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Breaking News! Injury Report!

Jesse Ramey

New member
Apr 16, 2007
Harts, WV
Word has been running wild in the backstage area of Jolt over the past few days. It seems as though the rumor going around is that during this week’s live Intense current Jolt Champion, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey, may have suffered several injuries. While it is unclear at this time if the injuries were sustained during his match with Mack Brody or afterwards at the hands of the Dead Cell, we are being told that the Anti-Star did sustain a concussion and a few broken ribs.

Despite the fact that it may not have looked as though Ramey was suffering too greatly post match and post attack while the Anti-Star was having his heated confrontation with Citizen. Head doctor for Jolt Wrestling, Dr. Jonathan Winters, had this to say on the matter. “Of course it didn’t look like Jesse was suffering too greatly after these events. The actions taken by Citizen on Intense caused Mr. Ramey’s adrenaline to go into overdrive forcing him to block out any pain he may have been suffering. The problems really started to take effect after his confrontation with the production crew. Once he exited the production truck he was found several minutes later passed out in the parking lot of the arena.”

One thing is most definitely for certain, these are trying times for the Jolt champion, as he battles to not back down from challenges in his time served while also dealing with attacks outside of matches and the stresses that his opponent at Wrestlecade bring to the table. Dr. Winters had this to say about Ramey’s upcoming match on this week’s Intense against Derrick Huber, “It is in my personal opinion after the injuries that Mr. Ramey has suffered that he should indeed take a week off to recuperate. However, that decision rests completely on his shoulders at this point in time, because by the time Sunday rolls around I would guess to say that he would be able to be cleared to enter the ring. With the injuries he has suffered though and going up against a caliber athlete such as Derrick Huber, I’m not sure what his chances would be of walking out of Intense still the Jolt Champion.”

Will Jesse Ramey continue his trend of defending the Jolt championship any time a challenge is put before him? Will he actually listen to the medical staff at Jolt Wrestling and take a week off dodging Derrick Huber and their match? Find out this week on Intense!

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