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Eddie Whisky


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Dec 30, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Since he's volunteered for the next show...

Wrestler Name: Eddie Whiksy
Nicknames: The Man O' War
Billed From:
San Francisco, CA
287 lbs.Alignment: Heel

Theme Music:
"Ride of the Valkyries" played on a chorus of kazoos
Ring Entrance:
("Ride of the Valkyries" played on a chorus of kazoos plays throughout the arena. Chants of "Bed Wetty Eddie" begin to be heard from the crowd. Signs reading the same, as well as signs reading "Eddie Washed-up" can be seen.)

Announcer: All the way from the Streets of San Francisco, California. . . The Man O' War... EDDIE WHISKY!

Face Commentator: Here comes Eddie Whisky to the ring. It looks like some of the fans have really gotten under his skin.

Heel Commentator: These fans are a bunch of bullies. Eddie is a sensitive guy. All this name-calling is going to set his therapy back by months!

(The crowd's taunts at Whisky really seem to be getting under his skin. He makes a few fake lunges at ringside fans. The chants of "Bed Wetty Eddie" get louder and louder.)

Face Announcer: If anything, Eddie Whisky is the bully. He can dish it out, but he sure can't take it.

Heel Announcer: Well Eddie says he won't be held responsible for what he does in the ring if people keep picking on him.

(Eddie is getting more and more agitated as he approaches the ring.)

Face Announcer: Eddie Whisky is an imposing man. If he gets angry and gets his hands on you, it's all over.

Heel Announcer: Eddie's a sensitive man. People should stop goading him. He can't be held responsible if people keep asking for trouble from him!

(Eddie covers his ears, glowers at the crowd and slides in under the top rope. He angrily snatches the announcer's microphone and starts screaming at the fans.)

Eddie Whisky: SHUT UP!

(The crowd is unmoved by Eddie's request and continues their mockery.)

EW: Shutupshutupshutup!! I'm gonna get really mad if you do not SHUT THE HELL UP!

Finisher & Description:
Sour Mash.
A seated crucifix piledriver.

Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher?
Theatrics or a set-up move? Not really. Eddie just hits things until they don't get up.
Special Moves:
1. Hangover. A moonsault which he only breaks out on opponents who have kicked out of his finisher, or are too big for Eddie to lift.
2. Whisky Kick - Running Yakuza Kick. This is like Vader's "Vader Attack" move. It's used to suddenly switch momentum or to tenderize and already groggy opponent.

Every Match Spots: Most wrestlers have spots they pull off in the duration of 99.9999% of their matches - what's your guys?

1. First tosses opponent to the floor, then vaults over the top rope and hits an apron-to-floor lariat.
2. A Whisky Kick in the corner, then a running knee as the opponent slumps down, then a stink-face.

10-15 Moves:
1. Lariat
2. Bearhug
3. Death Valley Driver
4. Snap Mare
5. Knee Drop
6. Samoan Drop
7. Choke Slam
8. Camel Clutch
9. Knee Lift
10. Belly-to-belly
11. Gut-wrench suplex
12. Headbutt
13. Mongolian Chop
14. Apron-to-floor clothesline
15. Knee lift
16. Press slam


Eddie Whisky once upon a time in 1998-99 was part of a military-themed stable of wrestlers called "General Mayhem's Army" where his gimmick was that of PTSD-inflicted mercenary.
Given the recent all-too-real military situations in the world, Eddie decided this was no longer PC. As such, he has adjusted his gimmick to that of a crazy big man in the vein of Bruiser Brody and John Nord.
If you met him, you'd say he was cross between Jayne Cobb and Sid Vicious.

Eddie Whisky is a bit of a comeback kid. In the mid-90s he was part of a militaristic stable of wrestlers called "General Mayhem's Army," who toured indies along the Pacific Northwest. When he first debuted, he was portrayed as a crazed veteran along the lines of the Deer Hunter. Since then he has backed away from the PTSD aspects of his gimmick, as he deemed this disrespectful to real veterans.
Since then, his character has evolved into a vicious, but slightly-infantile bully who wears camouflage pants for undefined reasons.
Over the years, Eddie was victim of what colour commentators would all "personal demons." Once touted as the "Next Big Thing," instances of walking out on promoters when he disagreed with the booking, coupled with several bad personal choices led to Eddie being blacklisted in several feds.
After a few years at rock-bottom, Eddie Whisky has made efforts to rebuild his life and his career. After years of working in half-empty gymnasiums in frozen little towns around North America, Eddie has been given a chance to return to glory. Can he live up to the expectations he has thus far failed to meet?
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