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Chain Reaction 10 - "Moving Forward"


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
IWF Chain Reaction 10
Live from The Moss Bay Event Center!

"ADD" Derrick Allen vs Johnny Niles
Jake Evans vs Leyenda de Ocho
Spooky Doom Update via Telecast
"The Pacific Blitzkrieg" Kerry Kuroyama vs Cecilworth Farthington

Main Event
Mary Lynn Mayweather vs The Minstrel
Stipulation at Mayweather's descreation

The Airing of the Final Segment of Perfection vs. Vizier ta Seti


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"Phone Time with Courtney Paz"

"... But your coming right?" Courtney Paz questions in a leered tone over her battle worn iPhone.

She hangs on every word coming through the receiving end of the phone with her head turned down to her desk and the myriad of papers which litter it.

"Well, I don't know how well I can hold him off. What is your ETA?" She questions.

She takes in the response while a creak of the door alerts her attention. Her face curls up into a displeased and frustrated expression and she makes her way to the door. As she approaches she makes a simple request into the phone.

"Hold on a second."

With a swipe of her hand the door slams shut and the conversation in continued in a muffled and inaudible tone.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Introduction - "Moving Forward"

(Cue Up: Chain Reaction Video Package. Set to the tune of KHZ - "Let it Go." A series of images featuring IWF's talent flashes across the screen in a rough sync with the musical accompaniment. High spots and pivotal moments strobe from one to another giving a quick sampling of IWF's high intensity action and unfortunate low budget production value. The video package flows; one quick scene to another until it come to an abrupt stop just after Vizier ta Seti hoists the Emerald City Championship high above his head in the middle of the ring.
Cut to: The commentary stage. Aaron Creed and Brian McGinnis sit with an empty seat and headset between the two broadcast professionals.)

Creed: Ladies and gentleman ... Welcome to Chain Reaction TEN! A small milestone for the International Wrestling Federation in its own right! As a company; we have had our share of ups and downs but based upon the buzz backstage tonight ... Chain Reaction Ten is all about forward progression!

McGinnis: Indeed, Aaron. This show has shaped up to be quite the event over the past week!

(A loud, yet muffled, impact resounds through the live microphones on the slightly elevated stage.)

Creed: Nice of you to join us, Terry.

(Terry "The Idol" Anderson makes a late entrance at the insistence of the security crew that have apparently led him to the stage. As "The Idol" picks up his headset his muffled voice can be heard attempting to stay off the security team.)

Anderson: Ok ... ok. I'm here ... Happy?

Creed: Well, folks ... We'd like to take this time to welcome the third member of our broadcast team, who is still working pro-bono - as it were; Terry "The Idol" Anderson. Welcome, Terry.

Anderson: Hilarious, Creed.

Creed: Thank you, Terry. ... or should I thank your black shirted entourage?

Anderson: Let's get this crap shoot of a show on the road. I don't have all night.

Creed: Well, although I'd wager to say you're back up dancers may have a different opinion; we will press on. Brian, run it.

McGinnis: Tonight's line up shows all the classic signs of well rounded event with highly explosive action. Although, I prefer to leave the speculation and adoration to social constructs to my contemporaries; the line up alone speaks volumes for tonight's action. An irate Allen will clash with the self proclaimed "Best in The World."

Anderson: Derrick Allen is a disappointment at best. He is constantly in the way and the one time you think he'll do something worthwhile he dead ends the looker instead of Seattle's favorite janitor.

Creed: That was an unfortunate accident and at times, when tempers run high ... tragedy can occur. Everyone here at the IWF has Courtney Allen in our thoughts and prayers.

Anderson: Pray Douglas doesn't come back.

McGinnis: Moving on, the veteran. Jake Evans, faces off against the relative rookie Leyenda de Ocho, fresh off of an incredible match with the cryptic yet potentionally devastating; Spooky Doom.

Creed: Speaking of which we will hear from Spooky Doom via Telecast tonight alongside, Gail Martin.

Anderson: I hope he comes back next week and brains that little gaming nerd. Don't pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.

Creed: That's not the ... you know what forget it.

McGinnis: I assumed, your colloquial expression of "run it" insinuated; I should give the watching audience a quick short form version of tonight's' competitive line up. If you two rather talk amongst yourselves, I suppose, I could busy myself until the first match begins.

Creed: My apologies, Brian. Please, continue.

McGinnis: Very well. "The Pacific Blitzkrieg" Kerry Kuroyama will hit the ring tonight, facing off against IWF newcomer, Cecilworth Farthington.

Anderson: Who? That's like six syllables but doesn't sound Latino. Odd.

Creed: Terry ...

McGinnis: ... and of course Mary Lynn Mayweather will name her own stipulation in a grudge match with, the current bane of Courtney Paz's existence, The Minstrel. That wraps up the entire live card and now back to my broadcast partners for the lesser points of this evening’s event.

Anderson: You're snarky tonight, Guinness.

Creed: Fans have to be wondering, much like my self ... Who did Paz call last week, and who is she waiting on this week? Are they one in the same?

Anderson: She better be waiting on the accountant to come and right the financial wrong that has been committed against an idol.

Creed: I highly doubt it, Terry. Only time will tell... until then let's take a look a more in depth look at our first match up! Hold on just a second, I'm getting word that there is a disturbance in the back.

Anderson: This whole place in a disturbance.

Creed: We're trying to get a camera in location now, folks.

(Cut to: A jostling shot as a camera man takes a few hurried steps before rounding the corner to reveal Art Mori standing at the backdoor. He is being physically inhibited from entering the facility by a member of security.)

Art Mori: What is the meaning of this!? I'm the Commissioner for crying out loud!

Security: I'm sorry, sir. This is under direct order from Miss Paz.

Art Mori: She works for me!

(Courtney Paz steps into view and approaches the door way.)

Courtney Paz: Mori, Mori, Mori ... We've gone over this. I work directly for Chairman Cho and the shareholders. Right?

(More begrudgingly responds.)

Art Mori: I suppose!

Courtney Paz: Aww, come on Art ...

Art Mori: Alright, you're working for the shareholders and have been sent here to make my life a living hell.

Courtney Paz: That last part’s just a fringe benefit. Let him in.

Art Mori: I should hope so! This is my show after all.

(The member of security steps away with a puzzled look on his face. Art Mori straightens his incredibly wrinkled suit jacked and steps over the threshold. He pauses momentarily and stairs down Paz a bit before continuing and out of the cameras view. Courtney watches his frustrated exit for a moment before turning to the security member.)

Courtney Paz: I said ... once he is escorted OUT ... not to let him back in. If you screw this up for me, so help you god.

(Courtney storms away from the stunned member of security.

Cut to: The Commentary Stage.)

Creed: Well, what do you make of that, Terry?

Anderson: Paz has something up here sleeve. She probably intends to make Mori work for free or kidnap him and hold him hostage in this hellhole.

Creed: Clearly, something is a foot tonight ... and I'd have to guess we won't have to wait but so long to see what. Let's go to tonight's "Tale of the Tape." Which is brought to you by; the Washington Packaging Supply Company …

Anderson: Clever.

Creed: Washington Packaging Supply Company, for all your temperature sensitive shipping needs. And the temperature here at Chain Reaction Ten is about to heat up! What will Derrick Allen do and will he be sober?

Anderson: The real question is; why can we still understand him drunk better than Erik Mateo sober?

Creed: When has Erik Mateo ever been sober?

Anderson: Well ...

Creed: See, this is what Brian was referencing...


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"ADD" Derrick Allen vs. Johnny Niles

(Cut to: A crudely produced graphic featuring a picture of "ADD" Derrick Allen on the left hand side and Johnny Niles on the right. The middle of the screen lists their physical attributes and any relative biographical information.)

Creed: Brian, the floor ... is yours'.

McGinnis: Derrick Allen is fresh off what essentially could be considered a bye week after the tragic events of Surge and returns to face the currently winless, Johnny Niles. Niles will take the advantage here, both in height and weight. Six three … verse six one. Two forty six ... verse two thirty seven. Although what Allen lacks in height and weight, I feel ... he more than makes up for in experience and passion. Tonight, only marks Allen's third in-ring competition appearance in the IWF but his experience in the "Great White North" is well known.

Anderson: Yeah, in Canadia!

Creed: Ignore him. Brian, do you think Niles' dwindling lack of confidence portrayed over the last few weeks will factor in to this match up?

McGinnis: It very well may, Aaron. Allen is coming into to this match up hot and has a lot of aggression and anger to take out on the first person to step in front of him. If Allen can control his fury and channel that within the confines of an official wrestling competition; I think he walks away with this one tonight.

Creed: And in the same vein; that anger and fire could be all consuming and be Allen's undoing.

McGinnis: It very well could.

Creed: Let's go to the ring!

("Lying From You" by Linkin Park blasts throughout the arena as IWF's Straight Edge star Johnny Niles emerges from the curtain. He bends down on one knee, staring at the ramp, before popping up and holding his wrists in his trademark "Straight Edge X" sign. Fans pop for him as he makes his way to the ring.

"Sail" by AWOLNATION cuts off Niles' anthem, as Derrick Allen enters the arena. It is unclear whether or not he has had anything to drink tonight, though it is important to note that security hasn't attempted to prevent his entrance.
He sings along to his theme in an angry tone of voice, charging straight for the ring and pummeling Johnny Niles before the bell sounds off.

Clubbing forearm after clubbing forearm rains down upon Niles's back before the referee is finally able to separate the two men and call for the bell. Immediately as the bell rings, Allen charges across the ring towards Niles, hitting a huge clothesline. As Niles hits the mat, Allen immediately follows him and resumes clubbing forearms.)

Creed: Allen is wild man out there, as expected!

McGinnis: If he can keep this up, as we mentioned before, then he has this match wrapped up already.

(The referee begins a count as Allen rains down blows, finally creating space at 3 and a half. He steps towards the adjacent side of the ring, waiting for Niles to get to his feet. As he does, Allen jumps off the second rope and hits a stiff springboard dropkick to Niles. Allen positions himself atop Niles, and rather than go for the cover, begins to throw fists into Niles's face.)

Creed: Allen with a HUGE springboard dropkick, and he's really not even letting Niles breathe out there!

Anderson: Just get the chair and get this over with!

Creed: It's hard to even call it a wrestling match at this point - it's been a brawl more than anything!

(Allen rises to his feet as Niles lays on the ground in pain. A mad look in his eyes, Allen climbs the corner turnbuckle and goes for a diving head butt, only for Niles to roll away. As Allen groggily climbs to his feet, Niles hits a high knee, then another. Then another. The fans cheer as Niles finally shows signs of life.)

Creed: Niles finally mounting some offense in this match!

McGinnis: Derrick Allen may have gone for that high flying move too early.

Creed: Can you blame him? He's a man possessed out there! All he wants to do is kick - OH my. OH MY GOD!

(Niles attempts a big roundhouse kick that finds nothing but air as Allen ducks underneath. The source of Creed's astonishment is immediately apparent - Allen grabs Niles's head and neck for a snap DDT. He then immediately lifts Niles by the arms for a seamless double underhook powerbomb combination. The crowd loudly cheers in appreciation for Allen's combination. A few begin to chant "HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!" After these rapid-succession moves, Allen goes for a cover.)

Creed: One! Two! ... and NO! Niles kicks out at two and a half! What a combination there by Derrick Allen! Where did that come from?

Anderson: Canadia, of course.

Creed: Allen gets Niles back to his feet quickly, and it looks like he's got something big planned!

(Allen grabs Niles and hits a powerful German Suplex. He goes for another cover, but Niles kicks out at two.)

Creed: A big German suplex, but not enough to put Niles away!

McGinnis: Niles really needs to crank up the offense if he's going have any chance at toppling Allen.

(Almost on cue, Allen throws a punch towards Niles, but it is blocked. Niles hits Allen with punches of his own - one, two, three, four, five, six. Allen is dazed by this onslaught as Niles grabs Allen and hits a German Suplex of his own.)

Creed: Nice suplex by Niles there! As if to say, 'anything you can do, I can do better'!

Anderson: Niles is clearly better. He is the "Best in the World." Allen is only the best in Canadia.

McGinnis: Niles for the cover - one! ... two and no, Allen kicks out.

Creed: Terry, you realize it's Canada ... right?

Anderson: Potato ... Canadia.

(Niles lifts Allen up from the mat and begins to attempt a Fisherman's Suplex. Allen counters with a quick uppercut, as a crazed look comes across his face. Another uppercut, and another - each quite stiff. A dazed Niles is nearly out on his feet. Allen displays a sick grin as he grabs Niles by the head and turns towards the announce table.)

Creed: Oh God, what does Allen have planned here? Wait a second...WAIT A SECOND! Is that...is that the Sub Pop?


(Allen lifts Niles up into a Fisherman's Suplex of his own, only to finish off the move with a Brainbuster. Allen goes for the cover.)

Creed: "One! Two! Three! Derrick Allen finished off up-and-coming Johnny Niles, but oh God...what about that last maneuver!?

McGinnis: He utilized Scott Douglas's patented finishing maneuver, the Sub Pop. Clearly, this is some sort of message from Allen to Douglas.

Anderson: You're damn right it's a message! The message is loud and clear: Hey Douglas! I'm better than you and I'm going to kick your ass! Ha - I LOVE it!

Creed: What happened to Niles being the "Best in the World?"

Anderson: Pish, posh. Perfection is the BEST in the world ... but Allen just smashed another man's skull and rubbed it in El Moppito's face like the yellow dog he is!

Creed: Considering the events that have transpired between these men, I think it's important to have a little more sensitivity in the matter, don't you?

Anderson: Sensitivity? Shut up.

Creed: Security?

Anderson: Alright, alright ... Snitch.

Creed: Amazing performance from the returning Derrick Allen as Johnny Niles' losing streak continues another weak. Allen brought it all to an abrupt end with "The Sub Pop," and will walk away the victor. We'll return after a short break with Gail Martin live via telecast with a interview and update on everyone's favorite ...

Anderson: Weirdo.

Creed: ... little grim reaper, Spooky Doom!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Via telecast, it's Spooky Doom!

[Via telecast, it's Spooky Doom! In a tux! For some reason!]

[Miraculous what one finds at Best Buy nowadays; affordably priced even for a small independent promotion offering only the finest wrestling across the greater Seattle-Portland area. Despite everything, the IWF still manages to splurge and find ways to obtain high definition wide screen television to give its fans something to watch during the break between action. We now take you ringside where in-house reporter Gail Martin asks the injured Spooky Doom all the important questions. Gail address the crowd from in ring seated next to said television screen.]

Gail Martin: Ladies and gentlemen. We are now joined live via telecast by Spooky Doom! Spooky, I'd be remise if I didn't ask about your odd choice in wardrobe this evening and excuse my candor ... but what are you wearing!?

Spooky: Tux? I dunno. Between smashing faces in the ring and collecting the souls of the soulless it's not like I ever get the chance to dress "normal".

Gail Martin: Furthermore, your tie is in a bow despite it being a straight tie.

Spooky: Look, ties are complicated. I'm a wrestler. I'm a luchador. I'm a lil' Grim Reaper thingy collecting souls for the underworld. I'm not used to doing nothing at all for any length of time but that's what I'm forced to do right now. I don't have much "non-business" clothes but I remembered having this suit from that one time I had to dress up fancy after winning a world title-

Gail Martin: Should've asked your uncle how to tie one.


Spooky: Just saying I don't like being kept out of action anymore than the people here do. It's not about the pain; I've been hurt a lot worse during my career. It's just that I don't know what to do right now! Docs tell me I should recuperate and I'm recuperating as hard as I possibly can!

[He's frustrated; heading towards stir-crazy. The hooded mask of the reaper (which matches his outfit terrifically well) cannot hide Spooky Doom's disappointment at his inability to get out and fly.]

Spooky: Did twenty Spooky Sit-ups this morning and my leg is still sore...

Gail Martin: Spooky Doom... To say the least, IWF fans find you to be a bit peculiar. Do you have the capacity to be, well, a little more normal?

Spooky: Doesn't work like that, darling. I'm a pro-wrestler, knew I wanted to be a pro-wrestler since I was seven years old. Seeing my uncle locked inside an airtight and implausibly un-open-able coffin ... Makes you realize the world doesn't run on conventional notions. Found the devil, made him make me a Reaper, started kicking ass as the Spooky Doom and ain't ever goin' back. Couldn't be normal if I tried ...

Gail Martin: Fair enough?

Spooky: So since I'm here on the broadcast eating up valuable airtime, might as well reassure the fans that the greatest lil' undead zombie that ever lived ain't buried yet; Spooky Doom arises from his grave and returns to action NEXT WEEK!!!

[BIG TIME CROWD POP!!! Meanwhile, Gail Martin audibly winces from that last sentence's syntactical structure.]

Spooky: Or at least next show, but you know what I mean. This lil' Grim Reaper thingy needs to validate his claims as the true Emerald City Champion and if that means forcing a resolution to that battle against Leyenda De Ocho, then so be it. I'm Spooky Doom: I take people's souls and get in fights!

[The crowd comes unglued until it becomes most difficult for the professional Gail Martin to regain control of the interview. SPOO! KEE! DOOM!! echoes throughout the arena, a mighty roar belying the regional promotion from which it spawned. Gail attempts to ask another question, spurting a few words... The sound system isn't enough to cut through the din of the audience. The woman is legitimately annoyed. It's actually Spooky Doom who wordlessly signals to the audience to quiet down long enough for Gail to resume her questioning, annoying the house reporter even more.]

Gail Martin: Spooky Doom, do you have any messages for Leyenda de Ocho; or for that matter, any other competitor in the IWF?

Spooky: More than anything, I want Leyenda de Ocho to understand that Lucha Libre is always about going for the most incredible [bleep] ever. We create the impossible, make people doubt just what is real. It's that spirit de Ocho must carry if he wants to become a champion. So I'll cheer him on against Jake Evans, because he has to beat a man who's bigger, stronger and most assuredly meaner than him.
Which he can do. So show your best against the worst this world has to offer, because the strongest muscle you possess... is your heart.

Gail Martin: Spooky Doom...

[For a moment, the crowd goes silent. Even Gail Martin is at a loss for words.]

Gail Martin: The heart is actually five papillary muscles working in unison-

Spooky: It's a wrestling promo, not a medical lecture!! My point was, is Leyenda de Ocho the 8-bit luchador that'll change the sport or a gamer geek in a mask decrying the loss of EB Games trading policies? Fight brutality with the strength of your courage! Be like me, hit with everything that you possess and become the hardest hitting force in all of professional wrestling! That's how I got my title! Straight smashing through all obstacles chest first, like a luchador!

Gail Martin: You heard it folks, Spooky Doom back in action next week!

[Crowd pops yet again.]

Gail Martin: I'd like to thank you Spooky Doom, both for your time and your ... impeccable wardrobe?

Spooky: Thank you, Gail.

Gail Martin: Well, for a man who doesn't know how to tie a straight tie. Creed, back to you.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"Ivan Arrives"

(Cut to: The commentary stage.)

Creed: Thank you, Gail. That was ... well, an intriguing interview and update. Spooky Doom back in action and we can only hope that the powers that be will see it fit to pit him against Leyenda de Ocho on Chain Reaction Eleven!

McGinnis: A rematch in most certainly in order and these two men can and will put on an amazing show if given the opportunity to face off, once again.

Creed: Agreed. Terry, no thoughts from the peanut gallery?

Anderson: What? No... I'm not paying either of you any mind. I'm "googling" Washington State kidnapping laws. I think I'm victim here.

Creed: Verbal contracts are legally binding in Washington and you entered into one on live television just last week. I don't think you have a case.

Anderson: Hey!

(One the members of security reaches up on the stage and snatches the phone from Anderson's hands. Anderson protests, but gives up shortly thereof.)

Anderson: I was done anyway ... and Creed, I did no such thing.

Creed: In lieu of termination, you ... you know what. Get an attorney. This should be fun.

Anderson: I will. As soon as they give me my phone back.

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm being told ... yes, we are going to the back now.

(Cut to: Courtney Paz swinging open the door and holding it open for an approaching figure.)
Creed: Could this be the arrival Courtney Paz has waiting on? Could this be the man on the other end of the phone?

(The figure steps inside the door. His identity is revealed to be Ivan Dalkichev.)

Courtney Paz: Is he with you?

Ivan Dalkichev: No.

Courtney Paz: Why the hell not? Where is he?!

Ivan Dalkichev: He ... come ... come later.

Courtney Paz: Useless. Come on, I've got a job for you.

(Courtney storms off and out of camera sight. Ivan shrugs off her temper and follows.)

Creed: Well, clearly ... that is Ivan Dalkichev; the man who brutally beat Kerry Kuroyama last week after the bell had already sounded.

Anderson: Kerry Kuro ... Kuro-whatever got what he deserved.

Creed: For messing with Courtney Paz? Clearly, that is a mistake you have first hand experience with.

Anderson: ...

Creed: More live action from IWF coming at you right now folks! The veteran Jake Evans takes on Leyenda de Ocho! Brian, lay the Washington Pack and Supply Company tale of the tape on us.

Anderson: Shill.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Jake Evans vs. Leyenda de Ocho

(Cut to: A crudely produced graphic featuring a picture of Jake Evans on the left hand side and Leyenda De Ocho on the right. The middle of the screen lists their physical attributes and any relative biographical information.)

McGinnis: This one couldn't get any more lopsided. Leyenda de Ocho gives up sixty some odd pounds to Evans. That's not to mention eight inches and a few decades of experience! Speed, agility and well ... being nearly half the age of his competitor will more than likely be Ocho's only saving grace in this match up. Jake Evans on the other hand has seen his fair share of high flying opponents and will likely attempt to ground Ocho in the early goings.

Creed: I'm not sure I'd want to be in Leyenda de Ocho's shoes right now as this next match is upon us.

Anderson: This backwoods moron should be banned from the ring after what he did to Stevie last week!

Creed: Terry, is of course referencing Chain Reaction Nine. Jake Evans injured Stephen Waltz during what became a destructive match and devastating loss for Waltz. Ocho did some damage as well, causing the injury to Spooky Doom which kept him away from competition this week.

Anderson: It was a fluke, once Stevie is back on his feet… Evans will get his receipt.

(The opening Drumbeats of "The Sickness" by Disturbed begin to play as the crowd begins to get restless. Suddenly the voice of the lead singer is heard with the shrilling, alarming first notes. Loud guitar strums as the music gets a harder edge to it and we hear the voice again and the camera turns to the entrance curtain.

The music is full on and rocking hard as the fans begins booing loudly. Through the curtain steps Jake Evans. Jake is wearing basic black tights and boots. He stands for a second and wrings his hands together in front of him as he takes in the crowd's reaction. Finally, he slowly begins to walk toward the ring with a slight smirk on his face. He slides into the ring and glares around to the entire crowd, as if relishing the beating he is about to dish out.)

Creed: There is Jake Evans and he looks focused. As Brian pointed out before this match up will be completely lopsided if you let the numbers tell it but something tells me the lightening fast Ocho has something up his sleeve tonight.

(Leyenda de Ocho's music, "Final Battle" by Dr. Octoroc, hits - but no one enters through the curtain. Several minutes pass. Evans questions Tony Daniels and receives no more than a confused shrug. Evans calls for a microphone.)

Anderson: Where is he? The little guy isn't coming out to his music!

Creed: We apologize, folks - we're not quite sure what's going on here. Can we get someone in the back to see what's going on?

Anderson: The kid's probably hiding. If Waltz can be caught off guard … this kid doesn’t stand a chance.

Creed: Is that what you call it?

(A camera quickly catches up to Leyenda de Ocho in the locker room area. He is sitting on a bench, staring at the pitch-black mask/pink bandana combo he wore for Chain Reaction Nine. Slowly, he raises it and puts it over his face.)

Creed: Referee Tony Daniels has no choice here; he has to begin the count!

Daniels: One! Two!

Evans: Get up here and take yer medicine, kiddo! Are ya that scared to get in the ring with me? Are ya nuthin' but a yeller-bellied (bleeped)?

(The crowd erupts in boo’s as Ocho seems in conversation with himself. He doesn’t seem to be aware of the cameras.)

Ocho: You're fine? You're fine?? After all the mental anguish you put me through, after all my fears that I would never get to face off against a top IWF flyer, about how I may have ruined my one shot at truly knowing if I had what it takes...you're FINE?!

(Ocho stands, holding his head in his hands with an escalating look of anger in his eyes.)

Ocho: You KNEW this about me...I am a man with certain...I don't know how to phrase it. I just can't advance to the next game without finishing the first one. I can't pause it and take a break to grab a sandwich. When I start something, I HAVE to see it through the end...and all you have for me is a 'Go get em, you'll do great'?!

McGinnis: What's the referee's count up to?

Daniels: Five! Six!

(Jake unable to see or hear Ocho’s backstage monologue continues his own in the ring.)

Evans: Ya know I came here because I heard ya'll had real men worth gettin' into the squared circle against. But I see now that ain't the case. Ya gots a bunch of little rope suckers and fairy boys on the roster who think jumpin' around is the best way to win a match of men. Now get yer little pansy-ass up here, Ouchie!

Ocho: Spooky, I told you that when you were ready, I would be waiting...well, here I am. I need this. I NEED this.

Daniels: Seven! Eight!

McGinnis: This will make two back to back count outs for Ocho.

Creed: Well, things got heated on Chain Reaction Nine between Spooky Doom and Ocho. He clearly can't get it out of his head!

Ocho: Jake, I'm sorry...but you're going to have to wait. I can't start a second game until I finish the first one. Your time...it will come.


(Ocho runs out of the locker room at full speed out of view of the camera.)

Daniels: Ten! Ring the bell!

(The bell rings and the announcer request the microphone back from Jake but he isn’t having it.)

Evans: This is what the fear is all about folks! The fear kept the kid from even walking out here and facing me like a man. Instead he's back there actin' like a damn coward!

Is that the way all of Yu'ins are here in IWF? A bunch of sissified losers and crybabies?

I don't care what ya got going on, son, a man takes care of his business. Ya wanna punk out like this and show the world ya ain't nuthin', then go right ahead. There won't be no second chances against Ol' Jake because this tar-heeled redneck only wrassles real men.

(The crowd expresses general displeasure with both; Jake and his attitude.)

Evans: Mori … Cho, whoever… next time you put my name on a contract and a poster to get people in the arena, you better (bleeped)damn well have me a match with someone who will actually show up like a real man.
I thought I was in a real wrasslin' federation, not a circle jerk of (bleeped)."

(Jake soaks in the heat from the crowd and drops the microphone. "The Sickness" begins to play as he exits the ring and heads for the rampway.)

Creed: Well, there you have it folks. We do apologize - I know many people were looking forward to the contrast of wrestling styles these men have to offer.

McGinnis: It sounds like there's going to be some MAJOR action between Ocho and Spooky down the line. And don't forget Ocho's parting words to Jake Evans!

Anderson: Fire them both! Only thing worse then an injury prone wrestler is one who can get a clean victory.

Creed: I’m up to speed on your former career, Terry. You really want to stick by that statement?

Anderson: No comment.

Creed: We'll be back with more IWF action after this!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"A Perfect Plot with Paz"

(Open to: A makeshift locker room in the back of the house. The shot is static and the camera capturing it appears to be set in a still location. Perfection sits alone, suit and tie, slick hair but no wrestling gear for two weeks in a row for him. A knock on the door is heard as Courtney Paz walks into the dressing room shutting the door quickly behind her.)

Perfection: Did you bring him?

Courtney Paz: Listen, I understand you want things a certain way but I brought in Ivan to clean things up, not to use him as your minion! This is a isolated event, understand?

Perfection: Courtney, when, if ever, do I listen or care what you say?

(Perfection walks past her as she shakes off Perfections arrogance. He opens the door to allow Ivan Dalkichev to walk in. Perfection looks up at him for a moment and then walks backwards and sits back down in his chair.)

Perfection: Enter my friend, enter and listen carefully.

(Perfection glances over at Paz)

Perfection: Does he speak English?

(Back to Ivan.)

Perfection: Or are you like one of those Mexicans at the drive thru where I don’t know a damn thing you say?

Courtney Paz: James!

Perfection: Whatever, you are going to go and steal me the footage from Surge? You understand that? And when you do I will pay you. Get the DVD, tape ... whatever it is and bring it to me. The people will see the match when I tell them they will see it. The entire idea of being a leader is not to appease the people, it’s not to give them what they want the second they want something. They'll get what they think they deserve when I get what I perfectly deserve!

Courtney Paz: You would have had it weeks ago if you didn’t pull that stunt after the match.

Perfection: Certain things had to be done. And if you can’t see that then maybe I will just get rid of you too.

Courtney Paz: I am just saying, you are taking things out of hand. If I didn't know this would piss off Art, I'd let them air the tape tonight, regardless of your feelings on the matter.

Perfection: And that is why this works out perfectly in both our favor. You get to continue to stick it to Mori and I get to remind these morons who I am! If I allow these ignorant fools the chance to think I don’t run things in this company ... then all is lost! I am the king, I am the ruler, I am the best one! And I prove that by dictating when things are aired, when I say! Not Mori, not Cho, not even you ... ME!

Courtney Paz: Whatever you say, James. Ivan ... do as the man asks.

(Ivan nods and exits the room.)

Perfection: Remind me again why you can't just go in there and grab the tape?

Courtney Paz: I want Mori to fail... but I can't have anyone knowing I'm directly or indirectly responsible for the biggest match in the promotions history being delayed for three weeks in a row.

(Perfection smirks and nearly chuckles as he addresses Paz further.)

Perfection: Then I suppose, I should have mentioned the camera behind you?

(Paz spins around and is caught in the lens of the camera like a dear in headlights. She reaches out to shut the camera off. Her last words caught on the on board audio as the shot shakes and flutters just before going black.)

Courtney Paz: Damn it, James!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"Fresh Start? Don't You Mean 'French' Start!?"

[Cut to: A televised only promotional piece."La Marseillaise" playing loudly (which is the French national anthem for those of you playing at home). Stills of French leaders flash on the screen. Napoléon. Joan of Arc. Lafayette. Joffre. Charles de Gaulle. pain GRILLE.]

[The final image of GRILLE, in his purple mask with the blazing piece of bread on his forehead, slowly fades to a French flag backdrop somewhere that doesn't matter. Standing before it is PAIN GRILLE and RENDRE SINGE, the latter standing behind GRILLE with his arms folded across his chest, dwarfed behind GRILLE's 5'9" frame being a miserly 5'6". GRILLE, despite being under six feet, poses a threatening image. Arms folded across his chest, dressed ready for ring competition, GRILLE stares down the camera's barrel with those intense eyes of his.]

PAIN GRILLE: "Bonjour, IWF. It is pain GRILLE 'ere, with my comrade Rendre Singe, ready to embark on zee journey into zee abyss zat is zee IWF.

"I digress, it is not my intention to patronize zee IWF. It is merely my intention to point out zee fact zat I am far superior in everysink in comparison to you. I am graced with zee superior genes. I am French, no? How much more superior can I get zan zat, my friends?

"My fists and feet strike with poise zat zee ingrates viewing zese shows 'ave never seen zee likes of before.

"I fly like zee butterfly. Sting like zee bee. I am a machine of pure wrestling talent zat zee IWF has never seen zee likes of before."

[He snickers at the camera, shifting his arrogant stance putting his hands on his hips.]

PAIN GRILLE: "IWF... between myself and mon frère, Rendre Singe, we will tear apart zis promotion with our superiority. Zere 'as been nothink zat you 'ave seen zee likes of before.

"Together, Retour des Centres will ignite zee revolution of IWF and see me become it's emperor as I rise like zee phoenix from my wrestling oppressors ashes.

"Dare stand in zee way of Retour des Centres and you will feel zee wrath of my blow. It strikes without fear and without prejudice. It will strike all. And strike it shall.

"Vive les Retour des Centres!"

[The duo thrust defiant fists into the air.]

PAIN GRILLE: "Vive la Résistance Français."

[FADE OUT on GRILLE and SINGE re-thrusting those defiant fists to the camera.

Cut to: The Commentary Stager)

Creed: Well it appears that the IWF has secured some new talent in who ... and I'm assuming I heard this correctly, pain GRILLE and Rendre Singe.

McGinnis: Yes, Aaron. Otherwise known throughout the wrestling world as, "Retour des Centres." Anti-American and anti-establishment.

Anderson: A Frenchie... with toast on his head? French toast? Wait, now I'm hungry.

Creed: A questionable acquisition by the IWF, however let me be the first to welcome Retour des Centres to the International Wrestling Federation!

Anderson: Closest this dump has ever been to being international.

Creed: Let's go now to the Washington Packaging Supply Company; Tale of the Tape.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"The Pacific Blitzkrieg" Kerry Kuroyama vs. Cecilworth Jay Farthington

(Cut to: A crudely produced graphic featuring a picture of "The Pacific Blitzkrieg" Kerry Kuroyama on the left hand side and Cecilworth Farthington on the right. The middle of the screen lists their physical attributes and any relative biographical information.)

McGinnis: In what would seem to be a night of perpetual mismatches, Kerry Kuroyama verse Cecilworth Farthington will be no exception. "The Pacific Blitzkrieg" takes both the weight and height advantage. Two hundred and thirty two pounds to Cecilworth's comparatively meager one hundred and fifty four pounds, or eleven stone. Cecilworth, alongside the hometown advantage, will give up about three inches. Kerry's biggest disadvantage here will clearly be the effects of the beating he took last week by the hands of Ivan Dalkichev. This one could really go either way and should turn out to be one interesting matchup.

Donald Bell: Ladies and gentlemen, our following exhibition contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first... weighing in at nine stone, and fighting out of Buckingham, England... please welcome... CECILWORTH JAY FARTHINGTON!

(“When the Going Gets Tough” by Billy Ocean hits the public address system, and the Seattle fans jeer to welcome CECILWORTH J. FARTHINGTON as he struts out onto the stage with his entourage of personal trainers. His arrogance is on full display as he exchanges insults with the fans on his trip down the ramp to the ring.)

Creed: The black sheep of the prestigious Farthington family of the United Kingdom is coming to the ring now, with a bit of swagger in his stride! No doubt, Cecilworth J. Farthington is feel confident after his one-sided debut victory back at Chain Reaction 9!

Anderson: C-Ville’s got MORE to feel confident that just a win over the “WOO!” guy! Like being LOADED... and having the best trainers available at his disposal at any moment! Let’s not forget he weighs as much as NINE HUGE BOULDERS!

Creed: I think you need your EYES checked, Terry! Nine stone is only around one-hundred and forty pounds... and that’s pushing it.

Anderson: Well, weight was never important, anyway. In my day, sure... but these days? It’s all about having mass! C-Worth has mass... mass AWESOMENESS!!

Donald Bell: And his opponent... he weighs in at two-hundred and thirty-two pounds and appears tonight in his hometown of SEATTLE, WASHINGTON... here comes “the Pacific Blitzkrieg”... KERRY KUROYAMA!

(“Revolve” by the Melvins hits the PA as KERRY KUROYAMA walks out onto the stage, gets a big hometown pop as he performs his iconic fist-bump, and advances down the ramp, looking confident and slapping hands with the fans. In the ring, Farthington tries in vain to get the audience to quiet down, but they tune him out in favor the presence of the Pacific Blitzkrieg.)

Creed: The prodigy of the Dojo wrestling school is out next, with a look of determination on his face! “The Pacific Blitzkrieg” Kerry Kuroyama is intent on following the path to the elite level of this promotion, and so far, he’s proven his resilience, withstanding overwhelming odds and achieving victory!

Anderson: Oh, come on... this kid’s been riding the most ridiculous streak of luck I’ve ever seen in all my years in this business! What happened at Surge with Erik Mateo was a FLUKE by all means... and you can’t really say he “won” anything back at Chain Reaction Nine over a guy who’s technically a bodyguard!

McGinnis: Irregardless, this young man has proven a natural ability in the ring, and the fans have rallied behind him! A win tonight could take him one step closer to the Emerald City Title...

Anderson: Actually, that was what I was hoping would happen with C-Worth. I think Perfection and Farthington for the Emerald City Title is my absolute number two dream match right now!

Creed: What’s number one?

Anderson: Whipped cream strip down between Katy Perry and that stacked ginger chick off of Mad Men. I mean, come on, what SANE man would not want to see that?

Creed: Ugh... the more you speak, the less SANE I feel sometimes, Terry. Let’s just go to the ring, where Tony Daniels looks ready to get this underway...

(With Kuroyama and Farthington separated to opposite sides of the ring, referee Tony Daniels cues the bell, and both men come right at each other. The tie-up lasts only a moment before Kuroyama uses his immediate advantage in strength to wrangle Farthington into a side waistlock, and he promptly puts him to the mat with an old-school suplex. As C-Worth lies stunned on the canvas, Kerry pulls one of his arms around his back and quickly clinches it into a hammerlock.)

Creed: Kuroyama’s getting off to a quick start, slamming Farthington to the mat and going right for the submission hold! That took the smirk right off of C-Worth’s face, now strained in anger and pain!

McGinnis: Farthington working to break free... and Kuroyama gets a hand across the face!

(Farthington uses the free hand to graze the face of Kerry Kuroyama, and while the ref warns him not to do it again, the damage is done as C-Worth uses the brief distraction to shift his weight, twist his arm around, and reverse the hold. Showing quick reflexes, he scissors his legs around Kerry’s arm and for a moment threatens to put him into a Fujiwara Armbar, but Kuroyama pulls free at the last second.)

McGinnis: Cecilworth with the FUJIWARA -- no! Kerry got a whiff of what was going on and pulled out before Farthington could draw him in!

Anderson: Dang...

Creed: Kuroyama charges as C-Worth comes to his feet... but Farthington sees it coming and quickly drops him with a classic drop toe hold!

Anderson: RIGHT-O! Good show, old man!

(Terry gives the line a tacky English inflection as Cecilworth J. Farthington quickly puts a side headlock onto Kuroyama before he can get to his feet. With an arrogant smirk on his face to incite the rage of the audience, he wrenches in on the hold, squeezing his forearm across Kerry’s temple in a painful manner. His confidence begins to wane, however, as Kuroyama begins to power up to his feet.)

Creed: Cecilworth J. Farthington goes for the headlock, but Kerry Kuroyama is working himself back up, getting the fans behind him!

Anderson: Come on, C-Worth... just tune out these Yankee scumbags!

McGinnis: Cecilworth looking distraught as Kuroyama makes it to his feet... Kerry takes him by the waist... oh WOW, Cecilworth is just hoisted AIR... Atomic Drop by Kuroyama!!

(Kerry brings Cecilworth down over his knee to break the hold, and quickly goes to the ropes. The Farthington black sheep is tip-toeing across the ring in pain and rubbing his buttocks as the Pacific Blitzkrieg comes back on the rebound and nearly takes his head off with a spinning back-handed chop while he’s running. C-Worth drops flat on his back as Kerry lets loose a primal yell into the audience and getting them charged.)

Creed: Kerry Kuroyama has turned the tables on Cecilworth J. Farthington! WHAT a chop! You could hear the pop off that down the block! Here’s Kuroyama with a lateral press, going for the pin!

Tony Daniels: One... Two...

McGinnis: Farthington with the kick out!

Anderson: That’s right, C-Worth! Show ‘em you’ve still got the fight left in you!

(Before Farthington can get away, Kerry pulls him in close and puts a few forearms to the side of his head. C-Worth struggles harder as Kuroyama attempts to mount his chest, and through perseverance and sheer desperation, he reaches out and grasps the bottom rope. Kerry breaks contact at once, and Cecilworth is under the ropes and on the outside in a heartbeat. Almost immediately, his crew of trainers are there to help him back up.)

McGinnis: Kuroyama, keeping up the pressure, but Farthington gets out of the ring before he can do any more damage! It’s not a courageous act, but a smart move to break his opponent’s rising momentum!

Creed: Farthington’s trainer’s are right there to butter him up and tell him he’s doing a good job so far... but you have to wonder if he might be doubting his own abilities right now!

Anderson: Not a chance, Aaron! A Farthington doesn’t walk into anything unprepared! C-Worth knew he’d have adversity in this match, but he knows it’s all brains over brawn!

(In the ring, the referee diligently counts and Kerry patiently waits, while on the outside Cecilworth J. Farthington shakes his arms out and takes a few slaps on the back from his trainers to get his confidence up and rolling again. Ready to return to action, he ascends the steps to the apron, ordering Tony Daniels to keep the other man back before he comes back in. The audience boos his reluctance, forcing him to send some trash talk their way. Finally, he steps through the ropes.)

Creed: Cecilworth back in the ring now, ready to redeem himself... and Kuroyama tells him to come and get it! Here’s Farthington, going into the lock-up... and Kerry once again overpowers with ease!

McGinnis: Kuroyama reaching over for the gutwrench... and UP comes C-Worth into the air, before being driven down with a sit-out POWERBOMB!

Creed: Kerry hooking the legs and Cecilworth’s shoulders are down!

Tony Daniels: One... Two... Thr --

Anderson: YES!! There you go, C-Worth!

(Farthington breaks the pin as he scissors his legs across Kuroyama’s face. Kerry is clutching his nose as he rolls back to his feet, and barely catches a kick from Farthington to the mid-section. C-Worth follows through with an enziguri, silencing the crowd and putting Kuroyama to the mat. He crows with triumph as he pops back to his feet, getting booed by the audience for his show of arrogance. As Kuroyama recovers, Farthington gets low in the corner and waits for him to rise...)

McGinnis: A quick-timed enziguri gives Cecilworth J. Farthington a chance to take this match back into his control! Kuroyama almost up to his feet... and here comes Cecilworth!

Anderson: OH YEAH, C-Worth with an absolute AWESOME looking Swinging Neckbreaker! I couldn’t have done that better myself!

Creed: The trainers outside the ring are cheering him on, and now Farthington is going for the pin!

Tony Daniels: One... Two... Thr --

(Kerry gets the shoulder up at the last second, causing Cecilworth to throw the ref a threatening glare. Nevertheless, he puts the Pacific Blitzkrieg right into a front facelock as he gets back to his feet and takes a handful of his waistband as he prepares for a vertical suplex... but Kuroyama hooks the leg and blocks it! The fans pop excitedly as Kerry counts with a vertical suplex of his own, but their excitement is quickly dashed as Farthington spryly slips out and lands on his feet behind him.)

Creed: Kuroyama with a reversal, but Cecilworth J. Farthington comes through with a reversal of his own... there’s the waistlock -- and Farthington carries him over with a German suplex!

Anderson: Jolly good show, old chap!

McGinnis: There’s a bridge for the pin!

Tony Daniels: One! Two!

Creed: NO! Kuroyama kicks out!

McGinnis: Cecilworth has the advantage over Kuroyama right now, but the Pacific Blitzkrieg has already proven he can withstand punishment! If there will be any pride brought to the Farthington name tonight, then Cecilworth is going to have to either get creative or go for the quick kill!

(Farthington leaves Kuroyama to slowly recover to himself as he struts from one side of the ring to the other. The fans jeer him loudly, but their reaction only seems to motivate him further. Kerry finally gets up with the help of the ropes, and C-Worth soon spots him leaning in the corner. Cecilworth moves in with his fists up and ready, and soon begins pummeling the defenseless Kuroyama with a flurry of rights and lefts.)

Creed: Kerry Kuroyama getting a REAL beating now, and I’m sure this is only bringing back memories from his brawl back at Surge!

McGinnis: Cecilworth thinks he has this one! He holds up his knuckles for the fans... gives them a kiss... and here comes the knock-out haymaker -- OH WAIT!! Kuroyama gets the arm up and BLOCKS IT!

Anderson: What the -- !?

(The fans POP as Kuroyama catches Farthington by the fist, and the camera closes in on the facial exchange between both men, as C-Worth looks surprised and Kerry looks defiant and angry. Kerry throws the arm aside to put Farthington off balance and comes charging out of the corner with a flurry of fists of his own! Farthington covers up to shield himself from the onslaught, but soon finds his back up against the ropes.)

McGinnis: Kerry Kuroyama comes roaring back with a second wind, and now here comes Cecilworth J. Farthington off the ropes with the Irish Whip... on his way back -- and Kuroyama DRILLS HIM with a powerslam!

Anderson: Come on, C-Worth! Don’t drop your swagger on me now!

Creed: Kuroyama not going for a pin here... he’s sitting Farthington up, and moving in behind! Looking for a Katahajime -- but Farthington counters with a snapmare over the shoulder!

Anderson: YES!!

(Cecilworth follows through after the snapmare with a flipping neck snap to whip Kerry’s head to the mat. No longer showing his cockiness, Farthington looks almost desperate as he rushes Kuroyama back onto his feet, tucks him under his arm, and drills him right into the canvas with a quick DDT! Immediately, he rolls Kerry over and hooks the leg for the cover...)

Tony Daniels: One! Two! Thr --

Anderson: YES -- wait, NO!! ALMOST!! Freaking ref was SLOW on that count!

Creed: All the same, Kuroyama managed to kick out! Cecilworth J. Farthington bursts back onto his feet and gives Tony Daniels an earful on that count, but Daniels isn’t going to take that kind of attitude!

McGinnis: Clearly, Farthington isn’t reacting well to Kerry Kuroyama’s resilience! I think he knows he’s gotta finish this one now, or this match is only going to get harder for him!

(Making the motion that he’s had enough, Farthington brings Kuroyama up the rest of the way and slaps him into a front-facelock. Hooking the leg and preparing for the Worthless, he stalls only for a brief second to point out a mouthy ringside fan and give him an insult -- but it costs him everything when Kuroyama suddenly drops back and wrangles him into a small package.)


Tony Daniels: One! Two! Three!!

Creed: HE GOT HIM!!

Anderson: WHAT?! What happened!? NO!

(The crowd cheers as Daniels cues for the bell. The two men break apart and the camera zooms in on Cecilworth J. Farthington’s stunned face as he sits up and realizes what just happened. “Revolve” comes over the PA once again, and Kerry Kuroyama pumps his fist and he climbs to his feet in victory.)

McGinnis: Look at the face of Cecilworth J. Farthington, sitting in the ring in absolute shock and awe! He can’t fathom how Kuroyama could have turned it around on him so quickly, but that’s what happens when you let yourself get distracted!

Anderson: What do you mean “distracted”? Tony Daniels was clearly favoring this match in a very pro-American way. While I’m normally for that kind of thing, it’s nothing short of a crime when you come out and STEAL a match from a talented athlete like Cecilworth J. Farthington in such a manner!

Creed: To Farthington’s credit, he gave Kuroyama a hard fight, and was moments away from sealing what I assume would have been the victory if only he managed to pull off that Fisherman Suplex.

McGinnis: A good effort, but not enough to overcome the resiliency and fierce determination of the Pacific Blitzkrieg! Maybe Farthington will remember that next time!

Creed: As Cecilworth J. Farthington appeals to his trainers to find out what he didn’t wrong, Kerry Kuroyama returns to the locker room, celebrating his victory with the fans, knowing he’s now one step closer to competing for the Emerald City Title!

McGinnis: But speaking of the title, we still need to learn just who is the Emerald City Champion!

Anderson: Oh, come on... we already KNOW it’s Perfection!

Creed: We’ll know before the night is through, but first, let’s take a quick a break...


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"Better to Give than Receive"

[Backstage, Courtney Paz is walking down the hall flipping through some papers. She makes a left turn into the office door she slammed on the camera earlier. She makes it about half way into the office when…]



[The Minstrel jumps out from behind the doorway causing Paz to jump in terror. The Minstrel doubles over with laughter as Paz attempts to collect herself – her papers now strewn about the floor.]

Minstrel: Haha! Wish you could’ve seen your face…

[Paz shakes her head as she recovers and rolls her eyes at the masked man in front of her. For the first time we notice that the Minstrel has a package in his right hand.]

Courtney Paz: What the [bleep] is wrong with you!?

[The Minstrel straightens up and wipes some imaginary sweat from his mask’s brow.]

Minstrel: Oh, Paz, I’m just having a little fun – I know you can relate to that.

[She shakes her head again, but her eyes shift carefully when the Minstrel extends his hand with the wrapped package towards her.]

Courtney Paz: What… is that?

Minstrel: It’s a box filled with those exploding foam worms that is triggered when it’s opened.

[Paz raises her eyebrow as the Minstrel giggles.]

Minstrel: It’s a token of my appreciation and a peace offering.

[Paz gingerly takes the package, her eyes never leaving the mask in her front of her. She tears open the wrapping paper and lifts the lid of the box. She reaches in and removes a picture frame, her face is rather horrified by the image.]

Minstrel: I figured you would really want a picture to remind yourself of your most gruesome moment.

[Paz’s eyes shift as she now holds the picture out to show that it is an image of Courtney Allen getting sandwiched between two steel chairs at Surge. Paz is in utter disbelief. The Minstrel starts to giggle at Paz’s current state.]

Minstrel: Well, I can see that’s left you speechless, my dear, I’ll see you around ... toodle-loo.

[The Minstrel walks away out the door with a slight wave.]

Courtney Paz: Sick bastard.

[Paz throws the picture frame to the floor and the glass cracks a bit. She returns to her desk a feverishly dials the phone.]

Courtney Paz: Where the hell are you!? Yeah, of course he went for it. Everything is going as planned. As long as this Minstrel moron stays out of the way ... we're golden.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Mary Lynn Mayweather vs. The Minstrel

(Cut to: The Commentary Stage.)

Creed: Well, continually odd and cruel behavior from the Minstrel.

Anderson: What are you talking about? That was a thought gift!

Creed: Anyway, I’ve just received word that Mary Lynn Mayweather has turned down her option to apply a stipulation of her own choosing to this match. I must say that was …

Anderson: Idiotic … is what it was. Any kind of match in the world, anything you could possibly want, you could stack the deck in your favor!

McGinnis: Nothing wrong with her decision, it's sends a deliberate message to The Minstrel. Stating in no uncertain terms; she doesn't need any bells or whistles to take him down in the ring.

Creed: This one has been on the boil for a while now, The Minstrel has certainly got up Mayweather's dander but last week she surprised everyone as she took a measure of revenge against the Minstrel after his dubious victory over Johnny Niles. Tonight she looks for more.

Anderson: She shouldn't have been here last week! She was fired!

Creed: See, even you're talking in the past tense. Was. She had every right to be at Chain Reaction 9!

(Cut to: A crudely produced graphic featuring a picture of Mary Lynn Mayweather the left hand side and The Minstrel on the right. The middle of the screen lists their physical attributes and any relative biographical information.)

Creed: Brian, run it down the Washington Packaging Supply Company ... Tale of the tape for us.

McGinnis: This matchup is a miss-match-up ... to say the least.

Anderson: Clever.

Creed: Terry ...

McGinnis: Mary Lynn Mayweather give up ten inches to The Minstrel at only five foot, two inches and nearly one hundred pounds.

Creed: That is a stark difference.

McGinnis: Granted but Mary Lynn has an amazing amount of fight in those one hundred and eighteen pounds. The Minstrel is clearly favored, but she could topple the comparative giant as long as she doesn't allow this trickster to get in her head. She has the training, the skill and the technique; she just has to use it properly and remain focused, no matter what The Minstrel may throw at her.

Creed: Another apt and intriguing pre-match analysis from Brian McGinnis brought to you by Washington Packaging Supply Company. Don't pack in Washington ... without them.

Anderson: You are a shell of a man, Creed.

Creed: I'm simply doing my job, Terry ... and I'm getting paid, I might add! Let's take you to the action as Mayweather and The Minstrel are already in the ring.

(The match begins with Mayweather and Minstrel standing off in the ring, Minstrel taking a few swipes at Mary-Lynn's height by making a few wild swings hitting nothing but air as he laughs to himself. After the third false-swing, Mayweather grows impatient and drop kicks Minstrel straight on the knee, Minstrel buckles down and as he does so Mayweather wastes no time whatsoever, capitalizing on her opening by nailing Minstrel right in the temple with a stiff knee. Minstrel collapses down to the mat by the sheer force of the knee)

Creed: JESUS!


McGinnis: Mayweather isn't messing around, that was one painful looking knee. I wouldn't be surprised if Minstrel needed a check up after that.

Anderson: Minstrel is just luring her in, it's all part of the grander plan.

(Mayweather bounds up to the top rope and begins to lay in wait as Minstrel slowly gets back up on his feet. He gets up to an even base but begins to stagger around slowly, inching ever closer to facing Mayweather, who stay perched atop the turnbuckle. As soon as they come face-ish to face, Mayweather dives off, hitting Minstrel right in the chest with a Missile Dropkick. Minstrel staggers back into the opposing turnbuckle, trying to gain his breath back slightly. Mayweather scrambles back up, not willing to give Minstrel any breathing room and rushes towards him as he leans across the ropes. Mayweather launches herself at The Minstrel but Minstrel has enough presence of mind to duck the oncoming charge and Mayweather smashes into the middle rope instead, crashing to the ground, her momentum having nowhere else to go.)

Anderson: That's what I'm talking about!

McGinnis: Yes, very impressive wrestling ability there, the power of ducking.

Anderson: Don't get snarky, Guinness. Wouldn't want you to get wrapped up in the social construction of ... or whatever the hell you said earlier!

Creed: Been holding on to that one for quite some time, haven't you?

Anderson: All I'm saying is; that shows you what a pro is like in the ring, The Minstrel knew where he was at all times. He is a ring general and he set a trap for Mayweather!

Creed: That or he was instinctively saving his behind.

(Minstrel turns his attention towards the fallen Mayweather, still clutching his chest from the impact of the big dropkick from the top. He yanks Mayweather up by the hair, looking delighted as he does so. The fans are less delighted at Minstrel's manner of aid, nor is the referee who admonishes Minstrel not to tug on the hair again. Minstrel, a true gentleman, waves off this warning and hooks up Mayweather, driving her to the mat with force in a snap suplex. He follows this up with a few stiff knee drops of his own, perhaps in revenge for the opening of this bout. After the third knee, Minstrel tries for a forth but Mayweather manages to roll out of the way and Minstrel's knee meets nothing but canvas)

Creed: Talk about going to the well once too often.

McGinnis: If you make it too obvious to your opponent what's coming next, sooner or later they'll have an escape strategy. Mary Lynn is no stranger to the squared circle.

(Hobbling a bit, Minstrel stays on the attack, once again yanking Mayweather up by the hair and once again ignoring all of the negative responses to it. Minstrel sends Mayweather into the ropes, waiting for her on the rebound but Mayweather slides beneath his legs and pops up behind him. Minstrel turns around to face Mayweather and Mayweather responds by firing a series of elbows into the face. Mayweather once again staggers Minstrel and this time looks to send him into the corner, Minstrel however blocks Mayweather's whip attack and uses momentum in his favor to send her to the corner instead. Minstrel builds up some steam and charges towards the turnbuckle full force but Mayweather pulls herself out of harm's way sending Minstrel to meet nothing but turnbuckles.)

Creed: Minstrel's chest is taking a pounding tonight, first the dropkick from the top and now this!

McGinnis: Clearly, Mayweather has noticed this too and knows where she wants to focus her next attack.

Anderson: Mayweather won't have a next attack, Minstrel is just that quick to recover. He's almost god like.

Creed: God like? Perfect, perhaps?

Anderson: Exac ... wait, I see what you trying to pull here, Creed.

(Mayweather grabs hold of the dazed Minstrel, still reeling from the collision with the corner. She pulls him down, and hooks his arms, looking for the Final Verdict. Minstrel begins to struggle, trying to break Mayweather's grasp of his arms. Mayweather and Minstrel battle it out, Mayweather trying to keep the hold in place as Minstrel continues to shake, tug, drop and anything else he can do to try and break free. Minstrel manages to finally get both of his arms free, grabs Mayweather's legs and trips her down. He follows this up by keeping hold of the legs, flipping her over for a jackknife pin.)

Creed: I honestly thought Mayweather had this under control!

Anderson: That's the speed of Minstrel, quick thinking brought him the escape and a pin attempt!

Creed: And our esteemed referee, Tony Daniels, goes for the count. ONE! HE IS HOOKING HIS LEGS AROUND THE MIDDLE ROPE! THIS IS A DISGRACE!

Anderson: TWO! THREE! Minstrel does it! Minstrel wins!

Creed: Some impressive win, using the ropes to steal a victory.

Anderson: Mayweather could have had any match she wanted, she could have stacked the deck in her favor, she had immense power in her hand to defeat Minstrel here tonight. She wanted to show she was straight up the better wrestler and guess what? She wasn't!

McGinnis: I'm not sure cheating proves anyone to be a true winner. Cheaters never prosper.

Anderson: Then why is the referee holding the hand of Minstrel's up high? Tell me that! Bravo Minstrel! Bravo!

(Cameras cut over to see Terry up out of his seat, applauding)

Creed: Will you sit down. You're supposed to be a journalist!

Anderson: How's this for journalism ... Mary Lynn meets The Minstrel cycle! How's that?!

(Terry continues to clap away. Creed leans behind him and nudges McGinnis.)

Creed: I honestly wondered how long before he put that together. Inevitable.

McGinnis: Leave me out of this.

Creed: There you have it, folks. The Minstrel squeaks on by the official to take home the victory. We'll take a quick break and return with FINALE of the "Surge!" main event!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"The Era of Fear"

(Open to: Courtney Paz; backstage. Ivan Dalkichev crashes through the door leading to the outside.)
Paz: Is he here?

(Ivan nods.)

Paz: He better have the paperwork. I'll go brief him outside. You ...

(Paz looks at the camera.)

Paz: You make sure he stays right here. Understand?

(Ivan nods yet again and Paz exits the building.

Cut to: The commentary stage.)

Creed: Now Ladies and Gentlemen, IWF is proud to finally bring you the main event of...

(Cue Up: “Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween)

Creed: Here we go...

Anderson: Yes! I have been waiting all night for this man! He interrupted you perfectly, Creedy!

(Perfection walks down the ramp way nice and slowly pausing in the center to reach inside his suit inside jacket pocket. He looks around a bit with a smirk on his face pulling out and holding up a DVD and waving it in the air.)
Creed: Well folks as we worried, Perfection with the help of Courtney Paz and Ivan ... has stolen the match footage!

(Perfection enters the ring to an array of boos and jeers as he is handed a microphone)

Perfection: I assume you all are waiting for THIS to be shown. This little piece of footage contains some important information about the outcome of Surge. Now, I am willing to hand this over to Art Mori, and I am willing to give you what you are so wanting and demand.

(Perfection points to himself)

Perfection: Under my terms.

Creed: We don’t negotiate with terrorists in IWF!

Anderson: Terrorists? Where is Seti?

(The crowd explodes into a sea of boos and chants of “Fire him.”)
Perfection: Please, please your hailing of me is wonderful but I am trying to talk. Pipe it down if you want to see this!
(He raises the DVD in the air to get the attention of the audience and points to one section leaning over the top rope)

Perfection: Oh! For those of you who don’t know, and maybe you will find out tonight if Mori can make a deal with me. I was placed on suspension from wrestling in this ring following Surge. They called me in the office, lawyers, human resources, the whole team against me. So blame the heads for the lack of great wrestling on your tube.
Regardless, let’s get down to business. Now, Art Mori, you know exactly what I want and I have what you need to keep these people watching this poor production you put together without me. Give me what is mine and I give you what is yours.

(Perfection stands in the ring and taps against his wrist watch awaiting Mori's entrance.) (Mori slowly steps from behind the curtain with a microphone in his hand.)

Mori: James, we went over this several times in private ... where this conversation belongs! You can have what you wish only AFTER we air the match in its entirety.

Perfection: Well that was when all the cards where in your hands, Mori. Now I hold the bargaining chip. I will have what is mine, or this ... and the other two copies with be destroyed!

Mori: That is a course of action I suppose you could take...

(Cue up: "Vietnow" by Rage Against The Machine.)

Anderson: First Mori ... and now Paz. Just give the man what he wants! He is perfect after all!

(Courtney Paz steps from behind the curtain holding a few papers. She snatches the microphone from Mori.)

Creed: Question is; what does he actually want? And what is Paz doing out here ... we all clearly saw her involvement in this debacle.

Paz: Mori, once again you’ve dropped the ball and shown the everyone that you are truly incapable of running this promotion. Your only consistency has been complete and utter failure.

(Art Mori attempts to rebut Paz; off mic.)

Paz: Save your breath, Mori. Ladies and gentlemen ... in my hand I hold an executive order from the desk of Chairman Cho.

(Paz holds the paper high above her head.)

Paz: These documents grant me the incredible privilege to tell everyone in attendance, everyone watching at home ... and most importantly ...

(Paz turns to Mori.)

Paz: ... you ... that effective immediately Art Mori's commission is terminated and era of Fear begins!

(Mori is over come with a confusion. He takes the papers from Paz and looks them over as she continues.)

Creed: Era of Fear? Startling development! Art Mori has been relieved of his duties?

Anderson: We can only hope Paz is next!

Paz: Ladies and Gentleman, it is my great pleasure to introduce the new IWF Commissioner and minority share holder, Nathan Fear!

Anderson: Who?

(Cue up: Rage Against the Machine - "Take the Power Back"

A Caucasian man, pushing six foot, steps from behind the curtain in an all black suit and red tie. His gray streaked black hair and sleek goatee slightly shimmers when hit by the bright stage lights. Emerald City Championship in hand... he strokes his chin for a second and poses for the crowd just a moment before taking the microphone from Paz.)

Creed: This can't be good.

Fear: Courtney, thank you for the rousing introduction. Mori ... no hard feelings. It's all business. Ivan, please escort Mr. Mori off the premises.

(Ivan takes Mori by the arm. He protests but doesn't put up much of a fight. Ivan leads him back behind the curtain.)

Fear: Now as for you ... James; I have what you want... and you have what is now mine. I'm a fair man, as I'm sure y
ou'll all soon learn. Fair trade?

(Cut to: Perfection in the ring.)

Perfection: Fair trade.

(Cut to: Nathan Fear and Paz on the ramp way.)

Fear: Outstanding.

(Fear starts down the ramp way with Paz in toe.)

Creed: Well, folks ... looks like Mori is out, Fear is in ... and for some reason Fear is going to just hand over the Emerald City title in exchange for the "Surge!" recording. I'm honestly speechless...

Anderson: Finally!

(Fear enters the ring and holds the ropes of Paz.)

Creed: I can't believe this.

Anderson: What happened to speechless, Creed? Stick to that.

(Fear holds the title out and Perfection follows suit with the Surge DVDs. The two trade off. Fear hands the tape to Paz.)

Fear: Get that to the boys in the back.

(Paz nods and exits the ring with the tape in hand. She heads for the ramp way and passed Ivan carrying a black canvas bag on her way out.)

Fear: Fair?

Perfection: Fair enough.

(Perfection holds the title high and the crowd lets loose a thunderous round of boo's.)

Fear: Good. Now get the hell out of my ring.

(Perfection takes offense and steps toward Fear aggressively just as Ivan enters the ring.)

Fear: Pick your battles wisely, James. You won one tonight. Don't lose another.

(Perfection backs down slowly as to avoid unneeded confrontation with Ivan.)

Fear: Wise choice.

(Perfection steps backwards, careful to not turn his back on Ivan or Fear. He reaches the ropes and exits the ring.)

Fear: Ladies and Gentlemen... People of the Emerald City!

(Cheap pop.)

Fear: Welcome to, as the lovely Miss Paz has deemed, the era of Fear! As a share holder and close personal friend of Chairman Cho ... I could no longer sit idly by and watch Art Mori make a mockery of what could potentially be the greatest wrestling promotion to ever immerge from Washington State!


Fear: In that vein ... some changes will be necessary to facilitate the properly paced growth and expansion of Seattle's crown jewel. This first of which will be to simply put the past behind us and air the main event of "Surge!"

(Moderate pop. The interest is clearly dwindling.)

Fear: And that will be done. Secondly, in the name of expansion ... the IWF must start the slow arduous crawl toward fulfilling it's name sake of "International." Now, I use the word crawl in particular to illustrate the pace of which this will be accomplished. As the old adage goes ... one must crawl before they can walk and I can think of no better place to start that crawl than in Washington State!

(Cheap pop.)

Fear: Now, if the IWF is going to venture outside of Seattle... to Tacoma, Aberdeen, Ellensburg, Spokane, then it would only be proper to have a championship that encompassed the great state!

(Crowd erupts.)

Fear: Ivan.

(Ivan loosens the draw string on the black bag and pulls a title belt from inside. He drops the bag and with two hands holds the shiny new title high above his head much like a referee would before a match.)

Fear: IWF fans ... I give you ... the WASHINGTON STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

(Crowd pops.)

Fear: Starting next week the IWF will begin a tour of Washington and a tournament taking all comers to decide the new champion! The era of Fear is upon us ... change is nothing to be afraid of.

(Cue up: Rage Against the Machine - "Take Back the Power." Fear returns the microphone to the time keeper and assists Ivan in returning the title back into its bag. The two exit the ring and head toward the curtain.

Cut to: The commentary stage.)

Creed: Ladies and gentlemen, what a series of events! Art Mori has been replaced by Nathan Fear, who handed the Emerald City Title over to Perfection and then moments later announced a Washington State title, tournament and tour. This is a lot to take in!

Anderson: For you, maybe. This is cut and dry to me. Give Perfection what is rightfully his and since we all know he'll never lose it... create a new title.

Creed: I suppose one could look at it like that but after all ... this is the International Wrestling Federation, Terry. Did you really think we could stay in Seattle forever?

Anderson: Say what you will, Creedy. It's all a plot against Perfection!

Creed: Never the less... I'm being told now that tonight we will close out, a landmark episode of, Chain Reaction Ten with the long awaited ... "Surge!" Main Event ... in its entirety! For Terry "The Idol" Anderson, Brian McGinnis, and myself... we'll see you next time on Chain Reaction!

Anderson: Hey, Guiness made it threw a whole show... way to go.

Creed: You're one to talk. Goodnight folks!



Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Surge!; Emerald City Title Cage Match; Vizier ta Seti (c) vs. Perfection

(Cut to: "Surge!" at the Key Arena.

“Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween fades as the transmission begins. The four sides of the metal chain link fence, that make up IWF's cage, have been fastened together and to the ring.
The number one contender, Perfection, awaits the arrival of the Emerald City Champion; Vizier ta Seti.

Donald Bell raises the microphone.)

Bell: His opponent; hailing from Giza, Egypt ... weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds, standing six foot three inches... the reigning IWF Emerald City Champion... Vizier ta Seti!

('Do You Call My Name' by RA hits the PA system, and the crowd comes to their feet with a loud pop. Seti steps out from behind the curtains in baggy black pants that dawn a gold Horus design and dusty worn boots. Every inch of exposed skin has been covered with thick black paint with the exception of his forehead which features an eight pointed star formed out of the void space. The Emerald City belt strapped tightly around his waist; his Mohawk stands high above his slickly shaved head.)

Creed: Once again folks; "The champ' is here..."

Anderson: You really can't think of anything else to say other than that every time? Bush league.

McGinnis: Indeed, Aaron. Vizier ta Seti looks just as focused as ever and I'd wager to say intends to retain his Emerald City Championship here in Seattle' crown jewel of venues.

Creed: My esteemed colleague, of course, referencing The Key Arena! The former home of the Seattle Supersonics and a bitter sweet tenure in the National Basketball League.

Anderson: Esteemed my ...

Creed: And we'd like to take a moment to thank all the fine viewers who decided to tune in for both; "Surge!" and Chain Reaction 9, were this will finally be aired for the public at large!

Anderson: This broadcaster? Who the hell are you Bob Costas? Dan Rather? Peter Jennings? Uh ... Cronkite?

(Set enters the cage and ring and ceremoniously hands the Emerald City belt over to Tony Daniels. Daniels holds it high above his head showing all four sides of the crowd the prize for victory. The title is handed out the door and it is then shut and locked.)

Creed: Here we go!

Anderson: Don't ignore me, Creed.

(Tony Daniels calls for the bell.)

McGinnis: There is the bell!

(Vizier ta Seti and Perfection square up and Seti calls for the test of strength. Perfection obliges but fires a quick leg into the gut of the champion.)

Creed: Cheap shot by Perfection!

Anderson: Cheap shot? That is a strategic maneuver if I have ever seen one!

(Perfection follows up with a heavy forearm to the neck of a doubled over Seti. Seti drops to one knee.)

Anderson:"The Champ is ..." down! See, Creed, that is how it's done. Homage, yet original.

Creed: Nice one, Terry.

McGinnis: Perfection appears to be extremely focused tonight and isn't going to let this opportunity pass him by; dropkick to the face of Seti!

(Seti falls backwards to the mat. Perfection hustles to his feet and approaches the champion.)

McGinnis: Perfection wasn't no time here, but it may be a bit early to go submission.

(Perfection contorts Seti's lower half and locks in a Boston crab.)

Anderson: Your crazy! That is a Perfect Crab! There is no ...

(Seti muscles his way out of the hold almost instantly.)

Creed: What was that, Terry?

Anderson: What? No, nothing... I think Guinness was saying something.

McGinnis: Seti, off to a rough start but now is back to his feet and looks more angry than anything!

(Seti measures Perfection as he scrambles to his feet. Perfection gets vertical and turns to face Seti.)

Creed: Spear! Vizier ta Seti mows down Perfection with a devastating spear!

McGinnis: This could be Seti's turning point after such a rough start here tonight.

(Seti is quick to his feet and drags Perfection by the hair with him. A quick shot to the face for good measure before he clenches his opponent around the waist.)

McGinnis: Gorgeous Belly to Belly Suplex from the reigning champion!

Creed: And I don't think he is done!

Anderson: Fan-boys.

Creed: Seti dragging Perfection from the mat once again. Perfection into the ropes!

McGinnis: Fury of the Fates!

(Perfection slingshots off the ropes and barely ducks the Clothesline From Hell.)

Anderson: Missed!

(He returns from the other side with a lot of speed and elevation that makes a Forearm Smash look more like a Flying

Creed: Caught!

McGinnis: And a vicious Power slam will give us our first pen attempt of the night.

Creed: And our first near fall. Kick out at two.

(Seti wastes no time arguing with referee Tony Daniels and returns to the offensive.)

Creed: Seti is more focused then ever here tonight!

Anderson: Get off it, Creed. We get it... you love yellow people!

(Seti pulls Perfection to his feet once again but is met with some resistance this time.)

Creed: Perfection throwing some heavy fists as he comes to his feet.

(The blows by Perfection ward off Seti long enough for the challenger to stand to his feet on his own free will. He continues the boxing clinic focusing on the face of champion momentarily. The blows by Perfection ward off Seti long enough for the challenger to stand to his feet on his own free will. He continues the boxing clinic focusing on the face of champion momentarily.)

McGinnis: Blocked, and Seti returns fire!

Anderson: What the hell!?

McGinnis: Irish whip, and Perfection is sent for the ride!

Creed: Could this be the See No Evil?

(Perfection returns from the ropes and takes a kick to the gut. He doubles over and just as Seti reaches to grab two handfuls of Perfection's hair; Perfection drops to his knees.)

Creed: Low blow!

Anderson: Perfectly legal, Creedy-Boy! You're watching a ring master at work.

Creed: Legal or not ... despicable!

(Seti drops to the mat as Perfection comes to his feet still favoring the midsection. He puts a few boots to a downed Seti.)

Creed: These are hardly the actions of a champion. Prime reason why Perfection has never held that belt.

Anderson: He is the rightful champion, Creed!

McGinnis: Perfection is going for it!

(Perfection clips up the ropes using the cage for balance.)

Creed: Is this how a true champion claims their title? From a Low Blow?

Anderson: A smart one does! Go! Go!

(Perfection hooks his left foot into the chain link and raises his right foot from the ring rope. Seti stirs.)

Creed: Vizier ta Seti is showing some signs of life! Any man in attendance or watching at home can attest to the pain of which the champion is fighting through right now!

(Seti makes it to a knee with one foot firmly planted; attempting to shake off the crotch shot. Perfection slowly makes his way up the short cage.)

Creed: He's up!

Anderson: Go! Faster, stronger, higher!

(Seti grabs the back of Perfections tights and pulls toward the ring. The tights stretch first and eventually the pressure catches up to his waist.)

Anderson: No! That's flagrant cheating!

Creed: Not in this match, Terry-Boy.

Anderson: What did you call me?

Creed: Yeah, it felt wrong as it came out.

(Perfection holds on as tightly as he possibly can but eventually the force is too much and he is sent crashing back to the ring. On the way down he manages to clip Seti with an elbow that staggers the champion.)

McGinnis: Perfection hits the mat hard!

Anderson: Get up! Get him!

Creed: I believe Perfection may have tagged Seti as he came undone from that chain link cage!

(Seti recovers first as Perfection stirs. Seti approaches the challenger and begins to pull him to his feet by his hair. Perfection lands a forearm into Seti's midsection as he is pulled up. Seti lets loose his grasp and stumbles back a step. Perfection makes chase and grabs an unsuspecting Seti.)

Creed: Northern Light Suplex! I have to admit that is an impressive maneuver from Perfection. Vizier ta Seti is not a small man!

Anderson: Beyond impressive. Perfect!

McGinnis: Perfection should have gone for a pin here. Instead, it appears he will remain on the offensive and is dragging the Champion back to his feet!

Creed: Set's him up; DDT!

Anderson: Set's up, Seti! That's what you should have said there.

Creed: So you do know his name?

Anderson: Who? The yellow guy?

Creed: Vizier ta Seti. The Emerald City Champion.

(Perfection pulls himself to his feet and lays a few boots to Seti. He rounds the Champion's torso and kicks his feet together as he approaches where 6'3" starts. He looks to the crowd to insight a reaction just before grabbing Seti's ankle and stepping through.)

Anderson: Not for long! Cue Guinness!

McGinnis: Perfection may be ... yes, Picture Perfect!

Creed: Holy smokes! Perfection has his Figure Four leg lock - locked in on the Champion!

Anderson: It's over now "Old Yellar!"

Creed: That's a new one.

Anderson: Yeah, I've been working on it. You like it?

Creed: Not in particular.

McGinnis: Referee Tony Daniels' is checking with the champion and he attempts to hold on through the excruciating pain this hold inflicts!

Anderson: Give it up! It's over!

Creed: This is a pinnacle moment in Vizier ta Seti's title reign!

Anderson: I think you mean; pyramid.

(Seti shoulders fall flat to the mat.)

McGinnis: Tony Daniel's counts; One, Two ...

Creed: Seti raises the shoulder! Use the two count to your advantage! Take a breather and now the Champ is right back in it!

Anderson: Hardly. He's a half a second away from losing that shiny belt that just so happens to match his skin. Well, when it isn't painted up like he's in a minstrel show!

Creed: Terry!

Anderson: What?

McGinnis: Seti, shoulders down again. One ... Two! No! Back up!

(Seti begins to rock back and forth.)

Creed: We all know where this leads to!

Anderson: Not a chance! This is a PERFECT hold locked in PERFECTLY!

(Seti continues to gain momentum side to side.)

Creed: He's almost got it!

Anderson: No! Hang in there champ! The REAL Champ!

Creed: Here it goes!

(With one last thrust Seti rolls over and uses both arms to push up and apply the pressure back to Perfection.)

McGinnis: The reversal!

Creed: Perfect!

Anderson: NO!

(Perfection flails and pound the mat in pain. Tony Daniels check to see if he submits and he shakes his head wildly to show a no.)

Anderson: Don't do it!

Creed: This is a tough situation to escape. This may be all she wrote!

Anderson: Do you ever get tired of preemptively calling the end to matches?

McGinnis: Perfection doesn't have many options here!

Creed: His only chance is to roll it back over!

(Perfection begins to leverage himself and attempt to turn the hold back.)

Anderson: There you go! Do it! Do it!

Creed: This isn't an easy fix! Perfection may have to just tap here.

Anderson: Never!

(Perfection presses himself up and tries several times to turn the maneuver. Seti, sensing the re-reversal, on the verge releases the pressure and both collapse to the matt with their legs still slightly entangled in one another.)

Creed: Seti opts out before Perfection even gets a chance.

Anderson: Yella' belly!

Creed: Now, that one is clever. I must admit.

Anderson: I know!

McGinnis: Either man could make a break for the top of the cage right now!

Creed: They could but I'm sure both of their legs are like putty right now.

(Perfection starts to drag his dead weight by his arms only toward the ropes. Seti attempts the same.)

Creed: This ...

Anderson:... Could be it? Really, Creed? Really?

McGinnis: Perfection seems to have a slight lead on Seti!

(Perfection reaches the ropes and slowly drags himself up using the ropes like rungs on a ladder. Seti has a hand on the bottom rope but clearly his longer stay in the mastered leg log has drained the champion.)

Anderson: Go! This could be over!

Creed: Seriously, Terry?

McGinnis: Perfection is on his feet!

Anderson: Yellow only to his knees!

(Perfection glances back to assess where Seti is. He realizes he has recovered first and begins limping toward the champion.)

Creed: Perfection, clearly, favoring that left leg. This may be a fatal mistake.

Anderson: Nonsense! Perfection will execute something perfectly!

(Perfection reaches Seti as the Champion gingerly reaches his feet. His stances looks shaky at best. With his back to his opponent and focused on the cage in front; Perfection chop blocks him and sends him back to the mat with a thud.)

Creed: Another cheap shot.

Anderson: Another Perfect shot! Now climb that cage, son!

Creed: Jump ship so quickly? What about Waltz?

Anderson: Don't be mistaken, Creed. I'd give a limb for Stevie!

McGinnis: Perfection stumbling back to his feet and dragging Vizier ta Seti with him.

(Just as both men reach a vertical stance; Perfection fires off a dropkick to the knee and Seti's worn legs grumble underneath his two hundred and fifty five pound frame.)

McGinnis: Perfection is working those legs now. Both men took sufficient damage to the lower extremities but clearly Vizier ta Seti took the lion's share.

Creed: And on top of that; the added abuse Perfection is laying on and we might actually see a new champion.

Anderson: Correction. Validation of the original champion!

(Perfection again pulls Seti to his feet. Seti out of desperation throws a would be devastating clothesline that Perfection is able to duck ever so slightly. Perfection swings around the back and grips Seti's waist.)

Creed: German Suplex!

(Perfection retains control and rolls it and bring himself and Seti back to their feet.)

Creed: Again! Perfection with to amazing German Suplexes!

(Perfection attempts to roll it again and go for a third. Once to their feet Seti throws a elbow and catches Perfection in the temple. He stumbles backward and Seti goes on the attack. Perfection stumbles back against the ropes.)

Creed: Here we go!

(Seti's first step forward lands him down on one knee as his worn joint gives way to his body weight. Perfection leaning against the ropes with his back ever so slightly grazing the cage; shakes off the elbow and accesses the situation at hand.)

Anderson: Finish it! For the love of IDOL JUICE finish it!

(Perfection springs from the ropes toward a kneeled Seti. Seti throws a uppercut that can't find its mark and instead is met with a sloppily thrown knee to the chin. Seti collapses backward.)

Creed: That was brutal!

(Perfection looks around and rather than pin the champion takes to the cage wall.)

Anderson: The sweat taste of FREEDOM! This kid has got the gold finally!

Creed: Don't count Seti out yet! He has come back from worse!

McGinnis: No sign of life yet from Seti.

(Perfection ascends the cage wall.)

Creed: Seti has to make a move now!

(Perfections right hand grips the steel tube that caps the top of the chain link.)

Creed: This could be it!

Anderson: This is it!

Vizier ta Seti: James!

Creed: Seti is stirring ... and calling out Perfection's given name.

(Perfection turns and looks down to Seti from nearly the top of the cage.)

Anderson: Just go! Go! Go! Don't turn around!

Vizier ta Seti: James! Are you really the one who saw all!? Finish what you start, James!

Anderson: No!

(Perfection starts working his way back down the cage with a determined look about him.)

Vizier ta Seti: That's it, James! Show these people you are truly a champion!

(Perfection drops himself to the canvas and approaches Seti.)

Creed: This is a peculiar turn of events to say the least folks! Perfection had this all but won.

McGinnis: Certainly, Aaron. This will be a mistake I think Perfection will live to regret.

(Perfection circles Seti's prone position caustically.)

Anderson: He has a plan. This is all a part of a perfect plan ... yeah, I'm sure of it.

(Terry Anderson reassures himself as Perfection goes in to finish off the champion.)

Creed: Perfection for the win. One! Two! No!

McGinnis: Seti, rolls up the challenger!

Anderson: NO!

Creed: One! Two! Thr ... NO!

McGinnis: Reversal. Perfection with the pin now. One! Two!

Anderson: Three! Perfection wins! Perfection wins!

Creed: What a match!

Anderson: What a champion! That yellow bastard tried his damndest to outwit the Perfect champion and came out on the bottom of that pile!

(Perfection pulls himself to his feet as Tony Daniel's approaches in attempt to raise his hand in victory. Perfection does not oblige and instead kicks Seti in the back of the head just as he sits up from the pin. Seti takes quite the hit and falls back to the mat.)

Creed: What a cheap shot! This is uncalled for! The match is over!

Anderson: End him!

Creed: Terry!

Anderson: I mean, oh what ... a travesty ... ? You know what? No. End him! Run his yellow ass out of here tonight!

(Perfection pulls the now-former champion to his feet and applies the standing leg scissors that will lead to a vicious pile driver.)

Creed: Oh my! I think we are going to need security out here again! This is rediculous!

Anderson: Perfect form. Perfect. This kid is amazing!

McGinnis: This is where I draw the line. I won't be a part of this. I will gladly notify security on my way out. This is not wrestling.

Anderson: Oh but it is!

(Perfection picks a near lifeless Seti up from the mat again, and repeats. The crowd cringes and lets out a collective grunt of empathy.)

Creed: Someone needs to put a stop to this right now!

Anderson: Go for it, Creed!

(Anderson chuckles at his suggestion as Courtney Paz, Art Mori and a bevy of security pour out from the back.)

Creed: Finally! The man's neck may be broken!

(The proverbial front office and their black shirted entourage rush to the ring as Perfection makes it a threpeat.)

Anderson: Again! Again!

Creed: You would enjoy this. This is despicable!

(Paz, Mori and gang reach the cage door as the referee fumbles with the locking mechanism. After a few short second Paz pushes him away out of frustration and attempts to handle the matter herself.)

Creed: Get it in there!

(Paz has trouble with the lock herself and directs the members of security with feverishly flung hand movements to ascend the cage for entry.)

Anderson: And you new ... Emerald City Champion ...

(Security clumsily works their way up the cage as Perfection hoists Seti up by the gut for a fourth pile driver.)

Anderson: Perfection!

(Perfection holds the former champ upside down in preparation for the dangerous maneuver as security reaches the summit and begins to descend. Paz screams and jostles the lock as Mori begs from outside the door.)

Creed: Not again!

Anderson: Again!

(The door lock is shook free as security hits the canvas and Perfection wraps his right arm between the legs of Seti and clasps his left. Just as Paz enter the cage and security get within arm's length ... Perfection drops to the canvas and drives Seti's head into the mat yet again.)

Creed: Oh my lord!


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