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After the Match *contains spoiler for aggression 62! read that first!*


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Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN to backstage at Aggression 62. “The Dragon”, his forehead and left eye bandaged, is sitting talking to an EMT as Otaku bursts through the door]

Otaku: Dragon-domo! I’m so sorry!

[The EMT moves as if to chastise the cosplayer, but “The Dragon” lays his hand on his shoulder. The EMT nods after quickly checking the bandage is secure, then leaves the room]

Karl: You didn’t do anything wrong, mate. Stuff like that happens.

Otaku: But I should’ve been there! I shouldn’t’ve done something so stupid and left you alone with him! If I’d thought I would’ve just left First-san and we’d still be champions and you wouldn’t’ve gotten burnt!

Karl: OK. Listen carefully, because I don’t want to repeat this. You don’t know that if you’d stayed in the ring, anything would have happened, right? We might have won, but heading backstage I could’ve been hit on the head by a falling light or something. Ifs, ands or buts don’t mean anything. We lost.

Otaku: But it should have been me that got beat, Dragon-domo!

Karl: Obviously not. I’m the one who lost, remember? Don’t take it so hard.

Otaku: It sucks! We should go to Dan Ryan and get him to look at the tape! Maybe we can

Karl: [interrupting] No, we shouldn’t, and he wouldn’t reverse the decision. At best he’d give us a rematch next Aggression, but the way this burn feels there’s no guarantee I’ll be one hundred per cent. I’m going to get it checked out at the hospital, he nearly got me in the eye anyway so there could be some major damage.

Otaku: [worried] What’re you saying? Is it really that serious?

Karl: Nothing, until I’ve had a few scans and tests.

Otaku: Man… Burns is going to pay.

Karl: Forget about it. Seriously, if someone needs to throw fire in my face to beat me they’re not as great as they think they are.

Otaku: I can’t let this slide, Dragon-domo!

Karl: It’s not you who got burnt, remember? Listen, I better go to the hospital, get this checked out. I’ll drop you an email when I know more.

[Otaku starts to say something, but it catches in his throat. Wordlessly, he bows to the former Intercontinental Champion, and leaves the room. The EMT comes back in, checking the bandage again]

Karl: You were saying, Paul?

EMT: You’ve got a pretty nasty burn, but the field test on your eye is what I’m worried about. I’ve written a quick note and the ambulance is ready to take you for a scan. You should be sent straight through.

Karl: Hopefully it’s temporary, then.

EMT: It should be. But you never know. Let’s not risk something, I know your medical history is full of you doing things injured.

Karl: Yeah, yeah. Thanks. I’ll let you know how things turn out.

[“The Dragon” grabs the small bag he’s had just out of shot the entire time. Shaking the EMT’s hand, he leaves the room, the door closing noiselessly behind him. FADE OUT]

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