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  1. SteveA

    I'm getting married!

    Hey all, I'm getting married this Saturday, March 31, to the greatest woman on the planet Earth! Won't be around for a little while after that, as we will be honeymooning on the beaches of Jamaica. Just wanted to let you know should you need to get a hold of me! Steve A.
  2. SteveA

    [CD] Farewell

    (The screen comes in on the locker room following Raucous, where Jean Rabesque is freshly showered and packing up his things, he looks up to the camera and smirks slightly) "F(BLEEP)king vultures, I knew it wouldn't be long before you stopped by here. "I guess I'll give you all the sound bite...
  3. SteveA

    Happy New Year!

    Allow me to get the first post of 2005 (at least along the East Coast) in. In doing so, I would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2005! Steve
  4. SteveA

    Destrucity PPV: Feedback!

    Without going into too much detail, allow me to express how nice of a read this card was from top to bottom. There were some surprising angles and really well written matches. I will have to say the Pole match was a little too much for my tastes, but everyything else was very well done. Kudos...
  5. SteveA

    Jean Rabesque

    Wrestler Name: Jean Rabesque Height: 6'1" Weight: 245 lbs. Hailing From: Montreal, Quebec Handedness: Right Disposition: Face Gimmick: Old-school grizzled grappler who has no needs for gimmicks Ring Attire: Black full length tights that read Rabesque down the side, shirtless Looks: Short...
  6. SteveA

    A final word

    (The screen comes in on Rabesque, standing in front of the backdrop, wearing the norm, you know the drill) “It’s not going to be long folks, but there is something I desperately need to say after viewing everything that has gone down as of late. This goes out to both Magnum Machine and to the...
  7. SteveA

    Here we go!

    (The screen comes in on the CSWA backdrop, where Jean Rabesque stands in front, wearing his normal gear, on his left shoulder sits the Greensboro Title, displayed prominently as Rabesque removes his shades with his right hand and stashes them in a pocket, and then speaks) Rabesque: “Looks...
  8. SteveA

    Challenge Accepted

    (the screen comes in on a plain black screen, and as we zoom away, we see Jean Rabesque, a shiny gold belt draped over his left shoulder, as he looks into the camera and smiles) Rabesque: "One night only, in the GXW. Sounds like a plan, and my boy Sands has already been running his mouth...
  9. SteveA

    Half of Riptide posted

    Half of the final Riptide ever is up. All of the angles are now rendered meaningless but I didn't want to change it once it was written, so there ya have it, I tried. Steve A.
  10. SteveA

    Illinois Riptide 01

    OORP: Here it is, at least the first half of it. I wrote it a month ago, and didn't want it to leave it unpublished, so here ya go, the last card of the GLCW. At least half of it, that is. (FADE-IN: A computer generated shot of the Great Lakes being passed overhead at a very rapid speed. As the...
  11. SteveA

    Illinois Riptide 02

    (FADEIN: Lady V is backstage with breaking news) LADY VERONICA: "Fans, I am in the backstage area here at Memorial Stadium with breaking news. It seems that Jarod Poe was attacked in the parking lot when he pulled up on his motorcycle and was beaten mercilessly. The parking lot security camera...
  12. SteveA

    Illinois Riptide 3

    (FADEOUT to commercial) (Back from commercial. Lady V is about to enter a locker room) LADY VERONICA: "Wrestling fans, we're back here on Riptide and I'm about to try and find out if Minion is Jarod Poe's stalker." (Lady V enters the locker room and Anarky, Michael Manson, Jonathan Marx and...
  13. SteveA

    Illinois Riptide 04

    (Back from commercial, a shaken-up Lady V is standing in the back in front of a door marked "STUPENDOUS") LADY V: I'm standing back here awaiting word from Stephen Morgan on weather he will participate in tonight’s 4-Way match for the GLCW Heavyweight title. (The door opens and "Stupendous"...
  14. SteveA

    New League?

    Hey all, Upon discussion with Scott, it is appearing that the GLCW is going away. I have offered repeatedly to take the league over myself, but Scott has continually denied. So therefore, I am proposing a new league be formed. I'm even willing to keep the same champions, same storylines, etc...
  15. SteveA


    How many posts do I have to do before I'm not a Jobber to the Stars anymore?
  16. SteveA

    Teaching respect

    (the screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, wearing his "NO FALSE GIMMICKS" gear, which is selling like mad at CSWA merchandising stands everywhere, Rabesque removes his shades, looks in at the camera, smirks, and speaks) Rabesque: "It seems like it's been years. Only so long ago did I pin the...
  17. SteveA

    After Crash

    (the screen comes in on Calvin Carlton, esq. backstage after Crash, a good time after, even after the show has been produced, he is one of the last ones in the arena, and at the moment he is attempting to make the moves on two attractive young woman, both of whom seem to want nothing to do with...
  18. SteveA

    Making a statement

    (the screen comes in on a CSWA backdrop, nondescript, red lettering on a black screen, nothing fancy, and in front of the screen stands Jean Rabesque, dressed in his normal black attire, including his “NO FALSE GIMMICKS” shirt, which is beginning to pick up steam on CSWA merchandising stands...
  19. SteveA

    New Blabber, Rant, and Rave

    Just a thought, but I feel the old topic has become a bit crowded, so I figured I might take the liberty of starting a new one here. So feel free to blabber, rant, or rave to your heart's content. Steve A.
  20. SteveA

    All in one night

    (FADEIN on Jean Rabesque, as he stands in front of a nondescript CSWA banner, pretty old-school in style, as is the norm, today he is wearing the customary black bandana, shades, and goatee, as well as his “NO FALSE GIMMICKS” shirt, which is now available at CSWA merchandising stands everywhere...

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