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  1. Ernie

    Manifest Destiny Tournament

    Shawn Scholefield (Fight 1 Wrestling) & Mike Pettis (Boardwalk Wrestling) are hosting a 64 person inter-fed tournament on EW Torch. According to Mike Pettis, Ben Halkum is providing hosting for the site. I saw a tweet there are supposed to be cash prizes...
  2. Ernie

    EFG - Save Chet’s Mustache: Justin Herron Benefit Show

    EFG - Save Chet’s Mustache: Justin Herron Benefit Show SHOW NAME: Save Chet’s Mustache: Justin Herron Benefit Show SHOW DATE: Sunday, August 9, 2015 SHOW TIME: 8pE/5pP/1aUK DRAWINGS: 9pE/6pP/2aUK GOFUNDME: http://www.gofundme.com/herrondeklefund Efed Guerillas has been one of the longest...
  3. Ernie

    Save Sylo

    So we all know Justin. He's a pretty proud and sometimes hardheaded guy, so he really doesn't like to ask for "handouts." The deal is that he needs our help, and it isn't just for him. He takes care of his mom, too. I've thought of Justin as a brother for years now. Heck he was my co-host on...
  4. Ernie

    What Are the Best Efeds for New Efedders?

    So I got a tweet the other day from someone new to ewrestling. He wanted to know what would be some good feds for him to checkout where he could grow as a handler and "hone [his] craft." I have a few feds in mind, but where would you recommend and why?
  5. Ernie

    El Gringo Loco Appears on E-lliance Radio!

    Had a great time joining Arron and Steve on E-lliance Radio today. We talked bits about EFG and my characters Pat Gordon and Pat Gordon, Jr. Pedro and Jeremy from their affiliate of the month, GPW, were also on the show! Give it a listen: http://mixlr.com/e-lliance
  6. Ernie

    Which UltraTitle Logo Should Be Used?

    On the website there's a link to a page about the UltraTitle. Right now the only thing going on is to choose between two logos. http://fwrestling.com/site/ultratitle-2015/ I like the crown better in the one on the top but I like the one on the bottom better overall. What does everyone else think?
  7. Ernie

    EFG Jolt Special with EFG Original/Jolt Champion Jesse Ramey!

    Tonight Josh, Stephon, and Logan will be among the guests joining Jesse Ramey as he hosts a special EFG dedicated to Jolt Wrestling! Ed has also said he might try to call in. Join them at 9:30 PM Eastern TONIGHT 4/27 at...
  8. Ernie

    EFG 300 With Special Guest Shawn Hart!

    Efed Guerillas celebrates its 300th episode today and Ryan Aston, handler of BATTLEMANIA winner Shawn-Jessica Hart, joins El Gringo Loco to talk over his character, what feds he's in, what have been his influences, and his current angles. It's also possible we may be joined by Arron Parker of...
  9. Ernie


    Here are my thoughts: 1) I'm sorry that a lot of people felt the BATTLEMANIA match didn't deliver. I had from last Wednesday until when it was posted to work on it. Jesse joined in on Monday to help get it done. I'm sorry that a lot of you don't like my writing, and for what it's worth, I have...
  10. Ernie

    BATTLEMANIA Final Point Tallies

    As we had discussed on several episodes of Efed Guerillas and on Mike Best's Jack'd Up (once), not all of the elimination orders were based on final placement in the judging. There was the eventual winner, the runner-up (#2), and then we had planned to give #3 the most time spent in the match...
  11. Ernie


    It may be an overused cliché, but the air in the Jungle was electric. Something in the arena was literally filling the air with so much static electricity that people in the crowd had been giving occasional shocks to one another since they took their seats. But that’s for later. There was a...
  12. Ernie

    EFG BATTLEMANIA Coming This Weekend!

    Due to some issues (including but not limited to the Easter holiday weekend) BATTLEMANIA will not be tonight, but will be either Saturday or Sunday. We apologize for the brief delay. In related news, this Saturday's EFG program will be cancelled in order to expedite the match writing process...
  13. Ernie

    EFG 295 Stay Outta Harms Way

    EGL is joined by Ryan Harms and Shawn Scholefield! 9PM Eastern 718 664 6064 or use the Skype button http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fwrestling/2015/03/28/efg-295--friday-night-spectacular--stay-outta-harms-way
  14. Ernie

    EFG 294 - The Mothership Gets HARDCORE!

    EFG goes HARDCORE as Ashley Friend, owner of Hardcore Championship Wrestling UK, is El Gringo Loco's guest today on the Saturday edition of Efed Guerillas! They'll talk everything HCW UK, including the help HCW UK has gotten from being part of the Delirium Network. We apologize for the late...
  15. Ernie

    EFG 293 Friday Night Spectacular - Envy-ous!

    New Edge Wrestling's Al Envy joins us tonight to talk about NEW and his participation in #BATTLEMANIA. Speaking of #BATTLEMANIA, coverage continues with all RP periods now completed! We'll have all the news about our very first interfed event! Tom Ford is slated to make an appearance with El...
  16. Ernie


    Ataxia (Boardwalk Wrestling) James "Red Duke" Jackson (ANZAC Pro Wrestling) Casanova English (Visionaries of Wrestling)
  17. Ernie


    There are FOUR SPOTS open to alternates to qualify for the event and the $150 grand prize. All alternates are fist come first serve based on when you RP. You will have 1 week, so until 1AM Saturday 03/21/2015 to post and claim your spot. All alternate RPs will follow the same rules as the...
  18. Ernie


    The deadline has expired. We would like to thank everyone who has posted. There will be four alternate spots available. The thread for alternates to post in will be coming momentarily.
  19. Ernie

    Deadline Reminder

    This is just a reminder that the deadline for normal entrants is approaching at 1AM tonight (which is 1AM Saturday 3/14). This time is in Eastern time. So for folks on the west coast of the USA that is 10PM Pacific, Central it's at midnight, UK would be... 5AM as they haven't done the spring...
  20. Ernie

    EFG Weekend Lineup 3/13 and 3/14

    EFG Friday Night Spectacular 3/13 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fwrestling/2015/03/14/efg-291--fright-night-spectacular--meagans-efed-project-battlemania-deadline Get your regular dose of Efed Guerillas Friday Night Spectacular with your hosts Jesse Ramey and Jorden Snow! This week, Meagan G...

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