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    Chaos Picks: Week 4

    Ok the boards are back and so am I. but just quick picks as things have only been up and running since this morning. For those of you concerned after a horrible week two I did bounce back with 12 wins last week. See it wasn't me they just played bad LOL (0-3) San Francisco 49ers at (2-1)...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 2

    The camera opens and the smiling face of Chaos wearing a Titans jersey comes into camera) Chaos: ok Week one was going ok, but a couple of teams didn't feel lie showing up on Monday night, Thank you Chargers, but hey First week 10 and 6, not awful, not great 1-0) Arizona Cardinals at (0-1)...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 1 2010

    OORP: I'll post an in character set of picks next week, but I lost my password and had a late night Sat Also join ESPN Pigskin Pick'em and play along (0-0) Minnesota Vikings at (0-0) New Orleans Saints Chaos pick - Saints (0-0) Miami Dolphins at (0-0) Buffalo Bills...
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    Wanna pick on Chaos? (in football)

    Once again I'll be posting picks this year in RP as Chaos however I've also signed up at ESPN's Pigskin Pick'em. It's free to join, and while I know it's kinda late I set up the league to throw out the lowest weeks score. So if you want to show your football knowledge and who knows if your good...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 17

    (The camera opens upon the smiling face of Chaos) Chaos: And so it is that another season has come to pass. Now I must say I haven't really enjoyed this season. There has been far too much inconsistant play with far too many teams to really keep me interested. Yet I will praise the Pats for...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 16

    Oak vs. Jack: Jack Phil vs. NO: NO KC vs. Det: Det Cle vs. Cinn: Cle GB vs. Chi: GB NYG vs. Buf: Bills Hou vs. Ind: Colts Atl vs. Ari: Ari TB vs. SF: TB Balt vs. Sea: Sea Mia vs. NE: NE NYJ vs. Tenn: Tenn Wash vs. Minn: Wash Dev vs. SD: SD
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    Chaos Picks: Week 15

    Jack vs. Pitt: Steelers ATL vs. TB: TB Sea vs. Car.: Sea GB vs. STL: GB Balt vs. MIA: Ravens....please NYJ: vs. NE: NE ARI vs. NO: NO Buff vs. Cle: CLe Tenn vs. KC: Tenn Ind. vs. Oak: IND Det vs. SD: SD Phil vs. Dal: Dal Wash vs. NYG: NYG Chi vs. MInn: MINN THUR: Pitt vs. Stl...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 14

    Wash vs. Chi: Wash Car vs. Jack: Jags NYG vs. Phi: NYG STL vs. Cinn: Cinn TB vs. Hou: TB Mia vs. Buf: Buf Oak vs. GB: GB Dal vs. Det: Dal SD vs. Tenn: SD Minn vs. SF: Minn Ari vs. Sea: Sea Cle vs. NYJ: Cle Pitts vs. NE: NE KC vs. Den: Den Ind vs. Balt: Colts Thurs: Den vs. Hou: Den
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    Chaos Picks: Week 13

    SD vs. KC: SD Hou vs. Tenn: Tenn Jack vs. Ind: Ind Buff vs. Wash: Bills SF vs. Car: Car Det vs. Minn: Det NYJ vs. MIA: Jets ATL vs. STL: STL SEA vs. Phil: Phil Cle vs. Ari: Cle Den vs. Oak: Den NYG vs. Chi: Chi: TB vs. NO: NO Cinn vs. Pit: Pit
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    Chaos Picks: Week 12

    Chaos: I'm running late, just the quick and dirty Sea. vs. STL: STL Minn vs. NYG: Giants Buff vs. Jack: Jack NO vs. Car: NO HOU vs. Cle: Cle Tenn vs. Cinn: Tenn Oak vs. KC: KC SF vs. Ari: ARI Balt vs. SD: Chargers Den vs. Chi: Den Phil vs. NE: NE MIA vs. Pitts: Pitts
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    Chaos Picks: Week 11

    OORP: Just the quick and dirty this week TB vs. Atl: TB NYG vs. Det.: NYG Car vs. GB: GB KC vs. Ind. Ind Oak vs. Minn: Oak Ari vs. Cinn: Ari Mia vs. Phil.: Phil SD vs. Jack: Jack Cle. vs. Balt: Cle NO vs. Hou: NO Pitts. vs. NYJ: Pitts STL. vs. SF: STL Chi, vs. Sea: Chi Wash. vs...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 10

    Proudly sporting his Titans Jersey, Chaos walks slowly this morning through the Rio Hotel. It might be alittle off the strip, but it's worth it. Chaos: Finally a week I've been looking forward too. While last week we had a small let down in the NE/Indy game, I mean after all it was kinda...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 9

    There a big on his face as he walks through Leroy's Sports book at the Fitzgeralds just outside Freemont steet. He sports a familiar Titians Jersey and makes his way towards his reserved table at the Vue Bar. Chaos: Week 9 and finally we have what can finally be called a big game. Now I'd be...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 8

    Chaos: You know I think this weekend as the NFL sends Miami to play the Giants to London. Our Brit friends will say the same thing I feel for most games every week, what a terrible team, what a horrible match-up. Det. vs. Chi.: Chi Pitt. vs. Cinn: Pitt Oak vs. Tenn: Tenn Cle vs. Stl.: Cle...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 7

    Chaos: Looks like I've started my own bandwagon: Redskins vs. Cardinals: Wash Saints vs. Falcons: Saints Ravens vs. Bills: Ravens Cowboys vs. Vikings: Minn Patriots vs. Dolphins: Pats Giants vs. 49ers: Giants Buccaneers vs Lions: TB Texans vs. Titans: Tenn Chiefs vs. Raiders: KC...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 6

    OORP: feeling sick this week, just the picks Minn vs. Chi: Chi Mia @ Cle: Cle Wash vs. G.B.: The Pack Cinn vs. K.C.: Cinn Tenn vs. T.B. Tenn STL vs. Balt: Ravens Hou vs. Jack: Jack Eagles vs. Jets: Eagles Car. vs. Ari: Car Oak @ S.D. S.D. N.E. vs. Dal: Dal N.O. vs. Sea: Sea Giants...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 5

    (The smile is gone as Chaos slowly steps in front of the camera) Chaos: You know I feel severly let down thsi season. As I said last week, quite a few good teams are just not bringing it to the field every week. Thank You Pittsburgh. and Dear Eagles, please decide if your going to suck or not...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 4

    (The camera opens on Chaos. He walks through the lobby of the Hard Rock, and stares at his watch. It's near 3 AM and the place is just starting to pick up) Chaos: Well here we are it's week 4 and there's a few disturbing trends. It's just seems that no matter how impressive a team looks from...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 3

    OORP: KInda in a hurry this week so here goes the quick and dirty Ari. vs. Balt: Ari Minn. vs. K.C.: Minn Det. vs.Phil: Det San Fran: vs. Pitt: Pitt St. Louis vs. T.B.: T.B. S.D. vs. G.B.: Charges Ind. vs. Hou.: Ind. Mia. vs. Jets: Mia Buf. vs. N.E.: N.E. Cle. vs. Oak: Cle Cin. vs...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 2

    (The camera opens on a smiling Chaos) Chaos: Alright week 1 was pretty good. So let's see if I can keep up the momentum. Let's start with the early games. Now my boys from Tennessee took care of business last week, but this week we got the Colts and that presents a problem. The Titans only have...

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