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    Any interest in a Realistic Back Yard E-fed?

    I've been tossing this idea around in my head for awhile ever since my last idea was sidetracked. This is not anything like Ryan's attempt at BYW in the WFW. This would be a seperate, "realistic" BYW fed. My vague ideas for what this would mean: 1. NO CURRENT FW CHARACTERS ALLOWED. Your...
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    The World Stage

    (Fade into the American's Whitelandia uh.. limo where he sits, returning to his sanctuary after an easy victory.) THE AMERICAN: Here I sit, on the heels of a simple rout of a simple foe and I am told that the NWL insulted not only myself, but every single American I represent. To be accused of...
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    A New IWF?

    For a few months I have been deciding on the details of a new IWF, and while I am not sure how strictly I want to stick to the plan I have formulated, since FW seems to need another serious league with the GLCW gone, but I'll leave that up to the response. If you'd like to see something more...
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    A New IWF?

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Nov-08-03 AT 03:18 AM (EST)]I hate to post this without Scott's permission first, but as I have IMed him and gotten no response he must still be quite busy. For a few months I have been deciding on the details of a new IWF, and while I am not sure how strictly I want to...
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    I am a Legend, You are Nothing.

    (Cue up "Soulwound" by Fear Factory) (Fade into the basement of the Jobber's whitelandia compound. He stands amoung some discarded trophies, old framed pictures, and what other trinkits didn't make the cut for his trophy room.) The Jobber: 9 months ago I said that the time for wrestling as a...

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