EFG. I'm a selfish man.

- IGC really can attract the monsters, can't it.

- You know, I think Xith really thought there was a baby alien in Ocho's chest and was just trying to help him out. He's an alien, he'd know these things.

- Some excellent spots running throughout this match, I can tell Voss must've enjoyed writing this one.

- It wouldn't be an indy style ladder match if the briefcase DIDN'T fall unexpectedly in the match.

- 100% proof that the fans hate Ocho, as our wise commentary notes, the crowd is booing him out of the building. HE'S THE WORST. Excellent finisher to the match, a new interesting take on the end of a ladder match I must admit. Poor Sylo, if only he had longer arms, perhaps Stretch Armstrong-esque arms, he'd have been the victor.

- I wrote a hurried segment with a few typos, but then again everything I write has a few typos because my brain is filled with error. Voss basically told me he was finishing the Main Event and could post the show last night if I could get the segment in, which is one hell of a motivator I must admit.

- The main event was an excellent piece of storytelling, there was no way that Atken could take it to a guy like Magnus no matter how hard he would want to try. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the bout, it just felt like an endless stream of desperation from Atken's side and one of destruction from Magnus'. I had love for the referee chair spot.

- The match really pushed Phil as an opportunistic gentleman, goodness!


- This was a tough one to RP for blind but this was a great match. I hope most people involved can see that Voss makes sure that everyone looks good win or lose and they'll want to jump in for future events.

- Can't wait to go up against Ben again, that should be a fun one indeed very much so...


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
Thanks for the kind words, guys. This card was tough to judge cover-to-cover and I always hate having to choose winners and losers but I hope the results are testament to the effort you all put in. Keep the feedback coming!

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
I'm not gonna go into a lengthy deal on everything. Just want to give props to all involved. It was fun. I hope IGC grows by word of mouth and whatnot.

The card did a good job of getting EVERYONE over.

I'm just upset that you didn't capitalize on the alien powers that Xoesh the Zith possesses. No use of laser beams or levitating. I was giving you some creative liberty and you blew it. ;)

Then again...NONE of that was in his bio and we are trying to do a legit wrestling show here. The special effects would blow the budget.

Good for Ocho...he deserves it.

I will stop this now...my sarcasm sometimes is misunderstood and may ruffle some feathers if this is too deep. So keep up the good work. The matches were awesome!

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