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Announcement: MCW Changes Direction


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
MCW Changes Direction
Midwest Championship Wrestling

January 30
Springfield, MO

The puzzling business mind of Jalen Latham has struck again. In a bold move Latham abruptly moved his headquarters to Springfield, Missouri and changed the "Major" in MCW to "Midwest". On the heels of a very successful tag team tournament, MCW is ready to tackle the independent wrestling scene with authority.

When questioned about his reasons, Latham cited an overly global wrestling community and a need for territories tospring up in the vacuum.

"There is only so many times that a person can watch thrown together tag teams or a Dan Ryan versus Beast match before it gets old," stated the Chairman.

"The fans want something more. They want easily accessible fresh faces. Midwest Championship Wrestling is part of the answer."

With a departure from MCW's studio just outside of Los Angeles, Latham has been left with less national exposure and will be forced to invest more of his own money into the product. His remedy for this is to showcase talent on other wrestling programming and to market DVDs of the local shows on the internet.

"It has been a successful formula in the past. We'll see where it takes us."

What about the skeptics?

"We'll make them eat their words," replied a proud Latham.

The talent has been signed for the first independent card to be held at a small local Missouri venue. MCW has informed the public through this press release that all title holders will be on contract to compete until losing the title, at which point the former champion will have an option to have a rematch or part ways. All other wrestlers will be signed to contracts for a certain number of shows.

"Doing short contracts allows us to keep some of the strong talent and avoid any scheduling conflicts. We're wanting to take care of our employees here in MCW," stated Latham.

The Chairman refused to comment on the situation with Bryan Storms other than to say that Storms is a talented competitor and that Storms will get a rematch for the MCW Heavyweight Title.

On that note, MCW is proud to announce the lineup for their first card after the big shakeup!

Rebirth in the Midwest
LIVE! from the Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon, MO
- Blade vs "Blue Collar" Rusty Dodes
Rusty Dodes made a strong showing in the MCW Heavyweight Title Battle Royale. Can "The Sumission Machine" Blade make a statement at the expense of "Blue Collar"?

- Simply Beautiful vs Johnny Nash
We're proud to announce that two top notch wrestlers from a top Canadian territory are making their way to MCW! In one of the bouts of the evening, Simply Beautiful of New Alberta Pro Wrestling (NAPW) will come in to square off against a young up-and-comer who recently made his debut in Ultimate Championship Wrestling, Johnny Nash!

- Chris Casino vs Cameron Cruise
In the other half of our NAPW double-feature, Chris Casino comes to town to show us what he's made of. While Simply Beautiful has a youngster, Casino will be matched up with an accomplished veteran! We're excited to bring the globally recognized Cameron Cruise in for a one-of-a-kind match versus Chris Casino!

- Missouri Title Match (30 minutes):
Rob Franklin vs ?????
With the move to a new territory comes a new singles title. Rob Franklin may be anti-establishment, but Mr. Latham has acknowledged his performance in the Heavyweight Title Battle Royale. He's locked in for a shot at the Missouri Regional title, but who will he square off against?

- Tag Team Showcase: Blitz vs French Commandos
After the terrific tag team action we experienced in the MCW Tag Team Tournament, we just had to bring you more! The runners up to the Michael Hegstrand Cup, Blitz, get a young team that has been making a name for themselves recently, the French Commandos. Will Blitz once again impose their dominance or will the French Commandos have a few tricks up their sleeve?

- MCW Heavyweight Title Rematch (60 minutes):
"First Class" Chandler Maxwell (Champion) vs Bryan Storms
The first match was easily one of the best matches in MCW history. Jalen Latham promises that this one will live up to that hype. Rumors have circulated over how badly Bryan Storms took his loss to Chandler Maxwell at the Tag Team Finals card. He'll bounce back in this rematch, his last match in his contract with MCW. Will he become champion and secure a place in MCW?

All this and more... in MISSOURI!


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