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Christopher Ryan Eagles v. "the Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews v. Lane Cash

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The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008

Scheduled for ONE fall

No DQ's! No Count-outs! No Holds Barred!
Christopher Ryan Eagles v. "the Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews v. Lane Cash

RP Deadline: Midnight June 28th Los Angeles Time
RP Limit: 2 RP MAX

Chris Eagles

League Member
Apr 14, 2012
Re: Christopher Ryan Eagles v. "the Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews v. Lane Cash

After a failed attempt to claim the Ultratitle, the chance to right the wrong’s from that fatal effort, the chance for the man from the outside to open the door and walk through it. The chance to become the Intergalactic Champion within distance, can he do the unthinkable and finally end his big one jinx?

CRE: People think that my loss at the Ultratitle would make me go away. You people though that the cancer was cured, the world was wrong, the cancer has spread to the IGC. I will make my mark, I will prove the doubters wrong and I will become the Intergalactic Champion.

The Cancer of TWOstars looks down at the contract in front of him.

CRE: Troy Matthews? A man who keeps himself to himself, internet searches only show his win/loss record and the companies he has competed in. Lane Cash, now that is a different story. I searched and searched and found nothing, but I’m sure both men feel the same as this match is a first for all of us. A triple threat No Holds Barred match with three men who don’t know anything about the other. And with it being No Holds Barred, there is nothing to stop me wrapping a chair around someone’s neck and charging across the ring, and driving my foot into the steel chair and ending a career. The End is Near and the cancerous tumour is about to get bigger and more deadly then before.

Christopher Ryan Eagles walks out of shoot as the screen fades out.

The God-Beast

New member
May 7, 2012
The City of Brotherly Shove
Re: Christopher Ryan Eagles v. "the Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews v. Lane Cash

“And so it begins.”

[You can hear the man’s lips parting into a grin as we fade from black.]

[Spiked green hair (yes, green) atop his head, tattooed arms crossed at his chest, covered in a black T-shirt, and blue jeans are the ensemble of the day, along with, of course, a nice, big, ****-eating grin. He tilts his head to the side.]

“The quest to climb the top of the Intergalactic Mountain like some kind of sci-fi adventurer par excellence has begun for ‘The Jersey Devil’ Troy Matthews.”

[He takes a bow, revealing the message ‘Relax, I’m hilarious.’ on his shirt.]

Joining in on the fracas over who’s gonna be fighting for that belt, and taking on a whole universe of competitors the world over is a great way to get some practice in after I’ve been out with an injury. And hopefully have a war trophy in my hands to bring back to the DEFIANCE Faithful, to prove to them my worthiness to return to that hallowed ring.

See, not long ago, I was sidelined with a nasty tweaked ankle; happens more than I’d like to admit, I’m afraid. And I decided that, rather than come back into DEFIANCE untested, that I’d exile myself from there until I proved that I deserved to return. I was never kicked out; in fact, when I asked Eric Dane if he’d be cool with me marching into IGC, he gladly approved and told me to ‘rep my set.’ And that’s why I’ll be coming into that ring, waving the DEFIANCE flag with pride. And when I take that Intergalactic Championship belt to DEFIANCE as a prize, well...

[Troy runs a hand along the side of his head.]

I’ll be just getting warmed up on the road to greatness.

I have to say, though, I’m none-too-impressed with my competition coming up. Lane Cash, who was in DEFIANCE for a spell and couldn’t really pass muster, haven’t heard from him. And Christopher Ryan Eagles? Aside from calling himself a cancer when all he is is a nuisance polyp, all he’s done for the most part is prove why he’s not in Ultratitle anymore. Mind you, I was out hurt when the thing started, but I’m sure that if I ever signed up, I’d do pretty damn well.

But that’s neither here nor there. All I know is, I’m going to be in a ring with two scrubs who will most likely take advantage of the lack of rules in our match, and try to put me out.

[Troy shakes his head.]

’m no wrestling puritan, and I’m not afraid to swing a chair if I have to...

[And out of nowhere, Troy snaps a quick roundhouse kick into thin air.]

But I’m much more comfortable winning matches with nothing more than my fists and feet. No matter the odds. I’m a former national champion in full-contact karate, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. The fact that Chris Cryin’ Iggles thinks that a chair around the neck’s enough to stop me is, well?


[Troy’s grin only widens, and he lets out a light chuckle.]

Fact is, onco boy, I’ve faced, and beaten, guys bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than you. And with nothing but the body Mother Nature gave me to build and turn into a fighting machine. They call me ‘The Slayer of Giants’, among other things, because I face insurmountable odds regularly...

[He opens his arms out, and then points to the camera lens.]

...and I conquer them. Surpass them. Exceed them. Kick their sorry asses. Call it what you like. Fact is, that title is as good as mine, and if you try to get in my way, Eagles?

Let’s just say you’ll get a first-hand demonstration of what I can do.

[Troy turns to one side.]

So let the games begin. See you all there, when I remove an annoying little polyp from the IGC.

[He then walks off the set, as we fade to black.]
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