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Columbus Riptide 07


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: to a highlight package of Jean Rabesque in action. Clips of his promos to Maelstrom are also included in this prelude to tonight's Main Event. CUT-TO: the announce table and the GLCW announcing trio.)

TONY ROSS: Those were just a few thoughts from Jean Rabesque to Maelstrom, in the weeks prior to their GLCW Great Lakes Title match tonight!

RICK WISEMAN: Rabesque is more than ready for this match. It will be his first one-on-one encounter with Maelstrom, as well as his first one-on-one shot at winning the Great Lakes Title.

JAKE SHADES: Stop kidding yourself, Hickey! The only thing Frenchie is ready to do tonight is something he's got experience in...and that's get down on his knees and "service" the FOURTH best Pandorian in GLCW!

RW: Not wasting any time in putting Dakota Smith ahead of Maelstrom, eh Shades?

JS: That's right, Hickey. Maelstrom should be counting his blessings that Dakota Smith isn't in the Battle Royal, or else he'd KNOW his days at the top of GLCW were numbered before even going into his own title defense!

TR: As Jake managed to note in his fifth grade commentary....

JS: Can it Ross!

TR: ...Maelstrom will get a chance to see who will be next in line to
challenge him, provided he wins tonight, for the Great Lakes Title.
However, Jean Rabesque has the opportunity to find out who will challenge HIM for the Title as well, should he win it here tonight. The 8-Man Battle Royal to name a Number One Conteder will be in just a few moments, but first let's go backstage to Lady Veronica, with one of the participants!

(CUT-TO: Lady V backstage, standing alongside CANNONBALL KIDD.)

Lady V: Cannonball Kidd, in just a few moments, you will be entering aneight-man battle royal, the winner of which receives a shot at the GreatLakes Heavyweight Title held by Maelstrom. Your thoughts on this match?

Cannonball Kidd: My thoughts? Well to tell you the truth Lady V, my
thoughts are the same as they were when I was first told I was entered in this battle royal. First and foremost is my thought that this battle royal, with seven other competitors, is the best chance I've had so far to send my Message to people who need it, and that's exactly what I intend to do. In fact, I think I'll be most surprised if I walk out of Columbus tonight without getting one single, solitary person to accept my help and let me introduce them to my program for self-actualization. Of course, my second thought is that I'll be walking out of here with a shot at the Great Lakes
Heavyweight Title, but that's not my biggest concern - my biggest concern is spreading my Message. And one way or another, Lady V, I will send my Message to someone tonight. It's just a question of how.

(Cannonball walks offscreen)

Lady V: Strong words from Cannonball Kidd, who tonight is one of eight-

(Cannonball walks back into the shot and interrupts her)

Cannonball Kidd: Actually, maybe I can even get this done before I head to the ring. I would have liked a chance to reach all my opponents before this match starts, but since you waited until JUST before the match to come talk to me, I find it unlikely that all of my opponents were able to listen in. So I started thinking, maybe the generic nature of your questions isn't the reason why you're something of a second-rate interviewer. Maybe the problem
is your punctuality. And I think that working on your punctuality might be the first step in your own personal path towards self-actualization. Unfortunately, I've got a battle royal to win right now, but if you'll wait here, I'll be glad to explain my program to you as soon as I get back. Gotta run.

(Cannonball walks offscreen again, and Lady V, apparently not intending to wait and hear Cannonball out later, storms off. CUT-TO: ringside.)

TR: And with those words from Cannonball Kidd, we are SET for ACTION! Eight men, over-the-top rope elimination rules are in effect, and only one can be named number one contender. So Rick, who do you see taking that step towards the Great Lakes Title?

RW: This match is really--

JS: NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! MANSON is going to reclaim his title one way or the other. That dunce King Krusher couldn't find any other way to avoid giving Manson the shot, and that means it's gonna be SWEET DREAMS for Krusher and the rest of GLCW very soon!

TR: Pardon my rudeness, Rick, but your voice seems to be whinier than usual.

(Ross and Wiseman laugh, while Shades just glares.)

RW: I'll have to look into it, Tony. In this case, though, I'd have to agree with Jake over here. When the title is in sight and Michael Manson is involved, he seems to step up to the challenge and make his presence felt, one way or another.

TR: So you wouldn't be surprised to see Maelstrom and Manson facing off for the belt again in the near future?

RW: It's a strong possibility. Also, despite their heated exchange as of late, I think Manson and Anarky know when to work together, and this is the time. I wouldn't bet against seeing them try to eliminate all the rest, then throw out their alliance and see who is the better. In that case, I wouldn't count out Anarky either.

TR: Any sleepers, perhaps?

JS: Yeah right! They'll be sleeping once Manson slaps on the Tourniquet, or lands Sweet Dreams, maybe, but--

RW: I don't know if anyone is watching out for him, but I see Jared Wells making a run for the number one contendership here. There's no way he should be counted out, in my opinion. He's got the talent, the tools, and has made it to the top in the past. I think too many people might buy into certain talk that Wells wasn't in a very competitive environment in the past. Anyone who says that might just be fooling themselves, and tonight it might just cost them.

JS: NO CHANCE Wisepotato! Tact more than softened Wells up at Ringlords, and now the other seven guys are going to be like vultures to his crippled body! Just wait and see....

TR: Well the wait is over! Matt Faley is standing in the ring....

(CUT-TO: MATT FALEY in the ring.)

MATT FALEY: "The following contest is a NUMBER ONE CONTENDER'S BATTLE ROYAL! (crowd pops) The winner will be the NEW number one contender to the GREAT...LAKES...HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(CUE-UP: "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D. Cannonball Kidd walks down to the ring dressed in a blue and green singlet, ’Cannonball Kidd’ on the back, looking displeased at the crowd. The fans voice Cannonball's thoughts of them back at him in a different manner.)

MATT FALEY: "Coming to the ring first from St. Paul, Minnesota, weighing in at 216 lbs., this is CANNONBALL KIDD!!"

(Cannonball Kidd gets into the ring and looks around, noticing some fans jawing at him from the front row. Cannonball dismisses them with an unsatisfactory shake of his head and turns his back to them. CUE-UP: "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden.)

MATT FALEY: "And next to the ring, from Seattle, Washington weighing in at 237 lbs....NEMESIS!!"

(The fans pop big as Nemesis emerges from backstage in his black muscle shirt and pants, walking slower than usual and focused solely on the ring.)

TR: "Nemesis is staring a hole through Cannonball Kidd as the Kidd looks back smugly....and NEMESIS is on the move, darting into the ring quickly! Here we go as both men exchange punches! Nemesis is getting the better of it as he connects with a knife-edge chop! (SFX: WHOO!) Nemesis with a take down of Cannonball Kidd, and now he's hammering away...but Cannonball manages to get out of the ring -- rolling under the bottom rope -- before he's knocked unconscious by Nemesis, who has come out with a purpose!"

JS: "Yeah, the purpose to LOSE!"

RW: "Not if he keeps this up."

JS: "Just look at him, he's beat up from that match with Minion. He's going out first."

TR: "He's not showing it as he goes between the middle and top ropes with a Suicide Dive onto the Kidd! Nemesis is all over Cannonball Kidd, and is also the one who gave the Kidd his first loss in GLCW, and another in the TV Title Gauntlet a few weeks ago. Now Nemesis hoists Kidd up and drop him across the barricade! Nemesis wastes no time to pick up Kidd and roll him back into the ring. Nemesis in and motions to the fans he's about to eliminate one man from this match already! OH! Cannonball Kidd with a low blow, and now he tries to throw Nemesis out, but Nemesis drops to the mat."

JS: "Always a good tactic."

TR: "Nemesis now brought to his feet by the Kidd, who again tries to get him over the top rope, but Nemesis clutches the middle rope and then plants a couple elbows into the sternum of Cannonball. Nemesis with a Jawbreaker that sends Cannonball Kidd down! Nemesis takes some time to recover...."


RW: "Kidd might have just further infuriated Nemesis...."

TR: "Quite possibly, as Nemesis hits a Snap Suplex...brings him up and hits another. Nemesis still holding onto Cannonball Kidd and bringing him up for a Vertical, no Kidd floats over and tries for a punch but it's blocked and returned to him. Nemesis kicks the Kidd in the stomach and looks for THE WRATH!! NO! Kidd gets out of it and lands a couple chops, then hooks Nemesis and hits a Suplex of his own. Nemesis up quickly though, and Kidd goes for a kick, but it's caught and Nemesis tackles him down, then hooks in a Single Leg Crab."

JS: "A useless idea in a match like this!"

RW: "Not so, Jake. Do damage to a leg and sending the opposition off
balance makes them much easier to eliminate."

JS: "Well, duh! But there'll never be time enough for that! In fact, where're the rest of these guys? Is Krusher having them try to beat Manson down so he won't be able to come out here and win this thing in record time?!"

(CUE-UP: "Brushstroke: Walk in the Park" by Dredg. The fans boo Nikolai Ash as he strolls to the ring.)

TR: "Consider your request filled, Jake. Nikolai Ash, who has quietly made his mark in GLCW, with a very impressive record that is only tarnished by one loss to Maelstrom."

JS: "Yeah, and even that was AFTER Ash BEAT that fourth-rate Pandorian!"

RW: "By countout, mind..."

JS: "Stop your ass kissing! Ash beat Mael, it's a fact!"

RW: "Mr. Pot, this is Mr. Kettle...."

JS: "Yeah, they WOULD both be guys! HA!"

TR: "Ash has finally decided to enter the ring, as Nemesis still holds the Single Leg Crab on Cannonball Kidd, and Ash lands a kick right to the head of Nemesis! Nemesis drops to the mat and Cannonball Kidd looks relieved, as he says something to ASh, indicating Nemesis, who is stirring but took a hard kick to the back of his head. Ash shrugs and now both of them are stomping Nemesis into the ground! Come on!"

JS: "Actually, they're stomping him into the mat. Or the ring. But who am I to be picky, this is entertainment!"

TR: "This is not fair, is what it is. Nemesis is being hounded by Ash and Cannonball Kidd, with nobody--"

(CUE-UP: "Here to Stay" by Korn. Pop is back in fashion for the crowd.)

RW: "The sleeper has arrived."

TR: "Jared Wells has just come sprinting down to the ring. He jumps onto the apron and then SPRINGS OFF the top rope, leaping into the air and double Lariats Ash and Cannonball Kidd out of their boots! "Rage o' Fire" is in the house, and he hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Cannonball Kidd. Ash is up but takes a Sidekick to the side by Wells, then an Atomic Drop. Cannonball Kidd takes advantage from behind, scooping Wells up and landing a Back Drop on him to stop the momentum, though.

JS: "That's the way Kidd! One move and these geezers stay down for the count."

RW: "I don't know if you meant Ash by that, but he's about to go

TR: "THE WRATH OF VENGEANCE! ASH TAKES THE WRATH! Nemesis was up and ready to pounce on Ash, but waited for him to turn and then laid The Wrath down. Ash is laying motionless in the ring as the crowd cheers on Nemesis."

(CUE-UP: "“Lawnmower” by Worthless United. The JObber comes out in his black tights and boots to a positive mixed reaction, as most of the crowd is still behind Nemesis and Wells.)

TR: "And as The Jobber comes down to the ring, Nemesis picks Ash up and Wells goes to work on Cannonball Kidd in the corner. Nemesis signals to the crowd again and then tosses Nikolai Ash out of the ring for our first elimination of the match."

RW: "Did you see how Jobber just side-stepped Ash as he came flying out of the ring? Jobber can be priceless sometimes."

JS: "People like you are who Jobber puts on top of his blacklist, Wiseass. You just think he's some comedy routine, but he's out to show everyone that he isn't to be taken as a joke. He's the real deal, and if Manson weren't in this, I might pick The Jobber to become number one contender."

RW: "Hey I'm no stranger to The Jobber's success. Nobody can deny his tear through the ranks as Television Champion, and I'm not looking to."

TR: "Jobber's been on a bad streak since losing the TV Title to Jarod Poe, who we saw in action earlier tonight against "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan. But I'd think winning this Battle Royal would instantly propel him back on track. Jobber takes his time, circling the ring. Nemesis is looking for the Wrath on Cannonball Kidd! NO! The Jobber pulls Nemesis out of the ring under the bottom rope as he was about to deliver the Wrath to the Kidd! Jobber now attacking Nemesis viciously in the leg, and smashes it against the steps! Wells picks up Cannonball Kidd but Kidd breaks free of his grip
and pokes Wells in the eyes, then slams him down and goes off the
ropes...Leg Drop! It connects!"

JS: "Jobber knows Minion did a number on Nemesis. He's doing as much damage as possible before getting into the ring, where he's twice as dangerous. The Jobber is so smart."

TR: "The Jobber leaves Nemesis in the ring as Cannonball Kidd is on the second rope and goes off with a Leg Drop! MISSES! Wells rolled out of the way before getting up, but Jobber is onto him now with a clip to the leg and then a Dragon Screw. Jobber immediately centering on the legs of Nemesis and now Wells, as he twists the calf and then drops an elbow onto the knee. Jobber gets a Spinning Toe Hold on Wells, but Nemesis is in and quickly breaks up the hold! Cannonball Kidd is up and goes after Nemesis, and the two begin attacking each other in the far corner from Jobber and Wells, who
are both down. Jobber is first up and gets Wells into the corner, where he puts a boot to the throat of Wells and uses the ropes for leverage."

(CUE-UP: "Only Happy When it Rains" by Garbage.)

TR: "Here comes "Gentleman" Johnathan Marx, who observes the ring activities as he walks down there himself. Nemesis has Cannonball Kidd in a front facelock, but the Kidd lifts Nemesis up onto the top rope after some kidney punches."

RW: "Going to the top is dangerous territory in this match...."

TR: "One or both of these men could be eliminated right here, as Johnathan Marx continues to survey the scene from outside the ring. Cannonball Kidd looks to be hooking Nemesis for a SuperPlex! Nemesis with some rib punches, and he's trying to lift Cannonball Kidd up...he's going to Suplex him right out of the ring! OH MAN! Nemesis couldn't quite get the Kidd over the top rope, instead dropping him front-first ON the top rope. Cannonball Kidd caught a painful break, as he flopped back into the ring after hitting the top rope."

RW: "So close to seeing another man eliminated."

JS: "Close doesn't count!"

(CUE-UP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson. The arena now fills with heat for Michael Manson, who walks down to the ring and enters it along with Johnathan Marx.)

JS: "And the number one contender arrives! This thing is OVER!"

TR: "Michael Manson and Johnathan Marx have entered the ring, as Nemesis hits a Moonsault on Cannonball Kidd!"

JS: "Nemesis can hit all the Moonsaults he wants, but look at what it did to him."

TR: "Yes, it seems Nemesis is still feeling the pain from his Ringlords match, as he is slow in getting up after hitting the Moonsault. Cannonball Kidd manages to deposit himself out of the ring in the meantime, rolling under the bottom rope and practically falling to the floor."

RW: "And now we've got all but one...."

(CUE-UP: "Sober" by Tool.)

TR: "Not anymore! The seven remaining competitors in this Battle Royal are all present and accounted for, as Anarky comes down to the ring and wastes no time getting in, attacking Nemesis as he gets up. Manson has tied up with Jared Wells, but finds some resistance, and Johnathan Marx is squaring off with The Jobber."

JS: "Resistance is futile. Manson will reign victorious in no time!"

TR: "You'd better tell that to Wells, as he reverses an Irish Whip from Manson, sending him crashing into The Jobber, and then taking a German Suplex from Jared Wells! Johnathan Marx pounces on Jobber as he stumbles, and hits a Release Northern Lights Suplex, followed up by a Backbreaker. Marx then locks in a Rear Chinlock...."

RW: "Anarky is getting the better of Nemesis, who has been in since the beginning along with Cannonball Kidd. Anarky with a series of Shoulder Blocks in the corner on Nemesis, then bringing him mid-ring and it looks like he's going for a Piledriver...but Nemesis trips him up and goes to turn Anarky over, maybe for the Single Leg Crab. Anarky kicsk him off and into the ropes though, then stays down as Nemesis hops over him and CLOTHESLINES Manson out of the way as he was going for Jared Wells! Nemesis back across the ring toward Anarky...and Anarky lifts him UP and OVER the top!"

TR: "Nemesis grabbed the top rope and flipped over though, and his boots connect with the face of Cannonball Kidd as he is looking to re-enter the ring! Nemesis gets him feet on the apron and manages to get back in the ring!"

RW: "With an inadvertant save from the Kidd."

TR: "Anarky is all over Nemesis with boots to the head, and Nemesis seems to have little left in the tank, despite that slight feat. Manson ducks under a Clothesline from Wells and turns, kicks Wells and SWEET DREAMS! Wells shoves him off and lands a stiff kick to Manson's abdomen as he comes back...RAGE DROP!"

JS: "Manson flips through into a FACEBUSTER on Wells! HAHA Wells SUCKS!"

RW: "Johnathan Marx has got into a mat wrestling match with The JObber, as the two try to outmaneuver one another...."

TR: "And Manson is waiting for Wells now....Sweet Dreams to Wells! He connected the Sweet Dreams this time, and Wells is down on the mat. All the action in here is difficult to keep up with, but it's what makes GLCW the top notch promotion that it is! Marx has got Jobber on his feet with a Headlock applied, but Jobber lifts and brings Marx down with a Back Drop!"

RW: "And now Jobber looks to be going for another Back Drop, to send Wells over the top this time...but Manson comes in and attacks the legs of Jobber, preventing Marx's elimination. Now both men are attacking Jobber, while Anarky gets Nemesis on the top rope and...NAILS a SuperPlex from the second rope!"

JS: "YES! YES! Throw his ass OUT Anarky! Here's the windup...and the PITCH! AW (BLEEP)!"

TR: "Wells saves Nemesis from being thrown out, coming up and yanking Anarky down from behind with a Jumping Neckbreaker! Cannonball Kidd re-enters the ring and immediately begins stalking Nemesis, which has 'vulture' written all over it."

RW: "Cannonball Kidd probably won't get many opportunities like this, but he'd better make sure someone doesn't eliminate him."

TR: "Nemesis up and Kidd grabs him for a DDT, but Nemesis runs him into the turnbuckle! Nemesis takes a few steps out of the corner, grabbing his side and then runs in at the Kidd again but it's evaded and Nemesis hits into the corner. Cannoball Kidd runs to the ropes and springs off as Nemesis comes out of the corner...LIFE TURNAROUND on Nemsis!"

RW: "The Springboard Spinning Heel Kick we saw Kidd finish "Showtime" Steven James with at Ringlords. A quick but hard-hitting move."

TR: "Kidd picks up Nemesis and tosses him over the top rope, watching
Nemesis to make sure he hits the floor, and he does. Nemesis is

JS: "Truly, that is the work of a self-actualized man! He doesn't toss a guy over the ropes, ASSUMING he will go out. He makes sure there is no doubt."

RW: "Well he's going to pay for it as well...."

TR: "Michael Manson spins Kidd around and immediately HITS Sweet Dreams! Manson then wraps Kidd up in the Tourniquet, but Jared Wells breaks it up with a Dropkick to Manson's head, only to have Anarky come in and plant Wells with a Side Suplex!

RW: "The Jobber has also taken control of JOhnathan Marx again, and after hitting a series of three Suplexes, goes to the second rope and comes down with a second rope elbow drop. Marx is in some trouble as Jobber goes out under the ring and pulls Marx to the corner...."

TR: "And whips Marx's leg into the post! Then again! Jobber gets in the ring and looks for the Step-Over Toe Hold...Marx turns on his back before Jobber can get it on though. Marx with a Small Package and Jobber breaks out of it."

RW: "That won't get him a pin, but it allowed Marx just a bit of time, and he's using the ropes to get himself up, that leg a bit tender I would imagine."

TR: "Marx blocks a Clothesline from The Jobber and takes him down, using the ropes for leverage as he applies an Armlock on The Jobber."

JS: "Manson's gonna come in and stop this technical BS though!"

TR: "Manson does come into the mix, stomping on Jobber's arm as Marx holds that arm tight. Marx and Manson get Jobber up, whip him and both telegraph a Back Body Drop, which Jobber turns into a double DDT as he comes back!"

RW: "Jobber's holding his own in a match that sees Marx and Manson working together against him, multiple times in fact."

JS: "He's second only to Michael Manson! But Manson's still gonna win...."

TR: "Can't let your allegiance stray too much, right Jake? Cannonball Kidd and Anarky whip Jared Wells into the ropes now, but it's WELLS ducking a double Clothesline and coming back with a Cross Body on both men! All three men get up and Wells takes the two down with a double Clothesline of his own! Wells waiting for one of them to get up, and it's Cannonball Kidd who Wells picks up and Suplexes to the mat. Wells starts laying into Anarky with chops (Crowd: WHOO!), and then he whips Anarky but misses with a chop of his arm. Anarky on the return with a Flying Forearm, but Wells ducks and
Anarky hits Cannonball Kidd! Anarky turns back and Wells comes off the ropes with a Tornado DDT on Anarky!"

RW: "And the crowd is loving it!"

JS: "I'm hating this! Jobber, Manson, and Marx should all be mutilating Wells!"

TR: "They're still at it as Jobber fends off both men, but is quickly
getting cornered. Wells comes in and attacks Manson, sending him back into the ropes with right hands. Marx leaves Jobber to attack Wells, and now the double team switches from Jobber to Wells as the target. Manson and Marx have got Wells off his feet and are leaning him over the top rope! Wells has his arms wrapped around the ropes though, and he kicks Marx away to get back on his feet, going after Manson again."

RW: "Jobber takes up Marx and whips him, no Marx reverses...."

TR: "Manson floats over a Wells Suplex attempt and knocks him down with some stiff clubbing blows to the back."

RW: "Marx ducks under a Forearm Smash from Jobber, who heads towards

TR: "Manson turns and sees Jobber coming, drops down and trips Jobber with a foot as he pulls the top rope down! Jobber goes tumbling out of the ring!"

RW: "And lands on the apron, but Manson stomps Wells out of the ring,
pushing both he AND Jobber out!"

JS: "Manson is the master strategist. If only Wells had gone over the top too...."

TR: "Wells is still in the match, but Jobber has been eliminated, and we are down to five men: Manson, Marx, Wells, Anarky, and Cannonball Kidd."

JS: "Clearly Manson has the advantage, working with a wrestler like Marx is going to take him right to the end. Then he'll have to put Marx in his place, but hey, I'm sure Marx will take it like a gentleman! HAHA!"

RW: "Always ready to amuse yourself, aren't you Jake."

JS: "Not in the same way you amuse yourself, Hickey!"

TR: "Anarky has got into a shoving match with Cannonball Kidd, perhaps stemming from when he nailed the Kidd earlier when they were doubling up on Wells. Kidd is having some words for Anarky...and Anarky grabs him by the throat and tosses him back into the corner, POUNDING away viciously on Cannonball Kidd!"

RW: "I'd imagine, after all the verbal salvos fired in the time leading into this match, there's no love lost between any of the competitors. Anarky is freshest in this match, and I'd say he's in position to win this just as much as Manson, or Marx for that matter."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd and Wells are now the ones who are least fresh, having entered first and fourth, respectively. Marx is going out of the ring, through the middle and top ropes, to where Wells is, while Manson huddles in a corner, which probably means he's up to something...."

JS: "Manson is always thinking, unlike you Ross. You're just a puppet, so call the match!"

TR: "I can't wait until you shoot your mouth off one too many times, Shades. Marx has Wells and rolls him back into the ring, then slides back in and picks him up, but Wells gives some punches to the stomach of Marx and battles his way to the ropes, then comes back with a Running Knee that doubles over Marx. Wells hooks him by the arms and lands a Double Underhook Suplex. Manson comes from behind with something, though....a turnbuckle pad?"

JS: "And it's the most creative use of a turnbuckle pad in GLCW history!"

TR: "Manson's put that turnbuckle pad over the face of Wells, tying it around his head and effectively cutting off the air! We saw this out of Michael Manson's bag of scum at a previous Riptide, during the aftermath of Maelstrom and Jared Justice taking on the UA. There Manson tried to suffocate Maelstrom with a plastic bag! What a low down, despicable tactic!"

JS: "No disqualification, Ross! Cream puffs like you just have to sit on it and watch the mastery of Manson!"

RW: "cheap or not, Wells needs to get that thing off."

TR: "Manson has got Wells grounded and is looking to apply the Tourniquet, which would really make air a lacking resource to Wells. "Rage o' Fire" is trying to fight off Manson, and does so with some elbows as Manson moves away...HOLY COW! Anarky had Cannonball Kidd in a Stall Suplex, and just landed him right across the back of Jared Wells! I don't know if Manson saw that coming or not, he may have caught a break, but Wells is not moving under the Kidd, who rolls off of him."

JS: "A touch of Anarky at just the right time!"

RW: "That might be it for Wells. At a time when he needs air, but with that thing on his face, he might just pass out."

JS: "Lights Out for Wells! It's one show after we expected it but it's Lights Out for Wells!"

TR: "Who is 'we?' Wells is slowly stirring, and Manson picks him up and starts slapping him! What disrespect shown by Michael Manson! The crowd is berating Manson with disapproval, and I have to agree that this is totally unnecessary."

JS: "Oh can it you goody-goody. I bet the ratings are shooting through the roof! And we'll need it, with the snoozefest that we still have left."

TR: "Wells is in the corner as Manson taunts him...and Wells suddenly shoots out and tackles Manson down to the mat! He rips the mask off and starts pounding on Manson...but here's Marx diving on Wells with an elbow to the back, and Wells crumples as he must be hurting. Anarky has Cannonball Kidd up on the top rope in the corner, and now he's saying something to Marx...no way, I think he's going to have Wells lined up to take a SuperPlexed Kidd!"

JS: "He'll drop like a Cannonball on Wells!"

RW: "If Anarky's plan goes through, both Wells and Cannonball Kidd could be not long for an unwanted trip over the top."

TR: "Anarky softens Cannonball Kidd up a bit with some punches, but Kidd is fighting back with some shots of his own! Anarky HEADBUTTS Kidd though, which dazes him as Marx scoop slams Jared Wells down. Anarky gets Cannonball Kidd standing on the top rope, then goes there himself! Top Rope SuperPlex could be on the way...but Kidd is again fighting! He's got Anarky hooked and hits a Front Suplex from the top rope, Anarky goes crashing to the mat face-first! What impact! And Wells gets up and takes down Marx with a side Belly-to-Belly Suplex, perhaps getting another wind!"

JS: "Damn! I was looking forward to seeing a Wells sandwich."

RW: "Cannonball Kidd doesn't look finished yet."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd goes OFF the TOP with the CRATER CREATOR...and he NAILS IT on Anarky! It looks like the Kidd is set to throw out Anarky, but in comes Michael Manson with a Bionic Forearm! Cannonball Kidd staggers back and Manson kicks him and lifts him for...PILEDRIVER on Cannonball Kidd! Manson drove his head into the mat, and the Kidd is down as Manson plays some damage control."

JS: "Saving Anarky...for the moment. Manson wants to personally eliminate him, to put Anarky in his place, below Manson of course."

TR: "Wells whips Marx into the ropes and lands a Drop Toe Hold that sends Marx throat-first onto the middle rope! Wells picks Marx up and motions to the exposed turnbuckle, which Manson took the turnbuckle pad off of earlier to suffocate Wells. The crowd approves as Wells picks up Marx and DROPS him on the steel ring! Marx drops to the mat and Wells turns to find a right hand from Michael Manson! And another...but Wells knees Manson in the stomach and hits a chop (Crowd: WHOO!) and another (Crowd: WHOO!) and a third (Crowd: WHOO!) before Manson comes back with another right hand that Wells blocks! Manson finds another knee to his ribs and Wells gets him in a
Fireman's Carry, then turns to face the exposed steel...."


TR: "He swings Manson around and lands him head-first on the steel! Wells holds Manson up as he flails around, and SLAMS his head against the turnbuckle again....and a third time before letting Manson fall to the ground! The blood is already beginning to trickle from Manson's head, and Marx has some blood on his chest where he was dropped. Wells has opened both men up, and is yelling down at Manson after scoring some payback."

RW: "Anarky sees this as he gets up, though, and it looks like he's going to capitalize on the opportunity."

TR: "Anarky grabs Wells from behind and puts him in a Double Chickenwing submission! Wells spins them around but can't get out of it...but he rams Anarky's back into the exposed turnbuckle!"

RW: "Wells had the presence of mind to keep his cool and he found a way to do damage to Anarky, but Anarky hasn't let go yet."

TR: "Anarky takes the pain from a second hit into the steel turnbuckle ring as Wells drives him into it, but Anarky STILL keeps the double Chickenwing locked in and Wells is in trouble. Johnathan Marx is coming at Wells now, but with great effort Wells turns Anarky again and Marx hits Anarky with the point of his elbow, breaking the hold! Marx looks momentarily stunned but then runs at Wells, but Wells rolls away and Marx hits the steel turnbuckle! Wells comes in and Clotheslines Marx over the top rope and he falls to the floor! Johnathan Marx is out!"


TR: "Anarky is up after his collision, and looking livid as he pie-faces Wells with a punch! Anarky gets Wells up and goes for the Chaos Breaker! Cannonball Kidd comes from behind and Dropkicks Anarky! The Kidd is up, as is Michael Manson who spins Cannonball around, kicks him and lifts him for maybe a Manson Driver...but Kidd battles out and gets behind Manson, throwing him OUT!"

JS: "NO he didn't! He didn't! Manson held on and dropped to the apron, and ANARKY save...er, stops Cannonball Kidd!"

TR: "Anarky comes back and attacks Cannonball Kidd with a club to his back before the Kidd had a chance to kick Manson off the apron. Anarky with the CHAOS BREAKER on Cannonball Kidd! Out of nowhere!"

RW: "Cannonball Kidd has to be exhausted, and his defenses lowered for just a split second too long, with Anarky jumping on the window to strike."

TR: "And strike hard he did, as he grabs Cannonball Kidd and throws him over the top rope to the floor. Cannonball Kidd is done after an impressive run, being one of the first two in the ring, leaving only three men left! Anarky, Jared Wells, and Michael Manson."

JS: "It's all good. Manson still has Anarky to help him out. If Anarky has any brains, he'll lend Manson a hand with Wells, and then further assist Manson by throwing HIMSELF over the top rope. That's his only chance to getting a title shot, after Manson beats whichever poser has the Great Lakes Title after tonight."

RW: "I've never seen such a suck up as you, Shades. I mean, you're
completely pathetic, really."

JS: "Hey WiseASS, I know who's the best around here. It's as simple as that. Don't be jealous just because I'm right and you're mentally

TR: "Save it for the water cooler rabble, we're down to three in this Battle Royal and it's really anyone's guess as to who will pull it out. All three men are staring around at one another, not willing to make the first move. Manson has got blood running down his face but a smile on his face as he starts trash talking to Wells."

RW: "Ohh boy, look who's here...."


(CUT-TO: Maelstrom appearing from behind the backstage curtain. The crowd pops big at seeing the Great Lakes Champion coming to the ring. Manson and Anarky stare daggers at Maelstrom, and Wells Clotheslines Manson down.)

TR: "MAELSTROM is at ringside as we wind down this Battle Royal to name a number one contender, and Jared Wells saw Manson and Anarky distracted, Clotheslining Manson down and now working on Anarky in the corner! Maelstrom just stands watching as Anarky is whipped toward the exposed steel turnbuckle, but he slides down and as Wells comes running at him Anarky lands an elbow to the stomach of Wells and tugs him by the tights into the turnbuckle! Wells' head just hit into the steel ring, and he's draped over the middle and top ropes now, bleeding from the head!"

RW: "Maelstrom got a couple shots in on Manson after he got Clotheslined, but the referee didn't see it and Manson is not happy, telling the referee to send Maelstrom back."

JS: "This stupid Pandorian is going to screw Manson, I know it! Get him OUT OF THERE!!"

TR: "Al Marinaro doesn't look like he's going to budge, as he argues with Manson. Anarky stomps Wells in the back a few times, as Jared is still slumped over the ropes. Anarky runs to the opposite ropes, but Maelstrom is there and grabs Anarky, tripping him up! Maelstrom then pulls his legs onto the apron and lifts one up, smashing it onto the apron!"


RW: "The referee can't see much more than Manson's bobble-head-like head as he is still contending with Manson's arguing."

TR: "OH WOW! Anarky got up and looked like he wasn't paying attention to Maelstrom, despite the outside attack, but suddenly turned and went through the middle and bottom ropes with a Dropkick to Maelstrom! The Champion staggered and now both men are exchanging blows! Maelstrom is over powering Anarky and whips him...but has it reversed and is sent into the steel post! Anarky spits on Maelstrom but he isn't done, picking Maelstrom up and he's going to run him into the stairs! No Maelstrom stops it and sends Anarky crashing over the stairs to the floor!"


RW: "Watch your voice, Jake. Maelstrom's within earshot, walking right near us and I'm sure he isn't afraid of you."

JS: "Hey! I'll say what I want, it's a free country!"

TR: "It looks as if Manson is done barking at the referee, and Wells is getting up, so the two bloodied men will have at it in the ring as Anarky is still stirring on the floor. The referee is eyeing Maelstrom with maybe some suspicion, but is paying close attention to Manson as he and Wells....WAIT A MINUTE!! Manson just turned around and pie-faced the referee! Al Marinaro is out and Manson add insult as he dumps Marinaro over the top rope to the floor! What a jerk!"

JS: "HAHAHA! That's what he gets for not listening to Manson!"

TR: "Wells locks up with Manson and Manson with a low blow! Wells slumps towards Manson and takes a Backbreaker. Manson starts taunting Maelstrom and the Champion just got into the ring! He's going at Manson but Manson slides outside and tries to pull down Maelstrom, who grabs the ropes and reaches through them, grabbing Manson by the hair! He brings Manson up onto the apron and then tosses him into the ring!

RW: "The crowd is all for this!"

JS: "Anarky where the HELL are you? Get up damnit!"

TR: "Anarky is up and he sees Maelstrom JACKNIFE POWERBOMB Manson in the ring! Anarky comes in but gets knocked down to the floor by Maelstrom, who comes outside again and picks up Anarky...."

(CUT-TO: Anarky being thrown over the announce table, slamming into Jake Shades and knocking Shades into the barricade. The crowd pops huge as Wiseman and Ross are heard laughing.)

TR: "Maelstrom just took out two birds with one stone, sending Anarky into Shades and folks, I think Jake Shade is out!"

RW: "Well...that made MY night."

TR: "Maelstrom looks back to the ring as Manson and Wells are both getting up now. Wells is up first, a little confused, but he quickly gets Manson set for the Rage Drop! NO! I don't believe it! Somehow Manson manages to Back Body Drop Wells. I thought he was done after that Jacknife from Maelstrom, but Manson is not as he sends Wells back to the mat and Maelstrom climbs onto the apron! Manson goes to hit him but swings and misses, and Maelstrom sends him into the exposed steel turnbuckle head-first! Manson stumbles around as his face is already mostly bloodied, and Wells is back up and kicks Manson back into the ropes, of which Maelstrom pulls the top one
down! Manson goes over the top and out to the floor! Manson's out of the match!"

RW: "Anarky came up and attacked Maelstrom just as Manson was going over, trying to get Maelstrom's grip off the top rope to prevent Manson's elimination, but no good as Manson falls out and Maelstrom tosses Anarky back into the ring."

TR: "The referee is back up and sees Manson trying to scramble back into the ring, but tells him he's out of the match! Manson is writhing with fury and Maelstrom pulls him down, provoking an attack from Manson and the two go at it! Manson and Maelstrom are pummeling each other, neither one relenting as security comes down along with EMTs."

RW: "The EMTs are for Jake Shades, of course, who I'm happy to report is STILL silent here, because he's as out like Manson."

TR: "Anarky and Wells are also in an exchange of blows, with Wells getting the edge and having this energized crowd behind him. Wells sends Anarky down with a hard knife-edge chop (Crowd: WHOO!) but Anarky is right back up. Wells hooks him for a Suplex and hits it, then pulls Anarky up and whips him into the ropes and Back Body Drops Anarky....JUST far enough away from the ropes that Anarky lands in the ring, and not out on the floor! Another few inches towards the ropes and Anarky might have ricocheted off them and to the floor. But Wells is not detered as he keeps on Anarky, bringing him
up with a headlock, while security is having a tough time restraining
Maelstrom and Michael Manson from ripping each other apart...."

RW: "Did you see that? They just laid out the security team!"

TR: "To get to each other, Maelstrom and Manson just laid out the four security members, and I think Malec is going to be getting some nasty calls in the morning. Maelstrom and Manson continue to tear into each other, as back in the ring Wells sets Anarky up on the top rope...risky territory."

RW: "Yes, but Wells is probably looking to land one more big move from the top, that would finish Anarky."

TR: "A gamble he's willing to take, as Anarky sits on the top rope. Wells stands him up and hooks him for what looks like another SuperPlex! There they go!"

RW: "But Anarky turns it into a Cross Body, falling on Wells! Excellent counter by Anarky."

TR: "Wells and Anarky are both up quickly, and Wells is too high with a Clothesline as Anarky ducks under and...CHAOS BREAKER! A Chaos Breaker to Wells, and Anarky wastes no time in taking hold of Wells and throwing him out of the ring! We have a winner!"

RW: "We have a number one contender, and his name is ANARKY."

MATT FALEY: "The winner of the match, and NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship....ANARKY!!"

TR: "Anarky climbs up to the top rope now, and jumps off into Maelstrom! Unbelievable action here in Cleveland, as Anarky is the new number one contender to the Great Lakes Title and is immediately going after the Champion!"

RW: "But will that be his opponent for the title? Not if Jean Rabesque has anything to say about it...."

TR: "More security is coming out to restrain the three men as they brawl up the ramp! We have to cut to a break, and see whether or not Jake Shades is actually GONE for the remainder of the night! Folks, we'll be back with our MAIN EVENT: Challenger Jean Rabesque taking on Champion Maelstrom for the GREAT LAKES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! It's NEXT on GLCW RIPTIDE!"

(CUT-TO: a commercial for GLCW merchandise, including the brand-spanking new RINGLORDS I package, in stores now! The package comes with two GLCW rings, a stage, announce table, and War Games cage, with REAL LOWERING ACTION! Also included are talking figures of Jake Shades, Tony Ross, and Rick Wiseman.)

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