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CAWO: International Roster

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
Singles Roster

“The Fortunate Son” Jesus Franco (H)
“The Revolution”Carson Beckham (T)
“The Ravager” Reed Cromier (F)
Godzilla (H)
Hyuk Soo Yung (F)
Tsukuyomi (H)
“The Butcher” Baron Van Isen (H)
Allister Carr (F)
Halcon (F)
Muerto (H)
“New Era” Casey Noble (F)
“Royal” Robert Hirschfield (H)
Kei Takahashi (F)
Loco Ramirez (H)
“The Habitan” Pierre Martin (H)
So Hishanori (H)
“Beautiful” Guiseppie Basciani (H)

Tag Team Roster

Cold-Blooded - Gerard Collins and Ethan LaFontaine (H)
Gimme Some Mura - Hideki Nakamura and Kenji Iwamura (F)
Armas de Destruccion Masiva - Cochete and Bala (F)
The Cold War Machine - Vladimir Karloff and Sergei Zherkov (H)

*Roster description forthcoming

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