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Danger, Danger, Will Robinson...


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Sep 18, 2004
{A Black Corvette sitting outside the EUWC Arena is where our camera crew has been dispatched. From the distance we see Samuel Roundtree and John Shaft heading towards the car.}

SR: See John, that's why this move is so important...

JS: But Sam, I get why you came back, I get everything you're doing, but this move doesn't make sense....

SR: John, these two guys worked in a fed where the owner didn't give two rat's asses about them. He booked them in all sorts of crazy matches, and didn't care what happened to them as long as the money kept flowing in. If anything, these guys are the only two people on the planet you have been screwed around by this business as much as I have. And next week on Main Frame, I am going to give these guys the opportunity of a life time. Join me and revolutionize this business.

JS: Revolutionize? Come on Sam, don't you think you are being a little melodramatic?

SR: Not at all John, I will show these guys that while strength is in numbers, the truth about this business is what will set them free.

{Samuel slides on his sunglasses and hops into his car.}

JS: Sam, but these guys?

SR: Yes John, these guys...

Remember John a safe life, is an O.K. life, but adding a little bit of danger to the mix makes life a lot more intriguing. Now I have to go, next week on Main Frame. I turn it up a notch and then, Pickstock and the entire EUWC will learn what my new outlook on life really means...


{Samuel revs up the Corvette engine and speeds off running over John Shaft's foot, John falls to the ground grabbing his foot in pain.}

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