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  1. Derecho

    Death Wish is LIVE

    The final show for jOlt Wrestling is now live. Witness Champion vs Champion as Jeremy Ryan and Omega defend the World and Fearless Titles inside of a steel cage in a winner take all match. Vogue Gonsalvez defends the Starlet Title against Tammy Lynn Foster, The Natural Athletes clash with The...
  2. Derecho

    Countdown: Death Wish is LIVE

    The final stop before the final show Featuring Matches: To Determine Who Faces Alex Reyn at Death Wish Alfie Button vs Darren Best Hype Tag Team Championship BADASS(c) vs The Widow's Nest http://www.joltwrestling.com/joltv/deathwish2015/countdown
  3. Derecho

    Sunday Night iNtense: Final is now LIVE

    It was the last ever iNtense. The final main event saw MONARCHY take on The New Breed, Omega, and Mack Brody, plus surprises galore on tonight's show! Who showed up to challenge for the tag team titles? LoC vs jOlt? A member of The Dead Cell was revealed and that person challenged for the Hype...
  4. Derecho

    iNtense 135 is LIVE!

    On the heels of Damien Lee's big announcement, iNtense comes to you live once again from Miami, FL. Championships galore were on the line and Alyssa Corliss dropped a bomb on Raevynn! This and more on the latest edition of jOlt's flagship show! Here's the card for tonight's edition! Brian...
  5. Derecho

    iNtense 134 is LIVE

    Mack Brody returns to action as he takes on MONARCHY's Freddie Rich! Adam and Zane Roebuck have their first tag match together as father and son, Alex Reyn and Darren Best go at in Round 4 of their feud, and the starlets light it up in a 6 woman tag! All this and a SHOCKING announcement from...
  6. Derecho

    Damien Lee to Make Announcement on iNtense 134

    We were told that Damien Lee has met with the Board of Directors on Saturday and has concurrently met with the talent roster a few short hours ago. Although the contents of those meetings are not known, Damien Lee has announced that he will be making a special announcement on tonight's iNtense...
  7. Derecho

    Damien Lee to Meet with Board of Directors

    After the company announced that their travel scheduled had been cancelled in favor of running iNtense our of their home arena in Miami, Florida, investors watched the company like a hawk. After cancelling ticket sales and issuing refunds to those in the mid-west, jOlt needed to get a positive...
  8. Derecho

    jOlt Wrestling is in Trouble!

    Two days before the Thieves Honor event, Damien Lee had to make the unfortunate announcement that the War Games match between The Sinners and The Dead Cell was cancelled. Those who wanted to see that match on the PPV extravaganza were upset and even cancelled their Pay-Per-View orders. Some even...
  9. Derecho

    Thieves Honor is LIVE

    Thieves Honor is Live! Who walked out the #1 Contender in this year's match? Jeremy Ryan defended the world title against Omega, Tammy Lynn Foster defended the Starlet Title against Vogue Gonsalvez, the final match in the best of three series between The Natural Athletes and Cross the Hood took...
  10. Derecho

    Countdown: Thieves Honor is LIVE

    jOlt's variety show is back and is the final stop before this Sunday's Thieves Honor PPV event! Featured Matches Jack Dawn vs Strauss Alex Reyn vs Hank Wright Thieves Honor 2013 Flashback Underground Championship Sylo(c) vs Ninja K Plus see the card as well as vignettes from all your...
  11. Derecho

    iNtense 132 is LIVE!

    The final iNtense before Thieves Honor and the 6 who will be in the Thieves Honor Match was determined! Jeremy Ryan puts the world title on the line against his long-time rival and Thieves Honor participant Sebastian Saje, Anything and everything seems to come to a head tonight and you can just...
  12. Derecho

    Hype: Retribution is LIVE

    The Hype takes it to Pay-Per-View! Mike Patterson defends the Hype Championship against Crucifix, BADASS defends the Hype Tag Titles against Broken Sanity, Desiree, Sarkhaya, and Un-Fayth battle in a Triple Threat with Fearless Rules, A Generations dream tag team match between Cross the Hood...
  13. Derecho

    iNtense 131 is LIVE!

    Two more qualify for the Thieves Honor Match! Omega defends the Fearless Championship against MONARCHY's Frank Silver, In a shocking clash, Adam Roebuck takes on his own partner Derrick Huber, and the second match in the best of three between The Natural Athletes and Cross the Hood takes place...
  14. Derecho

    The Hype 66 is LIVE

    A HUGE Match for Retribution was announced! Tristan makes an uncanny demand.. is he granted it? Also, the situation between Desiree, Sarkhaya, and Un-Fayth comes to a head, The Ali Boys take on The SOBs with a special stipulation, and more matches are announced for the Hype's special next week...
  15. Derecho

    BREAKING NEWS: jOlt Wrestling Goes Public!

    Damien Lee, the CEO and Owner of jOlt Wrestling, made an announcement today that jOlt Wrestling, which was a privately owned business, has gone public! jOlt, abbreviated JLT on the New York Stock Exchange, will begin offering shares at $2.50 per share starting on Monday, August 3rd. When...
  16. Derecho

    iNtense 130 is LIVE

    The first match in the best of 3 series for the tag team titles between Cross the Hood and The Natural Athletes took place, Alexy Reyn made his jOlt Wrestling debut, the first two Thieves Honor Qualifiers took place, and Monarchy continues to flex their muscle! This and much more on iNtense 130...
  17. Derecho

    The Hype 65 is LIVE!

    Shayne Anderson drops a bombshell on the world! It's also the night of second chances! Jayshin Lee and Darian Carver, Ryan Raysor and Kareem, and Tristan and Crucifix all get rematches with the Number One Contendership being on the line in Tristan and Crucifix's rematch! This and more on The...
  18. Derecho

    BREAKING NEWS: Best of Three Series Announced

    This just in regarding a new series that has just been announced! Coming off the heels of an improbable victory defeating the former four-time Tag Team Champions, The House, The Natural Athletes have gone on to say they’d accept any challenge at any time from any team. Since winning the belts...
  19. Derecho

    Them Mf'N Goons MAY Be Dead.

    The title of the news post contains the word "May" as nothing is confirmed... nor denied at this point in time. It has been a month since Khalil Straightgully was kidnapped from a night club by an unknown assailant and about a month and a half since the kidnapping of Latrell Samuel. Relentless...
  20. Derecho

    iNtense 129 is LIVE

    The fallout from Rise of the Legends shows the rise of the Monarchy and they band together to take on Omega and Mack Brody in the main event. Also, Jack Dawn pulls off his most nefarious magic act to date! Plus, The Natural Athletes defend the tag titles against the former champions The House...

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