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  1. Linguistic

    FAQ Info on Adding Your Fed

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  2. Linguistic

    "Political Firestorm" Ventura Dunn

    *****My writing sample is simply meant to show you that I have a brain. How much of a brain? Well, that's up to you. I am here at your pleasure to assist the group. No ego at all.***** Handler Information Name: Josh Ray Email Address: joshberg65@hotmail.com Best Way to Contact You: E-mail...
  3. Linguistic

    Hornet and Spooky Doom

    I hopped back on the forum to point out a funny sign from a Raw a few weeks ago. I just watched it last night, as I am trying to get caught up. In the middle of the show, somebody had a sign up that said, "HORNET WINS." I couldn't help put laugh hysterically. The show was in Fresno. What FW...
  4. Linguistic

    Let's start the next round off right.

    I'll lead off with an easy pitch into the next ridiculous argument:
  5. Linguistic


    Any plans for future podcasts? It's a good way for me to keep up with the tournament when I can't read everything.
  6. Linguistic

    ULTRATITLE Rd. 2 Br. 1 Unofficial Post-RP Predictions Thread!

    You know the drill. I'll be back to offer my thoughts in a few, since my college finals are done till Thursday and I want to be a bum. EDITS IN AS I READ THROUGH THE RPS (I score each RP on a scale of 1-10 and then work averages... MAX 10 MIN 0: Jeff Andrews vs Justin Voss - I thought both...
  7. Linguistic

    It's like Fallujah, but with fake wrestling writing.

    I would like it to stand that the soldier bailed out the marine with some RP-posting issues. It reminded me of our assistance when the marines got pushed out of Fallujah. Not reall, but I got to bust a jarhead's balls when I can. The government doesn't let them sign for a pair often! Ok...
  8. Linguistic

    Podcast Discussion: Bracket Reveal 1

    It was a fun show. I'm dreading/excited about a few people in my bracket, and then listening to the podcast made me even more anxious/nervous. Did this today for my office so I can track everything. :o)
  9. Linguistic

    Back from Obscurity

    (A vaguely familiar video segment opens… A montage from the U.S. War on Terror in both Iraq and Afghanistan plays, circa 2005… Images of brave men and women from all over the greatest country on earth breeze by the viewer… In one, a young man in desert camouflage is loading a magazine for his...
  10. Linguistic

    Audio RPs

    After listening to the podcast, I feel that if this were an audio RP tournament it would obviously be Dave Brunk vs Mike Stanton in the finals, with Brunk winning via THUNDER VOICE after Stanton misses with the dreaded SETH ROGAN BOMB! Fun podcast, everyone.
  11. Linguistic

    Man, that was painful!

    Finished my application a few moments ago. Had to remember Sarge's history and dear God was that sample RP a laborious undertaking! Damn you all for making me want to do this! Chad, Holzerman, Brunk... you all suck!
  12. Linguistic

    I ring announced last night...

    I was on my way to Kansas to cover an NWA Dynamo Pro show for my website (Missouri Wrestling Revival) and i got a call from Dynamo asking me to ring announce for the night due to a last minute emergency for the original ring announcer. I was hesitant, but decided to go ahead and give it a try...
  13. Linguistic

    Facebook Wrestler

    So here is what I'm doing while I wait to get back to work. I'm not doing the best at the start because I challenge the big boys... but, I'll get there. This is my rendition of Drunken Tiger.
  14. Linguistic

    MWR Takes the Next Step (1st Quarter 2008 Awards!)

    Thought I'd post this up here, as I'm getting ready to post an FW link on the site. I know some of you live in my site's Midwest coverage area, so hopefully you enjoy what I've spent three months trying to put together. - http://mo-wr.blogspot.com (or www.kcwrestling.com) - After everything...
  15. Linguistic

    Ryan - NEVER AGAIN! (Olvir)

    I finally read that promo for Olvir. That's 15 hours of my life that I'll never get back. I tap out, bro! You win. I'm giving you the whole tourney. It's yours. Olvir is the obtainer of the TiT.
  16. Linguistic

    Chul Soo

    Drunken Tiger called and says he wants his extremely large anti-American Korean gimmick back :) I loved that segment, by the way. It made me miss RPing for "The Pride of Korea".
  17. Linguistic

    Damn you, Ferguson!

    You don't know how many times I wanted to write "Turd" in place of "Danny" the entire last Drunken Tiger promo. Your screen name gave me fits! Sincerely, The guy who CAN roleplay his way out of a wet paperbag... with help.
  18. Linguistic

    CSW on RAW

    Some of the wrestlers from Central States Wrestling are supposed to be on RAW tonight. I only mention this because I work with CSW from time to time and there are some cool guys there. I'm hoping it's Mark Sterling. I've interviewed the guy and he's a fantastic heel. Or Michael Strider...
  19. Linguistic

    Holy crap!

    Lindz, go get me some rum... now! Or maybe I've already drank too much of it, seeing as I could have swore I read that Sarge is EPW IC Champ...
  20. Linguistic

    Possible comic book (need artist)

    I've been working on a comic book idea by writing "episodes" and organizing them on a blog site. Right now there is no art, just a story. However, I'm looking for somebody to do some concept drawings of characters. Anybody know of any interested artists or a place where I can hunt up artists...

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