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  1. DaMang

    Bryan "The Maniac" Rodgers

    Wrestler Name: Bryan “The Maniac” Rodgers Nicknames (if applicable): The Czar of the Bizarre Height: 6’3” Weight: 243 Hometown: Snowflake, Arizona Birthdate: June 14, 1984 Physical appearance: Dirty blonde hair slicked back that hangs to the collar of his shirt. He’s almost constantly sporting...
  2. DaMang

    Bryan "The Maniac" Rodgers

    Handler Information Name: Drew Email Address: damang411@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You:AIM usually MassaDrago eWrestling Experience:17 years (Angle Fed Virgin though) Recently in Sin City Wrestling (Sabra run version), Code Red Wrestling and historically in a place called Hardkore World How...
  3. DaMang

    New Kid on the Block

    I got the Right Stuff

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