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Coming full circle....


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
(“A few days ago in the Wisconsin Dells, in Wisconsin of course, we saw Dakota lose his first match in the GLCW… Was it an injustice!? Was he the legal man!? Was it a bad miscalculation!? Did he blink as his father would say!? Regardless of what it was, he still lost… And getting locked in his locker room just added more insult to the injury; and the speculations and rumors are running rampart, many are saying that it was Nevada who locked Dakota and Jean Rabesque in, a few say that it was Manson and his posse, who knows who was the real culprit, but we have to ask ourselves, does it really matter who was responsible and if so why!? It is a known fact that Nevada does not see eye to eye with Dakota’s way of thinking, he wants Dakota to be more ruthless, more aggressive and above all else, he wants him to disregard you the fans and the public at large… He wants to mold him in his image, and Dakota appears not to want give in… I had the opportunity to speak to both individually and to say the least it was 2 very interesting conversations… I spoke first to Nevada and this is what he had to say”…)

(Fireworks go off as we see none other than Rico Suave himself, a kool-aid grin with his arms extended…)

RS: I’M BACK!!! That’s right folks, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, that smoke induced stupor you’re in, is not making you hallucinate!!! It really ME, Rico Suave, in the flesh, coming to you live!!! And as usual, I have things under control and bringing you the 411 on current events!!! Roll that tape, my man!!!

(We are then grace with a video of Rico and Nevada…)

RS: Nevada Smith… The one, the only, a legend among legends, a man who has held more #####…

(Nevada cuts him off…)

NEVADA: I see that you are still the same ass kissing schmuck you were when I was active… Some things never change…

RS: Nevada, rumor has it that it was you who locked Jean Rabesque and Dakota, in the locker room… My question is, if this is true WHY!?

(A long silence follows that question as Nevada appears to have been caught by surprise, his icy glare burning holes into Rico…)

NEVADA: What do you think!? Do you think I did it!? Things happen for a reason and that includes what happened and whether I had anything to do with it, or not is no one’s business…

RS: How do you feel about Dakota’s loss to the very same man he defeated in his debut in the GLCW!?

NEVADA: Dakota BLINKED!!! But he’ll learn… Experience is the best teacher… I don’t feel anything one way or the other… He wasn’t as focused as he thought he was, he went in unprepared and paid for it…

RS: How do you feel about Dakota allying himself with Jean and Maelstrom!?

(Again a long silence and once again the icy stare…)

NEVADA: Dakota needs no one!!! And once he realizes that, he’ll soar like the phoenix, he is destined to be… But until then, he will be held back… Mael and Jean are not stupid, better to make Dakota an ally thanz to have him breathing down their throats, but THAT WILL change!!!

RS: Any thoughts or comments on Manson and company!?

NEVADA: Who!? Manson!? Who’s that!? Am I supposed to know this person!? (Laughs) Manson is nothing more than a PEZZant eating imbecile who doesn’t know his head from his ass… Why Anarky is running around with mongrels is the question you should be asking… Screw Manson…

RS: Okay, why is Anarky running around with mongrels!?

NEVADA: How the hell should I know, ask him, I give a rat’s ass who he runs around with… I respect his abilities, he’s a true warrior… Manson and the rest of that motley crew Manson calls his posse, are nothing more than a joke, a bad one at that… So they got a few cheap shots in, got a win over Dakota and Jean, big freaking deal… And we can’t forget that they beat the crap out of Maelstrom… 4 against one… Good odds for vultures, only way they show balls is when there are more of them… Now don’t take this the wrong way guys, I don’t like Mael any more than you do, but you’re showing your lack of cojones… If it takes 4 of you to bring him down, you’re in some real sorry ass shape… Anarky, I hope there’s a method to your madness, otherwise you’ll end up fodder like the rest of your lil posse…

RS: Why do you dislike Maelstrom so much and since we’re on the subject, rumor has it that he is your brother, is that true!?

NEVADA: (He slams Rico in his chest and lifts him off his chair, glaring down at him…) This interrogation is OVER!!!

(We come back to Rico, who shaking his head says…)

RS: A real painful interview…

(Another video commences to play…)

RS: Dakota, a pleasure to finally be able to speak to you… Tell me, any thoughts on your first loss!?

DAKOTA: What do you want to hear!? That I blinked!? If you think that I’m going to make excuses, you’re wasting your time…

RS: Okay… How about Nevada’s comments, what do you make of them!?

DAKOTA: Nevada’s comments are his comments!!! You and the rest of these people better realize that I am not Nevada Smith, I am Dakota!!! I do things my way!!!

RS: Okay, how about this, what’s your relationship to Maelstrom and what’s UP with Nevada!? Why is he being so elusive about Maelstrom!? So tell me Dakota, what is the real sto!!!

(Again he is lifted off his chair, but this time he is slammed back down as Dakota completely covers him with his massive frame… While his deadpan stare reveals no emotions, his eyes are telling a different story, one of rage, an uncontrollable rage wanting to be unleash… He leans hard on Rico, so much so that his chair is on two legs, Rico nervousness’ has him copping a plea and looking at the floor behind him coming closer to him… Without warning Dakota lets go and Rico goes crashing onto the floor, as he hits it he does a tuck and roll away from the now enraged Dakota… He begins to walk away…)

RS: Another unexpected ending to an otherwise great show… But that’s how’s my shows are, unpredictable,
unexpectable and explosive!!! I knew they were going to act like that, that’s why I asked the questions I did, I knew that would pull the trigger… So that’s the scoop peasants, er, I mean folks, sorry about that fraudulent slip… (Smirks) And as always, the pleasure has been all yours….

(Fade out….)

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