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Fearless Preparation


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Dec 1, 2002
FEARLESS Jones sits on a big rock in the middle of a local park in Charlotte, NC. He looks high into the clouds… deep in contemplation.

He thinks about his first upcoming match with Hiroshi. He thinks about what he has to prove, who he has to prove it to, and how he’s going to do it. Hiroshi will most definitely be a formidable opponent, and the reality sinks into Fearless that his first bout here in CSWA more than likely will result in a defeat. He fiddles with a piece of straw in his hands… and speaks aloud.

“Fearless Jones is a joke. I am laughed at in the circles… and an afterthought when it comes to contenders. I’ve proven nothing, and made no impact. So far, I’m just another wrestler.

That all changes at PrimeTime. Fearless Jones debuts against Mr. Hiroshi. Win or lose, you’ll be sure that Fearless Jones, #1 will put on a show, and #2 win or lose I will give it 100 and 10 percent…

Fearless Jones will gain respect, win or lose. All I want is to be respected, and to have the fans say “damn, that new guy is somethin’ else!”. To me, all I can ask for is for the Fans to chant my name. Everything else is just gravy…”

Fearless hops off the Rock and starts walking down the trail. It’s a cold day, kind of overcast as it has been raining all weekend. There isn’t a lot of people in the park. Jones starts to jog, then run. He runs full speed for nearly 100 yards before he comes to a stop…

(trying to catch his breath…)
“One thing I won’t ever do in the ring is run… or back down from a challenge. You don’t gain anything….. from not taking chances… And I have nothing to lose, …..and everything to gain…”

Fearless sits on the grass, then lays flat on his back… looking up at the sky again.

“Baby brother… I’m on my way… I’m headed to PrimeTime!! (Fearless shouts…) I AM FEARLESS!!!!”



I'm diggin' this character Brad. Keep up the good work! :)


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