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Chris McMillan vs John Doe

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Sep 24, 2005
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Chris McMillan vs John Doe
Chris McMillan looks to stretch his lead in the World Title chase when he faces a familiar face, John Doe. Can Doe turn things around from last weeks disappointing loss?

RP Deadline is Wednesday, May 10th by midnight.
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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

MCW backdrop. John Doe sitting in front of it as he turns and faces the camera.


“Hello Chris, congratulations in being the point leader. I never would have expected a old wash up such as yourself to be able to lead a company. But hey, who am I? I would have never expected a guy who decided to team up with a has been such as Jason Payne to be able to out shine me in the ring. But once more I was proven wrong.”

“Does that give me the fear of God?”


“Listen doggy boy, go fetch me a bone while I break it down for you. You got lucky last week punk. You got lucky. I was having a bad week. Hell the top three point leaders as you storms, and myself. I don’t know where in the blue hell Storms popped out of, but he did.”

“Not only did you make me look like a fool, you made me not gain any points, consider this a pay back. I getting all my points redemmed plus a little extra to cash in when the World Title shot swings on by.”


“Because the NEW Prodigy Classic title isn’t tickling my balls. The EUWC European Championship isn’t tickling my balls either. Fact of the matter is Chris I never get my title shot because some VETERN old piece of sh*t mother f*cker who up holds old school wrestling is whipping out the bosses dick and sucking on it. And that is why I never get the shot I deserve.”

“Not here in MCW, we run by points here. Everybody is an equal. Guess what Chris, consider this a little reality check. Consider me knocking on your door, and raping you of everything you once were worth.”

“Cause Johnny is calling and he wants what’s his. That’s the World Title Chris. And there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.”

“I’m going take you to the extreme Chris, if that means putting my body on the line, well then so be it. That means I’m going to get some points to my stick. End of story.”

“Chris this week chalk one up for me.”

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Mister Dread

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Jan 1, 2000
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The Lamest Story Ever Told

::FADEIN on the backstage locker room. “The Wolf” Chris McMillan sits on one of the benches, slumping with his back against the lockers. The room is hazy, smoky ... anyone passing by the door might catch a whiff of something odd floating in the air. McMillan is shirtless, fingers and wrists heavily taped. A towel covers his bowed head. Alerted by the sound of the cameraman entering, McMillan stashes something in his duffel as he looks up from underneath the towel::

CAMERAMAN(off camera): Dude, can I hit that?

THE WOLF(hissing): Shut up, man. What are you talking about? I got nothin’.

CAMERAMAN: It sure smells like …

::McMillan shushes the cameraman with a quick wave of his hand, glancing around nervously from under the towel … sweet, secure, protective towel … ::

THE WOLF: Later, okay? …

CAMERAMAN: It’s cool man, I’m cool.

THE WOLF(suspiciously): Hey, camera ain’t rolling, is it?

CAMERAMAN(nervously): N-no, of course not, Mr. The Wolf. Are you ready to … uhhh … go live?

THE WOLF: Yeah, let’s do it. ::McMillan clears his throat and takes a moment to compose himself::

CAMERAMAN: … are you sure I can’t hit that?

THE WOLF: I said later, douche. Start rolling.

CAMERAMAN (sighing) Go when you’re ready.

THE WOLF: You want me to fetch you a bone, John? Well, I got yer bone right here. ::McMillan glares at the camera, but is only able to hold the look for a second before dissolving into giggles::

THE WOLF: Sorry. But you’re right, Doe. This company is on my shoulders right now. But you insist on calling me a wash up and a has-been … if that’s the truth, it says something very sad about the state of this promotion. It says something even worse about you.

THE WOLF: You can talk all you want about having a bad week. You can talk about being kept down. You can complain about your yeast infection. It doesn’t matter. Everyone sees it for what it is, John. They’re just excuses, John. Sad little excuses that you use to try to justify yourself to everyone here. To justify yourself to yourself.

THE WOLF: I can see that it tears you up inside, John. It leaves a rash on you, doesn’t it? Having to walk in my shadow, having to deal with the fact that you’re sub-standard. Knowing that I’m better than you. You come up with these excuses, hoping like mad that nobody sees you for the fraud you are, but I do. I see very clearly. I see though the excuses and the self-promotion and the “lookit me, I’m really taaaaaaaalented” song and dance you do in the hopes that someone, ANYONE will buy it. You keep hoping that if you shove your delusions down everyone’s throats long enough people will start to believe it. How do you think Triple H won ten world titles? He was a whore, that’s how. Just like you, baby. Just like you.

THE WOLF: You talk about being kept down by someone humming on the promoter’s junk … would you take a mouthful in exchange for a world title shot? I think you would.

THE WOLF: This week we’re all equals, huh? I guess that’s what you’ve got to tell yourself in order to get out of bed in the morning. See, last week you were telling a completely different story. Last week you were talking about being the best this promotion has to offer, the only BRANDED NAME in the MCW ring. Two different stories, two different weeks. A convenient reality existing solely in your own mind. No matter what story you tell, though, that’s all it is. A nice work of fiction, and nothing more. MY story remains the same. My story goes unchanged because it’s not a story at all. It’s the cold, hard truth. No matter what you say, we’re NOT all equal here. All you’ve got to do is look at the rankings to see into the heart of the matter, the truth behind the pretty fantasy you spin.

THE WOLF: You wanna talk about going to the extreme? You say that you’re willing to put your body on the line? Let me tell you something, John … you put your body on the line EVERY TIME you step into the ring with me. You just don’t have a choice in the matter. You think about that for a while, John … and start making up excuses for next week. You're gonna need them.

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