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Black Rose's Sitdown with Jonathan Marx


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
::Black Rose comes in with his leather jacket smoking a cigarette and walks into Marx’s living room where two black chairs are setup for the interview::

JONATHAN MARX: Thanks for coming on your day off Black Rose, you are the only one qualified to do the job.

BLACK ROSE: Tony Ross is a punk with no personality. I get the dry heaves just listening to him kissing everyone’s rear end.

JONATHAN MARX: Shall we get started?

BLACK ROSE: Fine with me, sooner we start, the sooner I can get back to prepare for the PPV. Let’s begin, why have you aligned yourself with Manson & Anarky?

JONATHAN MARX: Back when I was facing Grossard, who has vastly improved since I last faced him and is putting Rabesque in his place, I realized that unless I did something big, I’d never be able to break through the top and advance my cause. Not that I wasn’t good enough, but there are those who don’t want to see me succeed because what it would mean to this sport. That is why I went out and aligned myself with the two toughest men in the planet, two veterans in GLCW who stand above else in experience and skill, Manson & Anarky.

BLACK ROSE: What do you see in Manson & Anarky?

JONATHAN MARX: Because all three of us are born rebels, back when both Manson & Anarky broke into the sport years ago, both wrestlers were revolutionary in what they did, they were the Jonathan Marx’s of their times, in a time when wrestling had to redefine itself to survive, they were the leaders of their era. Now it is ten years later and the sport is finding itself in trouble yet again. Everyone has tie dyed hair, wears shirts and cut off jeans to the ring, and all they care about is doing their daredevil spots. It may not seem that a clean cut boy who went to Princeton and drives in a fancy car is a rebel, but I am. I’m going to fight the system to bring the sport back from the depths that it has sunk too and bring on an old school revolution.

BLACK ROSE: How can someone holding rallies for his fans and making promises to kids with cancer team with two people that most fans believe are evil incarnate?

::takes a puff on his cigarette::

JONATHAN MARX: They are just misunderstood. It isn’t like Manson & Anarky go actively around spitting on their own fans. We like our fans and I personally go out of my way to embrace them by holding rallies and doing something special from time to time. If I want to change wrestling, I won’t be able to do it without the support of the fans because if they don’t accept it, what has all my work and effort been for? I’m not going to act like the devil just for the sake of getting booed and I’m not going lump all fans together. Just because there are pockets of fans that are stupid and cheer for Maelstrom doesn’t mean that all of them are. It is our fans verse their fans and people are growing more intelligent by the day.

BLACK ROSE: ::Tony Ross shocked voice:: Fans who cheer for Maelstrom are stupid?

JONATHAN MARX: It would be like being a New York Yankee fan, except if the Yankees actually DID win every year instead of only 25% of the time. Where is the fun in that? So what if Maelstrom gets beat down for 90% of the match before he Maelsup to win the match? GLCW has almost been open a year now and Mael has only one CO loss to Ash. Beatable? Until I see it, I won’t believe it. I’m the underdog going into the match and I know I’m the underdog. While it would be great to beat Mael for the title, it would be even sweeter to do something which even Manson couldn’t do so I could escape all these confounded morons who think I’m nothing more than a lackey.

BLACK ROSE: So, you don’t think you can beat Maelstrom?

JONATHAN MARX: Based on the law of averages, technically the odds are in my favor going into the match. But it won’t be easy, Maelstrom is a monster, but I’m not scared because I know what I am fighting for is right. I’m going to have to use all my wits to outsmart him and even then it may not be enough. He is one of those wrestlers that before you wrestle him, you have to notify your next akin. All I can say to Maelstrom is, I’m 24 and I love you.

BLACK ROSE: *smirks* Marx, you know you are going to get yourself in trouble THINKING, why can’t you just CONFORM and be how these peons want you to be?

JONATHAN MARX: I’m tired of the boring stereotypes. I’d rather retire than to act how someone thinks a rich, highly educated, athlete should be. There is a reason why wrestlers had to go and start killing themselves in the mid 1990s and that is because there were too many goody two shoes in this sport right out of a Superman comic book, it was sickening. People can see right through it, these people aren’t stupid, well not all of them are. Why should I talk down to them? Walt Whitman was a literary genius and he wanted to capture the imagination of the average man. William Shakespeare wrote plays not only for the rich people in the balcony but the common man in the pit. Why should I, just because I’m a genius, look down at everyone condescendingly when all of them don’t deserve it? If it holds me back, it holds me back. But I’m still going to try my hardest to be who I am, if it isn’t good enough, it isn’t good enough but at least I know at the end of the day that I tried my hardest to be what I wanted to be with giving up what I believe in. I know I’m not Manson or Anarky yet, but I hope that one day I can be as good as those two; I’m going to keep trying.

BLACK ROSE: If you win the title, what will be your plans for the PPV?

JONATHAN MARX: Originally, I had wanted to do a three way dance between me, Golden Hawk, and Dakota Smith, but technically I’m obligated to face Anarky at the PPV. But I really want to face Golden Hawk more than anything else right now to see if the old boy can still go, so if I do win, I’d like to make it a falls count anywhere three way dance between me, Anarky, and Golden Hawk for the title if Golden Hawk accepts. While he has yet to prove it to me one on one whether he can still go or not, there is a lot more fire in his eyes these days and I think I’ll actually get to chance to face thee old Golden Hawk which I loved as a child in NGEN and MFL and I’m excited to put my skills to the test against one of the alltime greats in this sport.

BLACK ROSE: Golden Hawk in the old days rocked, I remember working for the old NGEN and he was always one of my favorites. That would be an epic brawl between the three of you.

JONATHAN MARX: Old school Amarillo Texas style, this way Golden Hawk has no excuses if he loses.

BLACK ROSE: That would be a beer and red meat affair. I want tickets when it happens.

JONATHAN MARX: You bet. You really need to cut down on your red meat, that stuff will kill you if your not careful.

BLACK ROSE: So will Maelstrom, but I’m not lecturing you on that.

JONATHAN MARX: *laughs* Tony Ross eat your heart out. Thank you for coming Black Rose.

::Black Rose takes a puff of his cigarette and shakes Marx’s hand::

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