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It's late at night, the world has mostly gone to bed, at least in this part of the world, but a few select individuals are wide awak. Sitting in his armchair, talking on the phone, is Woad. 'My Cousin Vinny' is playing on the T.V. in the background, but that's not important to the scene. The phone conversation has not been going on long, so let us jump on in...

"Yeah, I just got the word back. I'll be returning to the EUWC again soon." Woad is looking rather pleased with himself, as he listens to the other end. "No, I don't know when yet. There's a big tournament going on, some other guys from other feds are wasting time on our show, preventing exposure of our obviously superior talent here in EUWC." He listens, then laughs out loud. "Yeah, if the president did hear that I'm sure I'd be accused of brown-nosing, but the simple fact is it's the truth. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Enh, but what can you do."

He listens for some time to the voice on the other end, our ears only picking up the scratchy sound of at least a thousand miles of telephone cable, some of it a couple miles under the ocean.

"Okay, I suppose that is something I could do. I'll speak to the management and see what I can swing. I'm sure they wouldn't refuse the addition of another talented body. Okay, yeah, I'll get back to you on this. This is definately something I think we can do. Sláinte, mo chara."

Woad hangs up the phone, and leans back in the chair again. "Hm. Now that's an interesting idea."

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