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Jan 1, 1970

It may be until the weekend before any RP threads go up, but in order to drive some of the back-filling BYOB-styled BRAWLS - I know I'll definitely be using the NFW FILMS forum for ideas!

NFW FILMS is also a good way to react to RELOADED 13 as some have taken advantage of...and do a little bit of an informal role-call for anyone that's been quiet lately and still wants to get booked.


BILLY/PETE -- Let me know if you want Reloaded 14 or 15. It will be the only full-form match and focus of the show.

GPX -- Still in Qualifier Series Mode. Which is a sugarcoated way of saying I'm still figuring it out and developing new characters. For anyone lurking it's still 'OPEN' and we may see a World Championship shot come out of this depending on participation.

BYOB's -- NFW MGMT will have a late-September show up. Biron's working on a Halloween version this week. Ford/Colin might bite the apple.

/2/: 2013. Maybe.

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