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CSWA Versus 1/11/2014 Chapel Hill, NC

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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
All RP goes here for VERSUS! Lineups will be announced once RP has started.

RP limits: NONE

The Story Thus Far:

The CSWA returned at PRIMETIME on 12/22/2013, which showed Cameron Cruise defeat Mark Windham in dominant fashion, Pat Gordon Jr upset former CSWA World Champion 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair, DEFIANCE Wrestling owner Eric Dane interrupt a triangle match between three second - generation CSWA newcomers, German National Champion Viktor Reise utterly demolishing former Greensboro and United States/National champion Bonecrusher, and in the main event, Unified World Champion 'Ego Buster' Dan Ryan defeated another former CSWA World Champion The Deacon to retain the title.

RP Deadline: 1/10/2014 11:59 PM Astral Standard Time.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Happy New Year


Open to the inside of an aircraft of some sort. Clearly not a spaceship or a dirigible, so don't be a smartass. It's a private jet, but the details of such are neither apparent or necessary. More to the point, CSWA UNIFIED World Champion Dan Ryan is sitting in a large leather chair peering through sunglasses out his nearby window, a drink in hand.

He reaches out, adjusting the lens of the camera in the panel in front of him and clears his throat.

DAN RYAN: It's good to be home.

Isn't that what everyone says when they return to some place or another after a long absence? There, that's your token acknowledgement that I spent a good amount of time working in Greensboro. Let's not belabor the point though. I'm not the kind of guy who pretends like something is more than it is, so I won't be made to sit here and shill for anyone.

The truth of the matter is that I am the CSWA UNIFIED World Champion. I earned that championship in the ring on two separate occasions. I also earned the CSWA World Championship on another occasion. Furthermore, I have never lost any of those championships in the ring.... EVER.

The board stripped me of the World Championship the first time... for.... what was the reason again?? Does anyone even remember? You were there, Joey. You can remind everyone.

The second time, the UNIFIED title was simply dropped out into the ether because of ownership squabbles which didn't allow the company to book shows. So be it.

I'm the UNIFIED World Champion for a second time now, and I'm being told that this time it will be different. I know, the faces are different, but still familiar. I apologize for my less than warm demeanor at Winter Wonderland, and I direct this to Paul, Ivy, and even you Teri.... but I've been working for the last year. I've been WORKING.

For all the talk about my commitment to defending my championship and 'doing business', I would like to point out that all of you are imminently aware of my contractual obligations elsewhere, and chose to make things difficult. I don't know that it was intentional. Maybe you were all so caught up in making this reboot happen that you didn't pay attention to anything going on outside your bubble. I would suggest that the two of you have been in this business for far too long and are far too intelligent to not know better. Still, it's over, so I don't really care.

I made my appearance at the show and I defended the championship. If you know anything about me, and you should by now, you know that I have always said what I would do and then followed through. I will continue to defend the CSWA UNIFIED World Championship at any time and in any place, so long as it does not conflict with my contractual obligations. In return, I expect a certain amount of consideration for the way that I have continued to support this company, even when it did not necessarily deserve support.

As long as I feel that consideration, I will do business the way it should be done.

I trust that I don't need to qualify that statement with a 'if not...' statement behind it.

Paul.... Ivy, we've had good personal relationships for a long time, but let's not mix business with personal matters. I expect the respect I'm owed. It's really that simple.

Versus is on the 11th. I think this time.... you might check with my people on my availability before advertising my presence. Assuming all is well, I'll be happy to discuss these matters further at that date.

Ryan reaches forward and presses something on the panel and the screen goes blank.



the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
Re: Happy New Year

(FADEIN: Mark Windham in front of a CSWA VERSUS backdrop.)

MARK WINDHAM: Hello Darkness my old friend.

I've come to talk with you again.

Dan Ryan. Yes we can come home again, but we're never quite the same are we? I know we're not the same men we were eleven years ago. Time has taken its toll, we feel every second that we ever spent in that ring, or in our case (Windham smiles) out of it. It's not something we thought about years ago, or give a damn about. Our bodies were a weapon. We drove them to depths just to see to what lengths they'd keep coming back. It made you feel alive, didn't it Dan? The blood, the torn ligaments, and the nights we came back into the locker room and were told by everyone what a great job we did, only to realize we were too beaten to remember more than five fucking seconds of it.

I never saw my life like this.

I always saw more.

I think we make art out of being in the darkness because we assume one day we'll naturally climb back into the light.

Eleven years since I made you Ryan.

Your Kingdom Come.

I saw a King over me that night. (Windham smirks) But had I seen THIS...

Dan Ryan with an appointment book.

With a team of lawyers and nutri-bullet blinders in his office.

The King with obligations instead of a crusade. Had I seen all of this Dan, I, well I might have tried a little harder.

Truth be told, maybe we both would prefer this countryside just fade away. The past conflicted by the future, its a drain on all of us. We need to heal. We need to grieve and let go, yet she keeps holding on. She keeps calling us back for more.

Back to a night I don't think you're ready to revisit.


He seemed so happy having his hand raised.

It's funny what matters to the ones who can't see it for themselves.

I felt his ribs cave under my right hand. I heard the squeal. Saw him backstage after gasping for air, nodding and telling me, "Great to have you back, you'll have another night. I swear."

It was sweet, or would have been if he was of the age to understand what was happening, what I was in the ring for that night.

I hurt him Ryan.

He's a puppet to you. A pawn.

It means shit to me that his hand was raised. I've had mine lifted countless times and what does it really mean? What has it gotten me?

We're all Lost whether we know it or not.

I broke him.

I broke you back then.

You still look at the scars don't you?

I think about that night often, I can't help myself.

I like hurting people Ryan. Most of all myself.

You're in a different headspace now. I don't think you're capable of the carnage you unleashed in Seattle. You're a married man with kids. Dan Ryan, the King who took my crown, has a photoshoot for Asshole Monthly.

Maybe that night worked out for you a little better than me.

But at VERSUS Dan. If the powers to be allow it, if they don't mind digging in the past and getting a little dirty, I'll remind you of one lesson you've forgotten over the years.

Fear is good.



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Re: Happy New Year

Mark Windham....

You're the second person in as many weeks, the first being one of the FUCKING OWNERS of this place, to act like I've been in mothballs for the last seven or eight years convalescing over old CSWA war wounds.

I've got news for you, Mark. You don't think I'm capable of the carnage of Seattle in 2003??? I had a bloodier, more violent, more grueling and intense battle with Bronson Box over the FIST of DEFIANCE title TWO DAMN WEEKS AGO in Japan than I EVER had with you or anyone else in the CSWA.

If losing the CSWA World Championship to me eleven years ago means something to you, then go get a framed photo of the occasion or hang a portrait over your goddamn fireplace. I've been WORKING since then. I'm working NOW.

Until you pull your head out of your ass and start paying attention to the world around you, I have little else to say to you. I grew up and moved past you a long damn time ago. If this is your folksy way of asking for a match with me, you can have that match any time on any day of the week. But you better get some DEFIANCE tape and realize QUICKLY that this isn't eleven years ago or even five. This is the here and now. Come back and YOU tell me.... what I'm capable of.

Fear is good? I'll make you remember why you stopped doing this, Mark.


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