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  1. Paddy McDowell

    360 Slim

    Heard of it? Is it actually real? Would you buy it? We'll hear all the news come E3. I'm sure it's gonna make more sales than the (Post) Natal (Depression). I hope it doesn't have the disc tray, so I can actually MOVE (hint) my console when there's a game inside. Are we gonna see memory cards...
  2. Paddy McDowell

    [CD] Damn Intros

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  3. Paddy McDowell

    Raising Spirits with Pretty Pictures

    Anyone want something in particular? I'm mostly good at sigs but I'd like to test myself with some new... wacky-tacky (ties) sorts of... things. What I can't do though is posers which is kind of a bummer. Also, anything with videos because of my twig and leaf connection. For some of my work, or...
  4. Paddy McDowell

    Rather be Alive than Dead

    So... New Era. This is it. I just had a talk with Sean and I'm guessing these OORP boards are a little underused. Should we end up just using fwrestling general forums or could we give these forums a chance? It'll really add to New Era's 'edge', or... something or another if we actually do put...
  5. Paddy McDowell

    America! How's OnLive?

    I heard you Americans have OnLive. Also, I heard that the UK's getting it too. What I also hear, that since our internet connection here in Australia in run by Koalas, we won't get it. So... how's it like? *cough* lucky bastards I'm not sold honestly. It's like iTunes, since there's no actual...
  6. Paddy McDowell

    Roleplay Style

    Whenever I join an eW community, this thought always pops up. There's so many different here, you can imagine the diversity of the characters that there... is. Erm... well, what's your roleplay style? Script, novel, first person, second person, fireflies, you name it. Script man here...
  7. Paddy McDowell

    Paddy McDowell

    Hello there. Name's Austinn (Two N's or I bash you). I've been efedding for about... three years now I think. I'm a relative new comer and just wanted to have some fun 'cause that's kinda what the whole hobby is about, isn't it? ISN'T IT?! I like joking around, wrasslin', the interwebz...
  8. Paddy McDowell

    God of War III

    Might be the reason I'll be getting a PS3, add Uncharted in there. That'll be number two on my wish list though, right after all the MGS games. I'm guessing the only reason I'll be getting a PS3 will be for the exclusives, but to not hijack my own thread and go on about getting the PS3; have you...
  9. Paddy McDowell

    What's the Story?

    So... I hear I'm late to the party, but here I am. Well um, hello there anyway, I'll just be on my merry way... straight to modest little New Era. By the way... I like to use '...'

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