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Aug 26, 2008
Something that I would like to run through the Intergalactic Championship cards is an opportunity to showcase the following:
  • Grudge matches
  • Dream matches
  • Promotion showcase matches
The reason for this thread is to gauge interest from you out there in the real world that you would want to participate in something like this.

Is there a grudge you've had (in-character or out) with another handler and wanted to see if you could beat them?

Is the feeling mutual?

Is there someone you always wanted to face but never had the opportunity?

Is there someone you wanted to test yourself on? See if you could beat that guy?

I wanna know if you've ever wanted to follow through with any of the above and haven't had the opportunity to do so simply for the fact that you haven't been in the same feds or been at opposite ends of the card or just dreamed of doing it that you would be interested in having someone manage that process.

What I offer to you is this:
  • A place to have the match
  • Written results
  • RPs judged by an unbiased party
What I ask from you:
  • Is you hyping
  • A segment or two (for hype)
  • Being awesome
If this is something you're interested do the following things you can reply to this thread or PM me.

If you're concerned you mightn't be able to get the other party interested in going through with this provide me with their details and I'll see if I can't book it to take place.

This right here is a core part of what I want IGC to be about. So get on board and give me something to work with here people :)

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