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El Tigre Loco's application

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League Member
Apr 17, 2014
Handler Information

Name: Opie
Email Address: drezzy86@yahoo.de
Preferred Method of Handling: (Angle/Roleplay/Hybrid/Other/Don't Care) Angle
Best Way to Contact You: (Forum PM/AIM/Facebook/Email/other) Email
eWrestling Experience: (What have you done? Where?) I started playing this fabulous game at some point in 1998 and "retired" around 2002. I began to play the game again in 2008 for a couple of years before retiring, yet again. For the past few weeks, I have been looking for an e-fed that might suit my needs, mainly angle based rather than having to write a book every week.

How did you find Defiance? Some E-fed ranking system on Word Press

Writing Sample

Writing sample...I'm not a big fan of these at all and this is one of the main things that turns me off from applying, but I like the look of this "e-fed" and reading through a few posts, the members seem nice enough. So I'm going tell you why you should "hire" me without seeing a writing sample. I'm going to try and sell myself to you but don't worry, I come cheap.

The main thing that I HATE with a passion about this wonderful game is most users inability to accept a loss. I also hate fed heads requiring stupidly long role plays every week. I don't care if I lose, in fact, if I lose every match here I wouldn't care less, as long as a half decent story is being told. Im not returning to efedding to win every title in the world, I'm here to have fun and to play without any pressure. I want to tell a good story.

This is the most important part of your application. I'm serious about that.

Wrestler(s) Information

Please take note of a couple things. It is highly likely that a few roster members will critique your moveset. Please don't be offended. We take that shit seriously here - we don't want a moveset full of finishers and a finisher so ludicrously over-elaborate that it couldn't be done in real life. This goes double if you're applying as a female wrestler. We also check to make sure your finisher(s) and theme song aren't currently being used. It's first come first serve when it comes to those.

And if you're one of those handlers who hates doing movesets, just say so and Jeff will do it for you.

Ring Name: El Tigre Loco
Height: 5'9
Weight: 195 LBS

Hailing From: (This is where your character is introduced as being from) Ironbridge, UK

Alignment: (Heel or Face? You may not play a Tweener without special staff permission) Heel

Gimmick: (Describe your gimmick. If your wrestler isn't heavily gimmicked then describe his/her persona.) I would describe El Tigre Loco as a guy who is too enthusiastic and too happy, which in turn pisses a lot of the fans off.

Wrestling Style: (Tell us a little bit about what your wrestler does in the ring and the general psychology behind it.) Lucha Libre

Three Weaknesses: struggles to hit power moves on people about 240 lbs. Starts to blow up after 15 minutes and sometimes can botch big moves

Three Strengths: Aerial Moves, fast paced wrestler and dedicated


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Diving Elbow
2) Dropkick
3) Diving DDT
4) Flying head kick
5) Flying head scissor
6) Frankensteiner
7) shooting star press
8) German back suplex x 3
9) corkscrew summersault
10) air arm bar

2-5 trademark moves:

1) frog Splash
2) 450 splash
3) shooting star DDT
4) flying clothesline

1 Finishing Move: The Consequence. Reverse tombstone pile driver. Tigre's opponent would be set up into a pedigree position, then lifted into a reverse tombstone. Tigre would then jump and land on his knees,jolting his opponents neck

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Optional) The Consequence from the top rope
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Jan 11, 2013
The Land of Cheese
I dunno.

It could be interesting pairing you off with Anty's masked guy, Diego de Leon. Lion vs Tiger sorta deal.

Would like a writing sample, just to see if you fit in here. I get that you don't want write novels every week, neither do I, it's why I have grown to love this angled style more... But, you're fooling yourself if you think there isn't a lot of writing involved in an angled fed. You need to write matches, segments and newsbits (on the frontpage), maybe not all by yourself, but you have to be capable of doing so.

Need more info on the gimmick. Too enthusiastic and too happy sounds like a face to me, even if he were getting booed by a DEFIANCE crowd, he'd still be a face (John Cena style).

And that finisher. Seems like that should be your MDK and a standard "reverse" Tombstone should be your finisher.

There is some potential here, but need more proof, not enough evidence at the moment.


Jan 1, 2000
Following directions is an important life skill for anyone to have, even if it means doing something you don't necessarily want to do. Since the guys who run DEFIANCE require a writing sample, and you've failed to give one, I will say no.

Also, as James pointed out, your character's disposition and alignment are contradictory. Also, he's a fast paced wrestler but blows up after 15 minutes? Ehhhh....

You could maybe change my mind if you give a writing sample and rework the bio. But right now: no.

Bubba McCoy

League Member
Nov 29, 2012
I like the name. a few tweeks and he could be pretty good. I like how you include his weakness as botching a few moves here and there.

And I get the thing about rps. Reason I think the app should be modded to fit angle. Sample writing is still though important.

Segments, News post. and Match-writing, Those are the bread and butter of angle feds, So please work up a few segments and a newspost or 2 please do this as I would love to have another masked luchador in the fed...

Chris King

League Member
Apr 17, 2012
Seriously if you aren't going to fill out the app at least halfheartedly you don't belong in Defiance. This is a writing game, if you feel that supplying a writing example makes you not want to fill out an app I think you shouldn't have applied in the first place.

It's a NO, never!


Apr 6, 2012
"This is the most important part of your application. I'm serious about that."

You can't link us to one on show segment?

You don't have one RP from your last run saved somewhere?

You don't want to write a basic segment that doesn't need to stretch 2 pages so that we can get a feel for the character and you as a writer?

When I have a job interview and the interviewer asks me "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" I don't reply "Actually, I don't like that question. I'm going to tell you a bunch of stuff you've heard from everybody and their mothers."

We've had people apply recently, people that actually submitted a writing sample, that then failed to submit a 2 page squash match for their debut. How full of confidence do you think we are that someone that doesn't want to post a writing sample won't do the same thing?

Don't worry, I don't expect you to take the time to answer that question.

It's a no from me.
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