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DoP and Data make a phone call


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Jan 27, 2004
The camera fade in on an unknown place. This room looks like a bed room though with candles lit everywhere. On the bed lays Data, whose wrists are tied above her. Her mouth has duck tape over it and her feat are just being tied to the foot of the bed by LT. Data is trying to struggle but LT finally get's the job done and walks out of the room. A minute later DoP comes walking in grinning.

DoP - Good morning, child. I trust you slept well

Data shuts her eyes as DoP sits to the side of the bed and slowly peels off the duck tape

Data- What..what are you going to do?

DoP - Well...I was planning on feeding you, unless you're
not hungry.

Data- Yeah, I guess I am.

DoP - LT, get her some food.

LT leaves the room

Data- I want to go home.

DoP - In due time, child. You still have a purpous to serve.

Data- Why did you tie me down to the bed?

DoP - So you won't try to run, and if you feel like a nap, you're allready laying down *grins*

Data- I hope you keep that sense of humor when Hacker kicks your ass

DoP - Heh...Very unlikely.

Data- I think your scared of him, that is why you got the restraining order

DoP - Please. That little man of yours is pathetic. I got the restraining order because I know that he'd lose his mind not knowing what's happening to you.

Data- What more can you do to me.

DoP - *grins* In due time, child...

Data looks at DoP and spits in his face.

DoP smiles, whipes the spit off of his face*

DoP - Ahhh...feisty as ever...

Data- You disguest me

DoP leans in over Data, his face inching ever closer to hers

DoP - I must admit, Hacker has good taste in women...

DoP smiles, and suddenly grabs her face hard with his hand

DoP - ...but if you ever spit on me again, you won't be able to walk back to your precious "man" when I decide I'm done with you. I haven't gotten where I am today by letting dumb broads like you shoot of their mouth to me. I suggest you chose your actions wisely from now on.

DoP shoves her head back into the pillow

Data- I'm not scared of the likes of you

DoP - Yes, yes, yes...I'm sure you're not. But I'm sure that your almost husband would like to hear from you, as I'm sure you of him.

Data- What you mean like calling him?

DoP - I'm sure that if you asked me real nice-like, I could arrange a phone call.

Data- *swallows* Please, can I talk to Hacker?

DoP - There now, was it so hard to be nice for once?

Data- I don't know, you haven't been treating me to nice

DoP - You're not sounding like someone who wants to talk on the phone very badly...

Data- I am just stating the truth. Why do I have to be nice when your not treating me nicely?

DoP - And I'm just saying that I might not let you talk to him. *smiles*

Data- Why are you looking at me that way.

DoP - Don't worry about it yet. Do you want the phone call, or not?

Data- Yes

DoP picks up the reciever, dials the number and holds it up to Data's ear

Data- Hacker?

Hacker- Data!!! Are you ok? Where are you?

Data- I'm fine, but he's crazy Hacker. Please help me!

DoP - *taking the phone* Hello Hacker.

Hacker- You ****ing bastard

DoP - I'd watch my tongue, boy. I have your woman here at my mercy.

Hacker- What the hell do you want?

DoP - I felt like being a nice guy, and letting you know that she's more or less ok.

Hacker- When I get my hands on you, you are dead, you hear me.

DoP - While I'm sure that thought helps you make it through your lonely, and surely calosed-hand nights, it's very unlikely.

Hacker- This is far from over DoP.

DoP - Would you like to hear from her again?

Hacker- Put her on

DoP smiles, grabs Data's hand, and squeezes her hand hard, Data screaming in pain

DoP- Can you hear her?

Hacker- What the hell are you doing to her?

DoP - Let's just say that I'm giving her a hand...

Hacker- If you hurt her I will hunt you down and..

DoP - You will do nothing, litle man. After I am through destroying you emotionally, I will destroy you physically. No matter what, you lose this war.

Data- *screams* Hacker!!!

DoP takes one of Data's fingers, and begins to bend it in a way it shouldn't be

DoP - This is just the beginning of what's in store for you two. For every time that Data disrespects me, I harm her. For every time that Hacker threatens me, I harm her. Are you listening, Hacker?

Hacker- Ok Ok, just please...Don't hurt her.

DoP - You want her back, correct?

Hacker- Yes

DoP - Data, you want to go home, correct? *holds the phone out*

Data- Please Hacker, I want to come home

DoP - And Hacker, you want to kick my ass, right? With a shot at my Title?

Hacker- You know it!

DoP - *smiling* Then here's the plan. You will get a shot at me and get Data back at the pay-per-view if you two agree to the following two stipulations. Listening?

Hacker- Keep talking

DoP - Agree Data?

Data- Yes

DoP - Good. Here are the two, and only, stipulations. Hacker, every week, on TV, live in front of everyone, you have to say one thing that you don't like about Data.

Hacker- What?

DoP - And it will have to be a new one every week.

Hacker- what is the second stipulation

DoP - As for you Data, every week, in front of everyone on TV, you have to say one that that you don't like about Data. Both stipulations must be met, or there is no match, and Data stays with me. Indefinately. Keep in mind that while I can't stand women, LT has been quite lonely for quite some time...

Hacker- You wouldn't

DoP - Do you want to test me? *bends Data's finger a little more*

Data screams yet again as Hacker starts yelling in the phone

Hacker- Alright

DoP - Oh, and by the way, I will have you both hooked up to lie detecter tests, so you better tell the truth on your confessions. For Data's sake.

Hacker- *mumbles* I give you my word

DoP - Good, good...Data?

Data- Yes, just don't hurt me anymore

DoP - I'm sure that if you two both cooperate, and tell the truth, everything will go just fine. *runs his hand down Data's cheek*

Data moves her head as tears go down her cheeks

DoP - Now if you'll excuse me, Hacker, Data hasn't had a bath in a few days...

Hacker goes to say something but DoP hangs up on him as DoP grabs ahold of Data's face and makes her look at him

DoP - You listen to me, child. I suggest you start listening to be better quick. That sore hand of yours will be just a little reminder of what I will do to you. There are many more...internal...ways I could hurt you. Be sure to remember that.

Data shakes her head as DoP unties her and drags her into the bathroom as the camera fades out

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