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Chain Reaction 3!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

More lightning...........

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"

.................................................. .........

"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather Moonsaulting!
CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti decking Terry 'The Idol' Anderson with one punch.
CUTTO: Erik Mateo walking to the ring, full redneck attire, cracking his knuckles.
CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop!
CUTTO: Perfection running with the briefcase of 10,000 dollars!

BURST OF STATIC.............

Chain Reaction

music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

(Camera opens up to Art Mori's office. He is looking over some documents when, without knocking, Courtney Paz comes in. Mori's face almost immediately bursts into sweat as she approaches his desk, eyeing what looks to be the briefcase of money that Perfection stole during Chain Reaction 1.)

Paz: So you got the briefcase back I see.

Mori: Yeah Perfection handed it to me a few minutes ago.

Paz: Have you checked inside it to make sure the money is there?

Mori: Well.... no... it felt heavy enough.

Paz: Art... god dammnit.

(Courtney Paz walks around his desk, sweat now pouring down Mori's face as he reaches over and opens it. Both of them shake their head when they look inside.)

Paz: Monopoly money? REALLY? Does this guy think Mr. Cho jokes around like this?

Mori: Please don't tell him.

Paz: He's going to see for himself we are live by the way.

(Art looks up to the camera and starts wiping the sweat off his forehead.)

Paz: Art... listen to me you gotta stop letting these wrestlers push you around. It's going to get you nowhere.

Mori: I'll talk to him....

Paz: No... you won't. I'll handle this, you stay here, finish up.. whatever it is you are working on.

(Mori sinks into his seat as Courtney walks out. He signals the camera to cut the feed, but before it does, he is seen reaching for his liquor.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Battle Royal and Intro continued.

(Camera fades into Aaron Creed and Terry 'The Idol' Anderson. They are in the announcer's booth, high above the ring, at Moss Bay Events Center.)

Creed: Welcome wrestling fans to another exciting edition of Chain Reaction. I'm your host, Aaron Creed and along side me is of course Terry 'The Idol' Anderson. How are you feeling tonight Terry?

Anderson: Absolutely amazing, Creedy boy!

Creed: After last week's altercation with Vizier ta Seti are you sure you are feeling amazing?

Anderson: Completely and if that Sand...

Creed: TERRY! Ms. Paz already had a discussion with you about that type of language.

Anderson: Blah blah blah! If that yeller person gets near me again he's going to be the one knocked out on the ground.

Creed: I'd pay money to see that attempt.

Anderson: What was that?

Creed: Nothing, Terry. We have two great matches on the slate for tonight, first up is a Battle Royal to decide the next entrant into the second round of the Emerald City Championship tournament!

Anderson: Might as well call that match already, my boy Waltz has it in the bag.

Creed: We will see about that one. As for our main event, it will feature a one on one match up to determine who will be the final entrant into the second round of our championship tournament. Erik Mateo vs. Vizier ta S....

Anderson: That yella guy!

(Creed gives Terry a stern look then shakes his head, Terry smiles at the camera and shrugs his shoulders.)

Creed: The Battle Royal is up first but before we begin looks like our cameras are backstage with Scott Douglas!

(Cut to: Locker Room. Scott Douglas is sitting on a bench in front of a row of lockers lacing up his boots. Door behind the camera swings open. Camera pivots to reveal a stage hand with a head set and clipboard half in the room, and half out.)

Stage Hand: Douglas, entrance in five.

(Camera pivots back to Scott Douglas)

Scott Douglas: Alright.

(Scott finishes lacing his boots and jumps to his feet and starts stretching and warming up. The door opens again. Camera pivots to reveal Scott’s girlfriend Courtney Allen, dawning skin tight leather pants, high heels and a retro “Sub Pop” tank top which showed off her many tattoos up and down her arms and across her collar bone.)

Courtney Allen: Hey babe! Looks like I’m right on time.

Scott Douglas: Damn it Court’ … I told you we’d talk about this. What are doing here?

Courtney Allen: And I told YOU … there was nothing to talk about. I’m here. When do we go out?

(Before Scott can respond the door swings open again and the stage hand pops back in.)

Stage Hand: One minute, Douglas, you’re on …

Scott Douglas: Got it!

(Scott grabs a bottle of water from his bag, cracks it open and starts pouring in over his head to wet his hair.)

Scott Douglas: I don’t have time for this. Watch your ass out there, keep your head on a swivel, and do not … DO not interact in the match for any REASON at all.

(“Baby Takes” by Green River hits the P.A. out on the floor and can faintly be heard in the locker room.)

Scott Douglas: That’s us… come on.

(Camera switches to Donald Bell standing in the center of the ring.)

Bell: Introducing first in this Over the Top Rope Battle Royal! Hailing from Seattle, Washington (Crowd Pop) Weighing in at 226 lbs and checking in at 6 foot 1 inches.... "SUB POP" Scotttt DOUGLASSSSS!!!!!

(Scott Douglas appears from behind the curtains. He throws both taped hands, balled into tight fists,above his head, and gets a decent pop. He pauses mid way a looks back and Courtney Allen emerges into view and draws twice the pop. She stops and strikes a pose for a moment and skips to catch up with Douglas. The two proceed to the ring together. At the apron Scott leans in and gives Courtney a kiss on the cheek and directs her to the side of the ring. He slides in the ring and immediatly ascends the turnbuckle. Douglas throws his arms in the air yet again, drawing another pop. He comes down and rest against the turnbuckle checking his taped for arms and hands.'I Get the Job Done' by Big Daddy Kane takes over the PA system and a loud Woo! can he heard throughout Moss Bay Events center.)

Bell: Next up from East Harlem, New York! Weighing in at 266lbs and checking in at 6 foot 3 inches.... DUSTY RODGERRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!

(Dusty comes out from behind the curtains and starts walking towards the ring. He lets out a roarful Woo and the crowd repeats it as well. He climbs up the ring steps as 'Pass out' by I-Exist takes over the PA system.)

Bell: Next up from Eugene, Oregon, weighing in at 273lbs and checking in at 6 foot 3 inches... “THE FALLEN ANGEL”... STEPHEN WAAAAAALTZ!!!!!

Anderson: There is the winner!

(Stephen Waltz slowly makes his way to the ring as the fans give him a mixed reaction. He slides in under the bottom ropes and is met with an immediate Woo from Dusty Rodgers. "Dance-Sing by Ice Cream Fire hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to their feet in a loud chorus of cheers.)

Bell: The final competitor from McCandless, PA... weighing in at 118lbs and checking in at 5 foot 2 inches... MARYYYYY LYNNN MAYWEATTHHHERR!!

(MLM busts out through the curtains. Soaks in the crowds cheers and storms the ring. She slides under the ring ropes and takes he respective corner.)

Creed: Head ref Tony Daniels signals for the bell and we are off to start this Over the top rope battle royal!

Anderson: All four wrestlers are eyeing each other looking for an opening. Waltz and Rodgers both see a quick route to Douglas and they take it! That a boys!

Creed: Waltz and Rodgers are immediately double teaming Douglas, hitting him with various chops and punches. MLM looks on for a moment but decides to intervene as he approaches Rodgers from behind and nails him with a quick elbow.

Anderson: Cheap shot!

Creed: MLM has Rodgers by the arm and whips him against the ropes... he holds on to the top ropes and MLM airballs a dropkick!



Creed: Rodgers struts over to MLM and picks her up by the hair... hooks her... SUPLEX!

Anderson: Look at my boy Waltz over there in the corner still going strong on Douglas!

(Courtney Allen walks over to the where Douglas is slumped in the corner and starts cheering him on. Douglas seems to feel the energy as the crowd gets behind him as well.)

Creed: Douglas responding to the cheering, he blocks a punch from Waltz and then another! He grapples Waltz... hooks him and lifts him up for a Back suplex.... HE DROPS HIM OUT OF THE RING! WoW! Waltz landed directly on his neck and does not appear to be moving.

Anderson: Oh my god not again! He can't be dead!

Creed: I don't think he's dead, Terry. Just took another bad bump.

Anderson: If he's dead i'm blaming it on that yella fellow from last week.

Creed: Terry focus on this match!

Anderson: I AM!

Creed: Douglas is recovering in the corner as Courtney Allen continues to cheer him on. Rodgers and MLM are going at it on the other side of the ring and MLM looks to have the upper hand.

Anderson: Hey now! This is getting interesting look who's headed to the ring!

Creed: I'm not sure what business Perfection thinks he has here but he's not involved in this match!

Anderson: Perfection goes where he wants, bottom line.

Creed: Back in the ring Douglas is heading over to Rodger who just reversed a hold from MLM and DDT'd her to the mat. Rodgers too busy elbow dropping the mat instead of MLM doesn't see Douglas coming. He spins him around... hooks him.. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Rodgers hits the mat hard and vibrates the ring.

Anderson: Looks like Douglas is gonna have to find himself a new girlfriend.

(Perfection with a wad of cash in his hand is talking to Courtney Allen, she shrugs him off but Perfection doesn't back down. He turns her around and is met by a slap which he blocks and grabs her wrist, pulling her in closer.)

Creed: The fans are telling Douglas to turn around but he's focused on Rodgers! Wait a sec.. MLM is up.. She sees what's going on outside the ring... OH MY GOD! She springboarded herself out of the ring and dove onto Perfection!!

Anderson: She just eliminated herself that idiot!

Creed: I don't think she cared Terry, I think she was trying to help Courtney who looked to be in need of assistance from the vile James Witherhold!

Anderson: It's Perfection GOD DAMMNIT!

(Douglas turns around and finally sees the chaos outside. Courtney climbs the apron to be consoled by Scott. He wants to exit the ring but she tells him not to. Meanwhile MLM and Perfection are trading punches and kicks as they disappear up the rampway behind the curtain.)

Creed: Oh no! Rodgers is up to his feet! The fans are screaming for Douglas to turn around as Rodgers comes charging at him! He does and DUCKS!!.... Rodgers stops himself from punching Courtney Allen who's still on the ring apron....

Rodgers: WOO!!!!

Anderson: Turn around idiot!!

Creed: He does and OH MY THE SUB POP!!!!!!!!

*Loud crowd pop!*

Creed: Douglas picks up the dead weight of Rodgers... tosses him over the top ropes and that's it!! We have a winner! Scott Douglas made his way back into the second round at his last chance for Emerald Dreams!

(The crowd erupts in a standing cheer as Courtney Allen and Scott Douglas hug in the middle of the ring as we fade to commercials.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Seduced... by Perfection.

(Camera fades in backstage, where Courtney Paz is knocking furiously at the door of IWF wrestler Perfection. After a few moments of constant banging, Perfection opens the door with a pissed look off on his face, that softens up to a grin once he sees it's a woman at his door.)

Paz: I stopped by Art's office earlier, James.

Perfection: Who is this James? Lady my name is and always will be Perfection. If you'd like I can show you why.

Paz: Enough of the games, Perfection. I saw the briefcase, I saw the monopoly money. You are running around with prize money, that you probably half spent, that doesn't belong to you!

Perfection: I earned that money fair and square lady. Now you aren't Art Mori and you aren't Mr. Cho. So why am I standing here listening to you?

Paz: Mr. Cho wants a respectable wrestling company, not one that caters to floozys, or dimwits. He does not like cheating or stealing or anything that could make us come off as unprofessional. I've been sent here by Mr. Cho to ensure that everyone abides by the rules.

Perfection: The only rules I follow are my own.

Paz: Not anymore. If you don't have that prize money in my hands by the start of Chain Reaction 4... YOU will be removed from the Emerald City championship tournament.

Perfection: You've gotta be kidding me!

Paz: No jokes here James. Make it happen or...

(Before Courtney can finish her sentence Perfection pulls her in close and plants a huge wet kiss on her lips, she at firsts resists but then succumbs to the Perfectionist. Once releasing her, he grins back at her as she tries to recover all flustered.)

Perfection: Now what was that you needed me to do by the start of Chain Reaction 4?

Paz: I uh... uhmmmm.... I.. you...

Perfection: Listen Ms. Paz I gotta run, but it was nice talking to you.

(Perfection high tails it off camera and out of his locker room down the backstage halls. Courtney stares after him in disbelief, then suddenly remembers why she was there.)

Paz: James god dammnit! I'm serious!!!

(She starts to chase after him as the camera cuts to commercials.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Main Event: Seti vs. Mateo

(We fade in to Aaron Creed and Terry 'The Idol' Anderson getting ready for the main event.)

Creed: Alright.. it's time for our main event and after an exciting Battle Royal finish, I can't wait to see who the last competitor will be that enters the second round of our tournament!

Anderson: Better not be that SAND...

(Before Anderson can finish his sentence, Creed rips out his mic cord, The Idol.. oddly enough doesn't realize it.)

Creed: Let's head to the ring for this exciting match up!

(Camera switches to Donald Bell in the ring.)

Bell: This next match is a round one match up for the Emerald City Championship Tournament... First up hailing from Giza, Egpyt weighing in at 255lbs and checking in at 6 foot 3 inches.... VIZIER TA SETI!!!!!!!!

('Do you call my name' by RA hits the PA system, Vizier steps out from behind the curtains in his normal wrestling attire. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as he walks towards the ring.)

Creed: Last week Vizier landed a move that stunned the crowd, I wonder if he has anything exciting planned for us this week!

Anderson: Dammnit Aaron why'd you unplug me?

(Vizier gets in the ring, walks to his corner, folds his arms and waits for Mateo. "Great to be a man" by Rodney Carrington hits the PA system.)

Bell: His opponent hailing from Las Vegas, Nevadaaaaa! Weighing in at 267lbs and checking in at 6 foot zero inches...... ERIK MATEOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

(Erik walks out from behind the curtains, dressed in full wrestling attire with his cowboy hat. He cracks his knuckles as walks towards the ring, tosses his hat out into the crowd and climbs up on the ring apron. He gets in the ring and Referee Tony Daniels signals the bell.)

Anderson: Get em MATEO!

Creed: Both men lock up in the middle of the ring and Seti gets the quick upper hand, delivers a blow to the back of Mateo's head and hooks him. Mateo.. not seeing any of it.. drives all of his force into Seti and sends him into the corner turnbuckle! He rams him shoulder first twice in the gut, before the ref breaks it off.

Anderson: Keep it up!

Creed: Mateo looks to do just that as he hits a hard punch to the face of Seti... followed by another! He goes for an irish whip.... Seti reverses it and sends Mateo flying into the corner! Mateo stumbles foward and is met with a SPEAR! Mateo just got flattened to the mat.

Anderson: This Visor guy disgusts me.

Creed: Well we saw last week where that disgust got you and his name is Vizier.. and he also has Mateo set up in the middle of the ring, he hooks him and... POWERSLAMS him into the mat. That took a lot of strength to get that big man down like that.

Anderson: It's all that strange praying people like him do! Gives him more strength then normal.. IT AIN'T RIGHT HE'S A CHEATER! Come on Mateo get your ass up!

Creed: Seti is helping him to his feet, he hooks him again... Mateo with a block followed by a knee to Seti's gut... pulls him up.. knife edge chop! Roundhouse PUNCH! Seti stumbles back into the ropes and Mateo charges in with a HARD CLOTHESLINE! Mateo hooks the leg... 1...2...NO!!

Anderson: Slow count! SLOW COUNT! I bet you this Yella Person paid off the ref.

Creed: God dammnit Terry you are going to get yourself fired, quit being so racist!

Anderson: Nothing is racist when it's the truth.

Creed: ....... Back to the ring action, Mateo looking frustrated with the 2 count picks Seti back to his feet. Hooks him and hits him with a powerslam of his own! Picks him up again... and ANOTHER powerslam! Mateo goes for the quick cover again... 1....2....NO!

Anderson: I'm telling you he's using Arab money to fund this match! It's all a conspiracy!

Creed: Mateo just needs to work him over a bit more, if he keeps his focus, he'll get the job done.

Anderson: Screw focus! Get another beer in him.. that'll give him energy!

Creed: Seti is getting set up.. for a suplex... no Vizier knees Mateo in the gut and another knee! Mateo gets the wind knocked out of him... Seti hooks him... EVENFLOW DDT! Lifting Mateo up now.. he whips him against the ropes WOW!

*Crowd POP!*

Anderson: What the hell was that!?

Creed: Mateo is flat on his face after Vizier ta Seti caught him on the rebound with a Belly to Belly and used all of his force to send Mateo flat on his face! Mateo is unmoving and Vizier ta Seti senses his time to capitalize.

Anderson: That damn YELLAR!

(Camera switches back to the announcer's booth where Terry 'The Idol' Anderson can be seen ripping off a small american flag hanging from the wall. He throws down his headset and storms out of the booth.)

Creed: This isn't going to be good. Seti has Mateo in the middle of the ring he whips him.. NO REVERSED! DOUBLE REVERSE! Mateo comes flying back... Seti kicks him in the gut.. grabs his hair.. DRIVES him face first into his knee. That's See No Evil! Seti hooks his leg for the pin..... 1....2.....3!!! Mateo is out! And here is the final man to enter the second round of our championship tournament!

(Seti raises both of his arms in the ring as they give him a mixed reaction. That mixed reaction turns to quick boos as fans turn their heads towards the enterance. Terry 'The Idol' Anderson is walking out from behind the curtains. He is carrying one of those small 5 dollar American flags that you see hanging up in class rooms. He is pointing at Vizier ta Seti and saying obscene words to him.)

Creed: Vizier wants Anderson in that ring but Terry is just baiting him. He won't come any closer... UH OH FOLKS! Looks like trouble!

(Perfection comes out from behind the curtains and storms the ring. He slides in and is just steps away from Vizier. The Idol is beside himself, slurring and cursing at Seti in the ring.)

Creed: Looks like we have more company!

(From backstage Kerry Kuroyama and 'Sub Pop' Scott Douglas are charging the ring. They both slide in.)

Creed: The Final Four are all in the ring staring each other down and we have just run out of time folks! See you at the next Chain Reaction! CAN'T WAIT!

(The Final Four are circling each other in the ring as we fade to IWF copyright.)

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