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    EEEEEVIL -- Who's the ALL-TIME BIG BAD?! erOn vs. Rave vs. Ito!

    ERØN vs. RAVE vs. ITO WINNER TAKES ALLTHEN BURNS IT TO THE GROUND ::Tale of the Tape:: erØn Won jOlt World Heavyweight Championship. Dragged it through the dirt. Left with the title, and never came back. Erik Rave Won the Unwanted Battle Royale, at the start of Season Two, beating KroW...
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    Jolt Wrestling: Or how jOlt came for a few months in 2005

    So yes, digging around archive for old shows from 2001 and 2002, I instead found the forgotten Season Three of Jolt. Below are some interesting links and ideas. Nothing that really changes what we're doing with our amazing jOlt at the moment, but cool food for thought. Especially with one of...
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    PULP: KING OF AGES! Vote for the 2011 ACW Awards!

    With Night One of King of Ages already in the books, do you need to catch up on all things ACW? What was The Match or The Segment? Need to get to know ACW World Champion Tyson XL? Catch-up with Spirit of ACW Champion Orphan, through the interview. Enjoy Tyson XL's Casting Call. Never before...
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    What is ACW to you?

    After a bit of a welcome, let's ask ACW fans as broad and open ended a question as possible. What is ACW to you? Your favorite moments, the wrestlers you immediately associate with it? Is ACW the events? The fed-wide angles? Or are you a handler there, like me, and it's an outlet to write in?
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    Might as well say hello...

    I'm Russel, handler of Sheffield (better known for a good long spell as Alias), and I've been writing in this hobby for give or take ten years. I've made my home at ACW for a good part of that as well, and I'm happy to see our venerable little angle fed now becomes a part of this most excellent...
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    Well DONE

    I really dig what you've done with the place, Chad and/or Katz. Well played. Very 2.0.
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    Taking it eeeasy...

    Hey, I'm Russel, handler of Alias and continuing force behind getting Legion off of the ground and staying strong. :) I have another username, but I can never remember any number of things behind it... so I've transitioned to a sparkling new name. Should be able to remember all the necessary...

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