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Code of the NFW


Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
What is The Code? OK, so I bit off Star Wars. I needed to call it something. We've got enough Jedi freaks in this league, and I'm sure more are coming. I figure it suits us all fine. Anyway, hope this helps with booking matches, starting feuds, developing characters, creating angles, and determining pushes. It is The Code of the NFW. Eat it, drink it, sleep it. :p Enjoy.

Term to know: ‘Running with the Ball’
‘Running with the Ball’ is simply stating the interaction that the you guys will be having with us. Sometimes its about an angle, sometimes its about a roleplay. It’s the interaction, reaction, redirection and definition of how Jamar and I work with you guys. We throw a twist in your storyline or angle, you gotta react. You do something in roleplay or in an angle that demands a response from us – we gotta react.

How are matches booked? Should I make challenges? Are all matches random? OK, booking. It goes like this: Jamar and I watch the roleplay. Depending on what you're doing with your character in roleplay is how we're going to book the matches. If we see trash talking, direct insults, etc. don't be surprised if Jamar and I book it. So make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew. If we see your character roleplaying, but not really in the challenging stage with any other person, you'll still be booked. So, if that's how you like getting your character into a match, just keep being active. Jamar and I might push certain booked matches faster than other ones. It depends on the role of each character within the league's structure. We might build up a certain matchup, or we put the matchup on next week's Crash Television. We'll book random matches we'd think be interesting, but that's life. It's called 'running with the ball'. It might not be any matches on some cards, or like the first card, it'll be all of them. I assure the last case scenario would be for a special situation and be used rarely. Such as the league's first opening night, deciding a strap, or anything else that comes to mind. Also, we may just have you guys make challenges and sign your own matches. We’ll keep it fresh and keep you on your toes in the process.

Feuds? Are you and Jamar just booking the league's feuds however you want? Hell no. This depends on roleplay, as well. First things first, characters that on their own start building heat against each other – we’ll most likely push. Obviously feuds are intertwined with angles, but I'm gonna hold off on that for just a moment. Feuds start with some sort of spark of anger, ploy, etc. If we see roleplay really heating up for a match, it'll be built up more. After the match, if we see the same competitors still willing to face each other again...well, then we've got a little feud going on. It happens for different reasons such as planned screwjobs, competitiveness, titles, etc. But if we don't see it, we won't book it. If two handlers have an idea for a feud they want to run, then we can start discussing the angles, etc...

Are we not allowed to submit angles? Are there no angles for matches? Should we call you God?
Well maybe the last one...or maybe, the main page seems a little harsh. :) If you've got an idea, Jamar and I will listen. If we don't like it at first, maybe we'll like it the second time you present it. We won't like the fifth try, kapeesh. This is the grey area if there is one. Obviously, angles are one of the reasons all of us are participating in FWres. And we're all participating in FWres for fun. Jamar and I have fun by creating them for the development of the league as a whole. You have fun creating them to develop your character. Hopefully, we'll be able to build legendary feuds, dramatic storylines and memorable matches. I'm gettin' all teary-eyed. :p Anyway, back to reality. To do all that we're gonna need angles. For matches, we don't want screwjob send-ins for one match. ESPECIALLY in title matches. No, screwjobs for one match we’ll be decided on by us if anything. What we like to see is someone plan and develop an angle leading up to a screwjob…THAT WE’LL DO. But if you don’t have it planned out and built up for a specific time and place – don’t send that email asking for your character to have a masked friend help you. We’re not WCW. You can send in 'strategies' per se. If you're a heel, but are trying to win cleanly to prove something, make sure you tell us. If you want to see your character wrestle a certain style, or do something in his match bring it up. But telling me you want to chairshot your opponent, use a foreign object, have a new tag team you just made attack your opponent, and anything along those lines to win a match: Please leave me and Jamar alone, you've missed the point of joining. If you want to send in a screwjob for a match you're not involved in, basically a sneak attack, Jamar and I will discuss the long-term effects of your guy doing that. We don't want anyone just running around causing chaos in matches, unless that's your character's thing. But remember, what goes around comes around. If two handlers come up with a sneak attack, or angle, Jamar and I need both handlers to contact us. We won't run anything not approved by both parties and us. Basically, if you think you've got a good angle concerning your character and tell us, we look at how it would fit into the overall picture of New Frontier. There may be problems we point out, but that doesn't mean we don't like the angle. Three heads are better than one, that's how we look at it. Same deal with two handlers bringing forth an angle they want to work together. Four heads are better than two.

The overall picture and 'running with the ball'.
Basically, you've heard me and Jamar use the term. This is how WE have fun. This is why we are starting up a league. And we are trying to have fun, and not be control freaks if that's how we came off. Where we're coming from is that we had the idea that the league would be more interesting and certainly exciting if you, the member had to 'run with the ball.' Randomly selected matches, randomly pushed feuds, however you want to see it. There's characters that me and Jamar will be watching their RP and just think it'd be an awesome match to write. Let's book it. What comes out of that is you 'running with the ball.' How the character reacts to the pre-match, match and the post-match, basically. We may start a feud by having characters 'bump' into each other, staredowns, accidental screwjobs. I'm sure our cardwriting will influence you to 'run with the ball'. We may create certain characters at some point to start a storyline angle at some point. You have the right at any time to express any conflict or anger over a 'run with the ball' type angle and Jamar and I will take consideration into it. But life deals you some harsh blows, that's the reality of it. We're not going to push a character we can't have fun with. That's the reality of it, as well. We're flexible, but not breakable. On the opposite spectrum, how you ‘run with the ball’ makes us react too. Don’t forget that we have characters in the league as well. Miles and Sullivan will react to a lot of the incidents that happen in roleplays and on the cards. So, it’s a two-way street…try not to drive on the wrong side of the road, please.

We must be included on this…that’s all I’m gonna say.

Pushes, titles, power, glory, money, I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!
Yeah, I think we're at this point. Basically, our most active members will be involved in the storylines, title pictures, etc. Of course, winning and losing is a part of the game. I guess we are judges in some way, but I don't like the picture of myself in a wig holding a gavel. Pushes, if you stay active, stick it out even if you have a losing streak, you're bound to get a push. We're not here to play favorites. At the same time, I think we're all at a certain level of quality that it's a fine line to say anyone is better than the other. If you don't think you are, you're free to ask questions. Although, I'm a little eccentric and may give you some weird ideas :p. Basically, I hope you're not here to get your ego swelled up. Every dog has his day, and the sun doesn't shine everyday. That's it. You know the Code, now it's whether you turn to the dark side or not. :p My head is empty at this point. If I missed anything, e-mail me.

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