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Columbus Riptide 08


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: a highlight package of Maelstrom is shown, both in-ring action and promo cuts addressing Jean Rabesque before their meeting in the ring. CUT-TO: the announce table, where Tony Ross and Rick wiseman sit.)

TONY ROSS: "There has been a ton of action tonight following Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem, but Rick, I have to think the best is yet to come!"

RICK WISEMAN: "The Main Event match between Maelstrom and Jean Rabesque has been in the making for a long time, Tony. I have to think both men are ready to put on one incredible contest."

TR: "Jake Shades has not returned yet after Anarky was thrown into him, inadvertantly of course, by Maelstrom during the Battle Royal, in which Anarky emerged out the victor."

RW: "We'll just have to press on without poor Jake, Tony. I think we'll manage though."

TR: "Agreed. And with that, let's not waste any more time...Matt Faley, take us away!"

(CUT-TO: the ring, where Matt Faley stands before a stoked crowd.)

MATT FALEY: "The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! It is for the GREAT LAKES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and has NO time limit!!"

(CUE-UP: "Shapes of Things" by the Jeff Healy Band.)

MF: "Introducing first, the CHALLENGER! Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada weighing in at 245 lbs. Here is JEAN...RABESQUE!!"

(Rabesque comes out wearing blue trucks to a large pop as he approaches the ring and rolls under the ropes. CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.)

MF: "And his opponent, the GLCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! From Pandora Island, weighing in at 290 lbs., he is the man simply known as...MAELSTROM!!"

(Another big-time pop comes from the crowd, as Maelstrom emerges from the back in torn up blue jeans and brown work boots. He doesn't take his eyes off of Rabesque, walking stoically down to the ring with the GLCW Title in tow.)

TR: "This crowd is already going wild just at the sight of the two
participants of this Great Lakes Championship match!"

RW: "They know what they are in store for, and that's a terrific clash of two high-caliber athletes who have been in heated talk over this title match."

TR: "The fact that the title is involved raises the stakes that much more, and you know Rabesque and Maelstrom are going to hold nothing back to achieve victory for themselves. Maelstrom steps into the ring and hands the title over to the referee, who holds it up to the fans. (crowd pops loudly) Maelstrom and Rabesque are ready to go as they just wait for the sound of the bell...."

(CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica. The crowd gives a loud mixed reaction as Kraven and Flatliner walk out to the ring, GLCW Tag Team Titles over their shoulders. They grab mics and get in the ring, immediately facing up to Maelstrom and Rabesque.)

TR: "What in the world are Kraven and Flatliner doing in the ring? We have a title match to start."

RW: "I get the feeling they don't really care, Tony."

KRAVEN: "Don't fret boys, we're not here to kick your asses! We're here to give the fans and the world at a very important news flash. Wargames was one of the most grueling events to date, we kicked your asses and you in turn kicked our! I want you to understand that I am not here to make excuses for tapping out, unlike you two poor slobs who need to hang onto excuses for losing a match, I on the other hand accept it, I tapped. Even though it took the both of you and WHAT!? about 15 or 20 minutes of applying your lil holds to make me tap, I did none the less tap out! But that's not the reason why me and the big man are out here preventing you and Jeano over there from
locking up for the title!

(Both he and Flatliner come face to face with Mael and Jean and smirk.)

KRAVEN: We're here to.. (Suddenly Dakota Smith's air-raid siren intro is heard and out walks Dakota with his father Nevada and they also climb up into the ring.) Isn't this nice! The whole Pandorian clan is here! Well getting back to what I was going to say. The UA has DEMOLISHED all who were thrown into the tag team pit and from what I have seen, there is NO ONE that can take these away from us! But we know that the time has come for us to pass the torch and we pass that torch onto none other than DAKOTA SMITH!!! The new breed, the new prodigy of the NEH/UA! That's right Mael, you won't
have us around to watch your back any more!

(Just then, King Krusher comes down to a huge pop to see why the UA and Dakota along with Nevada have interrupted the match. As he enters the ring he is face to face with Kraven, who starts to hand KK his half of the tag team belt but then hesitates.)

KRAVEN: You know KK, you and Malec have been a thorn in our sides for quite some time now, we came and annihilated all competition, we have taken the best of the best and have grinded them to the ground! All this because you simply refused to heed our warnings! But now the time has arrived for us to step off and let the new breed have a go at it! You have made your decision and we have made ours; because now, the Unholy Alliance is RETIRED."

(Kraven and Flatliner both hand their tag team belts to King Krushter, as the fans gasp in shock. Kraven glares at Maelstrom)

KRAVEN: "Don't give me that BS glare of yours Mael, you ain't scaring anyone here tonight, same goes for you Jean! And speaking of scare, ANARKY, MANSON!!! I know you're in the back somewhere, and I know that you two are PISSED at me and the big man, (Looks at Dakota) And they are very pissed off at you, but I can see by your stare that you don't give a rat's ass Dakota! Now in case you're wondering why we decided to stab you in the back and leave you laying like two pieces of road kill on the mat, wonder no more guys! You see it's quite simple, Manson, you crossed the line and you Anarky just happened to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time!"

(Nevada takes the mic)

NEVADA SMITH: "Now I know that many of you are looking at Dakota and see an inexperienced, still wet behind the ears sort of rookie type. (Pauses as he grins cynically) Looks are deceiving! Do not make the mistake of assuming that, cause if you do you will be left laying on the ground and wondering where did it all go wrong! Anarky, Manson I know you two are out back somewhere, most likely plotting some sort of payback and rightfully so, Dakota had no right attacking you both, he had no right coming to ringside and interfering but he did and it's something you're going to have to live with! You need to comprehend that Dakota is not like the UA, not even like
me; no, no he is much more vindictive, much more aggressive and he is very, very unforgiving! YOU Manson, crossed the line a while back and you made a bad impression on my boy, he holds his heritage very dear, you took it upon yourself to ridicule and mock what you aren't intelligent enough to understand and for that you paid the price! Anarky you just happened to be in the way and got knocked down on your ass for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You want to come after Dakota!? You have that right, after all he did take you and Manson out, but before you conspire, before you plot and jump from the frying pan into the fire, just remember one thing. Once you do, you'll be opening up the biggest can of worms known
to mankind! Hell is riding on Dakota's shoulders and all hell WILL break loose if you feel compel to exact revenge!"

(Just then, Anarky and Manson come running out and they grab chairs and slide into the ring from behind and clock both Kraven and Flatliner in the back of the head from behind. Nevada and Dakota then attack and all four men tumble out of the ring and brawl into the crowd. Security is on them shortly and breaks them up as Jake Shades comes limping down to the ring and takes a seat at the announce table.)

TR: "Some STARTLING news from the Unholy Alliance! I can't believe that they have retired, but it appears that way as they made the announcement and handed over the GLCW Tag Team Titles to King Krusher."

RW: "Unbelievable news, and I doubt King Krusher saw it coming. It's up to him to figure out what direction the GLCW Tag division will move in now. There are plenty of hungry teams out there, though, and I don't know that the Unholy Alliance wasn't being too boastful. I think several of the teams in the division could have beaten them for the belts. In fact, the Dogs of War were in line to get that chance."


TR: "Yes, I've been trying to not take notice. But Jake Shades has returned to us."

JS: "Ross I'm hurt! I just got assaulted by that brainless, overgrown construction worker Maelstrom, and you don't even show any concern?"

TR: "And our Main Event is about to begin as the referee signals for the bell! Rabesque goes for a lock up, but Maelstrom avoids it and Clotheslines Rabesque down hard! Rabesque is up but Maelstrom starts barraging him with those bearclaw-like hands of his, balled into large fists. Maelstrom lays into Rabesque and then pulls him up in a Military Press but Rabesque slips out of it and goes off the ropes. Maelstrom turns and gets hit with a Flying Elbow but stays on his feet! Maelstrom stays on his feet, although staggering into the ropes, and Rabesque comes back at him but Maelstrom catches Jean in mid-air as he leaps, and lifts him in that Military Press
again before DROPPING him to the mat."

JS: "Frenchie can't touch Mael! There's no way he's going to pin him, much less make him submit. His only option is to get on his knees and beg Mael for mercy! I love it!"

RW: "Jake Shades rooting for Maelstrom?"

JS: "I'm not rooting for Maelstrom, I'm just rooting against Rabesque. Even though Manson got screwed by Mael, Anarky will avenge him and beat Maelstrom for the title!"

TR: "Maelstrom and Anarky could be one matchup that comes out of this match, but only if Maelstrom is victorious tonight, which still remains to be seen. Maelstrom has the clear advantage at the moment, though, as he picks Rabesque up and hits a BIG Side Slam. Maelstrom picks Rabesque up once again and Rabesque fights back with a couple chops (Crowd: WHOO!) but Maelstrom silences him with a huge knee to the midsection, doubling Rabesque over and probably knocking the wind out of him."

RW: "Rabesque will need two things to win this match: patience and
endurance. He's going to be roughed up a bit due to Maelstrom's
overwhelming size, if he slips up. But if he can take it and jump on his opportunity when it comes, he could overcome the Champion."

JS: "Yeah, but Maelstrom won't let an opportunity arise. He'd have to make a mistake the size of Texas for Rabesque to win!"

TR: "Maelstrom with a second Side Slam on Rabesque and he hooks a leg, 1..kickout by Rabesque. Maelstrom keeps on Jean, bringing him up and then knocking him down with another hard right hand. Maelstrom waits for Rabesque to get up again, sizes him up and then knocks him down again. Rabesque to his feet a third time as Mael crouches, then comes in with a Clothesline but Rabesque ducks around it and pulls Maelstrom's legs out, sending the Champion throat-first across the top rope! Rabesque may have his opening here, as Maelstrom turns and takes a Running Dropkick that hits him square in the chest, elevating him over the ropes and to the floor! Rabesque doesn't persue though, instead taking a breather and pacing around
the ring as the fans cheer on both of these guys madly!"

JS: "Rabesque got a RARE chance, and he's blown it by not being aggressive enough! He's too worn out already to even go out there and keep on Mael."

RW: "He doesn't have to take his game to Maelstrom. Rabesque is in his element when he's sticking to doing business in the ring. There's no need to rush out of his element."

JS: "I'll tell you the kind of business he knows how to do...."

TR: "How would you know, Jake?"

JS: "..."

TR: "Maelstrom is back on the apron but Rabesque comes at him and drives his shoulders into the stomach of Maelstrom. Rabesque then takes Mael by the head and drops him in a Neckbreaker! The back of Maelstrom's neck ricocheted off the top rope and he goes crashing back to the floor after that one. Maelstrom gets up but Rabesque hits a baseball slide Dropkick under the bottom rope, sending the Great Lakes Champ into the barricade! Rabesque comes out of the ring and grabs Maelstrom's leg, smashing it against the barricade! And again! Rabesque grabs Maelstrom by the leg and
bends it, then LIFTS Maelstrom and drop his knee on the top of the
barricade! Rabesque manages a modified Kneebreaker using the barricade as a tool in his strategy, and Maelstrom is grabbing his calf after that."

RW: "Rabesque needs to keep on that line of thought. He needs to ground, or at least cut down, Maelstrom's size advantage. The leg is his target anyway, with his Figure Four Leglock submission."

TR: "Looks like he's succeeding in it, as Maelstrom slowly gets to a knee but finds a chop (Crowd: WHOO!) from Rabesque, and counters with a stiff elbow to Rabesque's abdomen, slowing Jean and allowing Maelstrom to restore a vertical base. Maelstrom whips Jean into the steps, no it's reversed and Maelstrom hits the stairs! Rabesque quickly gathers himself and gets Maelstrom into the ring. He rolls in and makes a cover! 1...2, and no more as Maelstrom tosses Rabesque three feet away!"

JS: "Get your homo covers away Frenchie! Mael's gonna pummel you to pulp now!"

RW: "A little sensitive tonight, Shades? Seriously though, Jean should not be detered by being pushed off like that. Maelstrom won't be doing that forever, if Jean keeps at it."

JS: "Pushed? He was thrown halfway across the ring!"

TR: "Maelstrom gets to his feet and Rabesque Dropkicks his knee, but
Maelstrom grabs the ropes with an arm for some added balance and WALLOPS Rabesque over the head with a forearm. Rabesque goes down, and I don't think he was expecting such a response. Maelstrom lifts Jean into the air from the mat with sheer strength! He's choking Rabesque and the referee starts a count on Mael, who releases the choke hold at four. Rabesque drops to the mat coughing, and Maelstrom drops an elbow onto his chest! Cover by Maelstrom, 1...2...Rabesque gets a shoulder up. Maelstrom starts pounding
away on Rabesque's head, and Jean can't even cover up! Maelstrom stops his assault to pick Rabesque up, whips him to the ropes but bends down too early, Jean kicking him right in the head! Maelstrom falls to a knee and Rabesque staggers around, but runs into a Rising Clothesline from Mael! No! Rabesque avoids it and catches Maelstrom in a Sleeper Hold! Maelstrom was already on a knee and he's having trouble shaking the Sleeper....but with a ROAR he takes Rabesque off his feet, standing and then falling back! That's 290 pounds crashing onto Rabesque and the mat! The hold is broken and Maelstrom shakes his head, then goes for a loose cover, 1...2..no Rabesque kicks out!"

JS: "Well, Mael isn't quite FAT enough to finish Rabesque that way, even if Rabesque is a twig."

RW: "Hardly, Shades. Maelstrom is all muscle and Rabesque is the model technician. I don't think you should be talking about weight issues anyway, especially these two professionals."

JS: "Hey, I don't have a gut!"

TR: "So defensive, Jake, one might get the wrong idea. Both men on their feet once more, and Maelstrom gets Rabesque in a Headlock now. Interesting tactic from such a big man...."

RW: "With his huge frame, a Headlock from Maelstrom can be a very sapping move."

TR: "Rabesque hits some shots to the midsection of Maelstrom, but the
Champion just tightens his grip and Rabesque seems to be in some trouble. You'd almost expect to see this kind of thing from Jean, but Maelstrom is showing he can be technical too, as he has Rabesque down to a knee."

JS: "Rabesque is done! He's out on his knees, how fitting!"

TR: "I don't think so Jake! The crowd is chanting for Rabesque, not wanting things to end here, and Rabesque complies, summoning the strength to try breaking free with some kidney punches. Rabesque gets back to his feet but Maelstrom keeps the hold on. Rabesque gets a leg behind Maelstrom's, trying to tangle and maybe send Mael off balance, but Maelstrom won't budge. Rabesque finally trips up Mael and breaks free of the hold, both men going to the mat and Jean immediately grabs the leg of Mael, drags him center ring
and grapevines the leg."

JS: "What? Does he really think he can make Maelstrom submit? Manson could pull it off if he wanted, but Rabesque here is NEVER going to make Maelstrom submit. He's got a big head because he somehow managed to get Edmunds to quit, AGES ago, but that was PURE LUCK and it won't happen again."

RW: "It looks like Rabesque is trying to just work that knee, and maybe catch a breather after having his air cut off from that Headlock."

TR: "Maelstrom tried to kick Rabesque off, but to no avail and so he's looking for the ropes, moving Rabesque as he draws nearer...almost...and now Maelstrom gets the bottom rope and Rabesque has to release the hold. He does but before Maelstrom can stand Rabesque pulls him back and drops a leg on Maelstrom's. After some resistance Rabesque turns Maelstrom over and brings his knee down on the canvas. Rabesque repeats the process and then gets spun to the mat by Maelstrom, who imposes his will and turns back over."

RW: "Jean might have been looking for a little too much that time."

JS: "He's looking for too much if he thinks he can win."

TR: "Maelstrom gets to his feet but he's a bit wobbly as his leg is not in good shape, after the damage Rabesque's done to it. Maelstrom needs to get things together here but Rabesque goes for a clip! No wait, he wasn't going to attack Maelstrom, but rather to go out of the ring and now he pulls Maelstrom back down. Rabesque drags Maelstrom towards a corner but Maelstrom sees where Jean's taking him and kicks Rabesque away. Jean grabs the leg again but this time Maelstrom pulls Rabesque right into the ring post! Rabesque goes to the floor and Maelstrom slides out of the ring."

JS: "Finish him Mael! Just shove your boot so far up his ass that he

TR: "Your vulgarity should be a shock, yet frighteningly I'm growing
expectant of it. Maelstrom picks Rabesque up and throws him into the ring post. Man what impact! Rabesque has no time to recover as Maelstrom scoops him into his arms...Fallaway Slam onto the floor! Rabesque bounced off the floor and crashed into the barricade after that one! And as he's getting up Maelstrom runs in with a knee to the midsection of Rabesque, pinning him right into the barricade!"

RW: "Rabesque is feeling just what many others have felt, and that's the unrelenting power of Maelstrom. Very few have been able to overcome it, and right now Rabesque is being made a permanent part of the barricade because of it."

JS: "Admit it, Wisechip! Frenchie's FINISHED!"

TR: "He may be broken in half soon enough. Maelstrom has to drag Rabesque back to the ring and push him in, Jean finally moving and he rolls right out the other side. Rabesque gets to his feet and Maelstrom tails him...."

RW: "I have to think Rabesque just wants to buy himself time here, but he needs to come up with something quick."

JS: "HAHA! Run Raby run!"

TR: "He's not running! Rabesque suddenly turns and takes that worked over knee right out from under the Champion! Maelstrom is leaning on the apron and Rabesque grabs him by the head, then RAMS it into the steel steps! Rabesque now drops Mael's leg right over the steps, and then uses the steps for elevation as he drops knees onto the leg, which is laid across the steps! Rabesque is showing a vicious streak as he wraps the leg into the ring post, causing Maelstrom to fall to the floor."

RW: "It looks like he's just trying to survive, Tony. But these short spurts of concentrated attack are making their mark on Maelstrom."

JS: "I know Maelstrom's bad, but to lose to Rabesque is to SUCK!"

TR: "I don't agree with that at all! Maelstrom leans against the apron and Rabesque shifts his focus on the arm of Maelstrom, wrapping it around the bottom rope in an Armlock of sorts. The referee makes a count and Rabesque breaks the hold at three. Maelstrom tries getting back into the ring but Rabesque won't allow it, as he slams that knee into the apron. Al Marinaro wants Rabesque to take it back into the ring, and Rabesque lands an elbow to the leg of Maelstrom before he complies."

RW: "This match has been surprisingly clean and crisp. I expected these two would do just about anything to each other, the way they were talking. But they're both keeping within the boundaries, which is refreshing after seeing guys like Manson parading around with weapons."

JS: "Hey don't knock Manson just because he's far smarter than our primate the Champion and the French-Canadian!"

TR: "Maelstrom and Rabesque are back in the ring and Rabesque has got
Maelstrom in a corner, and works over the midsection of Maelstrom as he lays the boots in. Jean lifts up Mael's damaged leg and sets it on the ropes, then goes to work with boots to the leg, but Maelstrom manages to shove Rabesque away and gets his leg back down. Rabesque charges back in but takes a boot to the face, and Maelstrom knocks him further back with some punches as he battles back into this match!"

RW: "It seems like Maelstrom can be slowed but not stopped completely. Rabesque should have locked in the Figure Four already."

TR: "Maybe he didn't feel it was the time? Maelstrom is standing gingerly on that leg, but he hooks Rabesque for a Suplex and lifts him and HITS the Suplex. Rabesque gets back up and Maelstrom hooks him for another Suplex and hits that, but stumbles to his feet afterward. I don't think his leg can support the weight of Rabesque at this point."

JS: "The king of beasts is having trouble picking someone up? Come on! The one time I actually think he has a chance, and this LOSER is showing me why Manson is so much better."

TR: "For someone so superior, I don't see Manson anywhere in this Main Event. Maelstrom ties up with Rabesque and puts him in another Headlock, but Rabesque is ready this time and shoves Maelstrom off to the ropes. Maelstrom comes back and hits into Jean with a Shoulder Block, taking him down, then goes off the ropes again and jumps with a leg drop! Rabesque rolls away and Maelstrom hits the mat, which can't be good for that leg. Like a rabid animal, Rabesque is quick to take hold of Maelstrom's leg, and it looks like he's going for the Figure Four Leglock!"

JS: "Yeah, he's an animal...like a dog in heat! HAHA!"

RW: "Rabesque has Maelstrom right where he wants him, in the center of the ring, and Maelstrom doesn't look like he's going anywhere!"

TR: "Rabesque locks it in! He's got the Figure Four locked in on Maelstrom, and the Great Lakes Champion roars out as he struggles against the hold! The crowd is erupting as Rabesque won't let Maelstrom turn it over! Maelstrom starts inching his way toward the ropes...just a little more...he's almost there...and Rabesque takes Maelstrom in the other direction, back to the center of the ring!"

RW: "Just listen to this crowd Tony! They wouldn't mind seeing the GLCW Title change hands here, would they?"

JS: "It's about the only smart thing they have thought!"

TR: "Maelstrom is writhing in the ring, and he tries to grab Rabesque but can't reach him. Maelstrom looks to the ropes again...."

RW: "They probably seem a mile away right now!"

TR: "What's this? Maelstrom is grabbing Rabesque's leg, and forcing him to break the hold?! I don't believe it! Maelstrom's trying to break the hold manually, and Rabesque looks in shock! Maelstrom is fighting the pain so he can try breaking the Figure Four! Now Rabesque leans forward to try and stop Maelstrom, and he takes a fist to the face from Maelstrom! WOW what a punch, and Rabesque takes another! The crowd now getting behind both men as Maelstrom knocks Rabesque in the head a third time...and Rabesque releases the hold!"

RW: "Well whether he planned to goad Rabesque in like that or not, Maelstrom got out of it. Now we see if he can make it to his feet."

JS: "He'd better, or he's going to have to press molestation charges after the match!"

TR: "Are you capable of having dignity Shades, or did you lose that back in the FWF? Maelstrom and Rabesque are both on the mat and the referee is putting in a ten count. 5....6....Rabesque is just about up...7...."

RW: "Maelstrom's slowly getting up, using the ropes, but he'd better hurry as the count is at 8!"

TR: Rabesque is up...9! Maelstrom is up JUST before ten, but Rabesque hits him hard with some right hands and has him on the ropes. Maelstrom swings and misses at Rabesque, who hits a Dropkick to the knee of Maelstrom once again, and pelts him with right hands to a corner. Rabesque takes a few more shots before hoisting Maelstrom up onto the turnbuckle, and then following up himself. Rabesque stands Maelstrom up on the top turnbuckle as he stands on the second rope...what is this?"

RW: "It looks like he's going to try taking that knee and smashing it into the canvas from the top rope Tony!"

TR: "If he does that, Maelstrom may not walk out of this arena! Maelstrom is fighting it though! Rabesque is trying to keep in control but Maelstrom hits him with too many blows, and Rabesque is in trouble because Maelstrom just lifted him to the top rope! Maelstrom grabs him with both hands by the throat and jumps off! HOLY COW! Maelstrom hits a TWO-HANDED SIT-OUT CHOKESLAM on Rabesque from the TOP ROPE! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! The crowd is loving every minute of this!"

RW: "This match has see-sawed back-and-forth so much, I couldn't even tell you if either man has a clear advantage! Maelstrom's leg is in bad shape, but Rabesque has got to be hurting as well from all the power moves he's absorbed!"

TR: "The referee is starting another count, and they might not make it up this time! 1....2....3...."

JS: "Whatever! Let it be a draw, and Maelstrom will just take the title to Anarky."

RW: "Maelstrom's stirring...."

TR: "The count is at 7 though, but Maelstrom's going over to Rabesque. He drapes an arm over Rabesque! 1..."

RW: "2..."



TR: "The referee says Rabesque....HE KICKED OUT! Maelstrom only got a two count, although it was a HAIR AWAY from being three! Maelstrom is irate and grabs the referee, yelling at him. We don't usually see Maelstrom like this, he might have gotten the three."

JS: "HE DID! No way Rabesque kicked out! He must have given Marinaro some lip service before the match!"

RW: "I think he just kicked out."

TR: "Al Marinaro is rarely wrong, so I believe he did kick out of the pin. Look out! Rabesque rolls Maelstrom up from behind! 1..."

RW: "2..."

JS: "He kicked out!"

TR: "He did, as Rabesque tried to sneak in a pin there. Give credit to Rabesque for being heads-up and seeing Maelstrom distracted. I thought he'd be out after that devastating Choke Bomb from Maelstrom."

RW: "These guys have given supreme efforts, as power is clashing against techical wrestling. No matter who wins, both men have earned the right to be where they are in GLCW."

JS: "You're wrong, Hick. Frenchie sucked his way to the top, and Maelstrom bullied his way to the top. Manson and Anarky! Now there are two people that earned their way!"

TR: "Well Anarky is number one contender, and Manson has been at the top, that much is true. Maelstrom and Rabesque are up again and Rabesque goes for another Dropkick to that leg of Maelstrom, but the Champ scouted it and dodges Rabesque, then gets him up and whips him off the ropes...Rabesque ducks a boot and rebounds for a Cross Body! Maelstrom catches Rabesque and POWERSLAMS him down! Hooks the leg! 1...2...3! NO! Rabesque AGAIN gets a shoulder up! Man oh man!"

RW: "Rabesque is showing just how much he wants it."

TR: "Maelstrom looks at Marinaro unsatisfactorily again but keeps on
Rabesque. Maelstrom whips Rabesque into a corner and charges in, but nobody home as Rabesque gets out of the way! Maelstrom slow out of the corner and Rabesque leaps and takes down Maelstrom with a Neckbreaker! Rabesque goes out onto the apron and he's climbing the turnbuckle as Maelstrom gets up looking livid! Maelstrom turns and Rabesque flies off with a Cross Body Block into a cover! 1...2...Maelstrom kicks out and this time it's Rabesque who looks surprised!"

RW: "Frustration is setting in on both these men, because they want to win so badly."

JS: "The one problem is, they both suck too much to win! Which means this match is NEVER going to end! Manson help us!"

TR: "Manson and Anarky got into a brawl with the Unholy Alliance earlier, so I don't think they'll be coming out here again after that. Rabesque is looking for the Figure Four again! He's met with heavy resistance by Maelstrom, though, and Maelstrom rolls him up! Small package, 1! 2! No! Rabesque kicked out and both men take their time getting up...Rabesque trips Maelstrom up again and goes for the Figure Four! Maelstrom is in reach of the ropes this time though. Rabesque tries to drag him out mid-ring but gets kicked to the canvas for his trouble. Maelstrom gets up and Rabesque follows...only for both to knock each other down with Clotheslines! Rabesque leaped into the air as Maelstrom went for his, and both men connected like freight trains!"

JS: "Rabesque was a fruitcake freight. Maelstrom was a banana freight...."

RW: "That's enough already Shades! This match has been one worthy of the GLCW Title, and you're bringing it down with your garbage."

JS: "Ohh...did I touch a nerve? What are you going to do about it, huh WiseASS?!"

TR: "Later guys, there's still a match to call! Maelstrom and Rabesque are up at the ref's count of 8 after the double Clotheslines, and Maelstrom tries it again only to have Rabesque duck under him! Both men turn and Rabesque charges, but Maelstrom lands a kick to the abdomen of Rabesque, then sets him up for the Jacknife!"

JS: "This is it! This is it!"

TR: "JACKNIFE POWERBOMB from Maelstrom! He nailed it but isn't going to cover!"

RW: "I think I know what's coming next, Tony!"

TR: "Rabesque is very slow to his feet and he's staggering...the crowd is going wild as Maelstrom stalks Rabesque...Rabesque finally turns into Maelstrom and HERE IT IS! THE MORTAL SIN!! Maelstrom's got it locked in tight and Rabesque is flailing around, desperately reaching for the ropes!"

RW: "It looks like he's just out of reach!"


TR: "Rabesque can't reach the ropes and Maelstrom brings him center ring! Rabesque looks like he's fading fast! The referee checking on Rabesque and he's still fighting it! But it might only be a matter of time as Maelstrom doesn't look like he's going anywhere, nor does Rabesque! The referee checks Rabesque again and now he raises Jean's arm once...and it drops! A second time...."

RW: "It falls again! One more and Rabesque will be declared incapacitated, and Maelstrom will have retained."

JS: "He's done! He's baked like a cake! A fruitcake! HAHAHA!"

TR: "Al Marinaro has Rabesque's arm raised...he lets it fall....and it drops to Jean's side! Marinaro is signalling for the bell! Maelstrom releases Rabesque from the Mortal Sin, as this Great Lakes Title match is over, but WHAT a match it was!"

RW: "It was a superb effort put forth by both men."

MF: The winner of the match....and...STILL...GREAT LAKES HEAVYWEIGHT

(CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. The crowd goes nuts for both men, as Maelstrom is given the Great Lakes Title and takes it all in.)

TR: "Maelstrom is soaking up the appreciation from these fans, and now he helps up Jean Rabesque, who must be feeling a bit light-headed after being held in the Mortal Sin as long as he was."

JS: "It's his own fault for fighting the inevitable. Manson and Anarky are the ones who will take out Maelstrom."

RW: "Rabesque and Maelstrom are staring each other down...I don't know if this one is over yet!"

TR: "The two are staring daggers at each other as the fans get EVEN LOUDER here in Columbus! Maelstrom and Rabesque look like they're ready to go at it again....but now they shake hands!"

RW: "What a display of sportsmanship from these two. After a grueling battle like the one they just had, this is a real sign of respect."

JS: "I'm going to the bathroom to vomit!"

TR: "Please do! The crowd is again showing their appreciation for both men, as they continue to cheer and applaud them. Maelstrom rolls out of the ring and takes the belt with him, while Jean Rabesque raises his fist and points to Maelstrom as he leaves."

RW: "What a way to end a show! I think the fans got everything they were looking for here tonight on Riptide!"

TR: "I have to believe they'll go home happy. But it is time to go, so for Jake Shades and Rick Wiseman, I'm Tony Ross saying so long and tune in to GLCW Wired from Akron, Ohio! Good night!"

(The shot follows Rabesque up the ramp, where he turns and holds his fist up as he reaches the top. The fans give another loud pop for Rabesque as the show concludes. Fade out.)

This has been a 2003 Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Production.
All Rights Reserved.

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