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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[FADE IN to a shot of Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray standing in front of the Big Screen, each third being taken up by a still frame of Marcus Westcott, Ravager and Fusenshoff. Superimposed on top of the image is the TEAM Championship of Champions.]

TH: Shrouded by controversy, the Championship of Champions is up for grabs between three of wrestling’s hottest stars.

SM: But, that’s not the only news. TEAM’s foundation is shaken at SuperShow X, and we’ve got all the latest. It’s EPICENTER, and it … is … NOW!

[Cue up "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots.
Cut to JASON PAYNE, shouting out in primal fury with a man's blood as his war paint.
Cut to ROCKO DAYMON whipping ULYSIS SOLIAN off the ropes.
Cut to RAVAGER rolling out of the way of a ROB FRANKLIN top rope headbutt.
Cut to MUNSON MONSOON tossing HIGH FLYER out of the FREE FOR ALL~! ring.

Cut to MIKE RANDALLS hoisting the Merritt Trophy, then flash cut to TYLER RAYNE with the Harvard Avalon Memorial Trophy held by his side, then flash cut to The A-List hoisting the Dupree Cup.

“Down” fades out, as we cue up “Running Down a Dream” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

Cut to RAVAGER squeezing MIKE RANDALLS in the Garotte in the 2008 Merritt Trophy Finals.
Cut to MARCUS WESTCOTT drilling KIN HIROSHI into the mat with a brutal powerbomb.
Cut to FUSENSHOFF dropping TROY DOUGLAS on his head with an exploder suplex.

Cut to: The Epicenter logo once more, fading into Tom Holzerman and Steve Murray at the EPICENTER desk.]

TH: A hello and welcome to all those who dare enter the mayhem known as this special edition of EPICENTER on the Alternative Sports Networ, I’m Tom Holzerman…

SM: And I’m Steve Murray. We’re just moments remove from the epic events of SuperShow X: Runnin’ Down a Dream, and while normally we’d kick right off with what was a classic main event, tonight, there is MAJOR news to report.

[Cut to a close-up of Murray, with an over-the-shoulder graphic showing a headshot of Jess Chapel.]

SM: TEAM owner and founder Jess Chapel opened the show tonight with the announcement that, nearly four years after chartering this very company, the recent financial downturn has hit him hard, and that he has decided to sell his majority interest in TEAM. To whom? Well, we’ll let the man himself let you know.

[Cut to: Jess Chapel, standing in the middle of the ring at the Wachovia Center, microphone in hand.]

JC: This has been a great ride, folks, and I assure you, TEAM is not going out of business. That’s the first thing I made sure of when I entered in to negotiations with this man’s organization. I want TEAM to stay as strong as ever, and since I’ll be staying right there at the announce desk to keep a watchful eye along with my good friend the Iron Duke, he’d better live up to his bargain.

Honestly, I don’t see it being all that much of a problem, as this guy’s been as much a part of TEAM as anyone since Day One, anyway. So, without further ado, let me introduce the new president and majority shareholder of TEAM and all its subsidiaries…

[Cue up “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell, and the crowd in Philadelphia comes UNGLUED as they recognize the music and the man making his way towards the ring in a tailored suit that’s a far departure from his normal t-shirt, jeans and leather jacket motif.]


CROWD: HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***! HOLY S***!

[Troy steps between the ropes and shares a handshake and hug with Chapel, who calmly steps back to his position at the desk.]

TD: Let it never be said I didn’t know a good investment when I saw one.

Before I get started here, there’s a man who needs to be thanked. A man who, without his vision, and without his will to carry this company through all its struggles and its triumphs, there would be no TEAM for me to inherit.

Without this man, this company would never have existed, and it would never have become the global phenomenon it is today.

Jess Chapel, thank you.


[The shot cuts to Chapel, who nods and waves at the crowd, before cutting back to Douglas in the ring.]

TD: Now, down to business.

Like Jess before me, I’m not here to make myself a television star by running this company. I want to keep providing what TEAM has provided since day one; a place for the greatest wrestlers on the planet - - no matter what company they’re contracted to – to have a place to compete against one another on the grandest possible stages.

That’s what TEAM was, that’s what TEAM is, and that’s what TEAM will continue to be.

Which is why, tonight on Pay Per View, I’m proud to formally announce the return of professional wrestling’s biggest annual tournament, the event that’s seen the likes of Karl Brown, Dan Ryan and Mike Randalls grab the brass ring and stamp themselves as the greatest wrestlers on the planet.

That’s right, folks. I’m talking about the 2009 TEAM Invitational Tournament!


TD: I’ve begun sending out feelers to all the major promotions around the world, and we’ll be announcing the participants over the next two weeks until LIVE on Wednesday, April 1st, we reveal the brackets on a special episode of EPICENTER and the chase for the Merritt Tropy begins.

There’s just one man you can be guaranteed won’t compete in this year’s tournament, and that’s me. My wrestling career’s far from over, but as long as I’ve got a financial stake in this company, my involvement will be limited to handing out trophies and smiling for PR photos.

But, that tournament’s still a couple weeks away, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got a whale of a show for you tonight, so enjoy!

[Cut to Murray back in studio with a Troy Douglas inset behind him.]

SM: That’s right, TEAM fans. Troy Douglas, 2008 TEAM Invitational semi-finalist, is at the head of a group of investors that purchased majority control of TEAM from Jess Chapel.

[Cut to a two-shot of Holzerman and Murray.]

TH: And we can confirm that the run-up to the TEAM Invitational has begun, and we’ll be back April 1st with the live seeding announcments.

SM: But first, there was a lot more at stake in Philly.

[Cut to a one-shot of Holzerman, with an inset of the Championsip of Champions belt behind him.]

TH: After injuries forced reigning Champion of Champions Nova to relinquish his title, TEAM officials scrambled to find men worthy to challenge for the vacant belt. Three men were settled on; A1E World Champion Marcus Westcott, TEAM Challenge Champion and 2008 Invitational runner-up Ravager, and Tournament of Champions runner-up Fusenshoff, and what a match this was.

Folks, if you just missed it live on pay per view, here’s the highlights of an unforgettable night in South Philly.

[Cut to Westcott, Ravager and Fusenshoff staring each other down at the open.]

TH V/O: The intensity started high, and kids, by the end of the night the will power of these three men could’ve caused Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris to melt like they were staring at the Ark of the Covenant.

[Cut to Westcott charging at both men.]

TH V/O: The Mecca out with his trademark early aggression, as both of his opponent’s feel the wrath of one of wrestling’s most brutal clotheslines.

[Cut to Fusenshoff and Westcott exchanging blows.]

TH V/O: Fusenshoff not to be denied, however, as the EPW TV champion goes right back after his fellow Canadian wit some absolutely brutal forearm shots. These two had a vicious war of words leading up to this match, and the ring couldn’t contain it, as they spill to the outside.

[Cut to Ravager looking on as Westcott and Fuse brawl outside.]

TH V/O: But, all that does is give the man best known as a bonafide shooter the chance to show off his aerial skills. A beauty of a tope suicida takes both men out, and with the way Marcus Westcott’s head bounced off that metal guardrail, he would be out of commission for quite a while.

[Cut to Ravager working over Fusenshoff with some stiff knees to the body from a Thai clinch.]

TH V/O: Ravager showing off the skills that have helped him dominate the Challenge title since it’s inception, knee strikes transitioned into a neck-hanging overhead belly to belly that’s good for a two count.

[Cut to Ravager whipping Fusenshoff into the corner.]

TH V/O: And the assault continues, European uppercut in the corner followed up with a nasty neckbreaker, but still not enough to put the big man away.

[Cut to Ravager signaling for the Garotte.]

TH V/O: This might help, though, going for the Garotte … but Fusenshoff manages to turn it into a cradle for a razor-thin nearfall!

[Cut to Fusenshoff charging at Ravager.]

TH V/O: That helps the big man turn the tide, and he follows with a shoulder tackle, then another, followed by a HYOOGE release German suplex that gives Ravager a chance to rack up some airline reward points.

[Cut to Fusenshoff with Ravager in a standing headscissors.]

TH V/O: Fusenshoff trying to score the elimination with the Domination, but Ravager hits the pause button in mid-air and turns it into a guillotine choke!

[Cut to a wobbly Westcott finally making it back to the ring.]

TH V/O: Just as it looks like Fuse is about to go night-night, however, the Mecca makes his way back to the ring and NAILS Fusenshoff with a GARGANTUAN GORE, which does plenty of damage but also happens to break the hold.

[Cut to Ravager shouting at Westcott.]

TH V/O: That didn’t sit too well with the Challenge Champion, and he goes right at Marcus with some nasty chops before a head kick that would make Devin Shakur proud rocks the A1E champ.

[Cut to Ravager with Westcott in a full nelson.]

TH V/O: Rav tries to finish it off with his variation on the dragon suplex, but what he doesn’t see is Fusenshoff charging right at Westcott with his foot in the air. Westcott moves, and Ravager eats every bit of the sole of Fusenshoff’s foot, and that don’t taste too good. Westcott immediately dumps Fusenshoff out of the ring, and before you can blink …

[Cut to Marcus with Ravager in pumphandle position.]

TH V/O: … There’s the Absolution 2K4 and after the elementary three count, we’re down to two men.

[Cut to Westcott and Fusenshoff locking horns mid-ring.]

TH V/O: And this, folks, is where the proverbial “it” was brought, making “it” on.

[Cut to Marcus taking control with some elbows to the head.]

TH V/O: The veteran Westcott set the pace, wearing down Fuse with those strikes to the side of the head, then scoops up the wobbly British Columbian and FLATTENS him with a running powerslam before hooking the leg for two.

[Cut to Marcus shooting Fusenshoff off the ropes.]

TH V/O: More dominance from Westcott, here with the giant tilt-a-whirl into a nasty backbreaker, and, showing that wrestling savvy, he transitions this directly into into a fallaway slam! Fusenshoff tips the scales at 263 pounds, folks, and Marcus Westcott deadlifted him like a sack of flour.

[Cut to Westcott starting to hook in the Judas Cradle.]

TH V/O: And when Marcus Westcott gets the advantage, he loves to go to that Judas Cradle, and there’s not many who can last long in this hold. Fusenshoff, however, is apparently one of them, as he’s close enough to the ropes to find escape before he had no choice but to tap out.

[Cut to Fusenshoff wobbly on his feet.]

TH V/O: The Cradle took plenty out of him, though, and it gives Marcus a chance to nearly break the ring with a spinebuster.

[Cut to Westcott positioning Fusenshoff up top.]

TH V/O: Marcus tries to keep things going with a superplex, but Fuse gains his second wind and dumps Marcus off the top. Then the big boy takes flight … and connects with the LARRIAATTOOO, followed up by the EXPLOOOODDAAAAHHH!

[Cut to Fusenshoff setting up for the Domination.]

TH V/O: Fuse going for the gusto, but Marcus shows some uncanny balance, and lands on his feet. From here on in, folks, this needs to be seen to be believed. Jess Chapel and Iron Duke have the call…

[Cut to Westcott checking his balance.]

JC: He landed on his feet and escaped the Domination!

ID: How the bloody hell did he manage to do that!

JC: No rest for the weary … big boot from Fuse … NOBODY HOME! He turns around … GORE! GORE! GORE!!!!!! Marcus Westcott scored with the gore!

ID: Hey, you’re a poet and you don’t even know it!

JC: Westcott’s not going for the pin! He’s waiting for Fusenshoff to get up … here we go … ABSOLUTION 2K4 … NO! Fuse slipped behind, and spins Marcus into position for the Domination … NO! Marcus spun out – BACKSLIDE BY WESTCOTT!




ID: I’m having palpitations, Chapel. Anyone have any Crestor?

JC: Fusenshoff back to his feet, here comes Westcott … GOOOOORRRRRREEE – BLOCKED! WHISKEY BAWWWWWWMMMBBBBB!!!! He turned the Gore into the Whiskey Bomb!


JC: Fuse not wasting any time … DOMINATIOOOOONNNN…

YESSSSSSS!!! HE HIT IT! Hook of the leg…




[Cut to Fusenshoff being presented with the CoC belt by Troy Douglas.]

TH V/O: That’s right, folks, Fusenshoff makes his way through two of wrestling’s toughest competitors to become the NEW TEAM Champion of Champions, but you can bet his road will be far from easy from here on out. Mike Randalls, Lindsay Troy, Tyler Rayne, and of course the former champion NOVA are all in line for shots at the big man from Kamloops, and you can bet he’s ready to take on all comers.

What a match in Philadelphia, but that wasn’t all that went down at SuperShow X.

[Cue up: “No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin playing over shots of Olvir Arsvinnar and Shawn Hart doing battle.]

SM V/O: Coming up, the vacant half of the Lethal Lottery titles up for grabs, as Larry Tact finds out which of two extremely UNIQUE partners will take James Varga’s place alongside him as champion.

[Cut to a commercial for FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLOOOOOOONGS.]


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
[Cut back to the TEAM studios to a one-shot of Steve Murray in front of a Shawn Hart/Olvir Arsvinnar inset.]

SM: Back to more action from SuperShow X, James Varga’s defection means Larry Tact needs a new Lethal Lottery partner, and the random draw brought us a matchup of two former TEAM Invitational semi-finalists. It’s the Pornographic Viking, Olvir Arsvinnar, and Shawn Jessica Bubbles Hart, PhD.

[Cut to Hart taking Olvir down with a dropkick to the knee.]

SM V/O: The smaller Hart going low to take the advantage early, chopping down the big tree Olvir with that dropkick right to the kneecap.

[Cut to Olvir roaring back with forearms.]

SM V/O: That doesn’t work for too long, though, as the big Viking powers back with some forearms, then connects with a discus punch that sends some of Hart’s teeth across the Delaware River to Camden, and he wants to get those out of there fast.

[Cut to Olvir with Hart suspended in mid-air in suplex position.]

SM V/O: More power from Arsvinnar, holding up Hart in that vertical suplex for a good 45 seconds, not much time at all for the Unfrozen Viking Pornstar, but after the blood rushes to his head, the Phenom takes a nasty trip to the mat.

[Cut to Olvir charging at Hart.]

SM V/O: It’s not enough to put Hart away, however, as the Phenom ducks a clothesline and transitions into a drop toe hold, sending Olvir’s nose directly onto the bottom turnbuckle.

[Cut to Olvir’s bloody nose.]

SM V/O: That one busted Olvir open, but that only served to make Olvir mad, and when OLVIR MAD, OLVIR SMASH~! Hart going for the Hart Attack, but Olvir launches him into the ropes, and when he rebounds, there’s the MJOLNIR BLOW, and that’s plenty to give Olvir Arsvinnar one half of the Lethal Lottery titles.

[Cut to a close-up of Tom Holzerman in front of a Larry Tact/Frankie Scott inset.]

TH: Not to be outdone, the man who came into the night with the other half of those titles, as Larry Tact took on Frankie Scott in a rivalry dating back to the ’08 Invitational. This one, however, wasn’t that close.

[Cut to Tact brutalizing Scott with elbows.]

TH V/O: Tact came out with uncommon aggression, and boy did it work. Elbows to the head here, turning that into a scary-looking head-and-arm suplex.

[Cut to Tact readying Scott for a bow-and-arrow.]

TH V/O: That wasn’t enough to put Scott away, but this was, Tactful Surrender and that’s exactly what Frankie does. Larry Tact cruises to victory, picking up yet another unusual tag partner on the way.

[Cut back to studio and a two-shot of Holzerman and Murray.]

TH: From James Varga to Olvir Arsvinnar. Tact can’t escape the strange, can he?

SM: Speaking of strange, our last contest of the night was also a bit out of the ordinary, as with Menace not showing up to defend his Free For All~! Championship, Big Wreck was the only man to contest the battle royal.

Or so it seemed.

Just before he was declared the winner, Wreck’s former A1E rival Matt Johansson stormed out of the crowd and tried to steal Wreck’s friend Ducky, but was quickly thwarted and dumped over the top rope, and Big Wreck was swiftly declared the new FFA~! Champion.

TH: It was a great night in Philadelphia, and with the TEAM Invitational ready to roll, it’ll only get better. For Steve Murray, I’m Tom Holzerman. Goodnight, and we’ll see you next time on EPICENTER!

[Fade to the TEAM logo.]


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY

Writing: Shinder

CoC Judging: Shinder, Lindz, Katz, ChrisNova.

Thanks to all who participated, especially the three CoC participants. Fantastic job, guys.

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