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  1. SteelCitySon

    a request

    jus wonderin' if you guys had room for an old friend... or maybe a new character? =) miller
  2. SteelCitySon

    hey kids

    whats up people? miss you guys... hit me up at mayhemman19@hotmail.com if you wanna get in touch. I'm around sometimes. Good to see my little monster is still alive. MWAHAHAHA! I knew i trusted it to the right people. Love you fools. Miller
  3. SteelCitySon

    hey everyone

    Hey everybody... its been a long time I know, and I do apologize. I havent really had much time in between drinking and trying to learn a language for the air force. Its ****ing harder than I thought it would be, but whatever. Things are great here in California, and I've made a lot of new...
  4. SteelCitySon

    Big News!

    That's right folks.... big news today... It'S RYAN STRAWSMA'S MOTHA' FUNKIN' BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHA! Millertime
  5. SteelCitySon

    New Gimmick for Steelers Fans!

    Oh yeah, i forgot to say this before... I don't know if it's catching on in other parts of Pittsburgh, but now whenever Ben Roethlisberger makes a big play, you gotta say "HE'S WASTED!". I guess it's rumored he's at the bars every freakin' night... my friend's seen him like 12 times already...
  6. SteelCitySon

    Full Playoff Predictions

    AFC Colts vs. Patriots -- Patriots Steelers vs. Jets -- Steelers NFC Packers (Who MAY be losing right now, but WILL win!) vs. Falcons -- Falcons Eagles vs. Rams -- Rams!! AFC CHAMPIONSHIP -- STEELERS VS. PATS -- STEELERS B*TCHES! NFC CHAMPIONSHIP -- FALCONS VS. RAMS -- RAMS! SUPERBOWL --...
  7. SteelCitySon

    The Alpha

    <i>Fade in from black to a scene that's nearly just as dark. Thin rays of light stream in through the blinds of a run down apartment, cutting through the smoke-filled air. The camera pans around what appears to be a living room of sorts. As we are shown the surroundings, our eyes are...
  8. SteelCitySon

    Hello, friends...

    Hello everybody. Some of you might know me, some might not. My name's John Miller and I used to handle The Steel City Icon John Miller (not very original, i know). Anyways, I used to be a part of FW a while ago, but decided to take a break after a couple years. Actually, I was the man that...
  9. SteelCitySon

    Everything that has a beginning has an end.

    John Miller sits in an empty GWE locker room. It ends the same way it begins... alone. The first boot goes on... it's always been the left. Same routine through the years... hasn't changed since day one. But today... the process seems to be taking a lot longer than usual. Miller looks to...
  10. SteelCitySon

    The situation...

    well fellas, if you have... or have NOT heard... It's official. I am retiring from efedding. I have to get my life back on track with school and all of that... so I apologize to everyone. It's been a great couple months with you guys, and I wanna thank you for giving me your all. It really...
  11. SteelCitySon

    Wake me up... before you go go...

    To my friends in GXW/GWE... first off, let me apologize for the WHAM reference in the subject. Second, it is with regret that I inform you all of my departure from efedding. I am very sorry for the sudden nature of my leave, but it came as a surprise to me just as it has all of you. I got...
  12. SteelCitySon

    rp period is up

    let the judging begin! mwahahaha
  13. SteelCitySon

    some updates!

    Lineup has been posted... you can find it by clicking on the Black Dawn logo on the main page. Deadline is March 11th, 2004 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Angle deadline is the same. Hope everyone's havin' a good time... feel free to drop us some FEEDBACK... BECAUSE YOU KNOW... YOU KNOW...
  14. SteelCitySon

    Christian Sands vs. Beast

    World Heavyweight Championship Title Match!
  15. SteelCitySon

    Adam Benjamin vs. Karl Brown

    Intercontinental Title Match!
  16. SteelCitySon

    Covert Ops vs. The Assassins vs. Blitz vs. The Crimson Calling

    Tornado Tag Team Table Elimination Match for the World Tag Titles
  17. SteelCitySon

    Troy Douglas vs. Jonathan Marx vs. Rocko Daymon vs. Cameron Cruise

    Number One Contender Elimination match… last two surviving get IC and World shots, respectively
  18. SteelCitySon

    John Doe vs. Kevin Watson

    Steel Cage Match!
  19. SteelCitySon

    Tyrone Walker vs. Cliff Young vs. Brien Cage

    Triple threat match!
  20. SteelCitySon

    Cha Ching... Results In

    Hey kids, I know that it's a little late this week.... but the results for Aggression are up. So those of you who have been hounding me... and you KNOW who you are... can now go about your daily lives. =) Just wanted to thank Jeff, Ryan, Chad, and Adam for their help on the writing... show...

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