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  1. fugginVOSS

    Black Panda

    Handler Information Name: Voss Email Address: jlv.981.vlj@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM or email eWrestling Experience: (What have you done? Where?) Well, I?ve been around for a fair while. Had a stint here. Ran a couple of feds. Started in 1996. If you want a full list shout out...
  2. fugginVOSS

    Just adding some shows that never made it to this form

    Don't wanna lose them into the World Wide Web. Gives us the full history of IGC. So don't mind me over here. kthxbai
  3. fugginVOSS

    Unlucky for Some 2013: Louisville

    Unlucky for Some 2013 Show I: Louisville Broadbent Arena, Louisville, Kentucky Attendance: 5,322 [Opening titles start up with a slow fade from black to the IGC Space Invader symbol as “Cough cough” by Everything Everything begins to play. Fading to an image of LEYENDA DE OCHO standing across...
  4. fugginVOSS

    BOOK IT!

    [FADE IN: on the MARSUPIALS of MAYHEM backstage at Slamtrack 7. POSSUM can be heard giggling behind the handheld camcorder. KANGARRY ROO is smashing a steel chair down onto a bench seat. eKID NAH is kicking a locker. KID KOALA stands in the center of the room, a packing knife in his hand.]...
  5. fugginVOSS

    Just like the rest of them

    [CUT-IN: on handheld camera footage of KID KOALA, filming himself as he walks down a street. Various other MARSUPIALS OF MAYHEM get caught on occasion but they are not required for you to worry about. KK doesn't look at the camera, but proceeds to film himself.] KID KOALA: (clucking his...
  6. fugginVOSS

    Mayhem HAS ensued!

    (FADE IN: on what looks like the lounge room of a frat house. It's a bomb site. There are takeaway containers on the table, odd shaped plastic tubes with water in the bottom and little appendages striking out at 45 degree angles, soda cans and all sorts of clutter. To be honest, the room is a...
  7. fugginVOSS

    Wekan Be Wrestlinkers!

    [STATIC!] [CUT-TO: a horribly close view of a thick black beard. They seem to be fiddling with something behind the shot.] VOICE: "Ukan! Is on zee TV, yah? I can seeing your boogers!" [It was true. There was a horribly too close shot of the man's nose and crystal clear vision of the...
  8. fugginVOSS

    The Stock Standard Contact Information Thread

    So... it's good to keep in kahoots, right? Right. Here's the template... Name: Characters Handled: Email Address: Chat Program SNs: Google Docs ID: You know what to do.
  9. fugginVOSS


    NON - PLAYABLE CHARACTERS Winners & Losers Ikan Jobtayoo Ukan Jobtamee FAFNIR The Haughty Troupe The Bullseye Kid Munchy Man The Balkin Empire "Playboy" Harry Balkin Harry Balkin Jr BookFace "Normal" John Johnson Johnny Dorn El Cabrón The White Hat
  10. fugginVOSS

    The Marsupials of Mayhem

    I will post each member of the team individually however here are their names: Kid Koala eKid Nah Kangarry Roo Possum You can go about your business until they're all posted.
  11. fugginVOSS

    "the Blue Demon" Charlie Williams

    Wrestler Name: "the Blue Demon" Charlie Williams Nicknames (if applicable): The Blue Knight, the In-Ring Detective, the DePaul DeStroyer Height: 6'3" Weight: 236 lbs Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Birthdate: 25th of February, 1992 Physical appearance: Wild blond curly hair which isn’t long but it...
  12. fugginVOSS

    Guess who's coming to dinner?

    (FADE IN: on a shot of a set table. There are two chairs and two places set. In the middle of the table is a serving platter with a silver lid on top of it. A hand comes down on top of the silver lid and the camera traces up the arm towards the owner. They’re wearing a long sleeve button up...
  13. fugginVOSS

    The ticking is always louder in the dark

    (FADE IN: on a comfortable, old timber desk. It’s not flashy like mahogany or cedar. It’s stained pine. It’s topped with pictures of family and paperwork like a desk that gets used. Behind said desk is the former referee extraordinaire GREG HERPIN. He wears a TEDDY ALEXANDER “TEDZILLA”...
  14. fugginVOSS

    Chat programs?

    Any of you NFW cats using Skype or AIM or anything like that? Be cool to get some chitter chatter amongst whoever is floating around in the NFW Universe at the moment. Shout out! AIM: l8rgods Skype: jlvman
  15. fugginVOSS

    Defending the contending.

    [FADE IN: on a roadhouse diner. It’s somewhere on the road between Wichita and Memphis. It’s typical. Smells of coffee, burnt eggs and an over mopped floor. Booths line the windows. Trucks fill the parking lot with a few other vehicles. In one of the booths we see GREG HERPIN, sipping...
  16. fugginVOSS

    Ocho: Sack up or GTFO.

    “Isn’t it time? Hmmm?” FADE IN: on the inside of an ambulance. Sitting on the folded gurney is TEDDY ALEXANDER, wearing a LEYENDA DE OCHO “1UP” t-shirt with the sleeves crudely cut off. He tugs at his awesome beard. Not looking at the camera. TEDDY ALEXANDER: “Ocho, isn’t it time you...
  17. fugginVOSS


    Just wishing you IGCers a happy Easter or whatever religious holiday you celebrate (since I'm far too ignorant to know) Enjoy and stay safe if you're travelling, sober if you're driving, patient of you're spending it with in - laws. Cheers.
  18. fugginVOSS

    RUNSHEET: Unlucky for Some Baton Rouge

    I'll update this more accurately later on but if you want a segment please shout out so I know it's coming. This is probably the last show I can post before the birth of my child. The RP period for Dallas will take place during my two week absence so IGC can roll on but the posting of that...
  19. fugginVOSS

    Baton Rouge: Todd Killings v. Jesse Ramey

    All RPs go here RP Deadline: April 4th, 2013 - Midnight Los Angeles Time RP Limit: 2 RPs RP Word Limit: 1,500 words
  20. fugginVOSS

    Baton Rouge: Skylar Montgomery v. Xoesh the Zith

    All RPs go here RP Deadline: April 4th, 2013 - Midnight Los Angeles Time RP Limit: 2 RPs RP Word Limit: 1,500 words

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