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    Shooting Star Tournament!

    All-Star Wrestling, the new interfed (with a twist) of PTC, is running it's first event this month: The Shooting Star Tournament! This tournament will help determine the question of just who is the very best wrestler to never be a World Champion! If your character is not a current champion, has...
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    Our Boys Get the Shaft

    Brian Duncan and Mike Gordey just wanted to go home after the house show in MSG. A relaxing four day weekend back in Minneapolis would have done wonders for Mikey's nagging injuries...but Craig Miles could give two ****s. As they walked down the hall into his makeshift office in Madison Square...
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    The Dream Team

    WRESTLERS' INFORMATION: TEAM NAME: The Dream Team Individual Names: Mike Gordey and Brian Duncan Individual Nicknames: "The Natural" Mike Gordey and "The Runaway Train" Brian Duncan Heights: Gordey - 6 ft. 3 in. / Duncan - 6 ft. 10 in. Weights: Gordey - 238 lbs / Duncan 294 lbs. Handedness...
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    There Goes the Neighborhood!

    Fade in. A place quite unfamiliar to the EPW faithful, but extremely well known in Western Canada: Simply Beautiful's mansion. Sitting, in his favorite chair, is the Italian Icon himself, SB. The shades. The bandanna. The t-shirt this time? "Mr. EPW". He smiles. SB: Empire Pro Wrestling...
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    MCW Questions

    Just to give a little more realism and accuracy to my promos, exactly how many states comprise the MCW? Surely it isn't the entire Midwestern United States, right? And will it hold shows outside of this area, and hold "top" titles for each major area, or just the Missouri title? I probably could...

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