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Domination is the key to it all


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Jun 5, 2007
V/O: They doubted us...

We see the buzz of a lightbulb being switched on as it comes into view showing us the faces of Legion and the Graverobbers in an otherwise darkened room.

Legion: When we were put up against DDI they doubted us, the Hellfire Club - at the time THE group to run wild in NFW's world - was the same and even as we headed into Brawl 71 against the Chromatic Dragons they doubted US. ONE pin by Langston onto me planted the recent seed into their heads...

Yet who has the gold and the power towards the tag team division, WHO is keeping Avery Everette's memory ALIVE?


As we head into a war zone where our targets are made clear - the Shadowrunners and a certain 'assassin' in Dor- (an evil grin washes over Legion's face) DC, along with anyone else that THINKS they can try and bring down THE dominant group in NFW they have their own graves to fall into and we shall be the ones to make sure they STAY buried in the ground.

For those that think we're flukes - check again, for those that think I'm a cult leader: you've not seen anything yet as I continue to revitalise these [points to Bandit and Devastator] men to heights that they've not seen before due to other people's failures to treat them as they are: destroyers and above all DOMINATORS of this sport.

Domination is the key to all things - whether it's taking back areas to protect what you feel is yours, proving your worth by fighting what you believe in or just making it clear you're BETTER than everyone else - you must make sure it is done RIGHT.

In the end... Death shall come and Chaos shall rise - Chicago is next to fall.

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