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    Time to spare....

    Fade in: to an outside shot of a Joliet, Illinois Fairfield Inn. After a few seconds, the shot cuts to the scene inside the Inn, where we see several people around to get their breakfast. Among them is Larry Tact, who has on baggy, stonewashed blue jeans, black boots and a blue t-shirt. Tact...
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    A lesson to be learned......

    Fade in: to a park during the day, as the sun shines amongst some clouds. Larry Tact is seen jogging towards the cameraman, but slows and then stops, inhaling air in deep breaths. He spots a bench nearby, and so goes and sits down on it. He is dressed in blue/white patterned sneakers, black...
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    The way that I feel......

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-31-03 AT 00:41 AM (EST)]oorp: I saw some other open RP here, in the archived section, so I figured I would slot this in here. A local gym in an undisclosed town or city. Through the transparent, plate-glass windows at the front of the gym, we can see somewhat...

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