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Chain Reaction 9 - "From Which We Came"


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
(Open to: The Moss Bay Event Center. Near capacity. A large projection screen hangs directly in front of the standard entrance way.

The house lights come down.

The screen is flooded with light.

The PA System cracks and comes to life in sync with the screen.

The crowd pops.

Cut to: Full Screen for television viewers. “Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween fades as the transmission begins. The four sides of the metal chain link fence, that make up IWF's cage, have been fastened together and to the ring.
The number one contender, Perfection, awaits the arrival of the Emerald City Champion; Vizier ta Seti.

Donald Bell raises the microphone.)

Bell: His opponent; hailing from Giza, Egypt ... weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds, standing six foot three inches... the reigning IWF Emerald City Champion... Vizier ta Seti!

('Do You Call My Name' by RA hits the PA system, and the crowd comes to their feet with a loud pop. Seti steps out from behind the curtains in baggy black pants that dawn a gold Horus design and dusty worn boots. Every inch of exposed skin has been covered with thick black paint with the exception of his forehead which features an eight pointed star formed out of the void space. The Emerald City belt strapped tightly around his waist; his Mohawk stands high above his slickly shaved head.)

Creed: Once again folks; "The champ' is here..."

Anderson:You really can't think of anything else to say other than that every time? Bush league.

McGinnis: Indeed, Aaron. Vizier ta Seti looks just as focused as ever and I'd wager to say intends to retain his Emerald City Championship here in Seattle' crown jewel of venues.

Creed: My esteemed colleague, of course, referencing The Key Arena! The former home of the Seattle Supersonics and a bitter sweet tenure in the National Basketball League.

Anderson:Esteemed my ...

Creed: And we'd like to take a moment to thank all the fine viewers who decided to tune in for both; "Surge!" and Chain Reaction 9, were this will finally be aired for the public at large!

Anderson:This broadcaster? Who the hell are you Bob Costas? Dan Rather? Peter Jennings? Uh ... Cronkite?

(Set enters the cage and ring and ceremoniously hands the Emerald City belt over to Tony Daniels. Daniels holds it high above his head showing all four sides of the crowd the prize for victory. The title is handed out the door and it is then shut and locked.)

Creed: Here we go!

Anderson:Don't ignore me, Creed.

(Tony Daniels calls for the bell.)

McGinnis: There is the bell!

(Vizier ta Seti and Perfection square up and Seti calls for the test of strength. Perfection obliges but fires a quick leg into the gut of the champion.)

Creed: Cheap shot by Perfection!

Anderson:Cheap shot? That is a strategic maneuver if I have ever seen one!

(Perfection follows up with a heavy forearm to the neck of a doubled over Seti. Seti drops to one knee.)

Anderson:"The Champ is ..." down! See, Creed, that is how it's done. Homage, yet original.

Creed: Nice one, Terry.

McGinnis: Perfection appears to be extremely focused tonight and isn't going to let this opportunity pass him by; dropkick to the face of Seti!

(Seti falls backwards to the mat. Perfection hustles to his feet and approaches the champion.)

McGinnis: Perfection wasn't no time here, but it may be a bit early to go submission.

(Perfection contorts Seti's lower half and locks in a Boston crab.)

Anderson:Your crazy! That is a Perfect Crab! There is no ...

(Seti muscles his way out of the hold almost instantly.)

Creed: What was that, Terry?

Anderson:What? No, nothing... I think Guinness was saying something.

McGinnis: Seti, off to a rough start but now is back to his feet and looks more angry than anything!

(Seti measures Perfection as he scrambles to his feet. Perfection gets vertical and turns to face Seti.)

Creed: Spear! Vizier ta Seti mows down Perfection with a devastating spear!

McGinnis: This could be Seti's turning point after such a rough start here tonight.

(Seti is quick to his feet and drags Perfection by the hair with him. A quick shot to the face for good measure before he clenches his opponent around the waist.)

McGinnis: Gorgeous Belly to Belly Suplex from the reigning champion!

Creed: And I don't think he is done!


Creed: Seti dragging Perfection from the mat once again. Perfection into the ropes!

McGinnis: Fury of the Fates!

(Perfection slingshots off the ropes and barely ducks the Clothesline From Hell.)


(He returns from the other side with a lot of speed and elevation that makes a Forearm Smash look more like a Flying

Creed: Caught!

McGinnis: And a vicious Power slam will give us our first pen attempt of the night.

Creed: And our first near fall. Kick out at two.

(Seti wastes no time arguing with referee Tony Daniels and returns to the offensive.)

Creed: Seti is more focused then ever here tonight!

Anderson:Get off it, Creed. We get it... you love yellow people!

(Seti pulls Perfection to his feet once again but is met with some resistance this time.)

Creed: Perfection throwing some heavy fists as he comes to his feet.

(The blows by Perfection ward off Seti long enough for the challenger to stand to his feet on his own free will. He continues the boxing clinic focusing on the face of champion momentarily.)

McGinnis: Blocked, and Seti returns fire!

Anderson:What the hell!?

McGinnis: Irish whip, and Perfection is sent for the ride!

Creed: Could this be the See No Evil?

(The screen goes dark and the house lights gradually restore to their full intensity. The crowd in attendance lets out a chorus of thunderous boo's and other choice words.

The screen rises slowly above the entrance way to reveal Art Mori with a "IWF" cuffed microphone in hand.)

Art Mori: Ladies and Gentlemen, I would first and foremost like to welcome you all to International Wrestling Federation's Ninth installment of Chain Reaction!

(Mixed reaction. Some still boo while others are suckered into the cheap pop.)

Art Mori: Secondly, I would like to express my sincerest apologies for the outcome of "Surge!" both as a live event and as an unfortunate televised timing mistake. As you've just witnessed, as promised, the Emerald City Championship match from that nights event will be broadcast here tonight on Chain Reaction!

(Still mixed but the balance is beginning to shift.)

Art Mori: A match and title of this magnitude deserves to be the main event, the mid-card, and the show opener! So tonight that is exactly what you will receive! Vizier ta Seti defending against Perfection in the Key Arena will air both live in the Moss Bay Event Center, as well on the live television broadcast on Chain Reaction!

(Yet again mixed crowd reaction. Although finally an even draw down the middle. The best Mori can hope for at this point.)

Art Mori: Without further ado, I turn the broadcast of now to the capable hands of Aarron Creed, Terry "The Idol" Anderson, and Brian ...

(Art is interrupted by Courtney Paz's voice thundering over the public address system although not yet in sight.)

Courtney Paz: Hold it!

(Courtney Paz steps through the curtain wielding a second microphone sans the decorative cuff.)

Courtney Paz: That's it? The Minstrel attempted to hang Go-Go Spectacular in the middle of the ring, Terry Anderson provided an underage Kerry Kuroyama with alcohol and the closest thing you gave the televised audience to the main event was a scuffle backstage and that's all you have to say about Surge!?

(Mori attempts to raise the microphone to his face but Paz continues before he can speak.)

Courtney Paz: Your mismanagement of this company never ceases to amaze me, Mori.

(Mori raises the microphone quickly and jumps in.)

Art Mori: Need I remind you Miss Paz; you ... much like all the talent in the IWF, are under my employ?

Courtney Paz: Need I remind ... YOU, Art; I'm am under direct contract of Chairman Cho and his silent partner. I do not answer to you nor anyone else below Chairman Cho! I was sent here to ensure you did not squander your brother-in-laws' investment!

(Mori, again, raises the microphone to rebut Paz's comments only to be cut off.)

Courtney Paz: You may stand idly by and take no action, Art. I cannot. When Cho starts demanding answers I cannot and will not survive your incompetence and constant mismanagement! I was sent here to do a job and I will see it through.

(Paz storms off, back through the curtain, and out of sight. Mori stands on the ramp way stunned momentarily before pulling it together enough to stagger through an introduction to the traditional show open.)

Art Mori: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Chain Reaction NINE!

(Cut to: Video package.)
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Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Show Introduction


Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

V/O: What is Chain Reaction?

CUTTO Mateo: Raw

More lightning...........

CUTTO Kuroyama: Tradition

More lightning...........

CUTTO Perfection: Perfect

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

CUTTO Douglas: Home

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"



"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

(Cut to: Phasing static that quickly gives way to a new signal source.

Cut to: IWF presents Surge!

Cut to: More static.

Cut to: The end of the Leyenda de Ocho/Steve "Axion" Jackson match.)

Creed: Ocho, for the win here.

(Jackson continued to try and break free but the referees hand slapped the mat for the three just before Jackson broke free of the pin attempt.)

McGinnis: Did he get it?

Creed: He got it!

(Cut to: Gail Martin standing backstage in front of the IWF backdrop with a suited Cecilworth Farthington and four burly men behind him.)

Cecilworth Farthington: I guess we'll just have to find that out at the next Chain Reaction, won't we sweetie? Boys, come on, we're blowing this crumpet stand!

(Cut to: The controversial conclusion of the Minstrel/Go-Go Spectacular strap match.)

Creed: Paz hits the ring – she is telling Go-Go to continue here !

McGinnis: Look out! The Minstrel snuck to his feet and spun her around and…

Creed: Kick to the midsection and vicious Scissor kick!


McGinnis: Paz looks absolutely shocked! The Minstrel staring at her; laughing.

(The Minstrel gives Paz the thumbs up and wraps the strap around Go-Go neck once again.)

Anderson:The assist to Paz!

Creed: Oh my… Oh NO!

(He leverages the strap over his shoulder and lifts a struggling Go-Go up on his back.)

Creed: He is carrying her like a backpack!

McGinnis: Paz is horrified! He’s hanging her! ONE!

(Cut to: Gail Martin with Perfection)

PERFECTION: Other than I was the one who set it all up, that I was the one who picked this match, that I obviously did this all for a reason? I can ensure you, Seti, the thousands of lazy Seattleites in attendance tonight, that MY belt is coming home with daddy.

(Cut to: Perfection and Vizier ta Seti charging down the hallway at one another.)

Anderson:HERE WE GO!!!!!!

Creed: We may not make it to the Main Event! They are going to kill each other! Seti and Perfection are throwing fists of fire in the back!!! And here comes security to tear them apart!

McGinnis: What a way to start off tonight! You know it is only going to extend!

(Cut to: Spooky Doom on the top rope.)

Creed: Spooky Doom from the top rope! He leaps ... Wheel of Doom! Wheel of Doom!

McGinnis: And the cover! One ...

(Niles hands appear on the apron and his head follows.)

McGinnis: TWO!

(Niles scrambles to his feet and slides in the ring lunging at Spooky and Patton.)

McGinnis: Three! Spooky Doom takes it all!

(Cut to: Eddie Whisky dropping Mary-Lynn Mayweather and attacking The Minstrel as he enters the ring. Tony Daniels calls for the bell.)

Creed: Wait- Wait! That can't count! It can't!

Donald Bell: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by disqualification Eddie Whiskey!

Anderson:Whiskey wins! Whiskey wins! By disqualification!

McGinnis: That means; Mary-Lynn Mayweather ...

Anderson:Cheated! She's gone, she's out of here!

Creed: Mary-Lynn had nothing to do with the Minstrel's interference! Whatever happens, she doesn't deserve getting thrown out of the IWF!

(Cut to: Erik Mateo/Kerry Kuroyama Drunken Brawl Match. Terry Anderson and Courntey Paz are in the ring.)

Paz: Kerry Kuroyama is still below the legal age to consume alcohol.

(Cut to: A few moments later.)

Anderson:IDOL JUICE!!

Paz: ...Idol Juice?

(Cut to: Kuroyama swinging at Erik Mateo.)


(Cut to: The end of the Mateo/Kuroyama match.)

Anderson:UGH... what just happened?

Creed: Welcome back, Terry! In case you missed it, you just got KNOCKED OUT!!

McGinnis: But you’re not the only one!




Daniels: NINE!!


Creed: IT’S OVER!!


(Cut to: Scott Douglas and Courtney Allen backstage.)

Courtney: I don’t know, Scotty. What did your Dad tell you? … It’ll get worse before it gets better.

(Cut to: Courtney Allen and Derrick Allen backstage.)

Derrick: Mind your damn business, Courtney. Stay out of this. It's between me and him ... whatever happens ... happens!

(Cut to: Paz, Mori, and Dr. Justin Stahl standing on the ramp. Douglas, Allen, and Courtney Allen in the ring.)

Dr. Stahl: ... regretfully I cannot at this time sign off on your clearance to perform.

(Cut to: A few moments later.)

Mori: Tony, shut it down.

Paz: You won’t get away with this, Art!

Mori: I’m just doing my job, Paz. I suggest you do the same and in the future; try and factor in some ethics.

(Cut to: Courtney Paz stopping security at the ramp way.)

Paz: I don’t care who you got your orders from! I say it continues.

(Cut to: Derrick and Scott going blow for blow in the ring, neither giving up and inch, although slowing dramatically

Cut to: Seconds later. Derrick Allen tries for an ADD Kick (Super Kick) and Scott Douglas ducks. Both men find a chair each from earlier in the would-be match.

Courtney gathers herself and can see what will unfold…

Scott and Derrick stand …

Courtney steps toward to the pair to beg for this to end…

Scott and Derrick turn …

Courtney holds her arms out stretched, crying and screaming …

Scott and Derrick swing …

The crowd falls silent. )

(Cut to: Aaron Creed and Terry Anderson in the commentary booth.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, I sincerely apologize for the entire IWF and staff for what has just taken place. I’m nearly speechless…

(Cut to: Courtney being wheeled to the back.

Cut to: Aaron Creed, Terry Anderson and Brian McGuiness)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, as the medical team continues to secure Courtney Allen and do their all to insure her health and safety; I come to you as the bearer of bad news. We have ran out of our allotted television time this evening and will not be able to air our main event. With all the chaos and injuries suffered at the hands of our talent tonight, and the time it has taken to properly care for our IWF family; we have less than five minutes left on air.

Anderson:What?! Where the hell is Mori?! Paz?! Somebody! This cannot stand! Get that ring rat out the ring NOW!

Creed: The match will take place in the Key Arena tonight and will air on next week's Chain Reaction 9!

Anderson:Oh, never mind. As long as I see it tonight.

Creed: For the IWF, I would like to express our deepest apologies to our audience watching at home and we hope everyone will tune in for Chain Reaction to see more live IWF action as well as our championship main event!

Anderson:Oh, I'm so spoiling the ending as SOON as we go on air! The very second!

Creed: Chain Reaction 9, added bonus. Terry "The Idol" Anderson has the night off.


BURST OF STATIC.............


Chain Reaction 9

The music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

(Cut to: Aaron Creed, Brian McGinnis and Terry "The Idol" Anderson on the commentary stage.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Chain Reaction 9! Live from the Moss Bay Event Center! As always we have a ton of action is store for you tonight and if you have just tuned in with us tonight we are off to a controversial start already!

Anderson: Surprise, surprise!

Creed: Our incredible main event from "Surge!" will be aired in three more parts here tonight as the opening of the bout served as the ... opening of Chain Reaction this evening as per the order of Art Mori!

Anderson: Art ... Bore me, more like it.

Creed: Those just joining us, be sure to check your DVR systems and/or our syndicated replay on the ESEN network! Check your local channel guides and watch all the action again this Wednesday at three am pacific standard time!

Anderson: Speaking of replay, Creedy-boy! As promised, to save us ... ALL the continually mundane performance put on by that yellow guy, I'm just going to go ahead and tell everyone that at "Surge!" Perfection ...

Creed: I'm being told now we have eyes on Courtney Paz backstage and she is not happy.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"Taking Matters into Her Own Hands"/Cecilworth Farthington vs. Dusty Rodgers

(Cut to: Courtney Paz in her small makeshift office. She stands impatiently behind her desk with her phone pressed tightly against her ear. She lets out a deep sigh of frustration and begins speaking into the receiver in a hurried tone.)

Courtney Paz: Chairman Cho, this is Courtney Paz from the IWF. We have many matters to discuss pertaining to Art Mori and the well being of your investment. Please give me a call back at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

(She slams her hand down on the phone body to end the call. Upon its release she starts dialing feverishly. The call appears to have gone straight to voicemail.)

Courtney Paz: It's Paz. This is starting to go too far. I think it's time to pull the trigger.

(She slams the phone back down on its base to end the brief call. Fade to commercial.)

Creed: Welcome back to Chain Reaction NINE! We just caught a quick backstage glimpse of Courtney Paz and a strange phone message regarding Art Mori and the IWF but to whom is anyone's guess!

McGinnis: Clearly there is quite a bit of unrest and instability in the IWF's front office these days.

Anderson:Yeah, and you'll be the first to get the axe, Guinness.

Creed: As Donald Bell takes the ring, we will move right along with more LIVE IWF action as the newest signee to the International Wrestling Federation: Cecilworth Farthington will face off against the "Woo" man himself, Dusty Rodgers!

McGinnis: It's been a little while sense we've seen Dusty in an IWF ring but he always puts on a great show for the IWF faithful here at the Moss Bay Event center and around the world on ESEN!

Creed: And of course right here live on Q13 Fox!

McGinnis: Of course.

Donald Bell: Introducing first ...

(Cue Up: "Vietnow" by Rage Against The Machine)

Creed: If my memory serves me correctly that isn't Stephen Waltz's usual music and I'd have to guess it isn't Jake Evans either.

(Cut to: The entrance way. The projection screen lowers slowly. It hangs up for a second and a hand pop from behind the curtain and jostles it loose. It reaches its final position and a image of Courtney Paz flickers to life on it. The crowd lets out a mixed reaction comprised of mostly boos as the music draws to a close.)

Courtney Paz: Are you sure this is broadcasting?

(She is assured from behind the camera that it is, in a muffled tone.)

Courtney Paz: It better be. Don't make me do this whole speech again with no one seeing it!

("Your live now." murmurs in the same tone from behind the camera.)

Courtney Paz: Ladies and Gentlemen, since tonight ... Chain Reaction just so happens to have a screen and Art Mori has decided to go an hide in his office rather than deal with the multiple transgression that took place on "Surge!" I am forced to take care of these matters myself and what better way than from my office making use of somewhat modern technology.

(Courtney glares off screen. The crowd reaction is a confused one and she continues.)

Courtney Paz: First matter of business, Terry Anderson!

Creed: This is going to be good.

Anderson:What I do?

Courtney Paz: For your involvement in the incident involving Kerry Kuroyama on "Surge!" your pay will be docked for tonight, and the forthcoming; Chain Reaction 10.

(Cut to the commentary stage.)

Anderson:What? Are you kidding me? It's not like I forced it on the kid. Hell, I didn't even make the match!

Creed: You heard the lady, Terry.

Anderson:I'm will not ...

(Terry Anderson stops mid sentence as four members of security round the back of the entrance set up and post themselves next to the stage.)

Anderson:On second thought, hey ... I don't need the money! Idol Juice is about to blow up nationwide, on sale now ask you local retailer to stock up!

(Terry motions to security.)

Anderson:Stand down boys, If nothing else I want to be here when the world see's ...

(Cut to: Courtney Paz on screen.

Courtney Paz: And furthermore, if you or any of you three spoil the main event before it airs in its entirety you'll be out on your ass! That will be all.

(Courtney stares into the camera momentarily. "Clear" mutters from behind the camera, although she is not.)

Courtney Paz: Has Douglas or Allen shown up yet?

(She is informed they were mistaken and she is still live.)

Courtney Paz: Damn it! Cut it off!

(The screen images flickers out and returns the screen to its once white hue as it slowly rises once again.)

Creed: Well, there you have it ... Terry is working for free tonight!

Anderson:And next week. Mori and I will have a little talk about this.

McGinnis: I think this next match up should be quite the debut for Cecilworth Farthington


Creed: Indeed it should. I'm interested to see if this kid can pull off a win over Dusty Rodgers.

Anderson:That kid, as you put it, is probably the best trained athlete in this stinking joint aside from Perfection, and of course Stephen Waltz. He has money to burn and you're about to see the physical prowess that wealth can buy.

Creed: I'll believe it when I see it. Up next folks stay tuned as we see Farthington take on Dusty Rodgers in what is bound to be a fascinating insight into the newcomer.

The match began with Farthington handing over his “extravagantly expensive” sunglasses to his army of trainers at ringside as Dusty Rodgers looked on completely bemused with the entire situation. Farthington barely had a chance to turn his attentions towards Rodgers before Rodgers drilled a knee into the young Lord's son's back. Rodgers hoisted up Farthington and dropped him down on his posterior with an atomic drop and the fans went wild – as did Rodgers knees. Rodgers went for a second but during the hoist, Farthington poked Rodgers eyes and was quick to follow it up with a subtle mule kick. Rodgers grabbed his testicular region in pain as he tried to get a little breather against the ropes.

McGinnis: Well I don't agree with it but it's a smart way to get out of trouble.

Anderson:What do you mean you don't agree with it? If that dancing buffoon had the upper hand on me I'd be about ready to pull out all the stops as well.

Creed: It's a good thing you're stuck here with us, sans pay, then isn't it.
Farthington took a good bit of control in the opening minutes of the match, as he took down Rodgers with a headlock and was quick to switch into an armbar. Rodger rolled in pain but got to the ropes but Cecilworth refused to let go until the count of five. Cecilworth hopped up and began to series of stomps to the gut of Rodgers.

Anderson:This kid has a bit of a mean streak in him, that's what I like to see!

Creed: I like to see honest competitive action but maybe that's just me.

Anderson:It is.
Farthington hoisted Rodgers up, looking for the Enziguri but Rodgers managed to duck the kick to the head and flip over the more petite Farthington. Farthington managed to flip over and land on his feet but as he did so...


McGinnis: It's smart of Rodgers here, he has a massive size advantage and he's not letting it go to waste.
Rodgers rushed towards Cecilworth looking to take him down with a running cross body but Cecilworth managed to drop down and duck out of the way at the last second, sending Rodgers with his own momentum crashing to the mat.

Anderson:Thankfully Cecilworth never found out.

McGinnis: And now he's stalking Rodgers and laying in wait.
Cecilworth followed Rodgers slowly around the ring as Rodgers pulled himself back up from his dazed and confused state. As Rodgers staggered around towards Farthington, Farthington hooked his legs, hoisted him up and dropped him to the mat with the Fisherman's Suplex he had called "Worthless."

Creed: THE WORTHLESS! This has to be over.

Anderson:Rodgers certainly has to feel worthless after that one.

Creed: And there's the count! One! Two! Three!

McGinnis: One match in and he already has a "W" on the board, impressive start from Cecilworth Farthington; here tonight.

Anderson:It's not impressive, it's nature.

Cecilworth invited his army of trainers into the ring and they hoisted him high in the air to celebrate his victory as if he'd just won a gold medal as Dusty Rodgers rolled out of the ring.

Creed: We've still got plenty more to come folks so stay tuned!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"A Formal Introduction"/Jake Evans vs. Stephen Waltz

[Return from commercial and the screen switches to show a close up of the intense glare belonging to new IWF superstar, Jake Evans. His face is the picture of a veteran grappler: scars on his forehead from being busted open in battle, wrinkles near the eyes that come with age, and he even has a few gray lines in his moustache and beard now that we get a close look. It is obvious this man has been through hell during his career. After several seconds, he finally speaks.]

"I hear what's bein' said out there 'bout me."

[He looks down. At what we don't know because all we see is a shot from the camera that has just neck and face in view, it really is an extreme close up.]

"People react to me in one of three different ways. There's the informed, the ignorant, and the just plain stupid."

[The camera pulls back slightly and you now see that he was looking at his wrist as he rolled tape around it to prepare for his match. He looks up to continue speaking.]

"Ya'll up here in the rain lands ought to be more intelligent. The brass of IWF have seen what I can do. They're the informed people here. It don't take miles of footage to see what my game plan is...

"I simply go out there and hurt people.

"It ain't rocket science. I've had all sorts come at me inside that ring. I've had everythin' from Canadian technical masters to high flyin' Mexicali jumpin' beans. Each one thinkin' that ol' ploddin' Jake is too slow to handle the action or that I'm not schooled enough to go hold-fer-hold.

"Yeah, the ignorant all think they can take me down and they have one thing in common...

"Every damn one of 'em got their asses beat."

[Jake pauses, almost seeming to remember the many ass-whippings he has doled out in his 20-year career. With a slight smile he sighs, then seems to snap back to reality with his intense glare fixed back on his face.]

"That brings me to the stupid."

[He raises up the program sheet given to the crowd with the lineup of matches on it. He begins moving his free hand's index finger around looking for an individual to point at.]

"Well, hell....that's most of 'em, to be completely honest!"

[He wads up the paper and throws it off camera.]

"You see ignorance means ya don't know any better. Bein' stupid means ya aren't smart enough to change once ya learn.

"There are men here who have seen me work before. These men like to talk big games and make even bigger claims about people I've never heard of. None of it matters. You think that because ol' Jake has never held a World Title as a singles wrassler that he ain't dangerous?

"Ya'll think youins can just outlast me?

"Then every damn one of ya are stupid."

[He stands to his feet, ready for his match.]

"Tonight I'm gonna give ya'll a free lesson on what the fear is all 'bout. Poor lil' Stevie is goin' to feel a lot of pain. It's gonna be a disaster for him."

[A pause.]

"And Stevie...

"This ain't personal. I don't think yer stupid, ignorant, or even remotely talented. Yer not a blip on the radar here in IWF. But ya have one thing others don't got...

"Yer first in line. Ya walked into the arena tonight, just like I did, and got told we were wrasslin'. If this weren't my debut, then I might go easy and drop ya fast and furious like....

"But, like I said.... yer first."

[A pregnant pause here.]

"And that means no mercy because someone must be the scapegoat. Someone must be the sacrificial lamb that warns the others in IWF and teaches them that sooner or later, everybody....

[A slight smirk on Jake's face.]




[Jake Evans walks off as the screen.]

(Cut to: The just announced Stephen Waltz, who raises his hand as his music, "Just Like You" by Three Days Grace dies down. The fans give him a nice, albeit placated, round of applause.)

Creed: Welcome back to Chain Reaction 9! We all just got to take a pre-match look at Jake Evans who will take on the entering Stephen Waltz in just a few minutes. Terry, there's your former top guy in the ring right now.

Anderson:He looks good too. It almost makes me long for the old days. When I used to get paid.

Creed: I'd suggest retirement. Brian, your thoughts?

McGinnis: I think this will be a complete slaughter. Jake Evans is a veteran in his own right and I can't honestly say I feel Waltz has any chance in this one.

Anderson:Hey ...

The opening Drumbeats of "The Sickness" by Disturbed begin to play as the crowd begins to get restless. Suddenly the voice of the lead singer is heard with the shrilling, alarming first notes. Loud guitar strums as the music gets a harder edge to it and we hear the voice again and the camera turns to the entrance curtain.
The music is full on and rocking hard as the fans begins booing loudly. Through the curtain steps Jake Evans. Jake is wearing basic black tights and boots. He stands for a second and wrings his hands together in front of him as he takes in the crowd's reaction. Finally, he slowly begins to walk toward the ring with a slight smirk on his face. He slides into the ring and just looks toward his opponent, as if sizing him up for the beating he is about to dish out.

Creed: Jake Evans has arrived in IWF! The man is arguably one of the legends of Southwestern wrestling and has made a name for himself internationally in the past few years ago.

Anderson:Don't count Waltz out!

Creed: This isn't a pie-eating contest or a birthday party, no surprises here, Terry.

Anderson:Don't get cocky, Creed. I may be working for free... but the second these black shirts take a break I'm out the door.

The two men walk toward each other before the bell, as they reach the middle of the ring, Jake holds out his hand for a handshake and Waltz looks at him for a minute. Waltz reaches out and takes Jake's hand as the crowd cheers, but those cheers immediately turn to heel jeers when Evans slaps Waltz across the face. Jake grabs that same hand again and uses it to anchor an Irish Whip across the ring. Jake rushes at his opponent, tackling him with a Thesz Press off the rebound of the ropes. Jake begins pummeling him with lefts and rights to the forehead!


McGinnis: Waltz walked right into this when he took that handshake.

Jake gets off Waltz an pulls him to his feet, only to scoop him up and dump him with a body slam. Evans drops a knee into the forehead for good measure, slowly tearing Waltz down from the top to the bottom. Jake gets Waltz to his feet again and whips him across the ring, Jake misses a clothesline attempt and Waltz rebounds off the other side of the ring ropes and leaps....into a flying forearm that staggers Jake Evans backward into the ring ropes himself!

Creed: Waltz showing signs of life and that fear Jake Evans tries to impart hasn't taken root just yet.

Anderson:That's my boy!

Waltz doesn't take time to gather his breath, rushing over and sliding behind Jake, landing a forearm shiver to the lower back, and then another. The older veteran wincing with the shots landing near his kidneys. Waltz shoves Evans into the ropes, but Jake grabs the top rope to stop his momentum and watches Stephen drop his head for the next potential move. Jake plants a boot to the back of his head and Walts drops to the canvas.

Creed: Evans with a boot to the head!

Anderson:Why are you always so hard on Waltz?

Creed: His performance speaks for himself.

Waltz stands to his feet and the wily veteran throws a wicked jab to the inside of the right knee, humbling Waltz back to the canvas. Jake waits for Waltz to stand and grabs him up for an Atomic Drop! Waltz prances in a circle after the impact on Jake's thigh and ends up with his arm in Jake's grasp again. Jake yanks on the arm and buries his knee in Waltz's stomach. Evans whips Waltz into the ropes and then rushes at him, clothes lining Waltz down to the mat with a thunderous, sickening thud.


Creed: You know, 182,000 Americans die from Jake Evans-related accidents every year.

Anderson:Give it a rest, already.

Creed: No seriously! .The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease, 2. Jake Evans and 3. Cancer.

Evans picks Waltz up and literally tosses him over the top rope and down to the floor. Waltz lands on the lightly padded concrete floor while Evans stands in the ring and taunts Waltz, which gets the crowd even more pissed at Evans. Jake steps out of the ring and grabs Waltz off the floor, shoving him into the steel ring post, shoulder-first.

Creed: The "Day of the Dead" in Mexico is not about remembering loved ones, but rather the solemn name given to Jake Evans' last vacation to the country when he killed thousands of people after being overcharged for lousy cervesa.

Anderson:Oh brother... Do these black shirts ever take a break? This is unbearable.

Jake has an almost bored expression on his face as he picks up Waltz and sets him up to be shoved back into the ring. However, Jake stops and slams his face into the ring apron first before shoving him under the bottom rope. He seems to laugh and shake his head before sliding in behind his opponent. Jake Evans pulls Waltz into a kneeling position with his head between Jake's knees. Evans lifts him for a massive jackknife Power bomb that gets a major gasp from the crowd.

Creed: That is a rare move from Evans! The old man with a power bomb!

McGinnis: Evan's with the cover. One ... Two ... Thre ... No! Evan's pulls Waltz from the mat!

Anderson:Now this is just over kill!

Creed: He hasn't finished dishing out the punishment. Remember, this is a statement to the locker room as much as a match against Waltz.

Anderson:So he is willing to seriously hurt a man to make a point?

Creed: Apparently, so.

Anderson:I begrudgingly have to respect that.

The crowd seems enraged that Jake would pull Waltz's shoulder up himself when the match was certainly won. Jake begins ramming Waltz's head back against the canvas over and over. Finally the referee forces this to stop and allow Waltz a chance to stay alive. Jake jumps up and starts yelling at the referee for getting in the way. Waltz stands to his feet behind them and Jake has no clue. Jake turns around and blocks a kick from a standing Waltz and whips him across the ring and into the corner. Waltz hits with a hard thud and stumbles back into a boot to the gut. Jake then moves as quick as a rattlesnake when it bites and grabs Waltz's head for a Stunner.

Creed: Lights out! This one is as good as over!

McGinnis: Evans with an arrogant cover, laying on top of Waltz! One ... Two ... Three!

Creed: And Jake Evans takes this one. What a debut for a veteran star! Although I can't say I agree with his un-sportsman like conduct; he is going to be something special in IWF, mark my words.

("The Sickness" begins to play as the referee raises Jake's hand in the center of the ring. Jake jerks his arm away and grabs Waltz again, throwing him over the top rope and to the arena floor. He wipes his hands after doing so and exits the opposite way toward the aisle.)

Anderson:HEY! That's over the top!

Creed: As much as it pains me to agree with Terry Anderson; that was completely uncalled for. We're going to need the medical team to come and check on Stephen Waltz!

(Cut to: The commentary stage.)

Anderson:I'm on my way Stevie!

(Anderson jumps from his seat and throws his headset down. The security initially stops him from leaving the stage. They have words that are inaudible on camera and after a few wild motions they allow Anderson to exit the stage and follow him to ringside.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will return after the messages with part two on the "Surge!" Main event featuring Perfection and The Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Perfection vs. Seti Part II/Leyenda de Ocho vs. Spooky Doom

(The projection screen slowly lowers and flickers to life picking up from just before it ended at the top of the show.
On Screen: The blows by Perfection ward off Seti long enough for the challenger to stand to his feet on his own free will. He continues the boxing clinic focusing on the face of champion momentarily.)

McGinnis: Blocked, and Seti returns fire!

Anderson:What the hell!?

McGinnis: Irish whip, and Perfection is sent for the ride!

Creed: Could this be the See No Evil?

(Perfection returns from the ropes and takes a kick to the gut. He doubles over and just as Seti reaches to grab two handfuls of Perfection's hair; Perfection drops to his knees.)

Creed: Low blow!

Anderson:Perfectly legal, Creedy-Boy! You're watching a ring master at work.

Creed: Legal or not ... despicable!

(Seti drops to the mat as Perfection comes to his feet still favoring the midsection. He puts a few boots to a downed Seti.)

Creed: These are hardly the actions of a champion. Prime reason why Perfection has never held that belt.

Anderson:He is the rightful champion, Creed!

McGinnis: Perfection is going for it!

(Perfection clips up the ropes using the cage for balance.)

Creed: Is this how a true champion claims their title? From a Low Blow?

Anderson:A smart one does! Go! Go!

(Perfection hooks his left foot into the chain link and raises his right foot from the ring rope. Seti stirs.)

Creed: Vizier ta Seti is showing some signs of life! Any man in attendance or watching at home can attest to the pain of which the champion is fighting through right now!

(Seti makes it to a knee with one foot firmly planted; attempting to shake off the crotch shot. Perfection slowly makes his way up the short cage.)

Creed: He's up!

Anderson:Go! Faster, stronger, higher!

(Seti grabs the back of Perfections tights and pulls toward the ring. The tights stretch first and eventually the pressure catches up to his waist.)

Anderson:No! That's flagrant cheating!

Creed: Not in this match, Terry-Boy.

Anderson:What did you call me?

Creed: Yeah, it felt wrong as it came out.

(Perfection holds on as tightly as he possibly can but eventually the force is too much and he is sent crashing back to the ring. On the way down he manages to clip Seti with an elbow that staggers the champion.)

McGinnis: Perfection hits the mat hard!

Anderson:Get up! Get him!

Creed: I believe Perfection may have tagged Seti as he came undone from that chain link cage!

(Seti recovers first as Perfection stirs. Seti approaches the challenger and begins to pull him to his feet by his hair. Perfection lands a forearm into Seti's midsection as he is pulled up. Seti lets loose his grasp and stumbles back a step. Perfection makes chase and grabs an unsuspecting Seti.)

Creed: Northern Light Suplex! I have to admit that is an impressive maneuver from Perfection. Vizier ta Seti is not a small man!

Anderson:Beyond impressive. Perfect!

McGinnis: Perfection should have gone for a pin here. Instead, it appears he will remain on the offensive and is dragging the Champion back to his feet!

Creed: Set's him up; DDT!

Anderson:Set's up, Seti! That's what you should have said there.

Creed: So you do know his name?

Anderson:Who? The yellow guy?

Creed: Vizier ta Seti. The Emerald City Champion.

(Perfection pulls himself to his feet and lays a few boots to Seti. He rounds the Champion's torso and kicks his feet together as he approaches where 6'3" starts. He looks to the crowd to insight a reaction just before grabbing Seti's ankle and stepping through.)

Anderson:Not for long! Cue Guinness!

McGinnis: Perfection may be ... yes, Picture Perfect!

Creed: Holy smokes! Perfection has his Figure Four leg lock - locked in on the Champion!

Anderson: It's over now "Old Yellar!"

Creed: That's a new one.

Anderson:Yeah, I've been working on it. You like it?

Creed: Not in particular.

McGinnis: Referee Tony Daniels' is checking with the champion and he attempts to hold on through the excruciating pain this hold inflicts!

Anderson:Give it up! It's over!

Creed: This is a pinnacle moment in Vizier ta Seti's title reign!

Anderson:I think you mean; pyramid.

(Seti shoulders fall flat to the mat.)

McGinnis: Tony Daniel's counts; One, Two ...

(The projector is cut off and the near capacity Moss Bay Event center erupts in disapproval. The screen raises slowly.

Cut to: The commentary stage. Aaron Creed and Brian McGinnis speak at a slightly higher than normal volume to talk over the chorus of boo's and heckles.)

Creed: What a cliffhanger!

McGinnis: Agreed. I can't wait for everyone to see the classic end to what, as we've seen, is a classic match!

Creed: Certainly. Now that we are back live, let's go down to the ring for a Lucha Libre Extrav...


McGinnis: Yes?

Creed: Oh I'm sorry. I was waiting for Terry to interrupt. I need to soak in this moment for a second.

McGinnis: Both men claim to be the future of the Lucha Libre style here in the United States. There are several wrinkles to that style of wrestling, and it will be interesting to see who can take the advantage here.

Creed: Tony Daniels calls for the bell, and here we go!

Leyenda de Ocho and Spooky Doom circle each other at a brisk pace. Five seconds into the match, Ocho makes the first aggressive move, charging across the ring with a clothesline that Spooky ducks underneath. Ocho bounces off the ropes and charges hard, going for another clothesline, as Spooky counters with a huge arm drag. Ocho gets to his feet quickly and charges Spooky once again, which is countered by a second arm drag.

Creed: Ocho's the aggressor, but Spooky seems to have an answer for everything thrown at him in the early going.

McGinnis: He's going to have to change his strategy here if he plans on doing any damage to the more experienced Spooky Doom, Creed.

On cue, Ocho stands back up, staring down his opponent. Spooky taunts and begins to push the action, landing several stiff kicks to Ocho's legs. Ocho manages to counter with a big dropkick, followed by an Exploder Suplex. Ocho goes for the cover. Spooky Doom kicks out instantly. Ocho drops a few boots into Spooky Doom just before he approaches the ropes and slings himself to the top. Ocho launches off with an impressive Moonsault and attempts the pen yet again. Spooky kicks out; once again. Both men rise to their feet as the crowd cheers for this display of agility and power. Ocho is taken aback as Spooky Doom looks completely unfazed.

Spooky launches into a flurry of textbook lucha libre moves - head scissors takedown, the La Tapatia, a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT and his signature The Eeriecanrana. Ocho looks completely wobbled as he barely escapes pin fall by getting his bottom foot on the ropes. Ocho remains on the floor after the last pin fall attempt as Spooky climbs the ropes. He poses for the crowd to a huge pop and leaps off, committing fully into a glorious Wheel of Doom.

Creed: This could be big trouble, and - WOW! Ocho rolled out of the way! Spooky Doom is WRITHING in pain on the ground!

Ocho takes to action before Spooky Doom can recover. Approaching the turnbuckle and obtaining a fist full of ropes on either side; Ocho flings himself to the top of the turnbuckle and spins around. He sets and then launches himself into a Moonsault.

McGinnis: Ocho trying for another Moonsault and landed knees-first on Spooky Doom's ribs! I'm not sure whether or not Ocho meant to land that way, but that'll REALLY knock the wind out of you!

Creed: Ocho for the cover! One, two ...

McGinnis: KICKOUT! I'm not sure how Spooky Doom is kicking out after that show to the ribs but all in all; they both look worse for the wear, Aaron. This thing could be over with one more big move.

The crowd is going nuts. Dueling chants for "Let's go Ocho!" and "Spoo-ky Doom!" erupt. Spooky Doom lies clutching his ribs near one of the ring posts. Ocho, slightly dazed, takes a few steps back towards the opposite ring posts.

He holds up eight fingers to the crowd as cheers erupt throughout the building. As Spooky rises to one knee, Ocho charges. He puts one leg on Spooky's knee, which Spooky instinctively grabs and attempts to fort Ocho's offense. Ocho follows through and crashes into Spooky Doom's head with a stiff Shining Wizard. As Spooky falls backwards, he maintains his grip on Ocho's leg, and forces Ocho to plow face-first into the bottom turnbuckle.

Creed: A HUGE collision in the corner, and one or both of these competitors could be really hurt here. Tony Daniels is beginning his count, neither man is showing signs of getting up.

The count from referee Tony Daniels creeps past five and continues climbing with no significant movement from either competitor. As the count approaches eight Ocho beings to stir. As Daniel's calls out "Nine!" the crowd comes unhinged at the site of the "Spooky Sit Up" as Ocho gets up to his knees and struggles to plant on foot solid on the canvas. Spooky leans forward to rise to his feet, Ocho gets one foot gingerly planted.

Tony Daniels: Ten! Ring the bell!

McGinnis: It looks like a double technical knockout for these competitors, but man - they really put on one hell of a show here tonight! I doubt this is the last we've seen of this matchup!

Creed: Ladies and gentlemen, it seems clear that the IWF is on the cusp of something big with these two young stars.

The crowd boos loudly as Ocho collapses once again to the mat. Spooky, has a confused expression on his face as Daniels attempts to explains the result. Spooky pulls himself to his feet with the use of the ropes and stalks down Ocho. He drags Ocho to his feet via his mask and send him into the ropes and Spooky Doom follows. Ocho, rather than hit the ropes back first, jumps and springboards from the second rope and lands on Spooky Dooms shoulders. After a split second struggle; Ocho spins around to Spooky Doom's front side and delivers a Hurricanrana that sends Doom through the ropes and to the outside. Ocho manages to stay on the apron as Spooky lands on his feet ringside.

Ocho wastes no time and springboards off the middle rope once again and launches into yet another Moonsault to the ringside floor. Spooky Doom takes the full force of the blow and his knee seems to twist and buckle under Ocho's weight.

Creed: That doesn't look good!

McGinnis: Not at all, Aaron. The human knee is not supposed to bend that way!

In the aftermath of the crash Spooky Doom favors his knee but recovers from the impact slightly quicker than Ocho. Spooky Doom hobbles to one foot and with a lunge straddles the worn Ocho and the two begin to throw blows and brawl with one another while rolling around on the lightly padded floor. Equally dishing out blow after blow to one another.

Creed: This match has clearly, not only entertained, but spawned some bad blood amongst these two Luchadors!

McGinnis: And here comes security.

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, we'll be right back from commercial break as we get these two separated and clear the ring area for more live IWF action.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
The Minstrel vs. Johnny Niles/Perfection vs. Seti Part III

Creed: Welcome back to LIVE IWF action on Chain Reaction 9! Brian, we have quite the trouble maker on our hands up next!

McGinnis The Minstrel has been quite the force in and out of the ring since his arrival. Also Johnny Niles, quite the competitor himself is looking to finally break that losing streak!

Creed Lets go to this ring!

The match started cautiously enough, Niles and the Minstrel slowly feeling each other out while looking for a straight test of strength. Which Minstrel broke up with a straight kick to the gut, gaining control of Niles with an arm wringer.
The larger, stronger Johnny Niles proved a hard target to control but it was a show of agility in a forward roll that gave Johnny the means to escape and come back with an arm wringer of his own, into a standing headlock. Minstrel manages to shove Johnny into the ropes but get's struck down with a shoulder block on the return, Johnny immediately looking for the figure four and Minstrel kicking him off during the spinning toe hold.

McGinnis: Seems both Niles and the Minstrel are evenly matched, wouldn't you say? No one has struck any decisive blow to date.

Minstrel with the spinning heel kick that dazes Johnny Niles... except he turns to the ropes and leaps back into a Guillotine Lariat!

McGinnis: But he suckered the Minstrel with that one!

Johnny goes back to the figure four and this time locks it in. "Best in the World" showboating, telling everyone who's boss and who has who in the figure four. Minstrel, amazingly enough, toughs it out: sitting up and elbowing Johnny's legs to break the hold, even managing to succeed! So Johnny Niles roundhouse kicks him as Minstrel tries to get up. That nets a cover... but merely a two count.

Creed: Amazed to see Minstrel kicked out after getting his head rattled like that.

Johnny pressed the advantage with the double underhook suplex... blocked by Minstrel. Minstrel with the reversal backdrop and boy was he pissed! Digging deep down into the depths of his cruelty, Minstrel rebounded with a leaping elbow smash to Johnny's face followed by a spinning neckbreaker. With Johnny's neck straddling the middle rope, the Minstrel thus proceed to stand on Niles' upper back, using the top rope for added leverage.

McGinnis: And now the true Minstrel emerges: sick, sadistic and violent. He's breaking it just on the cusp of five, man knows what he's doing.

Johnny Niles didn't even get the chance to get to his feet before the Minstrel nailed him with a flying elbow drop and a return to the rope hanging torture. Ref becomes much more active and breaks on 3, forcing Minstrel to switch tactics and drag Johnny around by the arm, going for the crossface chickenwing.

Creed: This could end in tragedy right here!

Niles snapmares Minstrel away and takes over with a running high knee. Minstrel stumbles around, falling into the N-Plex inverted atomic drop/northern lights combo. Another kick out at two. Johnny Niles showing signs of frustrations. Johnny Niles definitely wanting to finish that match... with a win. Throat cut motion...

McGinnis: Johnny Niles signaling for the SGN, Say Good Night!

Johnny hoists the Minstrel on his shoulders, but the Minstrel still has plenty of fight in him! Even held upon Niles' shoulders, the Minstrel elbows Johnny's head furiously, until dropping Minstrel to the mat. Minstrel lands on his feet, jawjacker headbutt leaves Johnny Niles stumbling as Minstrel bounces off the ropes into a flying clothesline. Furious stomping occurs, followed by raining forearm drops by the sadistic competitor. Hoists Johnny up... fisherman's suplex, cradles...

Creed: Things getting more heated now, Minstrel just narrowly avoids putting Johnny Niles away.

Minstrel picks up Niles, only to receive a heavy right hand cross to the jaw. And another. Spinning heel kick by the Minstrel in response. Roundhouse kick by Niles, ducked by Minstrel who answers with a dropkick that gets Johnny Niles off his feet. Running double knee drop makes Niles pay, followed by a grounded pummeling.

Creed: And now Minstrel just pummeling Johnny Niles!

The referee is once again forced to get in there, forcing the two apart. Minstrel pushes the referee away but eats SUP
ERKICK from Johnny Niles! Johnny Niles falls back on his ass, Minstrel looks completely out of it as the crowd screams for Johnny to make the cover! Johnny slowly recovers. Johnny see's Minstrel knocked out by the superkick! Johnny Niles, with a supreme effort of strength crawls his way towards the Minstrel so as to make the cover, the entire arena urging him on! Then Minstrel grabs his arm and turns into a chicken wing, wrapping his other arm around in a crossface.


Crossface chicken wing well applied on an exhausted Johnny Niles, Johnny has nowhere to go but tapland. Referee with your winner.

[After the match, the Minstrel leaned out of the ring directing for a microphone, one was handed to him. As he placed the microphone up to his mask the boos from the crowd got louder, he stood there in silence for a second and then begin to wave his arms up and down to encourage more booing.]

[The crowd noise subsided after a moment seeing that this man was jovial at this show of disdain. He once again placed the microphone up to his mask.]

Minstrel: Well, friends, here we are celebrating the fruits of another victory…

[He chuckles to himself amidst the jeers from the crowd at his suggestion they were celebrating with him.]

Minstrel: Man, is there anybody in this sad, depressing town, who can be a ray of sunshine, a boom of excitement…
Quite. Like. Me.

WOOOOOOOOOO! Are we having fun or what!

[More louder boos as he does a little running man along the side of the ring.]

Minstrel: More importantly for you, the paying customers, is there anyone back there…

[Pointing towards the backstage emphatically.]

Or hell, in this building, who wants to try to play this game with me?! Or is everyone… Just. Too. Scared.

[With that the lights flicker and the crowd cheers, after a second they erupt as the lights come on and “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne blares throughout the arena. The Minstrel tilts his head curiously towards the entrance.]

Creed: OH MY! Minstrel may have just bitten off more than he can chew!

McGinnis: Jack Harmen, better known as High Flyer, Ultratitle competitor extraordinaire, is IN SEATTLE!

Creed: How can we even afford him?

[The crowd stands to their feet with rising cheers. In the ring, Minstrel paces, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Jack Harmen. After a few moments, Minstrel leans over the top rope and begs Harmen to come to the ring.]

McGinnis: Wait! It’s Mary-Lynn!

Creed: I thought she was fired!

McGinnis: Me too. From the crowd, she hits the ring! Minstrel doesn’t see her!

Creed: Harmen’s not even here!

McGinnis: It was all a set up from the tiny attorney!

Creed: Mayweather has the fans behind her. Minstrel turns, and Mary-Lynn SMASHES that clipboard into Minstrel’s face! Minstrel takes a tumble over the top and to the outside!

McGinnis: He’s stunned.

Creed: Flabbergasted.

McGinnis: The young upstart protégé has a mic!

[Mayweather puts the microphone up to her lips. She raises one hand and the crowd ceases its wild cheering on cue.]

MLM: In my hand, Minstrel, and what just knocked you upside your head is a brand NEW contract!

[The crowd cheers as the Minstrel slams the ring apron on the outside. He yells into the ring “That’s impossible.”]

MLM: Oh it’s quite possible – probable even. Cause you were a bit too boastful Minstrel. Paz!?

(Cut to: The projection screen already lowered in place and Courtney Paz flickering on screen. The image steadies and Paz questions whether or not she is on live.)

Courtney Paz: You sure this time? ... Minstrel! It gives me great pleasure to inform you that due to your post-Surge admissions of your true intent. Eddie Whiskey has been effectively terminated and for his contribution to your convert attempt to hamstring Mary Lynn, and therefore cheating . And as I'm sure you can surmise; Mary Lynn Mayweather has been re-signed to a new IWF contract and you will be facing her at Chain Reaction 10 against any stipulation of her choosing!

(Cut to: The Minstrel reacts poorly to this news and the crowd lights up.

Cut to: Courtney Paz on screen.)

Courtney Paz: And Minstrel ... No, Thank you! ...Cut it.

[The screen flickers out.

Cut to: The Minstrel begins to back away done the aisle as Mary Lynn stands in the ring hoisting the contract above her head soaking in the fan fare. She raises the microphone to her mouth once again.]

MLM: Now! Hit my music!

[“Dance-Sing” by Ice Cream Fire plays over the pa system as Mayweather climbs the turnbuckles. She raises her new contract high as Minstrel backs up the entrance ramp, cursing under his breath.

Cut to: The commentary stage. Still sans Terry Anderson.]

Creed: An incredible turn of events, Brian.

McGinnis: Indeed, Mary Lynn is back. Eddie is gone ... and once again with the stipulation at Mary Lynn's whim as she sets to take on the The Minstrel on Chain Reaction 10!

Creed: Could we see The Minstrel go the way of Eddie Whiskey?

McGinnis: Only time will tell, Aaron.

Creed: Indeed. Ladies and Gentlemen, as the screen slowly lowers into place we get ready to present to you the third or four installments of what was an epic battle between the Champion Vizier ta Seti and Perfection at our IWF's second ever supershow, "Surge!"

McGinnis: Epic, indeed. Perfection pulled out all the stops. Vizier lived up to the champion he claimed to be and truly was the one that saw all that night!

Creed: Yes, sir! Let's go to it now!

(Cut to: The cage match just before it previously ended.)

Creed: This is a pinnacle moment in Vizier ta Seti's title reign!

Anderson:I think you mean; pyramid.

(Seti shoulders fall flat to the mat.)

McGinnis: Tony Daniel's counts; One, Two ...

Creed: Seti raises the shoulder! Use the two count to your advantage! Take a breather and now the Champ is right back in it!

Anderson:Hardly. He's a half a second away from losing that shiny belt that just so happens to match hsi skin. Well, when it isn't painted up like he's in a minstrel show!

Creed: Terry!


McGinnis: Seti, shoulders down again. One ... Two! No! Back up!

(Seti begins to rock back and forth.)

Creed: We all know where this leads to!

Anderson:Not a chance! This is a PERFECT hold locked in PERFECTLY!

(Seti continues to gain momentum side to side.)

Creed: He's almost got it!

Anderson:No! Hang in there champ! The REAL Champ!

Creed: Here it goes!

(With one last thrust Seti rolls over and uses both arms to push up and apply the pressure back to Perfection.)

McGinnis: The reversal!

Creed: Perfect!


(Perfection flails and pound the mat in pain. Tony Daniels check to see if he submits and he shakes his head wildly to show a no.)

Anderson:Don't do it!

Creed: This is a tough situation to escape. This may be all she wrote!

Anderson:Do you ever get tired of preemptively calling the end to matches?

McGinnis: Perfection doesn't have many options here!

Creed: His only chance is to roll it back over!

(Perfection begins to leverage himself and attempt to turn the hold back.)

Anderson:There you go! Do it! Do it!

Creed: This isn't an easy fix! Perfection may have to just tap here.


(Perfection presses himself up and tries several times to turn the maneuver. Seti, sensing the re-reversal, on the verge releases the pressure and both collapse to the matt with their legs still slightly entangled in one another.)

Creed: Seti opts out before Perfection even gets a chance.

Anderson:Yella' belly!

Creed: Now, that one is clever. I must admit.

Anderson:I know!

McGinnis: Either man could make a break for the top of the cage right now!

Creed: They could but I'm sure both of their legs are like putty right now.

(Perfection starts to drag his dead weight by his arms only toward the ropes. Seti attempts the same.)

Creed: This ...

Anderson:... Could be it? Really, Creed? Really?

McGinnis: Perfection seems to have a slight lead on Seti!

(Perfection reaches the ropes and slowly drags himself up using the ropes like rungs on a ladder. Seti has a hand on the bottom rope but clearly his longer stay in the mastered leg log has drained the champion.)

Anderson:Go! This could be over!

Creed: Seriously, Terry?

McGinnis: Perfection is on his feet!

Anderson:Yellow only to his knees!

(Perfection glances back to assess where Seti is. He realizes he has recovered first and begins limping toward the champion.)

Creed: Perfection, clearly, favoring that left leg. This may be a fatal mistake.

Anderson:Nonsense! Perfection will execute something perfectly!

(Perfection reaches Seti as the Champion gingerly reaches his feet. His stances looks shaky at best. With his back to his opponent and focused on the cage in front; Perfection chop blocks him and sends him back to the mat with a thud.)

Creed: Another cheap shot.

Anderson:Another Perfect shot! Now climb that cage, son!

Creed: Jump ship so quickly? What about Waltz?

Anderson:Don't be mistaken, Creed. I'd give a limb for Stevie!

McGinnis: Perfection stumbling back to his feet and dragging Vizier ta Seti with him.

(Just as both men reach a vertical stance; Perfection fires off a dropkick to the knee and Seti's worn legs grumble underneath his two hundred and fifty five pound frame.)

McGinnis: Perfection is working those legs now. Both men took sufficient damage to the lower extremities but clearly Vizier ta Seti took the lion's share.

Creed: And on top of that; the added abuse Perfection is laying on and we might actually see a new champion.

Anderson:Correction. Validation of the original champion!

(Perfection again pulls Seti to his feet. Seti out of desperation throws a would be devastating clothesline that Perfection is able to duck ever so slightly. Perfection swings around the back and grips Seti's waist.)

Creed: German suplex!

(Perfection retains control and rolls it and bring himself and Seti back to their feet.)

Creed: Again! Perfection with to amazing German Suplexes!

(Perfection attempts to roll it again and go for a third. Once to their feet Seti throws a elbow and catches Perfection in the temple. He stumbles backward and Seti goes on the attack. Perfection stumbles back against the ropes.)

Creed: Here we go!

(Seti's first step forward lands him down on one knee as his worn joint gives way to his body weight. Perfection leaning against the ropes with his back ever so slightly grazing the cage; shakes off the elbow and accesses the situation at hand.)

Anderson:Finish it! For the love of IDOL JUICE finish it!

(Perfection springs from the ropes toward a kneeled Seti. Seti throws a uppercut that can't find its mark and instead is met with a sloppily thrown knee to the chin. Seti collapses backward.)

Creed: That was brutal!

(Perfection looks around and rather than pin the champion takes to the cage wall.)

Anderson:The sweat taste of FREEDOM! This kid has got the gold finally!

Creed: Don't count Seti out yet! He has come back from worse!

McGinnis: No sign of life yet from Seti.

(Perfection ascends the cage wall.)

Creed: Seti has to make a move now!

(Perfections right hand grips the steel tube that caps the top of the chain link.)

Creed: This could be it!

Anderson:This is it!

(The image flickers and haults.

Cut to: The commentary booth.)

Creed: Hell of a match thus far, Brian.

McGinnis: Aaron, that is an understatement.

Creed: We have only one more match to go here LIVE on IWF Chain Reaction 9 before we witness the epic conclusion to the "Surge!" main event. We'll be right back!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Kerry Kuroyama's Punishment/Derrick Allen's Intoxication

Donald Bell: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first... weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-two pounds, and making his home in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON... please welcome... KERRY KUROYAMA!

(“Revolve” by the Melvins begins rocking out over the PA, and the fans begin cheering. “THE PACIFIC BLITZKRIEG” KERRY KUROYAMA, dressed in his ring gear and looking ready for action, steps through the curtains through the intro of the song. He performs his pumped fist pose for a moment before making his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the supportive hometown fans reaching over the barricade.)

Creed: Local rising star, Kerry Kuroyama, is the next man out to the ring, coming off a big win over Erik Mateo in an epic drunken a brawl back at Surge!

McGinnis: Any word on who the young Seattle native is going up against tonight?

Creed: I haven’t heard anything from the back as of yet. Terry Anderson got the "what for" earlier tonight and I can only imagine Kerry, much like Terry, may have to deal with the wrath that is Paz as well. Here we can see him in his trunks, pads, gloves, and boots, looking ready for a match. We’ll see who comes out as his opponent!

(Kerry takes to the ring and takes a moment to pose for the fans, drawing a decent pop. His music ends and a few moments of silence follow. Kuroyama passes the time stretching his limbs and getting himself loose. The crowd grows restless.

Cut to: The screen slowly lowers once again and Courtney Paz's image once again flickers to life.

A less than thrilled reaction fills the Moss Bay Events Center.)

Courtney Paz: Mister Kuroyama... you are no doubt wondering what’s planned for you this evening, just like everyone else. As you well know, at IWF’s recent event, "Surge!", you willingly participated in an illegal activity through the course of your match during a live broadcast. With literally THOUSANDS of viewers watching across the nation, including FAMILIES, you, a minor by legal definition, went ahead and... IMBIBED in an undisclosed beverage which was more than certainly alcoholic. I hope you understand, as any rational-minded person would, that this sort of behavior is NOT the product IWF intends to present for its loyal fanbase... and there is no other choice in handling this matter than disciplinary action.

(The fans voice a negative response. Kerry looks impatient as he continues to wait in the ring.)

Courtney Paz: My first instinct was to recommend your immediate suspension... but then I realized I needed a few extra bodies in the ring to fill out tonight’s show. So I came to a compromise: As you were previously informed... you'll compete tonight.

(The crowd pops at the news.)

Courtney Paz: ...but for your punishment, I’ve selected your opponent. I expect everyone will enjoy this just as much as I will.

(The screen flashes a few times, and then dims. Once off, it slowly raises back above the entrance way.

“Disco Malaria” by Seryoga begins pumping through a PA... and a moment later, a GIANT of a man emerges through the curtain.)

Creed: WOW, that man is large!

McGinnis: I don’t believe it... is that the RAGING RUSSIAN?! It can't be.

(As the big man comes to a stop on the stage, the it becomes clear he is nearly as tall as said stage. He pauses just beyond the curtain. Only a few second later the curtain in disturbed again by a less imposing figure. Courtney Paz steps out with a microphone in hand and the height differential between the two is staggering. She motions for the music to end and raises the microphone to her lips.)

Courtney Paz: This I had to actually see with my own eye! Mister Kuroyama... ladies and gentlemen... if you don’t recognize this rather imposing gentleman, then allow me introduce you to IWF’s brand new executive security official... “THE HAMMER” IVAN DALKICHEV. My hope is that he’ll bring some much needed CONTROL to the number of problems we’ve been having backstage over the past few shows. Tonight, however... he’ll be competing in this one-time match.

(Paz looks to -- or rather, looks UP to -- the patiently waiting Ivan, and gives the enforcer his command.)

Courtney Paz: Ivan... please teach Mr. Kuroyama just what happens when our employees try to sabotage our product.

(Dalkichev smiles with malice and nods once before starting down the ramp. Kerry, still taking in the surprise of his opponent’s grand size, gets himself ready.)

Creed: You gotta be kidding me... first a drunken brawl, and now they’re asking the kid to topple a GIANT?!

McGinnis: Well hey, let’s not forget how David toppled Goliath...

(Ivan stands up to his full height as he removes his tank-top to show off a cut and recently tanned torso, showing a lot of muscle making up the bulk of his mass. Tony Daniels cues the bell, and right out of the gate, the two men go into the lock-up. Using the advantage in strength, Dalkichev almost immediately shoves Kuroyama to the mat, and ROARS like a behemoth!)

Creed: “The Hammer” is letting the young and inexperienced Kerry Kuroyama know right away just who has all the weight in this showdown!

(Undeterred, Kerry pops back to his feet and goes right back into another tie-up, this time moving in low and slipping around for a rear waistlock. Ivan responds with a cocky smirk as Kuroyama struggles to move him in any way, and smarts him away with a back elbow that sends Kerry reeling into the ropes...)

Creed: Kuroyama takes the elbow, and here he goes into the ropes... Dalkichev with a SNARLING LARIAT -- OH, Kerry just ducked it!!

McGinnis: That arm was like a BATTERING RAM coming at his head!

(Kuroyama hits the other set of ropes as Dalkichev turns around. Kerry comes charging at the big man, head down and shoulder out, and connects square into Ivan’s chest. Dalkichev barely budges, and smirks once again at the young man’s inability to move him. But with a fighter’s resolve, Kuroyama twirls around and comes at the giant again with a big right hand.)

Creed: Kuroyama with the discus punch -- it’s BLOCKED! Dalkichev seizes Kerry by the throat... OH MY, LIFTS HIM UP... and DOWN with the chokeslam!!

McGinnis: Dalkichev going for a cover...

Daniels: One!


McGinnis: And there’s the kickout by Kuroyama... but that was a LOT of weight to force off of his chest!

(Dalkichev begins to get Kerry back to his feet, but Kuroyama reacts by rising up himself and burying the shoulder into Ivan’s abdomen. Using all of his strength and with Ivan stunned by the suddenness of the attack, Kerry manages to bull him into the corner. Realizing what’s happening, Dalkichev uses all of his strength to push back... but doesn’t expect the smaller Kuroyama to drop down and lock up his legs as he’s going forward.)

Creed: OH, SPLAT! The giant Ivan Dalkichev got slipped up there, and Kuroyama has managed to get him to the mat!

McGinnis: Now he’s got a chance to get some offense in! Kerry’s got ahold of that massive leg... he lifts it UP... and DOWN for the knee crusher!

Dalkichev: AAH!!

(Ivan’s demeanor changes instantly as soon as the pain hits his leg, and it becomes clear that Kerry hit on a weak point. Kuroyama tries to wrangle the leg in again, but Dalkichev quickly flips over and kicks the young man in the chest with his free leg, sending him to the mat. Both men rise together, but this time, as Kerry attempts to shoot in low and hooks the legs a second time, Ivan meets him with a clubbing rabbit punch to the back of his neck, dropping him in his place.)

Creed: OH, man! Kuroyama found himself under the piston there! Dalkichev’s got him right where he wants him now... there’s a waistlock... LIFT UP... and a POWERBOMB!!

McGinnis: Dalkichev shaking that leg a bit... is it just me, or do I see the outline of a knee brace under his pants?

Creed: Speaking of the knee, here’s Ivan, bringing it down across Kerry’s face and putting his shoulders to the mat!

Tony Daniels: One!


Th --

Creed: Kuroyama kicks out!

(As Kuroyama gasps for air on the mat, Dalkichev gets back to his feet and bounces off the ropes. He puts all of his weight into the air for a MASSIVE elbow drop, but Kerry rolls out of the way at the last moment. With Ivan favoring the arm, Kerry slips up behind him and rolls the giant to the mat.)


Tony Daniels: One!


(The Raging Russian looks angry as he storms back to his feet. Kerry boldly rises and comes at him with swinging right, but Ivan catches it and whips the smaller man to the mat like a rag doll with a strong arm drag. Dalkichev gives the arm a twist, forcing a groan of agony out of Kerry before he yanks him back to his feet.)

McGinnis: Dalkichev is all of a sudden in complete control... he pulls Kerry Kuroyama into a double-underhook armlock... OH MAN, what a head-butt... ANOTHER head-butt!!

Creed: Kuroyama is getting BRUTALIZED... and OH, WOW, Dalkichev BLASTS HIM into the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex!!

Tony Daniels: ONE!



McGinnis: Kuroyama KICKS OUT! I don’t know where he gets this resolve, but the fight will not leave him, no matter how much the three-hundred plus pound giant dominates him!

(The fans jeer the giant Russian, who jaws obscenities back at them as he brings a lifeless Kerry Kuroyama back on his feet. Ivan effortlessly performs the Irish Whip, dumping Kerry into the corner, where he hangs on by a thread. Turning to the fans to taunt them once again, Dalkichev runs a thumb across his chest.)

Creed: Uh oh... I think “The Hammer” is signalling for the END here!

McGinnis: Kuroyama is defenseless in the corner... Dalkichev, charging right at him with a YAKUZA KICK --

Creed: Kuroyama GOT OUT OF THE WAY!!

(Deftly, Kuroyama rolls clear, and Dalkichev’s mass collides into the turnbuckle with his leg extended. Ivan staggers backwards, clutching his leg again. Kerry, seeing his chance to act, quickly runs off the ropes and catches Dalkichev from behind with a sliding double legsweep. Dalkichev topples HARD onto his back, and as he lies stunned, Kuroyama uses all of his strength to work the legs...)

Creed: KUROYAMA with the SWEEP... and Dalkichev is DOWN!

McGinnis: What is Kerry -- wait, he’s got him in the Cloverleaf! HE’S GOT THE CLOVERLEAF!!

(Kerry lifts Ivan’s legs off the mat and pushes with all his might to pull the big man over. With the lock in place, Ivan’s expression immediately contorts into agony.)


Creed: Dalkichev is TAPPING!! This one is OVER!

(Ivan slaps the mat in anger and desperation, and Daniels quickly prompts the timekeeper to ring the bell. “Revolve” hits the PA as Kerry releases the hold and raises his arms in victory.
Cut to: Courtney Paz exiting back behind the curtain.)

Donald Bell: Here is your winner... KERRY KUROYAMA!!

Creed: There you have it, a hard-fought victory for Kerry Kuroyama, who turns this act of punishment into a chance to shine in front of the fans!

McGinnis: Dalkichev was definitely favoring that leg, and the young Kuroyama was wise to exploit the giant’s weakness!

Creed: Wait... Tony Daniels, who was assisting Dalkichev back to his feet, was just shoved aside like he was NOTHING!! Dalkichev with a RUNNING POLISH HAMMER right across Kuroyama’s back in the midst of celebration!

(The fans BOO loudly as Dalkichev stomps away on Kuroyama after the bell. With Kerry subdued, he peels him back to his feet, lifts him up over the shoulder, and absolutely PULVERIZES him with a sit-out driver!)

McGinnis: Dalkichev is giving Kerry Kuroyama a beating! Why isn’t Tony Daniels stopping this?

Creed: Well, Dalkichev was instructed to teach Kerry Kuroyama a lesson tonight, and win or lose, I suppose he intends to send a message regardless!

(Ivan Dalkichev gets heat from the crowd as he smirks over the body of Kerry Kuroyama, finally exiting the ring and making his way back up the ramp. Kerry, meanwhile, is tended to by Daniels.)

Creed: It seems rather strange that Miss Paz would overstep her bounds in this manner to punish the young Kuroyama, who was, after all, only giving in to the demands of the fanbase back at "Surge!" when he drank Terry’s mysterious and certainly alcoholic “Idol Juice”. Let’s go to the back to see if our Gail Martin can get more on this story!

(The shot cuts backstage past the curtain where GAIL MARTIN is already waiting with a microphone. Nearby, Courtney Paz is waiting for the return of Ivan Dalkichev, who steps through the curtain a moment later.)

Courtney Paz: Good job, Ivan. This might work out after all...

Gail Martin: Miss Paz... do you have a minute?

(The skillet sized hand of Ivan Dalkichev presses into Gail Martin’s chest as the Raging Russian moves her to the side.)

Ivan Dalkichev: No questions...

(They walk by, leaving Martin stunned and offended. A second later, Kerry Kuroyama slowly comes through the curtain, clutching the back of his head and looking banged up.)

Gail Martin: Kerry! I know you’re probably not in the mood, but...

Kerry Kuroyama: Agh... no problem, Gail, ask away.

Gail Martin: Do you think this “punishment” that was just handed down to you by the assistant to the commissioner was fair?

(Kerry rubs his neck again, wincing from the pain, but straightens himself up to answer the question.)

Kerry Kuroyama: Fair? I can’t really say... because I still don’t really think I’m fault for anything, other than being what this company wants me to be. By this company, I don’t mean a few people in an office way in the back... I mean the FANS that pay the tickets and give us all reason to go into the ring!

Gail Martin: How then do you intend to respond to this assault?

Kerry Kuroyama: I’ll respond... by doing nothing. If they think I’ve been “punished” by that, then I’ll leave them to believe it. Fighting with the front office is a waste of my time... it’s a waste of the company’s time. I have no intention of getting in their way, and I want them to know that. I just hope they’re smart enough to stay out of mine.

(Kerry walks out of the frame, again holding the neck. Gail turns her attention to the camera.)

Gail Martin: Back to you guys...

(A loud commotion is going on just outside of the camera shot.)

Gail Martin: Hold on me! Guys, something is happening right now backstage! I'm going to see if I can't find out what!

(Gail Martin starting walking away from the back side of curtain and toward the rear entrance of the building. The camera follows as she takes a few twists and turns before ending at Derrick Allen being barred by security from entry. He doesn't appear to have changed his clothes since leaving the Key Arena a week ago and appears to have been on quite the bender ever since.)

Derrick Allen: I'm "A ... D ... Something ..." Allen. Derrick! I work here you got to let me in!

Security: I'm sorry, sir. Without any type of identification I cannot allow you inside the building!

Derrick Allen: What? I don't need to allow you inside the building... I ... just need to come in. I'm Derrick Allen. You know Scott, Courtney ... CLAP! Boom!

Security: I'm sorry, sir. If you don't have any identification; I can't let you pass. Especially when you are clearly intoxicated.

Derrick Allen: You swear ... I'm drunk!

(Gail Martin leans in, extending the microphone just passed the security guard.)

Gail Martin: Derrick, do you have any comments on the Clap incident that took place at "Surge?"

Derrick Allen: Who? No, I'm Derrick Allen. Where is Scotty!?

Gail Martin: Derrick, do you have anything to say about you and you childhood friend hospitalizing his girlfriend and YOUR sister?

(Derrick turns his attention back to the security guard.)

Derrick Allen: I like her. She is ... crazy. Hey ... hey, I need to come inside.

(The security guard turns to Gail Martin.)

Security: He is drunk as a skunk, and doesn't have any idea. This is my first night ... I don't know these people. You going to vouch for him?

(Gail Martin turns back to the camera.)

Gail Martin: Back to you guys at the desk!

Creed: Thank you, Gail... Wow. Derrick Allen, clearly, taking his sisters injury - he helped cause - pretty rough. We'll take on last commercial break and return with the conclusion on Perfection verse Vizier ta Seti from "Surge!"


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"The Clap Recap"/Perfection vs. Seti Part IV

(The clip of Scott Douglas and Derrick Allen swinging the steel chair as Courtney Allen steps in attempt to stop the madness plays in super slow motion as it is cut between clips of the aftermath promo aired on ESEN previously.

The pull the chairs up and start to swing.)

"How is she?" Scott's father asked his sleep depraved son.

Scott searches for the words, whether it be a positive spin on the truth or perhaps; just a less impactful version.

(Cut to: Mid way through the swing.)

"So, it's a coma?"

(Cut to: Restart of the clip.)

"Scott, it's a coma, isn't it!?" Nate questions demanding an answer.

Scott tips his head, peering his weary eyes toward his father, "It's a vegetative state, Pop. That's all I know... "

(Cut to: Just before impact.)

"You did this! This is your fault!" Derrick Allen screams at his former friend, Scott Douglas. A plethora of security holds a frantic Allen from lunging at Douglas.

"I did." Scott mutters as he follows the stretcher to the ambulance parked just inside the large bay door. "I did this."

(Cut to: A the clip rewinding.)

"I did it." he continues. "I did this ..."

(Cut to: Mid swing again.)

"You did this! Everything was fine until you should up and ****ed everything up just like you always do!" Scott screamed at Allen as he viscously attempted to get closer and lay a hand on his pseudo brother in law. "All you had to do was stay away! You drove us to this!"

(Cut to: Freeze Frame of Impact.)

Dr. Justin Stahl spoke softly ...

"Scott, nothing has changed since yesterday and nothing is likely to change any time soon. I'm going to suggest she be transferred to a long term care facility in the morning."

(Cut to: Rewind. Freeze frame. Normal speed of the clip until point of impact. Courtney collapses.

Cut to: The commentary stage.)

Creed: Well folks, as most of you know by now... Courtney Allen suffered a severe injury to the head during "Surge!" and as of last reports is in a vegetative state. As we saw just before break Derrick Allen, clearly, blaming himself atleast some what and hiding behind the ills of alcohol. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both the Allen family and that of Scott Douglas, who by all accounts refuses to return to the ring until Courtney makes a full recovery. For everyone here at the IWF and Fox station Q13; We wish Courtney a full recovery!

McGinnis: Indeed. My heart goes out to that young lady.

Creed: And now, for the conclusion of another "Surge!" event ... we go to our commissioner; Art Mori.

(Cut to: Art Mori standing on the entrance way just in front of the curtain. Microphone in hand he addresses an impatient audience.)

Art Mori: Ladies and Gentlemen!

(Mori waits for the pop. Instead, he gets the slow build of a "Show-The-Match" chant. He takes the cue and launches right into his salvo.)

Art Mori: Here we go! As promised! The IWF presents the conclusion of the "Surge!" Main event. The Challenger Perfection ...

(The screen starts to lower and Mori finishes his statement as he bumbles out of the way.)

Art Mori: and Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti!

(The screen begins to flicker as Mori joins to commentary team.)

Creed: Welcome Commissioner.

Mori: Thank you, Aaron. I figured If my assistant can dock my commentators pay... and my employees can run him off, then why can't I fill his shoes!

(The matches picks up just before it left off previously.)

Creed: Small, I mean easy, shoes to fill, sir!

Mori: Here we go folks!

(Perfection's grabs the top of the cage...)

[The projection screen begins to tear open as the feed from Surge’s main event is cut. The house lights are turned on as the crowd begins to boo loudly.]

Mori: What the?! Creed, McGinnis ... don't say a word of who won! This will air! It has to!

[“Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween plays over the PA system loud and proud to an ocean of boos and jeers. Perfection walks out from the tore open curtain suit and tie, hair in a ponytail as he walks down to the ring accompanied with Courtney Paz. He ushers her to go into the ring and hold the ropes for him.

Courtney holds the ropes open as a random popcorn box flies past the head of Perfection; he just bows at the effort taking it as a sign of excitement. He skips the turnbuckles and heads right for the microphone.]

Mori: The world has to find out who is the champion here at IWF!”

PERFECTION: “Months my friends…”

Mori: Perfection is definitely not enjoying this crowd right now as they are booing him right out of the arena! That's just what he deserves!

[Perfection looks around at a sea of very angry fans, lowering the microphone he lets them have their moment.]

PERFECTION: “Why don’t we all settle down and show your true champion some respect. Kindly…shut your faces.”

Mori: And this is exactly why he doesn’t deserve the belt!

Creed: Technically no one has the belt as we know of.

PERFECTION: “Months, I have challenged, fought and destroyed for the belt. The belt that has been mine as your true champion. I have done things that no other man would do, that no other person would think of doing. I have worked hard to become your champion, and this is how you all repay me?!”

[A pauses as the boos rattle the arena.]

PERFECTION: “You are all like that bum…that loser that I broke Vizier ta Seti...”

[And the pops begin.]

PERFECTION: “Disrespectful and weak. Yes, go ahead, cheer for him…give him your glory and your praises.”


PERFECTION: “ Yes…Seti, Seti, Seti. The man I crippled, the man I defeated in the ring, the man that was left for dead as I climbed the top of that cage. Cheer, for him, cheer for your less than perfect wrestler.”

[The crowd boos again as Perfection sits in the center of the ring with a large smile]

PERFECTION: “The fact is, I AM your champion, I always have been your champion and you will respect me, you will praise me sooner or later because there is no one that will strip THAT title from me. I earned it. Something few Seattleites can actually grasp…earning something.”

[Perfection smiles again as a few cups and objects are thrown in the ring Courtney Paz moving back giving a look at Perfection and mouthing “can we go please?” Only to have him shake his head at her.]

PERFECTION: “It is I who bested him in that ring; it was I who was the true champion!”

CROWD: “Full of sh-t! Full of sh-t! Full of sh-t!”

Mori: If he reveals the end of the match... mark my words .. He is out of here!

Creed: If he thinks he is really the champion then where is his belt?

[Perfection hands the microphone to Paz harshly. He barks at her barley audible.]

PERFECTION: “Tell them…”

[Courtney lowers her head a bit as Perfection grabs her arm tightly]

PERFECTION: “Tell them…NOW!”

PAZ: “Ladies and gentlemen…I...[hesitation] proudly…present to you….your IWF Champion…Per…

[CUE UP: "Do You Call My Name" by RA as the crowd goes ballistic the camera’s turn to the entrance way as we stand by for Vizier Ta Seti to walk through the mangled projection screen]


Creed: Or RA?

[The camera's pan around the crowd for a while as the music continues to play. Perfection smirks slightly looking at the ramp way his arms folded as no one comes out.]

McGinnis: It appears ... Seti isn't here?

[Camera’s go back to Perfection and Courtney Paz as the music dies the crowd dying down as we close up on a child with a very worried look on his face.
Perfection rips the microphone from Paz who is standing there speechless.]

PERFECTION: “No? Okay. Yet another interruption from my moment. I promise you, the fans, that as long as I am your champion that feed will never be shown because my word is not only true…it is..100% perfect. Hit my music.”

(Cue Up “Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween.

Cut to: The Commentary stage.)

Mori: Paz!

(Mori tosses his head set down and exits quickly.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, I nor my colleague can divulge what we saw at "Surge!" that night until the entire match has been aired! And we are nearly out ...

(Anderson bum rushes the stage. He grabs the headset Mori tossed down and screams into the mouth piece without actually wearing it.)

Anderson:First of all, yes ... Stevie is ok! Secondly, Perfection ...

Creed: We are out of time folks. See you next week!

Anderson:What the hell, Creed!


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