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"Eradicator" Troy Martinez vs. "God's Gift" Dean McQueen


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Jan 1, 2000
Harrison, NY, USA
Setting a Mission

(FADE IN: Troy Martinez is backstage with Karen Jewello. CUE UP: "Wolf Moon" by Type O Negative.)

KAREN JEWELLO: Troy, you had a tough break in the World Championship Tournament against Golem. However, I think you gave him and everyone else something to think about. You weren't the pushover that Golem wanted everyone to think you were.

(Troy rubs his eyes with his fingers a bit.)

TROY MARTINEZ: I had a chance to put away Golem and I didn't. I should have finished him, but I didn't.

KAREN JEWELLO: Look, I know you are disappointed, but you'll have other opportunities....other chances. You have it in you to beat Golem....I truly believe that and I know a lot of other people believe that too. Now, you have to think about bouncing back. Now you have to set your sights on the Television Championship. Now you have to set your sights on the so called "God's Gift" Dean McQueen.

TROY MARTINEZ: I saw his match against Jared Poe. He wasn't that impressive to me. In fact, I don't even believe in this "God" that he speaks of. If he was sent as a gift....it must have been a gag gift. He's not on the level of a Golem...and he's certainly not on my level.

KAREN JEWELLO: Well, what better way to bounce back then?

TROY MARTINEZ: I'll fight him because I have to, but work on getting me a rematch against Golem after the title tournament is finished. My mission in the GLCW will be to beat that furry freak if it's the last thing I do!!


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