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Chain Reaction 4!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

More lightning...........

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"

.................................................. .........

"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather Moonsaulting!
CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti decking Terry 'The Idol' Anderson with one punch.
CUTTO: Erik Mateo walking to the ring, full redneck attire, cracking his knuckles.
CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop!
CUTTO: Perfection running with the briefcase of 10,000 dollars!

BURST OF STATIC.............

Chain Reaction

music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

(Camera cues up as Courtney Paz is walking behind a swift moving IWF Chairman Kimball Cho. Briefcase in hand he looks to be on a mission and Paz seems to be in distress mode.)

Paz: Mr. Cho.... Mr. Cho! Are you sure about this? And what about Perfection I told him not returning that money would get him suspended from the tournament.

Cho: This is my decision.....

(He turns and stops to look at her, she catches herself from barreling into him.)

Cho: This is my company and my decision. I want to give the fans something to cheer for tonight and with the unfortunate circumstances involving Kerry Kuroyama becoming injured this is our best chance to pull off something great.

Paz: Do your partners know about this decision?

Cho: They don't need to know, Ms. Paz you work for me now, not your former boss. I make the decisions around here. As far as Perfection is concerned he is a great performer, regardless of his antics, I already signed a new check to Ms. Mayweather. It's settled. We are having this match tonight!

Paz: I hope you know what you are doing.

Cho: I wouldn't be in this position if I didn't. Now where is Art's office? He needs to know what's in store for tonight.

(After pointing Mr. Cho in the direction of the IWF Commish's office, he heads off with a flurry of movement. Courtney Paz however, hangs her head and shrugs.)

(We fade in to Aaron Creed and Terry 'The Idol' Anderson who are sitting in the announcer's booth.)

Creed: Hello IWF fans and welcome to another exciting edition of Chain Reaction!

Anderson: It better be exciting tonight, the past three shows have been a snore fest.

Creed: I don't think our ever growing fan base would agree with you on that one Terry. According to our original line up we had four matches scheduled for tonight. However, over the weekend Kerry Kuroyama got into an accident while training at the Dojo. We are unaware of the specifics on his injury but we were told he could miss up to four shows here at IWF. I want to take the time out to wish him a speedy recovery.

Anderson: My boy Stephen Waltz should be taking his place.

Creed: Fraid not Terry. Looks like in fact he's scheduled in a match tonight with someone else, Stephen Waltz will be taking on none other then 'The Man no one can understand' Erik Mateo.

Anderson: No! I like that guy! But my boy Waltz is going to have to stomp his face in.

Creed: How can you like him? Do you understand what he says in his promos?

Anderson: Of course!

Creed: Must be drunk speak.

Anderson: Only you would know Creedy-boy!

Creed: ..... Anyways the opening match it looks like we will have debut match featuring Af'aa accompanied by his cousin Nasr.

Anderson: Did you just threaten me in another language Aaron?

Creed: No I didn't Terry... that is their names and Af'aa will be taking on none other then the Woo man himself Dusty Rodgers!

Anderson: WOOOOOOO!!

Creed: Now like I said just a few moments ago Kerry Kuroyama was injured so we will not be having the previously scheduled match that was featuring him against Scott Douglas in the second round of our Emerald City Championship tournament.

Anderson: What does that mean for Perfection and that other punk then?

Creed: Why do you insist on name calling Vizier ta Seti.

(Terry pushes Aaron in the shoulder.)

Anderson: Stop saying words I don't understand!!!

(Aaron shakes his head.)

Creed: I don't know exactly what it means, but i'm getting word now that IWF Commish Art Mori is headed to the ring with a huge announcement!

Anderson: Great another jackass.

(Aaron shakes his head at the camera as we switch to the Moss Bay Events Center arena floor. Art Mori is standing in the ring, briefcase in hand and has a mic in the other.)

Mori: Hello IWF fans!!!!

(Small pop.)

Mori: I hope you all are ready for an exciting line up we have tonight. Also due to circumstances beyond our control, Kerry Kuroyama will not be competing tonight.

(Dead silence.)

Mori: and... and... Well we have decided to give everyone a big surprise tonight!!

(He lays the briefcase on the floor as the fans look around at each other. Opening it up, he pulls out a shiny gold belt with emeralds aligned in it. He holds it up for all the fans to see.)

Mori: This is the Emerald City Championship!!! And tonight the belt will be on the line in a restructured Main Event!!! Featuring 'Sup Pop' Scott Douglas, Vizier ta Seti and PERFECTION!!!

(Loud pop and tons more cheering.)

Mori: So tonight's Triple Threat Match up will complete our Emerald City Championship tournament and crown our very first champion!!!! Hope you all enjoy!!!

('Just Let It Go' by KHZ hits the PA and the crowd has come to life with buzz. Cameras switch back to Aaron and Terry. Aaron looks beside himself.)

Creed: I can't believe it folks. It looks like IWF commish has changed it up on us and tonight's main event will now be a triple threat for the title! Amazing!!

Anderson: It is amazing! I can't wait to see Perfection drop those two losers and walk out of here IWF's first ever champion!!

Creed: What makes you so sure he'll be walking out champion?

Anderson: Because the two losers he's facing can't match up against a Perfect wrestler.

Creed: (Sigh.) Terry... you truly are delusional.

(Terry slaps him on the back, almost startling poor Aaron.)

Anderson: Thanks Creedy-boy!

Creed: Looks like Gail Martin has found Perfection backstage and is going to get his comments on the just announced main event!

[The camera's cut backstage as a limousine is pulling up to the Moss Bay Event Center as fans are filing in. The driver jumps out and goes to open to the passenger rear door as Perfection steps out his hands raised with multiple twenty dollar bills in them. The fans attention turning as security forms a line barrier. Gail Martin running to place and meeting Perfection as he walks towards the back entrance way. The fans booing him so loudly that Gail is barely audible even with a microphone.]

Martin: Perfection! It was just announced that you are in a match that will determine the IWF Emerald City Champion! Your thoughts?

PERECTION: You hear that noise, Gail?! [He turns in a circle embracing the now overwhelming booing] My loyal subjects are at my whim!

Martin: I think they are jeering you.

[The jeers and booing still at their high as a random beverage is thrown at Perfection vicinity.]

PERFECTION: Damn right they are cheering me! Cheering this greatness, this completion, flawlessness is in front of their very eyes!

[They start to move a bit fast paced up the walkway before things get out of hand.]

Martin: Right. Um, your thoughts on your match tonight?

PERFECTION: Ever hear the saying winning isn't everything?

Martin: Of course.

PERFECTION: That's only true when you aren't Perfect!

[Gail rolls her eyes]

Martin: We also just found out that you have been cleared of any wrong doing by Chairman Cho. How do you feel now, knowing that you don't have to return any of that prize money?

[Security opens the doors for the suited up star and Gail Martin.]

PERFECTION: Prize money?! We have been on this issue since day one, Cho wants a respectable company, Art Mori sits around like a patsy and Paz has a look in her eyes like she hasn't been f(FCC)ked since her first experience with Aunt Flo.

[They walk into the building.]

Martin: So, James, honestly what do you think your chances are of walking away Emerald City champion tonight?

[Perfection turns around facing her and begins walking backwards]

PERFECT: In a Perfect world everyone gets what they want! Fortunately, for me, I shape my world baby! It's Perfection by the way, call me James again and I may have to Courtney Paz your face!

[Slight moonwalk motion by the arrogant Perfection as he spins and walks off.]

Martin: Courtney Paz my face?? Does that mean kiss me? UGH!!!

[She throws her arms down in frustration and walks off as the camera fades to commercials.]
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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Af'aa vs. Dusty Rodgers

("I get the job done" by Big Daddy Kane hits the PA and a few fans start Wooing. Dusty Rodgers steps out from behind the curtains, wearing a fancy look feathery robe with the initials DR on the back, he pauses to take in the fans and makes his way to the ring.)

Bell: Introducing first..... from East Harlem, New York! Weighing in at 266lbs and checking in at 6 foot 3 inches.... DUSTY RODGERRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!

(Dusty in the ring now is Wooing to the fans and bouncing around the ring like a mad man. Silence hits the PA as Donald Bell looks at the entranceway confused. He shrugs his shoulders as he has no info on the newest competitor arriving.)

Creed: Looks like Dusty Rodgers will be facing.... Af'aa acccompanied by his cousin Nasr.

Anderson: A what accompanied by his cousin...

Creed: Just pay attention to the match Terry.

(Af'aa comes out to a mixed reaction by the fans, he's in normal wrestling attire as is his cousin. Af'aa enters the ring and Dusty Rodgers immediately engages him.... with Wooing!)

Creed: Dusty Rodgers should really take wrestling his matches a lot more seriously. The bell rings and we are under way!

Anderson: Looks like he's taking it serious now.. LOOK AT THOSE CHOPS!

Creed: Yes repeated knife edge chops by Rodgers has Af'aa into the corner. He doesn't seem to take too kindly to the early barrage of chops. He pushes Rodgers off and kicks him in the gut and whips him back into the corner. He unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks and Rodgers is holding up his hands in surrender!

Anderson: Hey ref get him out of there! What the hell.

Creed: Af'aa backs off a few steps... only to be hit with an eye poke! Rodgers goes for the legs and takes him to the ground. He's unleashing his own barrage of punches now on the fallen Af'aa and Wooing after each one!

Anderson and Rodgers: WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO!

Creed: The ref pulls Rodgers off after giving him a lengthy five count and Rodgers is highly upset. He ELBOW DROPS THE MAT! What the?

Anderson: Obviously he is upset by the unfair advantage the ref gave to Af'aa just a few seconds ago.

Creed: TERRY! I can't believe it you said his name correctly!!

Anderson: Wait what? No.. no I didn't! Your lying!

Creed: Af'aa is back to his feet in the ring and Dusty doesn't see him coming. Af'aa spins him around.. hooks him.. modified T-BONE SUPLEX! Goes for the cover 1....2....3! That's it. Wow what a move by the newcomer, he put Dusty out so quick even the ref was surprised. We gotta cut to commercials folks we'll be right back.

(The ref raises Af'aa's hand in the ring as we fade to commercial.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Mateo vs. Waltz / Late Arrival

Creed: We’re back fans and well, we were supposed to be bringing you introductions to the Erik Mateo versus Stephen Waltz match, but well Erik has jumped the gun and is just hammering away on Waltz with a series of punches in the corner.

Anderson: Not only do we have horrible production values…We also don’t have idiots who have any idea how TV works. I really need to work on a new audition tape.

Creed: Yeah folks are just beating down your door to hire you. Mateo sends Waltz into the ropes…Sends the big man crashing to the mat with a clothesline. Mateo now stomping away on Waltz who rolls out of the ring to try to buy some time and clear his head.

Anderson: Well he jumped him before the match was going to start so clearly Mateo was going to have an early advantage, let’s see if my boy Waltz can make a comeback.

Creed: Waltz gets his wits about him and gets back into the ring. Mateo and Waltz now trading punches…Mateo getting the better of it and now lands a couple kicks to the gut that double Waltz over…Mateo off the ropes…RUNNING KNEE LIFT! Waltz stumbling on drunk legs…Mateo now grabs him…THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!

Anderson: Come on ref clearly that's a DQ right there!!

Creed: Waltz is in a world of hurt on the floor and the ref is giving him the ten count…We’re up to 8, and Waltz rolls back into the ring to keep this match going. Mateo shakes his head in disgust and puts the boots to him…Mateo sends him into a corner, Waltz hits hard and stumbles into a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! Mateo now grabs Waltz and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AGAIN! Mateo now yelling at Waltz to stay out of the ring, cause it’s Mateo’s ring.

Anderson: Well it looks like it’s his currently, he’s just been dominating. Looks like Stephen and I are going to have to go through another training session.

Creed: Waltz crawling on the floor, the count up to 9…HE MAKES IT BACK IN! Mateo shakes his head in disgust and whips Waltz to the ropes…BIG KICK TO THE HEAD! Mateo now goes up top…DROPS THE ELBOW!!! COVER…TWO…AND THREE!!

Anderson: Damn that kid is looking terrible out there... I don't know what's gotten into him.

Creed: Mateo pulls Waltz back to his feet…AND THROWS HIM TO THE FLOOR AGAIN! Erik Mateo making a statement tonight in the ring, that it’s his ring! Can anyone take it from him?

(Cut to back stage area where Scott Douglas and Courtney Allen arrive at the Moss Bay Events Center late and barrel through a rear entrance. Scott feverishly wraps his wrist and forearm with white athletic tape as Courtney checks her make up in her small black compact looking up on briefly not to take a knee out on an equipment case. Scott’s lit cigarette dangles from his lips and he exhales the last drag. Courtney Paz rounds the corridor corner just as Scott Douglas and Courtney Allen pass and notices this breach of Moss Bay Event Center policy and Washington state law and speaks up.)

Paz: Hey buddy! You can’t smoke that in here!

(Scott and Courtney stop dead in their tracks to see just who is calling out. The two are already on edge due to their tardiness and in fear of disciplinary action.)

Paz: Oh, Douglas. I didn’t realize that was you.

Scott: Yeah, we’re running a little behind tonight.

Paz: You know you can’t smoke that in here though, right?

Scott: Of course.

(Scott allows the half dwindled cigarette to fall from his lips down to the floor and outs it with his untied boots. The staff member gives the duo a look unbenounced to Scott who has turned back to his tape job. Courtney catches on and looks to Scott, only to catch on further, and bends down to retrieve the butt from the floor.)

Scott: How much time do we have?

Paz: No one called you? You haven't heard about the changes?

Scott: Heard what?

Paz: They announced it earlier, three way dance; You, Seti, and Perfection… Tonight.

Scott: What about Kerry?

Paz: He's not able to compete tonight, sorry you didn't hear about it before arriving Scott, good luck.

(Before leaving Courtney Paz glares at Courtney Allen. Scott turns to Courtney with a look of disbelief and confusion across his face. Courtney racks her brain for anything she could possibly put Scott at ease with.)

Courtney: Should I google them?

(Scott, speechless, continues to stare at Courtney in disbelief as her face tells the story of her realization that her attempt at humor had fell short to the say the least.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Main Event: Triple Threat for the Emerald City Championship!

Bell: Ladies and GENTLEMEN!!! It's time for our MAIN EVENT! A Triple THREAT for our Emerald CITTTTTY CHAMMMPIONNNNSHIP!!!!!!! Introducing first! Hailing from Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at 226 lbs and checking in at 6 foot 1 inches.... "SUP POP" Scotttt DOUGLASSSSS!!!!!

("Baby takes" by Green River pops on the PA. Scott Douglas appears from behind the curtains. He throws both taped hands, balled into tight fists,above his head, and gets a decent pop. He pauses mid way a looks back and Courtney Allen emerges into view and draws twice the pop. She stops and strikes a pose for a moment and skips to catch up with Douglas. The two proceed to the ring together. At the apron Scott leans in and gives Courtney a kiss on the cheek and directs her to the side of the ring. He slides in the ring and immediately ascends the turnbuckle. Douglas throws his arms in the air yet again, drawing another pop. He comes down and stares at the Emerald City Championship.)

Creed: Well folks it's time for the Main EVENT! And in a surprise twist the IWF Emerald City Championship will be on the line, forgoing the rest of the tournament. I bet you Scott Douglas took it as a huge surprise to be fighting for the belt tonight.

Anderson: Who cares about 'Sup Mop'? It's a Perfect match and 'Sup Mop' Scott has nothing to do with it. With Perfection in there we know this match is going to be top quality. Look for him to walk out with the belt tonight.

(“Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween hits the PA. The fans turn their attention to 'Perfection' as he makes his way past the curtains. The crowd lets out a chrous of boos as he smirks at all of them while strutting to the ring.)

Donald Bell: Introducing next, hailing from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at 220 lbs and checking in at 6 foot even here is.... PERFECTTTTION!!!!!)

Creed: You seem pretty sure of yourself, Terry.

Anderson: Of course I am. Perfection is the cream of the crop here at IWF. My only question is where is his briefcase of cash?

Creed: Well, besides the fact that he probably spent it already, I am sure he feels comfortable not carrying it with him anymore after Chairman Cho cleared him of any wrong doing after that incident a few shows back.

Anderson: Incident? What 'incident' do you speak of? All I remember is Perfection winning best performer of the night and walking out with 10,000 dollars.

(Cut back to Bell in the ring.)

Bell: Lastly... hailing from Giza, Egpyt weighing in at 255lbs and checking in at 6 foot 3 inches.... VIZIER ta SETI!!!!!!!!

('Do you call my name' by RA hits the PA system, Vizier steps out from behind the curtains along with his normal wrestling attire Vizier ta Seti is painted in all black body paint. The crowd stunned at first, let's out a loud chorus of cheers as they realize who it is. He makes his way to the ring as Douglas and Perfection stare at him awkwardly.)

Creed: And now here is the final contestant in the triple threat. Vizier ta Seti over the past couple of weeks he shared quite a few words with Perfection. However, I can tell you this much I bet they are both quite surprised to be fighting for not only the title, but to be in a triple threat for said title.

Anderson: That Sand Troll ain't winning ****. He ain't nothing compared to that nobody Sup Mop and he sure as hell isn't going to pin or submit my boy Perfection. And I don't care if he paints himself black, pink, blue he's still YELLOW!

Creed: Terry! Watch your comments.

Anderson: I am and their great!

(Tony Daniels holds up the newly born Emerald City Championship for everyone to see. All three men are in separate corners staring one another down. The ref hands the belt to the time keeper looks for acknowledgement from all three wrestlers and......)

Creed: Here we go! The bell has rung and this match is officially underway!

Anderson: BOOM! Look at my boy Perfection getting the opening shots on 'Sup Mop' Scott.

Creed: It's 'Sup Pop' Terry.

Anderson: Whatever! Look at him go! Left, right, left, right, left right. Perfection has bullied Scott into his corner.

Creed: Vizier ta Seti isn't flinching one bit he's keeping a keen eye on what's at hand but is unmoving.

Anderson: He doesn't need to move. Perfection's got this in the bag already! He whips Scott into another corner.... NO!!! Reversed!! Dammnit...

Creed: Perfection stumbles out of the corner and Douglas is there... DECKS him with a clothesline! Douglas takes a moment to shake off the early assault and also takes a look over at Seti who is motionless.

Anderson: That guy creeps me out even thinking about what type of JiHad plan he's got going.

Creed: You are an immoral bastard Terry.

Anderson: Thanks Creedy-boy.

Creed: Douglas picks up Perfection and hooks him... he hits him with a quick suplex and follows that up nicely with a standing elbow drop! He goes to work on Perfection's head as he puts him in a sleeper hold.

Anderson: Is he kidding... ? A sleeper hold? This early?

Creed: He's wrenching the move pretty hard and Perfection is starting to fight back. Douglas sees it coming and lifts him up. Still with a hold of Perfection by his head he drives him into the mat with a bulldog!

Anderson: Seti's approaching!!!!

Creed: Douglas sees it and Seti nods to him as they circle each other for a moment and then grapple. Seti with the upper hand first.. knees Douglas in the gut. Another knee... followed by another.

Anderson: Cheap shot artist! Come on Perfection get up!

Creed: Give it up Terry.. Seti is a great mat wrestler, he's no cheap shot artist. Showing his skills right now, Seti hooks him and lays him out with a vertical suplex. Close to the corner, Seti seizes the moment, he hooks Douglas' legs and slingshots him into the corner turnbuckle.

Anderson: Ha! Douglas is hanging there just waiting to get smashed OH!!! Perfection my boy!!

Creed: WOW! Perfection finally to his feet and Seti with his back to him got charged into and a collision occured in the corner! Both Douglas and Seti are down and Perfection has his choice. Looks like he wants Seti.

Anderson: GET HIM! Perfection with Seti to his feet whips him into the ropes and nails him with a PERFECT dropkick! He's boost Creedy look at him!!

Creed: That he is Terry.

Anderson: Perfection pulling Seti up by his arm and wrenches it into an armbar! He yanks down on it really hard and Seti is punching him to get off, Perfection fends him off and whips him down onto the ground with an arm drag... excuse me.. PERFECT arm drag.

Creed: Douglas is up to his feet now and he storms in with a huge boot to the back of Perfection's head!

Anderson: Another damn cheap shot! What the hell.

Creed: This is a triple threat match Terry.. things tend to happen like this. Douglas is pulling Perfection up to his feet now... he hooks him from behind... RELEASE German Suplex! First pin attempt of the night... 1....2...NO! Seti is there to break it up.

Anderson: Seti has a hold of Perfection... Douglas is getting to his feet!

Creed: Seti whips Perfection into the ropes... Seti ducks a punch attempt by Douglas... both men turn around....


Creed: Perfection quickly springs to his feet and is show boating to the crowd and they are giving him hell for it!


Anderson: He doesn't need these dirt trash people. He's the best looking man in all of Seattle... the perfect face... the perfect body... the perfect

Creed: ENOUGH! Perfection decides to go for Douglas instead of Seti and he grapples him... NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! BRIDGED... 1....2....NO!

Anderson: Slow count there Tony!

Creed: Yeah and Perfection is giving him an ear full over it. Which gives just enough time for Seti to come from behind..... Quick roll up on Perfection.... 1....2....NO!!!

Anderson: What the hell did you see that??? Fast count!

Creed: Perfection and Vizier ta Seti are both on their feet at the same time... they are trading punches in the center of the ring. Douglas is back to his feet he charges in at both... THEY both duck his clothesline attempt! Perfection with an eye gouge to Seti!!

Anderson: NICE!!

Creed: Perfection turns around into a forearm smash by Douglas, he hooks him... whips him into the ropes... kick to the gut! Hooks him for The Sub POP... Perfection reverses it into a small package... 1....2....NO!

Anderson: Another slow count by Tony Daniels.

Creed: It wasn't slow... Seti comes over as the other two men are getting to their feet. He grabs Perfection by the arm and WHIPS him into the corner. He turns around and is met with a closed fist punch by Douglas! And another!

Anderson: Perfection storming in and nails Seti with a flying dropkick! Even Douglas was amazed by that perfect dropkick! Perfection up to his knees after that amazing move and look at Sup Pop... ANOTHER cheap shot! And that woman on the outside is cheering him on!

Creed: Of course she is... Douglas has Perfection up to his feet now... hooks him from behind... Russian LEG SWEEP!... he rolls through it... lifts him up again and ANOTHER Russian Leg sweep.... he goes for the cover....1......2....BROKEN up by Seti!

Anderson: Phew...

Creed: Close one.... Douglas and Seti are hooking up in the center of the ring and Seti is getting the upperhand as he is driving Sup Pop Scott into the corner. He repeatedly nails him with some shoulders and Douglas is quickly getting winded.

Anderson: Here comes Perfection!!! JUMPING BODY SPLASH!!!

Creed: MISSES!! Seti not only moved out of the way but also pulled Douglas out of the way as well and Perfection caught nothing but turnbuckle! Seti catches him from behind as he stumbles backwards.... HIGH BacK SUPLEX!

Anderson: Opportunistic son of a..

Creed: Seti hooks Perfection's leg.....1......2....NO!! Seti lifts him up again... T-BONE SUPLEX! Goes for another cover.....1.....2.....NO!! Slapping the mat in frustration.. Seti lifts Perfection up one more time.

Anderson: Get up Douglas!!

Creed: He's starting to get up Terry.

Anderson: Not fast Enough!

Creed: Seti whips Perfection into the ropes... he comes back... Seti with a kick to the gut... grabs his hair... and PLANTS him face first into the mat! Goes for the cover again.... 1...2.....NO! Douglas makes the save!

Anderson: Pfft! That save didn't matter Perfection kicked out anyways!

Creed: Douglas is pulling up Vizier ta Seti now... he hooks him by the arm and tights and runs him to the ropes and TOSSES SETI outside! WOW! Seti hit the floor hard and Douglas is ready to capitalize on Perfection.

Anderson: Oh man this can't be good!

Creed: Douglas lifts Perfection up... hooks him... THE SUB POP! He nailed it!!! Douglas drapes over top of him.. hooks his leg... 1......2.....NO!! Perfection with a shoulder up! I can't beleive it!!

Anderson: HA! Look at Douglas he can't believe it either. He slaps the mat in frustration and is talking the count over with Tony Daniels. Look at the crowd they are loving this action!


Creed: Douglas is obviously frustrated as he goes to pick up Perfection.... Perfection with an eye poke! Douglas stumbles back for just a second and Perfection drives his shoulder into his gut. He gets to his feet and DDT's! Douglas to the mat!

Anderson: Damn he's tired out.. he needs to be working him over and finishing this match out with Seti still recovering on the outside.

Creed: Not for long Terry!! Seti's up on the ring apron and he's climbing through the ropes.... NO!!! Perfection saw him coming and charged at him with a flying knee that sent Seti back outside and into the guard railing!!

Anderson: That looked like it hurt. Turn around!!!! YES!!

Creed: Sup Pop Scott came in with a big boot, but Perfection turned around just in time he reversed it into a dragon whip! He's dragging Scott Douglas to the middle of the ring.. it looks like he's going for it.....

Anderson: PICTURE PERFECT Figure Four leg lock!! He has it hooked in the middle of the ring and Sup Mop is just crying out in pain!

Creed: All three men have been worked pretty hard in this match and Seti who is just now recovering his senses on the outside. Don't know if he'll make it in time as Perfection is really wrenching those legs and Douglas is screaming in agony! Tony Daniels is checking on him but Douglas is not giving up.. in fact he...he.. FLIPS the move over and now Perfection is the one screaming in pain.

Anderson: Get in there you yellow coward!

Creed: Give Seti a break he took a hard dive into that guardrail! But finally he is in the ring and running ELBOW drop to the back of Douglas' head! Releasing the hold Seti quickly moves over to Perfection, who has rolled to the ropes and goes for the pin 1....2...NO! Perfection with a foot on the ropes.

Anderson: Ref almost didn't see that! Perfection had his foot there well before even the first count! HEY TONY QUIT FAVORING THAT YELLOW GUY!!!

Creed: Damn Terry!.... HE can't hear you. Seti sees his chance to end this... he grabs Perfection by the hair and drags him to the corner turnbuckle. He smashes his face on the top buckle.. spins him around... picks him up and places him on the top turnbuckle!

Anderson: Sup Mop is up!!!!

Creed: It's POP... TERRY! Scott Douglas charges that corner and Seti doesn't see him coming.. BODY SPLASH! Squishes Seti into the corner and he doubles over into the ropes. Perfection is recovered now on the top turnbuckle and he lays some punches into Douglas.


Creed: Perfection lays a boot into Sup Pop Scott's face and he stumbles backwards.. Perfection perches himself up on the top turnbuckle... JUMPS with a CROSS Body and.... OH MY GOD DOUGLAS REVERSES!! TILT A WHIRL BODY SLAM!! Hooks the leg... 1.....2.....NO!!! Last breath kick out by Perfection!!

*CROWD: HOLY ****! HOLY ****! HOLY ****!*

Anderson: WOOO! Perfection can't be put down by that! He is a BEAST!

Creed: Well, i'll tell you this Terry, I am as astonished as Douglas is right now. This time however he goes right back to work.. Courtney is now getting into this and slapping the mat for Douglas to capitalize.

Anderson: He's got him up and hooked for something.... NO!!!!


Creed: THE SUB POP!!!! He rolls over to cover.... 1.....2...NO!!! Seti with a diving elbow to the back of Scott Douglas' head. We almost had our first ever champion right there!!

Anderson: All three men are down and none of them are getting up yet. They are tired out.

Creed: Seti is the first to his feet, followed by Scott Douglas. They grapple in the center of the ring and Seti gets the quick upper hand with a knee to the gut. He whips him into the ropes and decks him with a massive clothesline.

Anderson: And here comes Perfection, spinning that yellow guy around they are duking it out in the center of the ring! Man those are some perfect punches!!!

Creed: Their brawling has dragged them over to the ropes and Douglas is up and sees the opportunity! He charges in with a HUGE CLOTHESLINE!! OH PERFECTION DUCKED. Douglas caught Seti straight in the face and he is sent flying over the top ropes!

Anderson: That's where he needs to be! Cowards deserve to be on the outside of the ring.

Creed: The fans don't think so Terry.


Anderson: These idiots don't know what they're saying! They are drunk off their asses and this is the longest match they've ever seen!!!

Creed: Well back in the ring Perfection has Douglas pinned in the corner. Hitting him relentlessly with punches and kicks! Head ref Tony Daniels is giving him a five count and he stops..... ONLY to go right back in there with multiple kicks to the gut!

Anderson: What's this chick doing?!?

(Camera shows Scott Douglas' manager Courtney hopping onto the ring apron.)

Creed: Looks like she's seen enough of Perfection's cheap shotting!! Tony doesn't see her yet, he's too occupied with Perfection! She's yelling at Perfection to stop and he notices her on the ring apron. She's moving around the corner to get closer to him and he finally relents off of Douglas.

Anderson: WHAT THE HELL!?!? That b*tch just spit on PERFECTION! OH MY GOD! KILL HER!!

Creed: Kill her? Really Terry? REALLY? Looks like you may have your wish! Tony Daniels isn't even seeing this confrontation. Perfection is enraged! He grabs Courtney by the hair and is yelling at her! She is struggling to get loose! Seti has dragged himself into the ring. He sees the exchange and storms over.

Anderson: That cheating bastard!

Creed: Courtney falls to the floor but looks to be okay as now Seti and Perfection are fighting at the ropes, Seti grabs Perfection by the trunks and hair and tosses him outside! A little pay back from Vizier ta Seti.

Anderson: He should be DQ'd for that!!!

Creed: This isn't the 80's Terry.

Anderson: What? SINCE WHEN!?!?

Creed: Douglas is back up and meets Seti in the center of the ring. They hook up, Douglas with a knee to the gut, whips him into the ropes.. REVERSED!! Douglas flying back.. Seti kicks him in the gut.. grabs his head... SLAMS it into the mat... he covers.. this could be it.... 1......2.......3!!!!!! Perfection at the last second went for the save but was too late!! HE CAN'T believe it!

Anderson: He got SCREWED! He was clearly there in time... this is racism god dammnit! RacISM!!

Creed: Terry you need to seriously stop! Vizier ta Seti is IWF's FIRST EVER Emerald City Champion!! He won this match fair and square and man what a match it was... neither Scott Douglas or Perfection should walk away with regrets. Hard fought battle they had.

Anderson: I still say it's BS!

Creed: Wait what is Perfection doing? He's harrassing the time keeper for the belt!!

(Camera shows Perfection yanking the belt away from both Donald Bell and the timekeeper. He's yelling furiously in the ring at both Tony Daniels and Vizier ta Seti, who is exhausted in the middle of the ring. He's walking towards the entranceway when Chairman Cho steps through the curtains. He is followed by Courtney Paz and what looks to be IWF Security. Chairman Cho approaches Perfection and extends his hand. They shake and he whispers something in his ear. Perfection releases the belt to Kimball Cho and walks off. Courtney Paz tries to hand him a towel and he snatches it from her and walks off.)

Anderson: What the hell is that guy doing taking the belt from Perfection? He rightfully deserves it! He got screwed out of this match!!

Creed: I'm glad Chairman Cho convinced Perfection to relinquish the belt, so we didn't have to deal with another 'briefcase situation'.

(Back in the ring Chairman Cho extends his hand and shakes the first ever Emerald City Champion's hand. He hands Vizier ta Seti the belt and raises his arm in victory.)


Creed: Look at the crowd cheering our new champion what a wonderful night in IWF history!!!

(Cut to the announcer's booth where Terry abruptly gets up, rips off his headset and storms out. Cut back to the arena, where Vizier ta Seti is sitting in the middle of the ring with the Emerald City title belt over his shoulder. He waved to the ring announcer for a microphone, and one was tossed haphazardly to him; miraculously he caught it.)

SETI: This is the greatest moment of my wrestling career so far.

(Crowd pop, chant of VI-Z-IER! started up. Vizier ta Seti stood up and folded the title at the center, held it, and stared at it.)

SETI: You people out there with internet connections and curious natures have probably learned by now that my career started about thirteen years ago and ended two years later.

I came to this company on a second chance, and I stayed with this company because of your support, and for that, I thank you.


SETI: I won this championship tonight, because of your support, and for that, I thank you.

(More applause.)

SETI: I never forget the people who do right by me, so I am proud to stand before you as the Emerald City Champion of the IWF and declare that I will defend this championship, and defend this company against any challenger or enemy, be it within the IWF or from outside these walls.

(The fans popped in the middle of his statement and he spoke louder to be heard.)

SETI: That means Perfection, that means Erik Mateo, that means Scott Douglas.

(He paced, and rearranged the title in his grip so it was over his shoulder.)

SETI: That means Castor Strife, Anarky, Tyson XL, Vince Jacobs, and any of the other paper champions sitting high and mighty in their million dollar box seats who don't have the guts to leave their all - expenses - paid hotel rooms and wrestle when they don't have a slick production team to cover all of their weaknesses... they're all on notice.

(Vizier stopped talking for a moment, just long enough to strap the belt around his waist. The crowd popped as he did a quick 360, showing off his new title belt.)

SETI: The International Wrestling Federation is here... and we will rise!

(Vizier dropped the microphone and held one fist in the air while he had the other against his chest, and bowed to each side of the arena.)

Creed: Well folks for my partner Terry 'The Idol' Anderson, I want to wish you guys a great night and thanks for tuning in for a night of history being made here at IWF! See you next time for our Supershow!!

(Fade to copyright.)

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